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2022-4-11 Camel & Eye of the Needle: What are you thoughts on the verse about the camel going through the "eye of the needle?" [Matthew 19:24, Hebrews 6:4-6, Luke 1:37].
2022-4-11 Grace in the New Testament: Do you think that when too much attention is put on the Old Testament Law it undermines the grace revealed in the New Testament? [Galatians 4:10-11, Matthew 5:18, Acts 21:20].
2022-4-11 Two Different Gospels: Where can I get your chart showing the similarities between Jesus' and Paul's teachings, because someone I know thinks they were teaching two different gospels? Chart found at
2022-4-11 Interpreting Dreams: Should one attempt to interpret one's dreams?
2022-4-11 Sin in One's Dreams: If we sin in our dreams-is it the devil, and do we need to repent?
2022-4-11 Trinity-Praying to the Father & Son: Were the early disciples praying to Jesus and the Father, rather than the Trinity?
2022-4-11 Trinity: Did you say that the trinity doctrine began about 300 years before Christ?
2022-4-11 Shane Vaughn-First Harvest Ministry: Have you heard of Shane Vaughn, who has some strange beliefs about many things, including there is no heaven, and keeps thee Sabbath?
2022-4-11 Abraham's Tithe: Did God require a tithe from Abraham?
2022-4-11 Cain & Abel: Where did Cain, Abel, and Abraham get the command from God to give sacrifices? [Luke 11:50-51, Hebrews 11:4]
2022-4-11 Mental Illness: What is the biblical view of diagnosing mental illness? [Ephesians 4:27-30].
2022-4-08 Submission to Government Authority: How can it be that someone like Adolph Hitler could be a government official ordained by God? [Romans 13:1-4, Romans 1:25, 2 Corinthians 10:13, 1 Peter 2:13-14].
2022-4-08 Homosexual New Baby Celebration: Is it acceptable for a Christian to go over to celebrate a new baby in a Lesbian relationship? [Luke 10:25-37].
2022-4-08 No Afterlife: How do you respond to someone who doesn't believe in the afterlife and therefore have no incentive to live a better life now?
2022-4-08 "Kingdom of God" & "Kingdom of Heaven": Is "The Kingdom of God" and "The Kingdom of Heaven" the same thing? [Luke 6, Matthew 19:23-24].
2022-4-08 Lesbian Wedding: Father of a lesbian daughter calls to disagree about attending a homosexual wedding.
2022-4-08 Church Membership, Co-habitating Unmarried Couple & Baptism: What do we do about a committed couple, living together, but not married, who want to be baptized and become church members? Do we get them baptized first? [I Corinthians 6:9].
2022-4-08 Paradise: When Jesus told the thief that he would be with Him in paradise, what did He mean? [2 Corinthians 12:4, Revelation 2:7].
2022-4-07 God Hates: Doesn't scripture indicate that God hates? [Hosea 9:15].
2022-4-07 God's Love is Conditional: I disagree with you that that God's love is conditional, not unconditional. [John 15:9-10, Romans 5:10, Matthew 5:44, I John 4:8, I John 4:16, 2 Peter 3:9].
2022-4-07 Unconditional Love: I disagree with you that "unconditional love" is in the Bible? [John 3:16]
2022-4-07 Jesus' Sacrifical Death for His People: Was it easier for Jesus to lay down His life for us because He knew what would await His people?
2022-4-07 Government Authority-Civil Obediences or Disobedience: What should our attitude be as Christians regarding standing for righteousness within a corrupt government? [John 7:24, Romans 13:1-2, Exodus 1:15-21, Mark 12:17, John 19:11, I Peter 2:13-14].
2022-4-07 Moses & the Magicians: Why did God allow the magicians to mimic the supernatural events of Moses, but did not allow them to produce the lice? [2 Timothy 3:8, Exodus 7:22, Exodus 8:7, Exodus 8:18].
2022-4-07 God Hates the Wicked in Psalms: If God doesn't hate, how then should we see the Psalm that says that God hates the wicked? [Psalm 5:4-6, Psalm 5:9-10, Proverbs 6:16-19].
2022-4-07 Soldiers Arresting Jesus: Do you think that the soldiers didn't actually fall back supernaturally, but where kneeling to worship Jesus? [John 18:6].
2022-4-07 We Must Hate our Mother & Father: Does the verse about hating your mother and father, just mean we must love them less, instead of really hate? [Luke 14:26, Matthew 10:37].
2022-4-07 Mansions in Heaven: Why would we need mansions if we are going to be like Jesus? [John 14:2, John 14:23, John 2:16, I Timothy 3:15, Hebrews 3:6, Ephesians 2:19-22, I Peter 2:5].
2022-4-07 Magicians - Janees and Jambres: Where is the story of Jannes and Jambres -because they may have been those that resisted Moses after the Exodus? [2 Timothy 3:8].
2022-4-07 Submitting to Authority: Caller shares thoughts about the difference between obeying and submitting to government. [I Peter 2:13, Romans 13:1-2].
2022-4-06 Records of Converstations in the Bible: How did they record the specific words of Jesus in scripture, like in the conversation of the woman at the well, and Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane?
2022-4-06 Souls That Preceded the Coming of Jesus: What happened to the souls that preceded the coming of Jesus? [Genesis 15:6, Psalms 32:2, Hebrews 11].
2022-4-06 Heaven Coming to the New Earth: Do you believe that heaven-the New Jerusalem-will be on the new earth? [Revelation 21, Psalm 115:16, Galatians 4:26].
2022-4-06 One or Two Demon Possessed Men?: Can you explain why the other gospels don't say that there were two demon possessed men, but only mention one. [Matthew 8:28-34 ].
2022-4-06 Unconditional Love: Can you explain "unconditional love" and what that specifically means? [Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 23:13-14, Luke 19:44, Matthew 23:37].
2022-4-06 When Jesus Fulfilled the Law: When exactly did Jesus fulfill the Law? [Luke 4:16, James 1:25, James 2:8, Jeremiah 31, Exodus 24:8, Matthew 26:28, Luke 17:21, Mark 4:28].
2022-4-06 Jesus Raised Himself: Could you help me understand if Jesus raised Himself, or if all three of the Trinity raised Him? [John 10:18, Galatians 1:1, John 2:19, Romans 8:11, Galatians 1:1, John 10:18].
2022-4-06 Atheist: Why "love" the Bible?: Atheist: Why should we love the Bible?
2022-4-06 Atheist: Why Believe the Bible is God's Word: Atheist: Why should we believe that the Bible is the Word of God?
2022-4-06 Atheist: Why Believe the Bible is True?: Why should we believe that the Bible is true? [Isaiah 41:21-23].
2022-4-06 Tribulation: When will the tribulation be? [Matthew 24:22].
2022-4-05 Atheist Caller: Death Penalty Due to Seven Deadly Sins: Atheist: Would you talk about the "seven deadly sins" and the penalty of death due to sin?
2022-4-05 Atheist Caller: Righteousness Required for Heaven: Atheist: If we are not as righteous as God, then doesn't the Bible say we cannot inherit the Kingdom of God? No one can be righteous, so doyou know anyone who will be in heaven.
2022-4-05 God is Love: How is it that God is love? [I John 4:7-21].
2022-4-05 Steve Gregg's Lecture on God's Love: Where is your extensive lecture about love and "God is love"? Topical Lecture series; "Charisma & Character".
2022-4-05 John Remaining Until He Comes: Does the verse about John "remaining until Jesus comes" mean that He would stay around witnessing untilJesus did come back? [John 21:21].
2022-4-05 Sun Standing Still & the Miraculous: Caller comments on a report of a recorded long day in Mexico that dates to the day described in Joshua when the sun stood still.
2022-4-05 Imprecatory Prayers-Against Evil Doers: Is there scripture that talks about God's pain when things like war and other evils take place,, and how we should be praying? [Psalm 109:8].
2022-4-05 Thief on the Cross: Do you think that the story of the thief on the cross was reliable since the other gospels don't tell the same story? [Luke 23:39-43, John 2:25].
2022-4-05 God's Mercy Toward an Unbeliever: What do you think about a friend of mine who has passed away, but was one of the finest men ever-do you think that God will have mercy? [2 Peter 3:9, Ezekiel 33:11, Ezekiel 18:23].