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2017-3-21 Thomas Jefferson Bible Rebuttal: I want to disagree w/ you about what you said yesterday about thomas jefferson & the jefferson Bible.
2017-3-21 Openness Theology: God's foreknowledge, predestination, God changing His mind, does prayer really change things?
2017-3-20 Faith & Works: Are we saved by faith or faith & works? Isn't faith a gift of God?
2017-3-20 Denominations & Lack of Faith: Who is accountable for the lack of faith & having all these different 44,000 denominations?
2017-3-20 The Name of Jehovah: Having a discussion w/ JWs & considering the name "Jehovah".
2017-3-20 Dispute over the Body of Moses: Why did the devil want the body of Moses? [Jude 1:9]
2017-3-20 Christ Dying for Everyone: Jesus dying for all, sins being pardoned, ramifications of what the Scriptures say & what Calvinists say [2 Corinthians 5:14-15, 1 Corinthians 15:22]
2017-3-20 The Thomas Jefferson Bible: What do you think about the Jefferson Bible? How could he take all the miracles of Jesus out of the Bible? How do you counter it?
2017-3-17 The Anointing: What does the bible say about anointing?
2017-3-17 Parable of the Talents: what does the money represent in the parable of the Talents
2017-3-17 Being Unequally Yoked: I'd like to know what the Bible says about being unequally yoked in marriage? [2 Corinthians 6:14-18]
2017-3-17 The Trinity How do we explain the Trinity to a Muslim or a Jew? [Deuteronomy 6:4]
2017-3-17 Praying for a man having surgery: P{raying for a man who is having brain surgery that day.
2017-3-17 Christ Marrying the Church: The church is married to Christ & when did He marry the church?
2017-3-17 baptism of the Holy Spirit: So are we baptized BY the Holy Spirit or INTO the Holy Spirit?
2017-3-16 Moses & Brother in Law: Brother in law wouldn't go w/ Moses, but I thought the cloud told them what to do? [numbers 10:29-31]
2017-3-16 The Demons who were in the Swine: When the legion of demons went out of the man into the swine of pigs & then came out of them, do you know where they went? [Matthew 8:28-34]
2017-3-16 Anti-Christ & Man of Sin: Anti-Christ, man of lawlessness, man of Sin, son of perdition, when is all of this going to take place? [2 Thessalonians 2]
2017-3-16 The Millennial Reign: I disagree w/ you on the view of the millennial reign not being in the scripture.
2017-3-16 Noah & his Family After the Flood: What did noah & his family eat after the flood since there was not much vegetation there yet?
2017-3-16 Paul Going to the 3rd Heaven: When Paul said he went to the 3rd heaven, what was he talking about? [2 Corinthians 12:1-4]
2017-3-16 Lot's Righteousness: How exactly was Lot righteous? [2 Peter 2:6]
2017-3-16 Thoughts & Intents of the Heart: The thoughts & intents of hearts, was wondering if you could tell me what this means in relation to our walk of doing good? [Hebrews 4:12, 1 Samuel 16:7, Proverbs 23:7]
2017-3-16 Cremation: Is there something wrong with getting cremated over buried?
2017-3-16 Tattoos: Are Tattoos okay?
2017-3-16 The Perfect Raptured & the 144,000: who will be raptured? Only those who are perfect? What about the 144,000? [1 Thessalonians 4, Revelation 7, Revelation 14]
2017-3-15 Healing for Us Today: Is the verse in Isaiah "He took on our infirmities" saying that our sicknesses will be healed? [Isaiah 53:4, Matthew 8:17].
2017-3-15 Praying directly to Jesus or the Father: Should we be praying to Jesus or the Father?
2017-3-15 "Love your Enemies": Who are the enemies that Jesus is talking about when He says to "love your enemies"? [Matthew 5:44]
2017-3-15 The Divorced: Are divorced people living in sin?
2017-3-15 Fallen Nature of Sin: We are all born sinners, are we not?
2017-3-15 Answer to Prayer: Appreciative of prayers, claiming it was answered to prayer?
2017-3-15 Praying to Jesus vs the Father: Is not praying to Jesus-actually praying to the Father?
2017-3-15 Sinlessness of Mary, Mother of Jesus: Was Mary, mother of Jesus exempt from original sin (immaculate conception)?
2017-3-15 "Rod of Iron": Is "break them with a rod of iron" referring to breaking our sin? [Psalm 2:9}
2017-3-15 Forgiveness from God: My former husband had a terrible accident & became a paraplegic, can he still be forgiven?
2017-3-15 Romans 9: Caller shares a difference of opinion than you about Romans 9. [Romans 9].
2017-3-15 Lost Sheep of Israel: Who were the "lost sheep of Israel"? [Matthew 15:24]
2017-3-15 The Movie, "The Shack": If you saw the movie "The Shack", what do you think about it?
2017-3-14 The Millennium: Eschatological discussion about the millennium [Ezekiel]
2017-3-14 Pray to the Father or Jesus: What is the proper way to pray, to the Father or to Jesus or to either or?
2017-3-14 Prayer Request: Caller asking for healing/health
2017-3-14 David & Bathsheba: Discussion about david's sin w/ bathsheba
2017-3-14 Seal of God: (followup from yesterday) Seal of the Holy Spirit, when does that happen? [Ephesians 1:13]
2017-3-14 Universalism: So since all of Israel will be saved, does that mean Universalism? I've been reading a book called, "The Inescaple love of God" by Tomas Talbott.
2017-3-13 Jesus' Reconciliation with God: Was Jesus reconciled w/ God at His death or at the resurrection? [Romans 4:23-25, Galatians 3:14-15]
2017-3-13 Thief on the Cross: Did Jesus & the thief on the cross go to heaven the very day they died?
2017-3-13 2 Steps to Heal: Why did Jesus make it take 2 steps to heal the blind man?
2017-3-13 People in Power God Ordained: Doesn't it say any person who is in power, that they are God ordained? [Romans 13:1]
2017-3-13 Seal of God: When does the Seal of the Holy Spirit happen? [Ephesians 1:13]