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2016-6-23 The Trinity being one Person: Someone came to my door & said that the Trinity was made up of more than one person.
2016-6-23 Apocrypha: What can you tell me about the apocrypha?
2016-6-23 The Septuagint: Do you have a favourite septuagint translation?
2016-6-23 New Church Home Concerns: we thought we found a good home Christian church until they had a weird contest, fundraising event.
2016-6-23 Oneness Pentecostals what are your thoughts on oneness pentecostals? [Acts 2:1-4]
2016-6-23 Septuagint: Calller wants to know where he can find an interlinear Septuagint?
2016-6-23 The Rapture: Differing views about the Rapture? (first caller from nebraska)
2016-6-22 Appreciates the Narrow Path: Thank you for your program & the callers with their questions because it has been a blessing to me, really being editfied.
2016-6-22 Christians Losing Their Zeal: Sometimes Christians think that Christians are so heavenly they are no earthly good! Also, why do Christians lose their first zeal?
2016-6-22 The Kingdom of God: The kingdom of heaven in this particular Scripture in Matthew the literal place we go after we die? And Steve explains they sometimes the phrase, "Kingdom of Heaven" is used.
2016-6-22 Yodeling in Church: What do you think about yodeling happening in the church? Is it supposed to be a form of speaking in tongues?
2016-6-22 The Dead Sea Scrolls: What was all the hype about the Dead Sea Scrolls?
2016-6-22 Tattoos: What about getting tattoos? [Leviticus 19:28]
2016-6-22 Things that are Viable in the Christian Life: How are we supposed to know what is "viable" anymore in the Bible, what we obey or not?
2016-6-21 Common Law Marriage: Couples who are living together who haven't taken vows, is that a legitimate marriage?
2016-6-21 Reaping what We Sew: What does "sewing what we reap" exactly mean? [Galatians 6:7-10]
2016-6-21 Hanging on a Tree: Criminals had to hang on a tree, so what is the significance of it since Jesus had to hang on a tree, being cursed? [Galatians 3:13]
2016-6-21 God Never Created: God was not created but the Creator, but how can that be?
2016-6-21 Adam Idolizing Eve: Eve said that the serpent beguiled her, & Adam said that Eve gave him & he ate, so adam did it because he idolized his wife? Watchman Nee is the one who pointed this out.
2016-6-21 Dating of the Book of Revelation: So you don't think the book of Revelation was written during Domitian's reign (95 AD)?
2016-6-21 Same or Different Temple: Is this the same temple in Revelation that is being built in Ezekiel? [Revelation 11, Ezekiel 40]
2016-6-20 Holy Spirit Coming to the Disciples Twice: The Holy Spirit came to Jesus' disciples differently, once in John when Jesus breathed on them & then in Acts they were baptized with the Holy Spirit? [John 20:22, Acts 1:5-8]
2016-6-20 God is Fire-Baptized with Fire: God is fire because of holiness, is it a good thing to be baptised with fire? [Lamentations 3:23, Matthew 3:10-12]
2016-6-20 Being Alone with God: How do you get completely alone with God & talk to Him?
2016-6-20 THe Impeccability of Jesus: Someone told me that Jesus couldn't sin because of His impeccability, but if He couldn't sin, how could the temptation have been genuine? [Hebrew 4:15, Matthew 4:1-11]
2016-6-20 Traditional View of Hell: If the Traditional View of Hell is plausible then how Jesus isn't being tortured in hell for eternity since He was paying for our sins?
2016-6-20 Problems with Audio FIles: When listening to some of your lectures, they seem to speed up & slow down. Do you know why that is?
2016-6-20 Unknown Authors of Books of the Bible: If they didn't know the author of a book of the Bible, did that impede if the book was inspired or not & added to the canon of Scripture?
2016-6-20 Holy Spirit occuping a Defiled Temple: If the Holy Spirit of God is in us, how is it that He can live in sinful man?
2016-6-20 Falling Away: What can you can tell me about that? [Hebrews 10:26, Hebrews 6:4-6] (steve gregg doesn't have time to answer)
2016-6-17 Jesus God or Son of God: Is Jesus God & is He the Son of God?
2016-6-17 Systematic Theology: What do you think about going through a systematic theology?
2016-6-17 Irregular Colored Animals: Jacob taking the irregular colored animals, stiped, spots or speckles, is this some type of superstition prenatal influence? [Genesis 30:7]
2016-6-17 Replacement Theology-Kingdom being Restored: This can't be the church because it has never fallen down [Acts 3:21 sic (Acts 1:6 actually), Acts 15:16, Amos 9]
2016-6-17 144,000: What is the role of the 144,000 & the chosen elect?
2016-6-17 Resurrection Physical or Spiritual: Is the future resurrection going to be physical or spiritual?
2016-6-15 Anathema Maranatha: Being accursed, Anathema Maranath, does that apply to Christians who fall out of love like the churches of Revelation? [1 Corinthians 16:22]
2016-6-15 Homosexuals: It says in Romans that homosexuals/sodomites are worthy of death, so should they be lined up & shot like a pastor said once?
2016-6-15 Health Care Insurance: Don't we have to obey the laws of the land, specifically health care insurance?
2016-6-15 Born to Win Ministries: Have you ever heard of Ronald L. Dart & "Born to Win" ministries?
2016-6-15 Water & Blood in 1 John: Caller tries to give an analogy of child birth, water breaks, & a lot of blood, so maybe it's just talking about physical birth? [1 john 5:6]
2016-6-15 Israelites Returnnig even though having Unbelief: Israelites coming back to the land even though in unbelief? [Ezekiel 36:22-32]
2016-6-15 Propitiation: What does the word, "propitiation" mean?
2016-6-15 The Septuagint: Is the Septuagint available to us?
2016-6-15 Number of People God Killed in the Bible: There's an atheist website about how many people God killed in the Bible. Can you shed some light on this propaganda?
2016-6-15 Romans 9: Can you explain this passage of scripture in Romans 9? [Romans 9:15-18]
2016-6-15 James not worried about Circumcision, but other things: Why does James say not to worry about circumcision, but then was worried about other things? [Acts 15:20, 1 Corinthians 10:7]
2016-6-14 Open Theism: Can you please talk about Open Theologyope (Theism)?
2016-6-14 Spiritual Warfare & Armour: Can you please talk about spiritual warfare & spiritual armour? [Ephesians 6]
2016-6-14 Nation of Israel & the Christian Church: How do you interpret Israel in this text? Dispensationalists say there is a distinction between the church & Israel, so can it be interpreted that way? [Romans 11:26]