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2020-4-13 Preparing a Place & Mansions: Could you talk about the "preparing of a place for you" and how it relates to the mansions in John 14? [John 14:2-3, I Corinthians 12].
2020-4-10 Baptism: Is baptism like being branded, in identifying with your owner?
2020-4-10 Cloud of Witnessess: The word used for the group of witnesses is cloud-could it mean "chiefs", or is it simply the natural vapor of clouds? [Hebrews 12:1].
2020-4-10 After Death Before Resurrection: What do you see as the peace between our death and our resurrection? What happens right after death when we are disembodied? [2 Corinthians 5:8].
2020-4-10 Bible Translations Before King James Version: I have heard that there were many translations or versions of the Bible before the King James Version, so how did it become the accepted version?
2020-4-10 Obeying the Government: Do we have to obey government when they may ask us to take vaccinations when ultimately one may unknowingly take the mark of the beast? [Romans 13:1-2, I Peter 2:13-14].
2020-4-10 Separated from the Love of Christ: Could it be that Paul is really referring to us being separated from the love of Christ in us, rather than for us from without (His love for us}? [Romans 8:35-39, 11:22].
2020-4-10 Spiritual or Physical Health: Is God talking about spiritual or physical health in Proverbs 3? [Proverbs 3:7-8].
2020-4-10 Giving Men for You: What does it mean to say He "will give men for you"? Does it mean some will be sacrificed for the salvation of others? [Isaiah 43:4].
2020-4-10 People Sacrificed for Others: Is there any place in the Bible that indicates that some people will be sacrificed for another's salvation?
2020-4-10 Husband/ Wife vs Bride/ Bridegroom: Is there any distinction between the husband/ wife in the Old Testament and the bride/ bridegroom in the New Testament? [Isaiah 43:4, 2 Corinthians 11:2, Revelation 19:7-9].
2020-4-10 Identifying The Called: The words for used for "called" in Romans 8, are two different Greek words, so does that identify a particular and exclusive group of people as "the called"?[Romans 8:28-30, Isaiah 66:4, Hosea 11:4, Revelation 17:14].
2020-4-10 Proclamation: Caller shares a proclamation about the glory of God.
2020-4-10 Old Testament Believers Witnessing: In what way was the Old Testament believer to witness? [Matthew 5:16, Psalm 96:3, I Peter 3:15, 2:12 Isaiah].
2020-4-10 The Movie, "The Family": Have you seen the movie "The Family" about Christian leadership? - would like to have your comments.
2020-4-09 Clarification About Previous Day's Call - Daniel: Clarification on the 4th call yesterday about Signs and Daniel.
2020-4-09 Law of Liberty & The Ten Commandments: Is the "law of liberty" in James the same as The Ten Commandments? [James 2:11-12, I John 4:8, Galatians 5, Matthew 5].
2020-4-09 Church of Christ & The Way: Do you think that the Christian assemblies in 33A.D. would have been called "The Way", rather than the Church of Christ as the denomination contends?
2020-4-09 Church of Christ Origins: Could you clarify the origins of the Church of Christ? [Romans 16:16, Hebrews 12:23].
2020-4-09 Reign Over Whom?: Who will we reign over in the New Jerusalem/ new earth? [Revelation 21:24, 5:10, 2 Timothy 2:12}.
2020-4-09 Who are the Nations That are Saved: Who are the "nations of those who are saved"? [Revelation 21:23-24].
2020-4-09 Seeing God Face to Face or Not?: In Exodus, scripture indicates that no one can see God, and yet says He was seen face to face, how do you resolve that? [Exodus 33:11, 20, Genesis 18:1]
2020-4-09 Dispensations vs Dispensationalism: Caller seems to be trying clarify a distinction between "Dispensationalism" and "dispensations"? [Deuteronomy 18:15].
2020-4-09 God Sending Another Prophet Like Moses: Where is the verse about God sending another prophet like Moses? [Deuteronomy 18:15].
2020-4-09 Bible-Chapters & Verses: When were the chapters and verses added to the scriptures and when was it universally accepted by the church with those additions?
2020-4-09 Feeling Guilty Though Repentant: What do you say to a believer who has repented, but struggles with guilt about their past sins?
2020-4-09 New Commandments: Did anyone else, besides Jesus, give new commandments? [John 13:34, Proverbs 2:1, Matthew 28:19-20].
2020-4-09 Christians & Tattoos: Is there anything scriptural that would disallow a Christian from getting tattoos? [Ephesians 5:1, Leviticus 19:28].
2020-4-09 Closing Business in Observance of Christian Holidays: What would God have to say about a business not closing on Good Friday or other Christian celebration days? [Romans 14:5].
2020-4-09 Adult Son Sleeping In: Could you advise me as to how to hand my objections to my adult son sleeping in too late in the morning, and it is causing difficulties between my husband and I?
2020-4-08 Unpardonable Sin: Would you talk about the unpardonable sin and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? [Matthew 12:31, Luke 12:10].
2020-4-08 Stones of the Ten Commandments: What was written on each of the two stone tablets of the ten commandments? 5 & 5 or 4 & 6?
2020-4-08 Lot-Unrighteous Man: Could you explain why Peter calls Lot a righteous man, when he was so dishonorable in his choices? {2 Peter 2:7, Genesis 19].
2020-4-08 Safety in the Pandemic (Coronavirus): Based on the verses about being able to pick up serpents, are we going to be protected with this Coronavirus pandemic, if we are reasonably careful? [Mark 16:18]
2020-4-08 Kennedy Family Cursed: Do you think there is a curse on the Kennedy family? And is it like the addictions we see today?
2020-4-08 Heaven Eternal: If heaven is eternal, then why would hell not be eternal?
2020-4-08 Saved from What: What did Jesus come to save us from? Is He interested in us only while on earth? [Matthew 1:21].
2020-4-08 Disciples Receiving the Holy Spirt: Could you help me understand exactly when the disciples received the Holy Spirit, as the accounts seem to differ? [John 20:22, 14:16, 16:7, 7:39, Acts 1:8, Ephesians 5:18].
2020-4-08 Being Watchful or Seeking Signs: Can you help me understand the difference between seeking signs and being watchful? [Revelation 3:2].
2020-4-08 Signs of the End Times: Because signs were given before disasters in the Bible, like with Noah, should we be expecting a warning that the end is near? [Matthew 24:38, Acts 1:7].
2020-4-08 Earth's Age: How old is the earth according to the Bible? [Genesis 1].
2020-4-08 Saved from Our Sins: Didn't Jesus come not only to save us from our sins, but from the penalty of sin? You implied we can be sinless? [Matthew 1:21, I Corinthians 10:13, Romans 6, I John 3:10].
2020-4-07 Comment on Coronavirus Quarantine Restriction for Churches: Comment on church services during Choronavirus quarantine.
2020-4-07 Elect Lady in 2 John: Is John talking to the church or a real lady in 2 John, when he speaks to the Elect Lady? [2 John 1:1].
2020-4-07 Scofield Bible: What do you think of the Scofield Bible?
2020-4-07 Gamaliel in Acts: Was the same Gamaliel in both passages in Acts 5 & 22? {Acts 5:34-39, 22:3].
2020-4-07 Simon and Simon Peter the Same: Is the Simon in Luke 11, the same as Simon Peter? [Luke 11].
2020-4-07 Softening of Saul's Heart at Stephen's Stoning: Was Saul's heart being softened when Stephen was being stoned? [Acts 22:10].
2020-4-07 70th Week in Daniel: When does the last half of the 70th week in Daniel end? [Daniel 9:27]
2020-4-07 Peter Popoff: What do you think about Peter Popoff?