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2015-10-27 Dating of the Book of Revelation: The church of Sardis/Smyrna wasn't even established until well after 70 AD, so there is no way Revelation could be written before then.
2015-10-27 Sons of the Kingdom: Who are the people that come from the east & the west & sit down w/ Abraham, Isaac & Jacob & who are the Sons of the kingdom who will be cast out into outer darkness? [Matthew 8:11-12]
2015-10-27 Assyrians & Israel: Why did God use Assyrians to judge Israel, but then punish Assyria for doing what He wanted? [Isaiah 10]
2015-10-27 Eunuchs: Jesus said that some should become Eunuchs if they can receive it, what did He mean by this? [Matthew 19:12]
2015-10-27 Calvinism: God provided the red heifer & the ashes to get ceremonial clean, but THEY had to actually do something to get clean. Isn't that the right way to think of our salvation, that God does provide everything for us to be able to receive Him, but it's ultimately up to us? [Numbers 19:9,13,10,21; 31:23]
2015-10-27 Two or three gathered together: Is this passage of Scripture taken out of context, most thnking that where 2 or 3 people are gathered together, Jesus is there, but isn't this actually talking about church discipline? [Matthew 18:20]
2015-10-27 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Question: Do I have to become a eunuch for the rest of my life even though my wife is the one who divorced me...twice?
2015-10-26 Character of God: Was wondering if you could sum of the Character of God?
2015-10-26 Jesus Setting up His Kingdom in Israel: Can you please explain Jesus coming back for the Jews? I thought the Jews didn't believe in Christ?
2015-10-26 Tribulation & anti-Christ: Jews will be converted during the Tribulation?
2015-10-26 Biblical Counsel: Psychiatry verses Biblical Counsel.
2015-10-26 Parable of the Talents: Are the people in the parable of the talents saved? [Matthew 25:14-30]
2015-10-26 Encouraging Scripture: i'd like some Scripture to encourage a niece who is a very weak Christian who's going to be alone.
2015-10-26 The Inspiration of Scripture: Paul was only talking about the OT Scriptures when he said 1 Timothy 3:16, about all the Scripture is given by inspiration, but did he have foresight & knew that the NT would be Scripture too? [2 Timothy 3:16]
2015-10-26 Satan being bound: Why is he released once he is bound? [Revelation 20:2, 7-10]
2015-10-26 State of the Dead: You said you don't think "sleep" is a good analogy of death because it's not really like a sleep because sleep in not an unconscious state, so then what WOULD be a good one?
2015-10-23 Church Government: Is your position of how a church should be run is a multitude of elders, no one particular person in charge of making decisions? [Acts 14:23]
2015-10-23 Zechariah, Judgments & Partial Preterism: Caller wants a good explanation of Zechariah 14, & has given several points of the contrast between judgments immediately back then to end time events (telescoping). [Zechariah 13 - 14, Matthew 24:15-51, Isaiah 15-24]
2015-10-23 Genealogy of Jesus: How many monarchs were left out of the genealogy list? Do you know anything about the significance of 76? [Matthew 1, Luke 3]
2015-10-23 Charismatic Churches: What are your feelings about all this craziness happening in the Charismatic church, such as laughing, barking, gold dust? After all, doesn't it resemble "drunkenness" at Pentecost? [Acts 2:1-31]
2015-10-23 Healing: They are into all this healing also. Does God genuinely manifest Himself doing that? Should we stay clear of it or what?
2015-10-23 Joshua's time & our time: The Jews not marrying Pagans back in the their time, but does this carry over to our time as well? [Joshua 23:12, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18]
2015-10-23 Grace & Law: Can we live under Grace without defining the aspects of the law?
2015-10-22 All Land to Israel: God gave Israel ALL the land, but people have been telling me that this is just hyperbole, didn't mean ALL the actual land. What do you think? [Joshua 21:43]
2015-10-22 Don't Pray for the People: Do not pray for this people, God told Jeremiah. Why was that? It seems to be in direct contrast to what we are taught in the NT. [Jeremiah 19-22, 7:16, 11:14, 14:7-10,]
2015-10-22 Reincarnation: If reincarnation isn't real, why is there such disparity in humans, even among family members? We don't really know why from a Bibilical perspective? [Matthew 25:14-30]
2015-10-22 The Golden Rule: What is the origin of the Golden Rule? Did Jesus actually say that? Did He say it on the Sermon on the Mount? [Matthew 7:12]
2015-10-22 Death: What happens to you after you die, your soul & spirit? [Philippians 1:21-23]
2015-10-22 Kingdom of Heaven: What does this verse mean, that the kingdom of Heaven has been suffering violence & they take it by force? [Matthew 11:12]
2015-10-22 "He will save HIS people": Was the exclusive reason Jesus came here to save the Jews, but because they rejected Him, it transitioned over the rest of the world? [Matthew 1:21, John 11:51-52, Acts 18:9-11, Matthew 15:21-28, Romans 15]
2015-10-22 12 tribes of Israel: Are the Tribes of Israel of different colors? [Obadiah 1:1,3]
2015-10-21 God Manifesting Himself: Why does God hide Himself & make it hard to know who He is? [Romans 1:19-20, 16:25-26]
2015-10-21 Church History & Church Fathers: Who is the first Church father that you attribute spiritualizing Scripture to, especially eschatology? [Romans 2:28-29, Romans 9 - 11]
2015-10-21 John & the Island of Patmos: When was John on the island of Patmos?
2015-10-21 Mark of the Beast: I don't think the Mark of the Beast has ever happened yet, & I was wondering how you accounted for that part?
2015-10-21 Nathanael & Jacob's Ladder: Jesus told Nathanael that he'd see greater things, seeing the heavens open & angels ascending up & down on the Son of God. What does that mean? [John 1:49-51, Genesis 28:10-13]
2015-10-21 Mark of the Beast: You'd have to be a willing participant to get the Mark of the Beast, you couldn't be deceived into it, isn't that right? [Revelation 13:11-18]
2015-10-21 Span between Adam (Noah) & Abraham: Is there something missing there between the Fall of Adam & Eve until Abraham of how men lost sight of God?
2015-10-21 Buying & Selling: Not being able to buy or sell is proof that you haven't taken upon you the Mark of the Beast.
2015-10-21 Eternal Security: Do you think someone can actually lose their salvation once they have genuinely saved?
2015-10-20 Calvary Chapel: 1) What would be the top 3 things you'd change about Calvary Chapel? 2) Why would you change those things? 3) How would it help?
2015-10-20 Arab Christians: Who is the Christian God of Arabs? Then who is the Muslim God? What do the Arabs call God in English?
2015-10-20 Catholicism influencing Islam: Is there any truth to the Roman Catholic church influencing Islam?
2015-10-20 Going to Church on the Sabbath: How come we don't go to church on the Sabbath (Saturday) like the Seventh Day Adventists do? (Romans 14:5-6]
2015-10-20 Yeast (leaven) of the Pharisees: What was the meaning of the phrase, "yeast of the Pharisees"? [Luke 12:1, Matthew 16:6-12, Mark 8:15, 1 Corinthians 5:6-8, Galatians 5:9 (good leaven, Matthew 13:33, Luke 13:21)]
2015-10-20 Islam, Allah, & Muhammed: Knowing how to respond to Islam & calling God Allah, & Muhammed picking that one because of the worship of "moon gods". What is Steve's take on that comment?
2015-10-20 Arabic God Allah (followup): Caller wanted to followup w/ what he had just heard about Allah.
2015-10-20 Live-in Fornication: Grandchildren are practicing fornication, & have no qualms about it, but i'm very concerned about it. Do you have any thoughts?
2015-10-20 Tithing: What is the practice of tithing is supposed to be? To only the local church or other ministries? [Malachi 3:9:-10, 2 Corinthians 8]
2015-10-19 Rapture: When Christ returns, the UNgodly will be taken out, Godly will be left, but all the evil will just be taken out, & the earth will be dissolved. What do you think about this? [Luke 17:34, Matthew 24:40]