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2018-1-22 Sex Offenders: Can sex offenders be saved?
2018-1-22 Numerology in the Bible: Is there any validity to biblical numerology? Is 13 really a bad number? what do you know about 888?
2018-1-22 Calvinism: I've left my view of Calvinism, but my pastor still wants me to teach Sunday School Class. Is that a good idea?
2018-1-19 Martin Luther: Was Martin Luther King saved? Was he led by God?
2018-1-19 Movies about Jesus: What did you think about some movies about Jesus, such as, Last Temptation of Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar or The Passion of the Christ?
2018-1-19 The Persecuted Church: Are Christians still persecuted around the world as much as they were in the 1st century?
2018-1-19 Hell: (Agnostic Caller) What is the purpose of hell?
2018-1-19 Jesus of Nazareth Movie: What did you think of the Jesus of Nazareth movie?
2018-1-19 Rider on the White Horse: Who is Rider on the White Horse in Revelation? [Revelation 6:1]
2018-1-19 Education for Children: How do I get proper education for my children?
2018-1-19 Apostolic Power Why aren't there signs of power or spiritual gifts the same today?[Mark 16:17]
2018-1-19 Not by Might nor by Power: "'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty" & the Candlesticks & Olive Trees, what's all this referring to? [Zechariah 4:6]
2018-1-18 Double Fulfillments of Prophecy: Can you talk about the concept of Double-fulfillment of Prophecy?
2018-1-18 Apocrypha-Maccabees: Shouldn't the Apocrypha books, especially the Books of Maccabees, not have been taken out of the Bible? Shouldn't we get grass-roots movement saying they should be put back in there?
2018-1-18 Alpha and Omega: Jesus says He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning & the end, but God doesn't have a beginning or an ending, so how can this be?
2018-1-18 Mathias: Who were the apostles? Did Mathias count? Who will be sitting on the thrones?
2018-1-18 Seven Spirits of God: Who are the Seven Spirits of God? [Rev 4, Isaiah 11:2]
2018-1-18 Anxiety: Is anxiety a sin?
2018-1-18 Sin on the New Earth: Will people be able to sin on the new earth?
2018-1-18 Being Holy: What does Holy mean? Can we be holy in this life? What do we have to do to become holy? Does the Holy Spirit make us holy?
2018-1-17 Mark of the Beast: [Very convoluted talk by the caller about the Mark the Beast. I've now listened to it twice, & STILL don't know what to write down except to say it's something about the Mark of the Beast.]
2018-1-17 Anti-Christ & the Temple of God: Isn't the Man of Sin, the Man of Lawlessness, isn't that a future prophecy still yet to be fulfilled? [2 Thessalonians 2]
2018-1-17 The Veil of the Temple Rent in Twain": Was the Abomination of Desolation when the Veil in the Temple was ripped in two at the Crucifixion, & didn't the Animal Sacrifices actually STOP after that instead of continue for 40 years? [Matthew 27:51]
2018-1-17 Dead coming out their Graves: Everyone comes out of their graves when Jesus returns? What about the people that are already in Heaven? They are just going to receive their rewards & then go back to Heaven?
2018-1-17 Khazar Jews: Who are they jewish people? Is God concerned about one's Jewish heritage? People are saying the Jews are just nothing but Khazars from Russia, that the Jews that are in Israel is not the real Jewish Bloodline. Can you help me out? [Galatians 3:26-29]
2018-1-17 Hell-Knowledge of the Views: I'm concerned about studying about hell that much because if I discover that the traditional view is wrong, I might have a hard time debating people challenge me that Eternal Torment is the correct view.
2018-1-17 The Rapture: Caller offers an alternative view of what he heard about the Rapture & the man of sin.
2018-1-16 Meat Sacrificed to Idols: I would like you to expound on these 2 particular verses in 1 Corinthians 8 regarding making your brother weak involving meat sacrificed to idols. [1 Corinthians 8:11-12]
2018-1-16 Priest-Oriented Religions: There was a term once you used regarding religions that were priest-oriented. What was that term? Sacerdotal. When did they start using priest in a religion? What are some reasons you'd be against them?
2018-1-16 America in the Bible: Is America in the Bible? Are we going to be the one remaining Sovereign Nation, won't have to worry about taking the Mark of the Beast?
2018-1-16 Catholic Church: You just got done talking about "sacerdotal". So are you saying the Catholic is sacerdotal?
2018-1-16 Prophecy & Head Coverings: Can you talk about Head Coverings & prophecy that Paul was talking about in 1 Corinthians 11, especially involving women. [1 Corinthians 11:3-16]
2018-1-16 Pre-Tribulation Rapture My son is a strong pre-tribulation Rapture guy, but I align myself more w/ your beliefs, but could you give me some Scripture to give him to show that Dispensationalism is wrong? [Revelation 4, John 6:39-40, 44, 54, 12:48, Matthew 25:31, I Thessalonians 4]
2018-1-16 Divorce: Considering marriage to a woman who divorced her husband without Biblical support.
2018-1-16 Narrow Path website a ".com" instead of ".org": When you have your website with a ".com" instead of an ".org", it makes it harder for people to want to donate because they think it's for-profit ministry instead of a not-for-profit ministry.
2018-1-15 Immigration: What does the Bible say about how to treat foreigners or illegal immigrants?
2018-1-15 Jewish nation: What was the purpose for the Jewish nation in the Old Testament in the first place? Why did God form it?
2018-1-15 Kingdom of God Lectures: I'm really enjoying all your lectures, especially about the Kingdom of God.
2018-1-15 "Ye are gods": I was talking to some Mormon friends the other day, & they were pointing to me a verse in Psalms that talked about gods plural. What is being said there? [Psalms 82:6]
2018-1-15 The Wedding Feast of Cana: Mormons have told me that Jesus married 3 people at the wedding where He made water into wine, marrying Mary Magdalene, Martha & the other Mary.
2018-1-15 Best Bible Version: What is the best bible version?
2018-1-15 The Chapter of Malachi 4: Is Malachi 4 referring to the past, present or future? [Malachi 4]
2018-1-15 The New Earth, New Jerusalem: How come the people who are outside the gate are not in the Lake of Fire? [Revelation 22:15]
2018-1-15 Plymouth Brethren: Do you know anything about the "Plymouth Brethren"?
2018-1-15 Young's Literal Translation: I like the Young's Literal Translation.
2018-1-15 Suicide: Is suicide a sin?
2018-1-12 Art & Science of Biblical Interpretation: How do you know what is metaphorical and what is historical?
2018-1-12 Defining Good & Evil: How do we define Good & Evil? Man was originally a being created with a likeness to God, isn't that right?
2018-1-12 Joel Osteen: What do you think of Joel Osteen & his church becoming the biggest church in North America?
2018-1-12 Paul & Jesus' Gospel Different: I've been told that Paul differed in his faith from Christ, that he really attempted to sabotage the movement. Is that true?