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2021-11-01 Early Church & Church Membership: What do you think of the numbers mentioned in scripture about how many were converting being evidence that they had a formal membership in the early church? [Acts 2, I Corinthians 3:4].
2021-11-01 Love the World - or Not: If God "so loved the world", but our pastor says that we should not love this world, how does that work? [John 3:16, I John 2:15-17, 2 Timothy 4:10].
2021-11-01 Sinners Prayer, but No Evidence of Salvation: What do you say to someone who has said the prayer for repentance and salvation, but I don't see any evidence of having been "born again"? [Matthew 16:24-26, I Corinthians 6:19-20].
2021-11-01 Some People Alive When Jesus Returns: Did you say that there will be no people alive when Jesus returns? Doesn't scripture indicate that there will be some alive? [I Corinthians 15:51, I Thessalonians 4:17].
2021-11-01 Identifying with a Denominations: Why do we have to have to identify with one particular denomination among so many?
2021-10-29 Satan Created as He is, Rather Than a Fallen Angel: If God created Satan as he is, from the beginning, would that cause a biblical problem?
2021-10-29 Satan's Origins: Was Satan a musician and a good angel that fell? What does it mean that he was "a murderer from the beginning"? [John 8:44, I John 3:8, Isaiah 14:12, Ezekiel 28:12].
2021-10-29 Taking Communion (Eucharist, Lord's Supper): Was communion (Eucharist, Lord's Supper) a ritual in the early church, much like we do today? [Jude 1:12, I Corinthians 11:34].
2021-10-29 History, Authorship & Origins of the Torah: What do you think about the differing opinions of the history, authorship and origins of the Torah?
2021-10-29 Masoretic Text or Septuagint: Is the Masoretic Text or Septuagint more reliable?
2021-10-29 Judgment and Our Forgiven Sins: When we repent and are forgiven, will we be presented with those sins at the judgment? [Matthew 12, I Corinthians 11].
2021-10-29 God of the Living and the Dead: If God is the "God of the Living", is there a "God of the Dead"? [Matthew 22:32].
2021-10-29 Judge Yourselves, Paul Doesn't Judge Himself: Could you respond to Paul commenting that he doesn't even judge himself, but yet we are to judge ourselves? [I Corinthians 4:4].
2021-10-29 Servant Teachers All are Yours: Can you help me understand Paul's remarks about "all are yours"? [I Corinthians 3:21-22, Ephesians 4].
2021-10-29 Joseph as Jesus' Miraculous Father: If God did no pass sin on to Jesus through Mary, then could He have not created Jesus with Joseph as the father, also?
2021-10-29 Mary Had Original Sin: Would not Mary have original sin attached to her?
2021-10-29 Baptism Required to be Saved: Does someone have to be water baptized to be saved? [John 3:5-6].
2021-10-29 Walls and Gates in Heaven: Why does heaven have walls around it with gates? Is it to keep someone out or someone in? [Revelation 21:12-14, Isaiah 60:18].
2021-10-28 Works VS Obedience: What is the difference between "works" (particularly as in a less desirable way) and "obedience"? [Romans 11:6, Romans 4, Ephesians 2:8-10, Philippians 6:46, Luke 6:46, Jeremiah 31:33].
2021-10-28 End Times Predictions & Prophecy: Do you think that the focus on prophecy about end times can help people come to Christ? Recommended book: "Empire of the Risen Son" two book series.
2021-10-28 Focusing on Prophecy & End Times: Is it important that we be looking at these prophecies about end times and "the Mark of the Beast"? [Acts 1:7, Deuteronomy 29:29, Matthew 24:44, Luke 12:40].
2021-10-28 The Mark of the Beast: Could you talk about "The Mark of the Beast", and the prophecy that a sore will break out on the face? [Revelation 16:2].
2021-10-28 Having Enough Faith to Get What I Want: What is exactly meant by these verses about God providing whatever you have enough faith, such as "mountain cast into the sea", because we know it doesn't happen that way? [Mark 11:22-24, I John 5:14, Matthew 17:19-22].
2021-10-28 "Why Has Thou Forsaken Me"?: Would you talk about when Christ said, "My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me", and why He would have quoted that psalm? [Psalm 22:1, Psalm 22:12].
2021-10-28 Jesus Forsaken by God: Do you think that God and Jesus were actually separated at the time Jesus cried, "Why has though forsaken me?"
2021-10-28 Christian Felt Unsuppported by Friends: Caller relates story of a time of torment and how he feels that he was being attacked by demons when his friends claimed that perhaps he was not being obedient. [2 Corinthians 12].
2021-10-28 Friends Accuse a Christian of Sin in Life: Caller is frustrated when things weren't going well for him, friends claimed that perhaps he might have secret sin. [2 Corinthians 12:7-10].
2021-10-28 Are Muslims the Antichrist: Are Muslims the antichrist? [I John 2:22].
2021-10-28 Jesus' People: Who are "His people" in Matthew 1:21? [Matthew 1:21, Matthew 12:46-50]
2021-10-28 Insignificance of Earth Compared to Universe: Please give and intelligent answer as to why God would create this immense universe and so extra stuff stuff in light of the insignificant size of earth? [Psalm 19:1].
2021-10-27 The Devil's Children: Can the Devil have children? [I John 3:10-15, John 8:44].
2021-10-27 COVID Vaccine & Ethics: Should we refuse to take the COVID vaccine simply to stand with others who are resisting on ethical reasons?
2021-10-27 Losing One's Salvation: Can a Christian lose their salvation, and if so, how and why? [John 6:66, Galatians 5:4-6, I John 5:12, John 15:6, Hebrews 3:12].
2021-10-27 Christian Suicide: Can a Christian who commits suicide go to hell, or can they go to heaven? [James 3:2].
2021-10-27 Islam View of Jesus as Prophet: Why do Muslims not follow Jesus, since they revere Him as a great prophet?
2021-10-27 Jews Rejection of the Messiah: Why do Jews not accept Jesus as The Messiah?
2021-10-27 Church Mandates Vaccine: What do you think about my church not allowing me to attend unless I get the vaccine? [Matthew 16:25, Luke 17:33].
2021-10-27 Paralleling the Psalms to One's Own Life: Can one parallel their own struggles in life and work to those very real and dangerous struggles David was experiencing in the Psalms? [Romans 8:26].
2021-10-27 Praying Psalms: Is it acceptable to pray the Psalms? [Acts 4:25-26, Colossians 3:16, Ephesians 5:19, James 5:13].
2021-10-27 Re-baptized as an Adult: Should I be baptized as an adult believer, even though I was baptized as a baby as a Catholic? [Acts 19:1-7].
2021-10-26 Genealogies in Exodus: Could you help me understand the time that has spanned in the account of the genealogies in this passage and if it would affect the period of The Exodus? [Exodus 6:16-20, Genesis 12].
2021-10-26 "Pharmakia" (Pharmaceuticals) in Scripture: Don't you think that the verse about the potions mentioned in Revelation could be relative to the word "pharmakia" and the vaccine? [Galatians 5:20, Revelation 9:21, Revelation 18:23, Ephesians 5:18].
2021-10-26 Church with Images of Jesus: Do you think that churches should have pictures of Jesus? [Romans 1].
2021-10-26 The Kings & The Little Horn: Could you tell me who the "ten kings" and the "Little Horn" are in Daniel 7? [Daniel 7:24].
2021-10-26 Calvinist Teachers: How can intelligent Christian teachers (John MacArthur, R.C.Sproul, etc.) ascribe to Calvinism when there is so much scripture that disproves it ?
2021-10-26 Precious Metals Donations to The Narrow Path: Does "The Narrow Path" accept precious metals as donations?
2021-10-26 Sin Unto Death: What is the "sin that leads unto death"? [I John 5:16].
2021-10-26 Repentance & the Judgment: How can it be said that we will all stand to give account and yet, our sins have been forgiven and cast into the sea? [2 Corinthians 5:10, I John 1:9, Jeremiah 31, Micah 7:19, Matthew 12:30, I Corinthians 11:30].
2021-10-26 Baptized for the Dead: What is your understanding of the passage about "being baptized for the dead"? [I Corinthians 15:29, I Corinthians 15:13].
2021-10-26 Study Bibles: Can you recommend a study Bible for our 15-year-old?