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2016-6-14 Boy Becoming a Man: When does a boy officially become a man?
2016-6-14 Pastors' Unruly Children: What if a Pastor's child become unruly, unlawful, giving him a bad name? Does he have to step down?
2016-6-14 Women Teaching: Should Women be teaching Men?
2016-6-13 Parellels Between the Sun & Light of God: light of the sun & the light of God, sun & mooning going dark, & God leaving Jerusalem, His light leaving them.
2016-6-13 Tree of Life for Immortality: So if the only way to have immortality is to eat from the tree of life, doesn't that automatically do away with the notion of Eternal Torment in Hell?
2016-6-13 70 AD to Second Coming Transition: Is Matthew 24:35 the transition when you think it's going from talking about 70 AD to His Second coming? [Matthew 24:35]
2016-6-13 Full Preterist & Partial Preterist Ratio: What is the ratio of partial preterists to full preterists?
2016-6-13 N.T. Wright: Have you read much of N.T. Wright's work? What do you think of him?
2016-6-13 3 Part Beings: We are a tri-part being, body, soul & spirit, the only thing that gets born again is the spirit [1 Thessalonians 5:23]
2016-6-10 Whore of Babylon, Sitting on 7 Hills: Who is the whore of Babylon, the Lady sitting on 7 hills? [Revelation 17]
2016-6-10 Demons Being Fallen Angels: Are the demons of the present day the fallen angels? [Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4]
2016-6-10 Ananias & Saphhira: Did Ananias & Saphhira go to heaven or to hell when they died? [Acts 5]
2016-6-10 Millennium-Literal or Symbolic: Is the Millennium literal or symbolic? [Revelation 19 & 20]
2016-6-10 Sanctification: What can you tell me about sanctification? Do you know of a good book I can read that talks about it.
2016-6-10 Sanctification: Caller comments that we are sanctified or perfected as soon as we become a Christian, & continue to grow holy from there. [Hebrews 10:14]
2016-6-10 Jesus' Genealogy back to David: If we were going to trace Jesus's bloodline back to David, where do we start? [Luke 3]
2016-6-10 Mormons & Blacks: Why do Mormons shun blacks? Wasn't Bathsheba black?
2016-6-10 Assisted Suicide: What is the Bible's position on assisted suicide in light of the fact that California just legalized it?
2016-6-10 Steve Gregg & Hank Hanegraaff: Do you & hank hanegraaff see eye to eye on most biblical issues/interpretation? Have you two ever played a round of golf?
2016-6-10 Ananias & Saphhira: Ananias & Saphhira were not forgiven, & Peter seemed to have that power to forgive them or not forgive them & have them die immediately. [Acts 5]
2016-6-10 Authority to Forgive Sins: Did Jesus give the apostles authority to forgive other people's sins & does this translate down to us? [John 20:20-23]
2016-6-10 Immortality of the Soul: How does each view of hell view mmortality of the soul? The annihilatist view, the unversal restoration view & the traditional view of Eternal Torment. [Romans 2:7, John 3:16]
2016-6-10 Jerusalem Surrounded by Armies: So when Jerusalem is surrounded by armies, does that mean Jesus is coming back soon? [Luke 21:20]
2016-6-09 Actual Dates of the Gospel of John & Epistles: Do you have any idea what the actual dates those books were written then? I know you think Revelation was written in the 60's.
2016-6-09 Date of the Gospel of John: When was the Gospel of John written? Which of 3 books was written first, Revelation, the Gospel of John or the 3 epistles?
2016-6-09 Style Textually The 4 Books were Written: Can't we tell by the style they were written?
2016-6-09 Spiritual Death Discussion: On a recent program a little while back you said, "the result of sin is death, not hell", can you explain what "death" is?
2016-6-09 PBS Distorted View of the OT: Caller saw a special on PBS about how the Old Testament was written, them saying that they were stories of fiction.
2016-6-09 Psychiatry & Depression: A friend of the caller who is a psychiatrist thinks people with depression should always be treated with Medicine, anti-depressants, What does Steve think about that?
2016-6-09 Unconscious Memory: If you believe your "Unconscious Memory" is making you behave badly, you can still take control of it & do things right. [Recommends a series of Lectures called, "Biblical Counsels for a Change" about Mental Health.]
2016-6-09 God doing Everthing for His Glory: "I'm not doing this for you, but for Me!" God said [Ezekiel 36:22]
2016-6-09 Pharisees & Scribes Knowing it was Jesus: How come the Pharisees & Scribes didn't keep track of & know who Jesus was since His birth since the Wise men had no trouble figuring out who He was at birth?
2016-6-09 The Book, "Killing Jesus": What do you think about the book called, "Killing Jesus"?
2016-6-08 "Lest at any Time they should be converted": So going by Calvinist standard, "...lest at any time they should be converted…", why would Jesus have to hide His teachings so people wouldn't be converted since God already knows who's going to be His elect or not? [Mark 4:12]
2016-6-08 Inerrancy of Scripture: Caller's brother told him that Steve was saying that evangelicals going way beyond the inerrancy of scripture. [2 Timothy 3:16] (I think the caller is talking about a call from 6/1/2016, 7th Question.)
2016-6-08 Steve's View of Hell: Caller just got done reading Steve's book, "All You Want to Know about Hell" & wants to know if he has come any closer to what he beleives?
2016-6-08 Bart Ehrman's Reason for Doubting Scripture: Caller gives insight as to why Bart Ehrman might've stopped believing in the inerrancy of Word of God.
2016-6-08 Case for Traditional View of Hell: Sheep & Goats, Wheat & Tares, how can you identify these 2 different classes if the traditional view of hell wasn't right?
2016-6-07 Explaining Trinity to The Jw: What is the best way to explain the Trinity doctrine to Jehovah's Witnesses who don't believe Jesus is the Son of God?
2016-6-07 Salvation by Works: Mohammed Ali’s died recently, & there was inference about earning one’s way to heaven, salvation by works. Can you talk about this?
2016-6-07 Moses & Aaron During Persution as Babies: How did Aaron miss the execution that Moses faced as a baby?
2016-6-07 Hyperbole & Literal Interpretation: How are we supposed to learn Hyperbole verses literal interpretation of the Bible, when to apply it, & should we learn Koine Greek. (I don't really understand the question.)
2016-6-07 Charging for Ministry in Contrast to Raising Money: What about raising money to support a ministry as opposed to charging for ministry.
2016-6-07 Marriage Vows: Don't Marriage vows need to have audience in order to be real, verified, genuine?
2016-6-07 Impending Doom in Zephaniah: What can you tell me about the impending doom, that is talked about in Zephaniah & then having a chance for repentance? [Zephaniah] (Babylon Exile)
2016-6-07 Jerusalem originally Salem: Was Jerusalem originally called Salem or is it just short of Jerusalem? [Hebrews 7:1-2]
2016-6-07 Best Translation: What is the best translation, the Septuagint or the Hebrew Bible? [Luke 24:45]
2016-6-07 Misquoting from the Septuagint: Did any of the New Testament writers misquote from the Septuagint?
2016-6-06 Calvinism-Not Agreeing: What should our response be when Christians oppose our viewpoints?
2016-6-06 Homosexuality: Why would homosexuality get a pass when so many other sins do not?