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2013-11-15 Experiences from God Even Though not A True Follower: How do we know we are having experiences from God when there are so many people think they do but are so wrong, like the Mormon & the burning in their bosom, or the Hindu?
2013-11-15 God only manifesting Himself to Some: Why does God only choose to talk to some?
2013-11-15 Relying on Feelings to Follow God: I think it was great that my call came after the previous one because it's sort've about the same thing, that you can't rely on your feelings to follow God. I was reading about a pastor who committed suicide & think that even though I disagree with most of "Strange Fire" by John MacArthur, that the spiritual gifts are not for today's church, that he made a few good points in his book.
2013-11-15 Finding God in Biology You can truly find God even in Biology class, proving a Creator created it.
2013-11-14 Jesus' Form before His Incarnation: What type of form was Jesus in before His incarnation? [John 1:1-5]
2013-11-14 Trinity Always Existed: Has the Trinity always existed even before the Bible?
2013-11-14 Cause of the 10 Lepers: Is there any clue if the 10 Lepers in the Bible that Jesus healed was a result of God striking them down with it in the first place? [Luke 17:11-14]
2013-11-14 Lepers going to High Priest: Why did Jesus have them go to the High Priest after He healed them?
2013-11-14 Jesus the Only Way: Michael the Buddhist has a hard time grasping that Jesus in the only way to the truth.
2013-11-14 Suicide being Selfish: Caller thinks Steve saying committing suicide is selfish is wrong.
2013-11-14 Super Typhoon Haiyan/Super Typhoon Yolanda: An Atheist caller is wondering how God would allow something like the typhoon that hit the Philippines & killed over 8,000 people happen?
2013-11-14 Lutheran & Catholic Church: Calls asks is there a difference between the Bible that the Lutherans use or the Catholic Church uses?
2013-11-14 God's attitude Towards the Repentant & Unrepentant: What is God's attitude to a person who is not saved, & what is His attitude to a saved person?
2013-11-13 Paul's Labor in Vain: In 1 Corinthians Paul was saying his work wouldn't be in vain, but in Galations he was worried that his labor might be in vain. Why? [1 Corinthians 15:58, Galatians 4:11]
2013-11-13 Understanding the Woman in Revelation: Can you tell me who the woman in Revelation 6 is referrring to? When does Jesus get taken up to the throne in this Vision? You don't think we are still fighting with priniciplaties & powers? [Revelation 12:1-6, Ephesian 6:12]
2013-11-13 3 Views of Hell & God's Character in Question: Caller wants to know which view of hell might be right in light of God's character.
2013-11-13 People going to Hell: Who's going to hell?
2013-11-13 Planting a Money Seed for More Money: What about these prosperity preachers asking people to send a seed of $1,000 or $200 to get blessed even more?
2013-11-13 Believers Concerned About Sin: Why do Christians worry about sin after they are saved? Aren't we redeemed by the blood? [1 John 1:8] (audio of caller is poor.)
2013-11-13 Saved by Grace: Caller is trying to clarify what the previous caller by being concerned about sin all the time.
2013-11-13 Steve Debating about Hell: Would Steve ever consider debating somebody about the views of hell?
2013-11-13 The 3 Views of Hell: No matter what the view of hell is, there is only one correct view, right?
2013-11-13 Healing in the Atonement: Is Healing promised in the Atonement because everyone was healed in the Bible?
2013-11-12 Eliajah Coming Before Jesus' Second Coming: I was reading a commentary by Zalbert Barnes who says that Elijah is going to come yet again Great & Terrible day of the Secoming of Christ even though he was John the Baptist during Jesus' first Advent. What do you think? [Malachi 4:1-6]
2013-11-12 "You Shall See Me No More": Caller is wondering how Steve interpret's the last 3 verses of Matthew when Jesus weeps for Jerusalem in the light of his Partial Preterist paradigm? [Matthew 23:37-39]
2013-11-12 Future showing of the Spirit of Elijah: In light of previous call, the caller still maintains there will be a future Eliajah the Prophet, besides the John the Baptist, & want to know what Steve thinks of a passage in Matthew. [Matthew 17:11-13]
2013-11-12 "No other Sign shall be Given You": What signs were people still looking for since Jesus had already done so many signs & wonders when He said they won't see any more signs? [Matthew 16:4]
2013-11-12 God or Satan Incited David to Number the People: Did God or Satan incite David to number the people? [2 Samuel 24:1, 2 Chronicles 21:17]
2013-11-12 John the Baptist Elijah or Not: Jesus said that John the Baptist was the spirit of Elijah that has come, but John the Baptist says he was not Elijah. Why the contradiction? [John 1:19-28, Matthew 17:11-13]
2013-11-12 God Creating Good & Evil: Can you talk about God creating both good & evil? [Isaiah 45:7]
2013-11-12 Teaching from the KJV: Is teaching out of the King James Version of the Bible okay?
2013-11-11 12 Step, AA Programs: Would Steve recommend 12 Step, double AA programs?
2013-11-11 Supporting 12 Steps Programs: Caller is thinks 12 step, AA Recovery meetings are a very good thing.
2013-11-11 The Baha'i Faith: Caller thinks all the faiths in the world are the same, including the Baha'i Faith. Doesn't Steve agree?
2013-11-11 Catholic Church & The Protestant Church Agreeing: Not all religions agree with each other, the previous caller said, unlike what the previous caller was saying.
2013-11-11 Dharma: Steve turned the tables around & asked Michael if the Dharma was a person who could respond back to him.
2013-11-11 Having a Kind Heart: Michael the Buddhist thinks that having a good heart is the important thing.
2013-11-11 Born Again in the Spirit: Caller wanted to point out that it's really possible to be truly born again (sort've commenting to a previous call to michael the Buddhist).
2013-11-11 Putting People Above Someone Else: We shouldn't put each other above another person. (can't understand the call.)
2013-11-08 No Works in the Night: What did Jesus mean by He wouldn't be able to work in the night? [John 9:4]
2013-11-08 God Loving Everybody: But does God love everybody, even sinners? [John 3:16]
2013-11-08 Not All God's Children: Caller was wondering if we are ALL God's children or not even if we are not believers? Does God love everyone, even non-believers? [John 8, 1 John , John 3:16]
2013-11-08 Cearsar's Messiah: Have you ever heard of "Caesar's Messiah"?
2013-11-08 Church Fathers: Who are we calling the "Church Fathers"?
2013-11-08 Billy Graham & Steve Gregg: Caller is interested to know if Steve has ever been associated with Billy Graham, did he ever attend one of his crusades, & does he agree with his teachings & the way he evangelized?
2013-11-08 No Acts to Become Righteous: Do people become righteous without acting? [Romans 5:12-21] (Caller's audio is VERY poor.)
2013-11-08 Women in Leadership: What do you think about women in leadership positions in the church?
2013-11-08 Women Silent in the Church: What does Paul mean that women should remain silent in the church? [1 Corinthians 14:34-35]
2013-11-07 Partial Preterism Falling like a Stack of Cards: How would Partial Preterism be affected if it was proven that the Book of Revelation was written after 70 AD, such as 95 AD, which is the date most people believe?
2013-11-07 Inner Peace & Fulfillment: Michael the Buddhist wanted to talk about having inner peace & fulfillment & a discussion ensues about the contrasts between Buddhism & Christianity.