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2021-8-23 Bible as a Collection of Books: Caller comments on the Bible being a collection of many books, rather than a single book, which unbelievers need to understand to grasp the amount of evidence there is for the faith.
2021-8-23 Satan's Awareness of the Accomplishment of the Cross: Was Satan aware of the outcome of what Jesus would do on the cross with His death? [Luke 4, Matthew 4, I Corinthians 2:8, I Peter 1:12].
2021-8-23 Satan Bound: How is it that Satan is both bound on earth now, and yet is still busy doing things at the same time? [Matthew 12:29, Mark 3:27, Luke 11:21, Revelation 20:3].
2021-8-23 Struggle with Praying for Other's Requests: Can you help me with how to pray for other's requests, if it is what God may want for them? [Matthew 7:11, Luke 11:13, Matthew 7:7-8, James 4:2-3, I John 5:14].
2021-8-23 Asking Repeatedly in Prayer: Should you keep asking God to answer your prayer, or should you just ask once and leave it in His hands? [Daniel 10:13, James 4:2, Matthew 7:7-11].
2021-8-23 Generational Curses: Could you talk about "Generational Curses"? [Ezekiel 18:20, Exodus 34:7, Jeremiah 25:11-12].
2021-8-23 Progressive Christianity: What is "Progressive Christianity" and is it the "falling away"? [2 Thessalonians 2:1-3].
2021-8-23 Political Activism vs Revival: How involved in politics do I become in order to change the direction of the country, when I know that the only thing that work is a revival? [Revelation 11:15, Psalm 2:1-3, Luke 12:48].
2021-8-23 Moses, Zipporah & Circumcision: What is happening in the story where Moses was going to die before Zipporah circumcised his son? [Exodus 24:24-25].
2021-8-20 Memory in Heaven (of Life on Earth): What are we going to remember in Heaven from our earthly experiences? [Revelation 21:4, Isaiah 65:16].
2021-8-20 The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Caller attempts to make the case that the "disciple whom Jesus loved" was someone other than John the Apostle (Caller thinks it's Lazarus.) [John 21:7, John 21:20, Acts 4:13, John 11:5].
2021-8-20 Date of the Exodus: When does Steve think the exodus took place? The traditional view or an earlier date?
2021-8-20 The Naked Archaelogist-Simcha Jocobovici: Has Steve ever heard of Simcha Jocobvici, who is known as "the naked archaelogist", who believes in an early date of The Exodus. Where do you stand on the date?
2021-8-20 King Saul, the Witch of Endor & the Prophet Samuel: Did Saul really communicate with Samuel when he went to the Witch of Endor? [1 Samuel 28].
2021-8-20 Different Ethnic Groups: If everyone came from Adam & Eve, why so many different features of the human race?
2021-8-20 Satan's Language: What is Satan's language when he is speaking or tempting us?
2021-8-20 The Word of God (Scriptures) in Jesus' Time: What was considered "the Bible" (the scriptures) before the New Testament was written, during Jesus' ministry & the apostles thereafter? [2 Timothy 3:16, John 8:31, John 13:20].
2021-8-20 Apostolic Faith & Pentecostals: What is the difference between the Apostolic Faith & Pentecostalism?
2021-8-20 Hell & Annihilationism: If people who knew God's Will are beaten with "many stripes" & those who didn't know God's Will receive "few stripes", how can that be possible under the annihilationist's view of hell? [Luke 12:47]
2021-8-19 Jim & Elisabeth Elliot: Did you ever get a chance to meet Elisabeth Elliot? Recommended Book: "Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot"
2021-8-19 Old Testament Significance: Since we are not under the law anymore, then what is the significance of the Old Testament to us today? [Jeremiah 31:31-34, Hebrews 8:13, I Corinthians 9:9, I Timothy 5:18].
2021-8-19 Faith (Call cuts out): Could you talk a little about faith and its relationship to when people think they have heard from God? [Hebrews 11].
2021-8-19 Going to See Jesus in the Past: If we could go back in time, would Jesus be able to understand our language, and would he be offended if we wanted to go back to see him? [John 20:29].
2021-8-19 Sharing with Jehovah Witnesses: Can you recommend anything to help me learn how to share with Jehovah Witnesses?
2021-8-19 Caller Needs Prayer: Caller asks for prayer (Robert from Indianapolis).
2021-8-19 COVID Mask Mandate: Could you help me sort out our church mess over the COVID mask Mandate? [Romans 14:5].
2021-8-19 Being Forced to Take the COVID Vaccine: How should we handle being forced to take the COVID vaccine?
2021-8-17 Hearing from God: How do you know when something is from God? Sometimes I feel like I may be destined to fail, like it is in Calvinism, with no way out. [James 1:17, Colossians 3:22].
2021-8-17 Obligation to Obey the Government Authorities: Could you help me think through our obligation to submit to government authority? Are there times when we should even submit to unreasonable authority? [Romans 13:1].
2021-8-17 Why God Allows Suffering: How do I help my wife understand why God let's such suffering exist in this world?
2021-8-17 Adam & Eve as Priests: Were Adam and Eve priests?
2021-8-17 Steve Gregg's Denomination: With what denomination do you identify and why? [I Corinthians 1:10-12, I Corinthians 3:3-4].
2021-8-17 "Shacking-Up" for Older People: Are we older people still held accountable for our non-marriage relationships (like shacking-up)?
2021-8-17 Vegetarianism: Are we supposed to eat a plant-based diet? [Genesis 1, Genesis 9:2-3]
2021-8-17 God Not Forgiving Moses: Why couldn't God forgive Moses and let him enter the promised land?
2021-8-17 Jews Sabbath and Christian Sunday worship: Why do the Jews have the Sabbath, and Christians worship on Sunday? [Acts 2].
2021-8-16 Acting On One's Spiritual Gift: If you know your gift is, should you advertise it or just led God open the doors?
2021-8-16 One's Purpose in Life: Is the idea of finding one's path or "purpose in life", a bit too self-focused and self-interested as typical in modern pop psychology? [Jeremiah 1:5].
2021-8-16 Generational Curses? Are you familiar with Curt Landry and his ministry regarding generational curses, and generally what do you think about these curses?
2021-8-16 Occupation in Eternity (Heaven): What might we be doing in eternity? It seems like a really long time. [Luke 19, Revelation 19, Matthew 25].
2021-8-16 Investigative Judgment: Is there anything in scripture that supports "Investigative Judgment"?
2021-8-16 Seventh Day Adventists, Cults & Judaizers: Do you think that Seventh Day Adventists are cultists and Judaizers?
2021-8-16 God or Satan Blocking My Calling: How do you determine who is blocking your progress in determining your calling, if not only God can block you, but so can Satan? [I Thessalonians 2:18, Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9].
2021-8-16 Old Testament Application to Marriage: How do you look at things in the Old Testament regarding marriage? [Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5].
2021-8-16 Unbeliever Departing, Not Under Bondage: How do you view the verse in the New Testament about the unbeliever departing and not being under bondage? [I Corinthians 7:13].
2021-8-16 UFO's in the Bible: What do you think about UFOs in the Bible? [Ezekiel 1:4-28].
2021-8-16 Dispensationalism: What is a "Dispensationalist"?
2021-8-16 Steve Gregg's Theological Position: With what theological position do you identify? And why?
2021-8-13 Demon Possession: Caller shares story of her experience with demons
2021-8-13 John Wesley: What do you think of John Wesley's theology?