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2015-7-08 Feast of Booths/Tabernacles: So what about the Feast of Booths/Tabernacles in [Zechariah 14]? Were those fulfilled, or not fulfilled until after He comes back?
2015-7-08 The Law: We're not under the law, true, but we're also not supposed to be breakers of the law, is that not right? [Romans 3:19]
2015-7-08 Celebrating Homosexuality: Standing up against the curriculum of College, protesting by not answering controversial questions on an exam.
2015-7-08 Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Caller would Like Steve Gregg to weigh in on this ruling again about Same-Sex Marriage, & wants to ask a question to get him going on it: There's sort've a problem because even some of the Christian denominations are accepting it, so there's a lot of confusion by other Christians, but it's all about, "What did Jesus say about it?"
2015-7-08 Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Is this in prophecy, all this bad stuff happening, the priests abusing children, same sex marriage happening?
2015-7-08 Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Shouldn't leaders of the Christian church take a firm stand against this ruling?
2015-7-08 Wise as Serpents: Is there a reason Jesus would use being "Wise as a SERPENT", isn't it kind of odd? [Matthew 10:16]
2015-7-07 Prayer: (Editor's Note: Some how part of the question is missing on this audio, so I'm not exactly sure what he's asking about prayer.) The Lord's Prayer?
2015-7-07 Alien Shows on TV: We shouldn't trust shows on TV like the History Channel, that quote the Bible, because they often get it wrong.
2015-7-07 Gaza & Burning their children for Sacrifices: It says in the Bible that God didn't Israel conquer all the Canaanites, leaving Gaza alone, for example, & yet they did evil like burn their children for sacrifices?
2015-7-07 Land of the Giants: Bashan, Nephilim, are all these Giant people descendants of Adam? [Deuteronomy 3:13]
2015-7-07 Praying for the Sick: Jesus never prayed for the sick, but is it okay for US to pray for the sick? Should we command it out like Jesus & the Apostles did? Did Paul ever pray for the sick? [James 5:14-15]
2015-7-07 Replacement Theology: Did God divorce Israel? Should the caller stop using the phrase, "Replacement Theology"? [Jeremiah 3:8]
2015-7-07 Zechariah & Berechiah: "Son of Barachias" There seems to be some confusion about Zechariah & Berechiah here & can Steve help him out? [Matthew 23:35]
2015-7-07 Reprobate Minds: IF a person reaches the state of a Reprobate Mind, they just have a don't-care attitude, is that right? [Romans 1:28, Hebrews 6:4-6, 10:26-27]
2015-7-07 Covenants: Covenants CAN'T be broken. God didn't give Israel their land because of what they did but because of the fact that they were His name's sake, this caller thinks.
2015-7-06 Dispensationalism & the Budding of the Fig Tree: Why does Dispensationalism use the Fig Tree as the Budding of the Nation of Israel in 1948? [Matthew 24:32-35]
2015-7-06 Church Discipline: Is there a difference between what Jesus & Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 5, about expelling a person, as opposed to "have nothing to do with them"? [Matthew 18:17, 1 Corinthians 5:13, Romans 16:17, 2 Thessalonians 3:14, Titus 3:11]
2015-7-06 KJV-Only Advocate: The caller is a KJV-Only Advocate but thinks you also have to pick the right year. Most say the 1611 is, but he contends the 1769 is the BEST year & translation.
2015-7-06 Symbolism-A Day=1,000 Years: What do you think of the idea that 6 days represents 6,000 years and the millennium introducing rest?
2015-7-06 Genuine Christians vs Feigned Christianity: How can we determine who are genuine Christians or people who have a feigned Christianity? Especially churches believing correct Doctrine.
2015-7-06 Aliens & Angels: Are Aliens that we hear about possibly Angels? Or, are Angels Aliens?
2015-7-02 Church Membership: What's the argument that pastors come up w/ why church membership is biblical?
2015-7-02 "The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven": The book & movie turned out to be a fraud. Don't stories like this hurt the credibility of Christianity? We've never heard of Lazarus's experiences while he was dead & other people who were dead for awhile in the Bible.
2015-7-02 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: Both were guilty of adulterous affairs, & wants Steve's take.
2015-7-02 Alcohol & Drugs: Can a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohols, & even do petty theft to support their habit, can they still be considered Christians?
2015-7-02 Richard Dawkins: Can Steve explain some of what is wrong w/ Richard Dawkins reasoning?
2015-7-01 Same-Sex Marriage:: What's the difference between Muslim or Hindu unbiblical marriages and homosexual marriages?
2015-7-01 Apologetics: Would you recommend some entry-level resources on apologetics-where to get started, besides the Bible itself.
2015-7-01 Hell: Steve talks about Hell.
2015-7-01 Steve's Books: Caller announces how inexpensively is selling Steve's Books.
2015-7-01 Demon-Possession: How do people get Demon-Possessed in the first place?
2015-7-01 Judas & Hell: Because Jesus said Judas would've been better if he had never been born, doesn't that make a good case for Eternal Torment in Hell?
2015-7-01 God the Father (Trinity): Are the places where it talks about God, is it always referring to God the Father, or, is it sometimes one of the other 2, Jesus or the Holy Spirit or all 3?
2015-7-01 Same-sex Marriage & Baptism: Why are you tolerant of same-sex marriage being called a marriage when you are not tolerant of baptisms that are NOT done by Immersion?
2015-6-30 Women Keeping Slient: Is the reason there's even a controversy is because of bad punctuation? [1 Corinthians 14:34-35]
2015-6-30 Old Testament Changing: A friend of the caller thinks the Old Testament has been changed, & what does Steve think about that?
2015-6-30 Dietary Laws: A friend of the caller thinks we need to still follow the Dietary Laws in order to obey God since we love Him.
2015-6-30 Age of the Universe in Relation to Light: Did God create the Universe & the Earth in its full maturity?
2015-6-30 Same-Sex Marriage: Secular people saying Homosexuality is okay, but CHRISTIANS thinking it's okay, the caller has a problem w/ that!
2015-6-30 Reading the Bible Out Loud: Would Steve ever consider reading the entire Bible for audio?
2015-6-30 Speaking the Truth (in love): John the Elder, the loved Disciple of Christ, is not loving because of the negative things he said about the anti-Christ.
2015-6-29 Same-Sex Marriage: Can Steve please comment on the recent Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex Marriages? Do Christians need to be concerned about this?
2015-6-29 College Education: Caller think it's sad that people think you have to have a 4 year college background to be Missionaries.
2015-6-29 Being in the Faith: Determining if people are really in the faith or not but you aren't supposed judge someone's heart.
2015-6-29 Martin Luther & the 95 Thesis: Was he intended on just trying to Reform the Catholic Church or protest & eventually leave?
2015-6-29 College Education: Wanted to comment about College Education.
2015-6-29 Identifying the antichrist: How will we ever know who the antichrist is because it seems everyone has been wrong up to this point?
2015-6-29 Losing Their Salvation: Parents getting divorced, or God not healing people, can make people lose their salvation.
2015-6-29 By Faith & Through Faith: "By Faith & Through Faith", are those synonymous? [Romans 3:30]