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2017-11-08 God's Eternal Mercy: Caller is fearful that he may be hell-bound, even though he knows God had infinite mercy.
2017-11-08 Fountains of the Deep: Wasn't the Earth a lot different than before the Flood than after, wasn't it?
2017-11-08 The Firmament: Is there any chance that the firmament was the earth itself? [Genesis 1:6]
2017-11-07 Abraham going for the Promise Land: Did Abraham leave for the promise land like it seems to say in Genesis 12? [Genesis 11, Genesis 12, Acts 7:2-5]
2017-11-07 Promises made to Abraham: Were the promises made to Abraham conditional or unconditional? [Jeremiah 18:7-10]
2017-11-07 Ten Talents Parable: What does the parable of the talents mean? [Matthew 25:14-30]
2017-11-07 Uses of the word "dog" in the Bible: The use of the term "dogs" in the Bible, are there 4 different meanings?
2017-11-07 Negative Emotions in Heaven: When we get to heaven how are we not going to be jealous or have major regrets of people getting rewards we could've gotten?
2017-11-07 70 Weeks: Is there no gap in the 70 weeks but a continuous timeline?
2017-11-07 Churches that aren't Dispensational or Calvinistic: Are there any churches that aren't dispensational or Calvinist?
2017-11-07 Dispensationalism: Why the strength in dispensationalism?
2017-11-06 Pivoting from Once Saved, Always Saved to not: I think I've changed my view about "once saved, always saved" as a result of your teaching.
2017-11-06 Witnessing to JW's Jehovah's Witnesses occasionally use "theocratic tact" to witness & a whole bunch of other wrong tactics.
2017-11-06 Not Celebrating the Holidays: I don't think we should celebrate Holidays because of pagan roots & it comprises the faith, so I don't celebrate them.
2017-11-06 The Christmas Tree: Jeremiah seems to be talking about the Christmas tree & idol worship, don't you think? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
2017-11-06 Till the Son of Man be come: When will Jesus come again, when is this talking about His coming? [Matthew 10:23]
2017-11-06 Spiritualizing Spiritualizing time of light & darkness [Zechariah 14]
2017-11-06 The Second Coming: Caller is trying to distinguish between the "second Coming" and a "final coming" because aren't they different?
2017-11-06 Jehovah's Witnesses: What are the biggest difference between JW's & the Christian?
2017-11-06 Jesus Physical Coming when He stand on Mt. of Olives: "His feet standing on the mount of Olives", dispensationalist challenges Steve as why Zechariah is talking about Jesus' physical return. [Zechariah 14:4-5]
2017-11-02 Hebrew Roots Movement & Yeshua: Hebrew Roots Movement, the name "Jesus" in English not correct, "Yeshua" should be used.
2017-11-02 Solar Calamity: On November 4-6, 2017, somebody is predicting about an upcoming solar calamity. What do you think? [Hosea 4:6] (and just for fun, I'll put the website that this caller relies on,
2017-11-02 Homeschooling: The merits of homeschooling.
2017-11-02 Oneness Pentecostalism & the Trinity: Why are Oneness Pentecostals so against the Trinity?
2017-11-02 Critiquing Steve's Criticism: Caller comments on Steve's inappropriate criticism of someone.
2017-11-02 Hell & Heaven Physical Places: Where is hell, where is God, where is Heaven, just where are they physically?
2017-11-02 Adam & Eve the Parents of the Human Race: Were Adam & Eve really the first humans according to Genesis?
2017-11-01 God in the Pillar of the Cloud: Wasn't God already in the pillar of cloud, the tabernacle, etc?
2017-11-01 God Leading People into Temptation: Did God cause Jesus to be tempted? James says that God does tempt us, but then in the Lord's Prayer it we are supposed to say, "lead us NOT into temptation", praying to God saying that. How do you reconcile these verses? [James 1:13, Matthew 6:13]
2017-11-01 Grounds for Divorce & Remarriage Discussion: God's view of marriage & faithfulness, but you can get a divorce if there's any impurity, like if your spouse is or becomes an alcoholic.
2017-11-01 Institutional Church & the Early Churches: Modern institutional churches is in complete contrast to the apostolic or early church of the 1st century. [Hebrews 10:25]
2017-11-01 The Pre-Incarnate Jesus: What form was Jesus in before He became flesh?
2017-11-01 Daniel & Nebuchadnezzar: Nebuchadnezzar's account that is told in Daniel, how could Daniel record it? Did Nebuchadnezzar write it himself? Was he ultimately saved?
2017-11-01 Celebrating Christmas: Should Christians be celebrating Christmas? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
2017-11-01 Missing Books of the Bible: Are there books not in the Bible that should be?
2017-11-01 Moral law over Ceremonial Law: I'm confused about God summarizing loving God with your whole heart mind & soul, & love your neighbor as yourself & the moral law seems to be divided to those 2 commandments. We still need to keep the moral law, don't we? (Very convoluted question.)
2017-11-01 Pastor Appreciates the Narrow Path Show: Caller is a pastor & he & his associates really appreciate Steve Gregg's program, The Narrow Path.
2017-10-31 Messing Up Life: I lost my first love, faith, went back into a life of sin & wondering what to do & how to deal w/ the ramifications of marriage & divorce & committing adultery.
2017-10-31 The Prince in Daniel: Who is the Prince/prince in both verses of Daniel? [Daniel 9:25-26]
2017-10-31 Raptura & Rapture: raptura that appears in the vulgate catholic bible, is that the same as rapture? When is the Rapture going to take place, pre-trib, mid-trib or post trib?
2017-10-31 Charismatic Movement & Pentecostal Movement: Can you describe the "Charismatic Movement" & how it compares to the Pentecostal Movement?
2017-10-31 Prophets & Teachers of the Bible: Regarding Prophets & Teachers of the Bible, what makes him a prophet or what disqualifies him?
2017-10-31 Burning for Eternity: Someone is holding up on becoming a Christian because he doesn't believe that non-Christians are going to burn for eternity.
2017-10-31 Fundamentalism: What is Fundamentalism? Is it a form of Evangelicalism?
2017-10-31 Literalism: I guess i'm just asking about Fundamentalism because some say we need to take all the Bible literally.
2017-10-30 Dietrich Bonhoeffer & Adolf Hitler: What do you think about Dietrich Bonhoeffer's involvement in Hitler's assassination attempt?
2017-10-30 Lucifer Not being Satan: Satan was in charge of angels, was a musician in heaven before his fall, how are we supposed to counter that? [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Revelation 12, 2 Corinthians 11:14]
2017-10-30 Satan Oppression or Just Bad Luck: How do we know when it's Satan attacking us or it's just bad luck, & is it important to know the difference between the 2?
2017-10-30 The 3 Views of Hell: How would you try to explain that there are 3 viable views of what hell is & not just the one traditional torment view?gheg
2017-10-30 Marriage & Divorce & Remarriage: Can you talk about marriage & divorce, marriage rights, etc. that has been being discussed on the Narrow Path Forum? Have you been following it?