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2013-1-29 Critiquing Church Leaders: Do you have anything in your archives about what to do about church leadership with shady characters?
2013-1-28 Jesus' Early Life: Is there something that stopped Jesus from sinning when He was a child? (the impeccability of Jesus Chrsit.)
2013-1-28 Drawings of Animals & People in Caves: What about all the drawing of animals & people in caves?
2013-1-28 Pre-historic Animals: In what part of the timeline would you place the prehistoric animals? Prior to man? During Adam's creation?
2013-1-28 Walking in the Spirit: If you walk in the Spirit, you won't gratify the carnal nature, but how do you put that in practical terms?
2013-1-28 A New perspective of Genesis 1: Caller was listening to a program that says the reason Genesis 1 is there is not to give a literal interpretation of Creation, but that there's only one God, & He is it. [Genesis 1]
2013-1-28 The Movie, Harvey: Have you ever seen the movie called, "Harvey"? It's an object lesson to how to be able to "walk in the Spirit" practically.
2013-1-28 Walking in the Spirit: Suggestions on ways to walk in the Spirit.
2013-1-25 Joining the Military: Caller doesn't think there's anything wrong with joining the army or bearing guhs.
2013-1-25 Be fruitful & Multiply: How can "be fruitful & multiply" apply to Adam & Eve? [Genesis 1:28]
2013-1-25 A Stiff-necked People: Can you explain these verses in Exodus to me? God wanted to destroy them, but Moses changed God's mind. [Exodus 32:9-14]
2013-1-25 The Perpetual Sabbath: Don't these verses seem to support the necessity of keeping the Sabbath? Isn't it a perpetual covenant? Doesn't the first verse prove that Jesus still expected them to be keeping the Sabbath? [Matthew 24:20, Matthew 5:18-20, Exodus 24:4, Exodus 31:16]
2013-1-25 Dog Returning to its Vomit: What does this mean that a dog returns its vomit? [Proverbs 26:11, 1 Peter 2:22]
2013-1-22 Apocalyptic Language: Can you explain the apocalyptic language of the sun & moon going dark & so on?
2013-1-22 Satan Falling like Lightning: What was meant when Jesus said "I saw Satan falling like lightning from Heaven?" [Luke 10:18]
2013-1-22 Christ making Intercession for us: [Romans 8:33-34]
2013-1-22 Revelation-4 Views: I'm really enjoying your book, "Revelation-4 Views".
2013-1-22 Satan Accusing Us: Can Satan access heaven & accuse us to God?
2013-1-22 Twinkling of an Eye & Left Behind: Is the "Twinkling of an eye" the same thing as the people who are Left Behind in your view? [1 corinthians 15:52-54, 1 Thessalonians 4, Luke 17:26-37, Matthew 24:37-44]
2013-1-22 Accusing of the Brethren: Satan can falsely accuse you in the court of law.
2013-1-22 Enjoying a Read-in-a-Year Bible: Really enjoying a Bible that I can read in a year, & have a lot of questions in the margins but can't find them.
2013-1-22 Knowing God's Voice: How do we know God's Voice because I am in a bad marriage of a husband who is a sheep in wolves clothing. How do you know you are living in God's obedience?
2013-1-22 Steve's Itinerary: When are you going to be in San Cruz again?
2013-1-22 David Bercot's book, In God We Don't Trust: Have you ever heard of "In God we Don't Trust?" by David Bercot, which is about the American Revolution?
2013-1-22 Sodom & Gomorrah's Sins: What was Sodom & Gomorrah's sin that they had a fiery judgment? [Ezekiel 16, Jude 1:7]
2013-1-21 Jesus Teaching the Trinity: Why didn't Jesus teach the Trinity Himself why He was here? [Matthew 13:16-18]
2013-1-21 John the Baptist: How did God know John the Baptist was going to be what God needed him to be?
2013-1-21 Chaldeans Speaking in Aramaic: Why did the Chaldeans speak in Aramaic? [Daniel 2:36-39, Daniel 2:4]
2013-1-21 Problematic Timeline of Daniel: How could Daniel give insight to Nebuchadnezzar in only his second year of training? Is that why Nebuchadnezzar didn't originally call on them? [Daniel 1:1, Daniel 2:1]
2013-1-21 Special Revelation to offset such Violent Persecution: Isn't it as if people like John the Baptist & the Apostle Paul, who suffered such persecution, had God offset that by giving them special Revelation? [Luke 12:48]
2013-1-21 Doubting Thomas & Spiritual Realities: Doubting Thomas believed after he had evidence, but we have to believe by faith. We see the whole picture unlike the people of the Old Testament.
2013-1-21 Knowing God's Will even through Adversity: How are we supposed to know if it God's will to do something when we might be encountering roadblocks, rather than open doors?
2013-1-21 Obeying the Holy Spirit: We need to obey what we the Holy Spirit is telling us.
2013-1-21 Israelites finding against the Tribe of Benjamin: When the Israelites were told by God to fight against the Tribe of Benjamin, but 38,000 people died, was it some type of judgment of God? [Judges 20]
2013-1-21 Paul Waited: Paul was doing God's will because he'd wait & then go.
2013-1-18 Praying Directly to Jesus: Is it okay to pray directly to Jesus or only God the Father?
2013-1-18 "Give unto Caesar": Jesus wasn't necessarily saying to pay taxes when He said "Render unto Caesar" but was being evasive , like He did elsewhere, right? [Mark 12:17, Mark 11:33]
2013-1-18 Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security): Why is the Bible so ambiguous about whether someone has eternal security once they become saved?
2013-1-18 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant: What was the purpose of the Parable about the Unforgiven Servant?
2013-1-18 N.T. Wright & the New Perspective on Paul: Have you ever read or know about N. T. Wright's book on the New Perspective of Paul ("Paul:In Fresh Perspective")?
2013-1-18 Date of the Book of Revelation: When do you think the Book of Revelation was written?
2013-1-18 Warning of the Coming of Lord: Why did John send the Book of Revelation to people outside the region of Jerusalem?
2013-1-17 Simon the Sorcerer Trying to Buy the Holy Spirit: What can we learn from Simon the Sorcerer's experience? Was he saved at one time, but then was not.
2013-1-17 Creation verses Evolution: One reason the Bible might not teach that creation was done by evolution is there were no such words as "millions" & "billions".
2013-1-17 Seventh Day Adventism: What can you tell me about the Seventh Day Adventists? Are they mainstream theology or what? Are they a cult?
2013-1-17 Baptist Church: Is it okay to go to the Baptist church?
2013-1-17 Fasting to Overcome Addictions: Is it okay to fast to overcome sin & addictions?
2013-1-17 "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren & Church Membership: Our church is going through the book, "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, & they want all the members to go through the classes & then sign a piece of paper for membership. What do you think?
2013-1-17 Understanding Romans 5: I don't understand these verses in Romans 5. Can you please help? [Romans 5:13-14]
2013-1-17 "Call No Man Teacher" or "Father": What did Jesus mean by "call no man father?" [Matthew 23:8-9]