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2016-3-03 Calvinism: I have some friends that believe in Unconditional Election yet also believe in Free will. What do you think? Isn't that sort've a contradiction.
2016-3-03 Outside Sources of the Bible & Jesus: Is there anything outside the Bible that proves the existence of the Bible & Jesus?
2016-3-02 Don't be afraid to Call: Steve makes the announcement about not being afraid to call the show to ask your question.
2016-3-02 Forgiving ISIS: What about unconditionally forgiving ISIS?
2016-3-02 Forgiving Others & Unconditional Love: Unconditional love, forcible resistance,
2016-3-02 Passover Date Conflicts: It says in the synoptic gospels that Jesus & His disciples celebrated Passover the night before His Crucifixion, but the gospel of John points out that it wasn't until the actual trial day. How come? [John 18:28]
2016-3-02 Spirit will Return to God: What does the word, "spirit" mean in Ecclesiastes? [Ecclesiastes 12:7]
2016-3-02 "Gather Together": In 2 Thessalonians 2, what does, "gathering together of believers" mean? (synagogue) [2 Thessalonians 2:1]
2016-3-02 Life More Abundant: According to a verse in John, what does it mean to have life & have it more abundantly? [John 10:10]
2016-3-02 Joy Dawson & Inner Healing: What do you think of Joy Dawson & Inner healing?
2016-3-02 Steve Gregg's Handling of Difficult Calls: How is Steve Gregg doing & how does he deal with all these hard questions while remaining with a firm footing?
2016-3-02 Taking Parts of the Bible Literally: How do we know what to take literal, especially numbers in Revelation?
2016-3-01 Anointing Houses: How we are supposed to anoint/bless objects such as houses?
2016-3-01 Demons Attaching to Inanimate Objects: Does the Bible say anything about demons that are attached to objects?
2016-3-01 God Making Himself Known: Why doesn’t God reveal Himself in a way that can’t be refuted?
2016-3-01 YHWH-Yahweh-Jehovah: The tetragrammaton YHWH has been made into Yahweh & Jehovah, I have a real problem with the made up word "Jehovah" for God, & we aren't supposed to take His name in vain.
2016-3-01 David & Goliath: Someone says there's contradiction about who really killed Goliath. [1 Chronicles 20:5, 2 Samuel 21:19]
2016-3-01 Israelites in Egypt: Is there evidence of Israel actually being slaves in Egypt?
2016-3-01 Health & Wealth Doctrine: What about this phenomenon of being called out from the congregation & being prophesied over that you are going to be healthy & wealthy. [1 Corinthians 14]
2016-3-01 Spiritual Knowledge but "Given Over:: What about a person who seems like a Christian because of their spiritual knowledge but seems to be anything but a Christian?
2016-3-01 Reprobates Unqualified: Are reprobates rejected from being saved? What is a reprobates? What about homosexuals?
2016-2-29 Christians Sinning: Why do believers choose to sin after they are saved?
2016-2-29 Free Will & No Sin in Eternity: How will we have no sin on the other side of glory, but yet still have free will?
2016-2-29 Forgiving People: So if we forgive others & their sins, even Hitler, God will forgive them? [John 20:23]
2016-2-29 Psychology: Why do so many Christians even have trouble with calling sin sin & call it mental health issues?
2016-2-29 Dealing with JW's friends: What is the best way to deal with friends who are Jehovah's Witnesses?
2016-2-29 Jewish Sacrificial System: How often did the Jewish people have to animal sacrifices?
2016-2-29 Forgiving People who don't Repent: In order to receive forgiveness we have to repent, but what about people who don't repent, but I still have to forgive them, doesn’t that make me more merciful than God?
2016-2-26 Psychiatric Medication: Psychiatric medications for Mental Illness, but some of these mental illnesses can be physical so require medication.
2016-2-26 Binding & Loosing: What was the Binding & Loosing that Jesus was talking about? [Matthew 16:19]
2016-2-26 Tell No Man I'm Christ: Why didn't He want people to know He was Christ? [Matthew 16:20, Matthew 26:41]
2016-2-26 Alcohol & Street Drugs not a Moral Issue: A lot of social workers try to say that alcohol & street drugs are not a moral issue but a disease issue, what do you think?
2016-2-26 People Chastised for Good Works: Why are the people who say, "Lord, Lord" being chastised for doing good works? [Luke 6:46, Matthew 7:21-22]
2016-2-26 Perfection: What does Jesus mean to be "perfect"? [Matthew 5:38]
2016-2-26 Speaking in Tongues: Was wondering what you could tell me about Speaking in Tongues? It didn't really jive with what Scripture is talking about it.
2016-2-26 Steve's Position on Hell: What is your position on hell?
2016-2-26 Man of Lawlessness the anti-Christ: Is this "Man of Lawlessness" the anti-Christ? [1 John, 2 John]
2016-2-26 Son of Perdition & Man of Lawlessness: Son of Perdition & Man of Lawlessness, are these the same or 2 different people? [2 Thessalonians 2, John 17:12]
2016-2-26 Spiritual Attacks or God's Testing: I'm trying to differentiate between having spiritual attacks from the devil or is God orchestrating testing?
2016-2-25 Conrad Mbewe: Have you ever heard of Conrad Mbewe out of Africa? I thought he was pretty good.
2016-2-25 The Narrow Path going off the Radio: Is there a danger of you going off a certain radio station?
2016-2-25 Concepts of Faith & Charles Capps: Are you familiar with the radio show, "Concepts of Faith" with Charles Capps?
2016-2-25 Old Man or Old Self: Why do some Bible translations change it from "old man & the new man" to "old self & new self"? [Colossians 3:10]
2016-2-25 Retreat Supports Abortion & Homosexuality: My church goes to a retreat that is pro-abortion & pro-gay, so should I participate?
2016-2-25 Church Membership for Church Discipline: A church requires church membership because of church discipline so they don't get sued for slander.
2016-2-25 More & More Evil: What about Jesus said it will become more & more evil & prosecution will happen. Gender-neutral Bathrooms.
2016-2-25 Preterism: What is preterism? What does it mean?
2016-2-25 Charismatic: In the book of Acts, when they had the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, there was something where they knew they had received it, & why & when has it changed?
2016-2-25 Women in Ministry: Caller enjoyed the previous day's show about Women in ministry.
2016-2-25 Sea Cow (Manity): what is a sea cow? (A Manity) [Exodus 35:21-23]