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2017-6-07 God Creating Evil: Why did God create evil? It seems to say that in Isaiah. [Isaiah 45:7]
2017-6-07 Gog & Magog in OT & NT: When it's describing Ezekiel's temple in Ezekiel, it talks about gog & magog, so doesn't that translate that another temple really is going to be built since it also talks about Gog & Magog? [Ezekiel 38-49, Revelation 20:7-8]
2017-6-07 Slaves & Servants: Is there a difference between Slaves & Servants? Were they really any slaves in jesus' time?
2017-6-07 Parables Not Understandable for Some: Why did Jesus speak in parables? Why did He want to make it hard for them to understand? [Mark 4:34]
2017-6-07 Book on Evolution: Douglas Acts' book, "Undeniable", "", I highly recommend.
2017-6-07 Rituals in Old Testament down to the Minute Detail: All these small tiny rituals that had to be done that seem so petty, why were they necessary so exact? [Exodus & Leviticus]
2017-6-06 Multiple Fulfillment of Prophecy: Are there times prophecy can be fulfilled more than once?
2017-6-06 Newspaper Eschatology: People studying end times by using "newspaper eschatology" or "newspaper exegesis", such as, Israel becoming a Nation in 1948. 2nd fulfillment in prophecies
2017-6-06 All things are Yours: When Paul gets done talking about the Wisdom of God & the foolish of man, he concludes by saying, "all are yours". What does that mean? [1cor 3:21-22,
2017-6-06 Bright & Morning Star: Who is the bright & morning star? Is it Jesus or David? [Revelation 22:16]
2017-6-06 People who Commit Suicide: Can't God forgive people for suicide?
2017-6-06 Wicked cutoff from the Land: In Proverbs where it says the wicked cut off from the land, is this talking about end time events? [Proverbs 2:21-22]
2017-6-06 Testament & Covenant: Are "testament" & "covenant" interchangeable? [Natthew 26:28, Luke 22:8, 1 Corinthians 11, Hebrews 8]
2017-6-06 Matthias a Fulfillment of Scripture: In Acts 1 it says that Matthias was a fulfillment of scripture but I looked at those verses & it just seems to be talking in general terms. [Luke 24:45]
2017-6-06 God's Work Beginning from End: "No one can know the works of God from the beginning to the end", what does this mean? [Ecclesiastes 3:11]
2017-6-06 The Term, Christian: I've heard that the name "Christian" has a pagan origin
2017-6-06 Tabernacle Decorum: Could the women come anywhere into the outer courtyard of the Temple/tabernacle?
2017-6-06 This Generation Shall Not Pass: Was Jesus mistaken when He said, "this generation shall not pass until all these things shall come to pass"? [Matthew 24:34-36]
2017-6-06 Stars Falling out of the Sky: In Matthew 24:29, it says stars will fall out of the sky, what does this mean? [Matthew 24:29]
2017-6-06 Adam & Eve continuing to eat from the Tree of Life: after adam & eve sinned, they were banished from eating the tree of life, why weren't they just forgiven so they could continue?
2017-6-05 Elihu: In the Book of Job, who is Elihu? [Job 32]
2017-6-05 Church Fracturing over Homosexuality: Our church is splitting because of people's view of sin, homosexuality, to accept them or not accept them.
2017-6-05 Valuables in Coffin: Is there anything wrong w/ putting a watch (or anything else) in the grave w/ you?
2017-6-05 Binding & Loosing: The "Binding & Loosing" term seems to be different in different translations of the Bible, & what IS Jesus saying there anyway?
2017-6-05 Christ's Genealogy through Joseph: Why include Joseph's genealogy when he's not even blood related to Jesus? [Matthew 1]
2017-6-05 Trinity: Are the "I am" in John referring to the Trinity? How come Matthew & Mark don't have that phrase in them?
2017-6-05 Rebuking the Devil: Is it okay to rebuke the Devil? [Luke 10:19]
2017-6-05 Greek Bible Book: Did you say something about being able to read references that you can read along w/ the Bible? (followup, call cuts in & out)
2017-6-05 Witnessing to be Effectively: I can't seem to be an effective witness to the point where there'd want to turn their life over to Christ
2017-6-02 The Jesus Calling Book: Discussion about the book, "The Jesus Calling", both about the book itself & a critique publication OF the book.
2017-6-02 Self-Defense: What do you think about Christians being in the military, of kids learning martial arts to defend themselves?
2017-6-02 Tributes: Can you talk about tributes, tributaries? What does putting someone under tribute mean? [Judges 1:19-38]
2017-6-02 Mount Zion, City of the Living God: Which Zion is Hebrews talking about? What about the Sion in Deuteronomy? [Hebrews 12:22-23, Deuteronomy 23, 4]
2017-6-02 The Jesus Notes: The book, "the Jesus Notes" followup.
2017-6-02 Women Teachers: Women teaching the Bible class, is that acceptable?
2017-6-02 The Flat Earth: Discussion about the Flat Earth, & if the earth was flat, how would radio & television reception happen?
2017-6-02 The Jesus Notes, Sarah Young Book: The book, "The Jesus Notes" (followup).
2017-6-02 Anointing with Gladness: Anointing Thee with gladness, what does this mean? [Hebrews 1:9]
2017-6-02 Even Thy God, What does that mean? God calling Jesus God?
2017-6-02 First Begotten into the World: "First begotten into the world", angels worshipping Him, is it talking about the first coming or second coming or just Jesus being superior to angels? [Hebrews 1:6, Hebrews 1:9]
2017-6-02 Jesus Calling Devotionals: Caller is concerned about people that think the book, "The Jesus Calling", that they are not really fond of the author talking in first person as if they are speaking for Jesus.
2017-6-02 Once Saved, Always Saved: I tend to believe that once you are saved, you're always saved, but how can you tell if someone was ever saved or not? [John 10:28] (followup)
2017-6-01 Sin, Iniquity & Transgression: Can you differentiate between sin, iniquity & transgression? [Psalm 51:2-3, Numbers 18:1]
2017-6-01 Good book to Rebut Evolution for a 12 year old: This caller also is recommending a book that a caller requested for his 12 yr old grandson about science (followup)
2017-6-01 The Book of Maccabees & the Ark of the Covenant: The Book of Maccabees said not to mark where the Ark of the Covenant is but that it was buried.
2017-6-01 Golden Chain of Redemption: I would like to talk about Calvinism & Predestination & the golden chain of redemption & Grace. [Romans 8:29-30]
2017-6-01 KJV Translation of the Bible: The King James Version only because it's good w/ the Numerology.
2017-6-01 Became as Women: I've been reading Jeremiah lately, & don't quite understand what it means where it says men became as women. [Jeremiah 51:30, Jeremiah 49:22, 24, Isaiah 3:4, 12]
2017-6-01 Hyper Grace & Confession: Yes, i believe in "hyper-grace", we don't need to be continually confessing our sins, that once we do it, we are good! [1 John 1:9]
2017-6-01 Taking Communion in an Unworthy Manner: A lot of churches say NOT to take Communion unworthily, but if we all did that, none of us would be fit to take it. [1 Corinthians 11:27-28]