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2022-10-04 Satan's Making of Hell: Have you ever heard the doctrine that Satan and the other fallen angels actually created hell? [Matthew 25:41, Revelation 20:10].
2022-10-04 Parallel between Christianity & Hinduism: Have you ever looked into Hinduism and its parallels to Christianity?
2022-10-04 Encouragement to Steve & Importance of Truth: Caller encourages Steve's ministry, and his statements about condemnation. "Truth without love is harsh, but love without truth is weak."
2022-10-04 Baptism: Do you think that the scripture "no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit" is about water baptism? [John 3:5].
2022-10-03 "Glad in it": What does it mean to be "glad in it" in Psalm 18? [Psalm 18:24].
2022-10-03 Voting & Politics for Christians: Caller suggests that the Bible doesn't support that we vote and should avoid politics altogether. [I Samuel 8:4-6, 2 Chronicles 32, Revelation 12:7-9, I Timothy 5:22, James 2:16, Luke 4:6, Revelation 11:15].
2022-10-03 "Wheat & Tares" & "Ezekiel's Temple": Could you comment on what Dispensationalist's believe about the "Wheat & Tares" parable and the rebuilding of the temple? [Matthew 13].
2022-10-03 Divorce or Separation: Caller shares her pastor's insight about separation and divorce in scripture. Recommended; topical article on Marriage. [Matthew 7:31-32]..
2022-10-03 "Iniquity" Forgiven in New Testament: How can iniquity be forgiven in the New Testament? [Matthew 7:23, Acts 13:39, Psalm 51:17].
2022-10-03 Salvation for All: How many people in the Christian religion are really saved? [Romans 4:21, Romans 14:14-18, Romans 14:4].
2022-9-30 "Hand of God": What is the "hand of God" in I Peter 5? Is it the "five-fold" ministry? [I Peter 5:6, Ephesians 4:11, I Peter 1:6-8, Psalm 95:7].
2022-9-30 Tithing vs Giving: Shouldn't we still give to the local church we are attending, even if we do not believe we are under an obligation to tithe? [I John 3:17, James 2:16, Galatians 6:6, I Corinthians 9:14, Acts 4:37, Acts 2:44-46].
2022-9-30 "In" Christ: Would explain what it means to be "in" Christ? [I Corinthians 12:12, John 15, Ephesians 3:15].
2022-9-30 Between Old & New Testaments & the Life of Christ: What do you think about the necessity of a page between the Old and New Testaments, with the the life of Christ-to begin the New Testament with the Book of Acts? Would it not help us to understand it all better, since He had not yet died to fully initiate the New Covenant? [Mark 1:15, Galatians 4:4].
2022-9-30 Promises to Israel Fulfilled in Christ: When will Christ return to "rule with a rod of iron?" [Revelation 2:27, Revelation 19:15, 2 Peter 3:10-13, Romans 8:19-23, Revelation 20].
2022-9-30 Steve Gregg-False Teacher: My pastor thinks you are a false teacher because of your eschatology?
2022-9-29 Gifts for Ministry & Equipping of the Saints: Iin Ephesians 4, is Paul saying that people and their spiritual gifts all fit in one of these categories? [Ephesians 4:11-13, Romans 12, I Corinthians 12, I Peter 4:10-11].
2022-9-29 Believing in Jesus: Why would true faith be more than just believing propositions about God?
2022-9-29 God Created Satan: Why did God create Satan and evil? How do we justify that? [John 12:31, Revelation 12:10, Hebrews 2:8].
2022-9-29 Paying Taxes to Government: Were early Americans sinning against God when they refused to pay taxes to the government? [Romans 13, I Peter 2:14, Romans 13:4-6].
2022-9-29 Repetition in Prayers: What about the effectiveness of repetitive prayers? [Matthew 6:9-13, Matthew 6:7, James 5:16, Luke 18:1-8].
2022-9-29 Christian Nationalism: Is "Christian Nationalism" a dangerous thing? [John 16:2, Proverbs 14:34].
2022-9-28 "Big Bang" Theory & Quantum Physics: Can a Christian believe in the "Big Bang Theory" and Quantum Physics? [Genesis 1].
2022-9-28 Voting Responsibility & Church Involvement: What do you think of the voting responsibility of Christians and a church helping with voting registration? (James 1:17, Luke 12:48, James 4:17].
2022-9-28 Trumpets & Last Trumpet: Do you think that the last trumpet referred to by Paul is the same one referred to as the "7th Trump" in Revelation? [I Corinthians 15:52, Revelation 11:16-18, I Thessalonians 4:15-16].
2022-9-28 "Torah Observance" After Pentecost: How did Jewish Christians, after Pentecost and before the destruction of the temple think of "Torah Observance"? [Acts 21].
2022-9-28 Persecution of the Early Christians in Acts: Is Acts 10 talking about Jewish persecution of the early Christians? [Hebrews 10:32].
2022-9-28 Persecutions of the Early Christians: Why did the Jews persecute the early Christians? [Acts 21, Acts 12, Acts 6:5].
2022-9-28 Conviction of Sin: Does the Holy Spirit convict people of their sin? Is there a scripture that says so? [John 16:8, John 16:13].
2022-9-28 Bible Reading for the New Believer: What book of the Bible would you recommend to read first for the new believer? Recommends; Matthew.
2022-9-27 Eternal Security: How is your view different than a Calvinist's view of "perseverance of the saints" when you say that one can depart from his faith? [Hebrews 11]..
2022-9-27 Disagreement-Asking for Forgiveness is Unnecessary: Caller presents a case as to why we are already forgiven, making asking for forgiveness unnecessary. [I John 1:7-9, Hebrews 10:17, Colossians 3:13, Ephesians 4:32, John 8:31, I Timothy 6:3-4, Matthew 28:20, Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 6:46].
2022-9-27 "The" Holy Spirit: Why do we put "The" in front of "Holy Spirit" if that is His name? We don't put "the" in front of other names.
2022-9-27 Trinity & Understanding That Jesus is God: How important is it to believe in the "Trinity", or that Jesus is God to be saved? [Romans 10:9, John 10:30].
2022-9-27 Home Church: What qualifies as a "home church?" Is just my wife and I enough for a home church? [Mathew 18:19-20].
2022-9-27 "City of Refuge" in Scripture: Could you explain what the "city of refuge" is in the Bible, as opposed to the "sanctuary cities" today?
2022-9-27 "Lord Lord-I Never Knew You": Who are the people being referred to in the scripture that says they cry out to "Lord, Lord" and He says, "I never knew you?" [Matthew 7:21, Luke 6:46, I Corinthians 13].
2022-9-26 Sins Forgiven-Past, Present & Future: What do you say about those that insist that we no longer have to confess our sins to God and ask for forgiveness because our sins have already been forgiven? [I John 1:9, Luke 17:1, Luke 15:11-32, I John 1:5-10, John 3:19].
2022-9-26 Kingdom of God-Only for the Jews: Is the current "Kingdom of God" only for the Jews? [Matthew 28:18, Matthew 22:7, Revelation 5:9-10, 2 Timothy 2:15].
2022-9-26 Jewish Festivals & Traditions: Why don't Christians take the Jewish traditions and festivals more seriously? [Romans 14:5, Hebrews 4:9, Hebrews 10:12, Hebrews 7:27, Hebrews 8:13, Hebrews 8:6].
2022-9-26 Age of Earth & the Dinosaurs: How old do you think the earth is and when would the dinosaurs fit in? [Job 40:15-24, Genesis 1, Genesis 5, Judges 9].
2022-9-26 Free Will & Sinlessness: Does humankind actually have free-will and the ability not to sin? since Adam & Eve, It seems not to be so.
2022-9-23 Recommended Christian Book. Steve is recommending a good book; "A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life" by William Law;
2022-9-23 Blessing Israel: Should we bless Israel today? If so, what does this symbolize? [Numbers 23:20, Matthew 5:45, I Corinthians 16:22, Genesis 12:3].
2022-9-23 View of Activity on Earth from Heaven: Does the story of "Lazarus & the Rich Man" indicate that we will be able to see and know what is going on earth from heaven? [Hebrews 12:1].
2022-9-23 Christianity as a Religion: Did Jesus start the religion of Christianity, or is it man-made? [I Peter 4:16, Acts 11:26, Acts 26:20].
2022-9-23 Atheist:Tower of Babel: Atheist: Doesn't it seem like God is threatened by the potential of mankind in the story of the "Tower of Babel," espeically in light of our modern day technology and accomplishment? [Genesis 11:4, Acts 17:26, Genesis 10:9-10].
2022-9-23 Satan & Angels in Job: Who were the angels with Satan in the story of Job and where else would Satan be wandering other than on the earth? [Job 1:7, John 1:12, I John 3:1, Revelation 12:10, Hebrews 2:14, Psalm 82:1].
2022-9-23 God as Father: Didn't people in the Old Testament understand God as Father, also? [Psalm 103:13, Isaiah 49:15, Matthew 6:9-13, Matthew 5-7].
2022-9-23 Luke & Theophilus: Do you think that possibly the Theophilus in scripture is actually a general term addressing any "lover of God?" [Luke 1:3, Acts 1:1].