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2019-2-27 Baptism: Is being baptized only in the name of Jesus the same thing as being baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost?
2019-2-27 Alcohol: Is drinking alcohol sinning? Being drunk?
2019-2-27 John Bevere: Have you (Steve) ever heard of John Bevere?
2019-2-27 America & Christianity Why do you think Christianity is so weak today in America?
2019-2-27 Trinity: I'm struggling with the idea of the Trinity, & the Holy Spirit, if the Holy Spirit is an entity to Itself or not. What verses would tell me that the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity?
2019-2-26 Marriage & Divorce: What to do about counseling a Christian couple who are about to get a divorce?
2019-2-26 "Declare His Generation": Can you explain this verse, "declare His Generation"? [Acts 8:33]
2019-2-26 Daughter's lack of zeal for the Lord: I;m concerned that my daughter doesn't seem to have a desire for God & wondering if you could give me advice
2019-2-26 Dead Saints: Is death a sleep? [1 Thessalonians 4:13-14]
2019-2-26 Unity in Christ: Maturity, unity in Christ; what is the unity of the faith? [Ephesians 4:13]
2019-2-26 Enmity between thy seed & her Seed: What does this verse mean enmity between thy seed & her seed? [Genesis 3:15]
2019-2-26 Predestination: When the Lord said He predestined a person, does this mean He's already determined that they would be saved?
2019-2-25 Rape & losing Faith: What should a person say to a someone who says she is a Christian who was sexually assaulted, but is now losing her faith?
2019-2-25 Church influencing your Children: What should the church involvement regarding how you raise your family?
2019-2-25 Church Discipline: A preacher is upset that someone won't support his child because she partnered w/ the catholic church on a missions trip & so the person not supporting her cites a passage of Scripture on why he can't support her. [2 John 1:9-11]
2019-2-25 God Divorcing Israel: Can you expound on the divorce of Israel that Jesus talked about? Did that take place? Is that the New Covenant [Isaiah 54:5, Jeremiah 3:14, 31:32]
2019-2-25 Church Membership: A pastor presented a lecture on why church membership is biblical. Is this true?
2019-2-25 Jews & the 70 Weeks in Daniel: The Jewish view regarding the 70 weeks in Daniel 9 is that it is not talking about Jesus. What is the 70 weeks talking about?
2019-2-22 Shipwrecking your Faith: What does it mean to shipwreck your faith? [1 Timothy 1:19-20]
2019-2-22 Races: Where did all the races of humanity come from?
2019-2-22 The Books of Revelation & Ezekiel: Why couldn't all the battles & wars in Ezekiel 38 & 39 be taken symbolically in the future since Revelation is so symbolic?
2019-2-22 Amillennialism: When Jesus said that some standing there in that generation would not taste death until all these things happened be a pro-Amillennialism statement? [Matthew 24:34]
2019-2-22 Jesus & taking Vinegar on the Cross: Is vinegar considered wine?
2019-2-22 Amillennialism Notes from Lectures: Can I get notes that you used for your lectures?
2019-2-22 Little Horn in Daniel: Little horn in Daniel 7, is he the anti-Christ? The Papacy?
2019-2-22 Turning the Other Cheek: What does "turn the other cheek" mean, & how are these verses to be taken regarding being struck on the cheek? [Matthew 5:39, Acts 23:3, John 18:23]
2019-2-22 Holy Roman Empire & other Church History: Are these other events are going to be future in Ezekiel? What about the White Horse in Revelation? [Ezekiel, Revelation 6:1] (junk call)
2019-2-22 Jerusalem being the Epicenter: Why is Jerusalem so important? [Daniel 9:15]
2019-2-22 Neanderthals: If Adam was the first human, who were the Neanderthals?
2019-2-21 Early Manuscripts: Did any of the church fathers have all the existing old Manuscripts? How much earlier were all the manuscripts I just mentioned written prior to the Textus Receptus? Is there any evidence that the people who wrote the manuscripts before the Textus Receptus denied the Deity of Christ? What do you think some of reasons Westcott-Hort the Greek Bible?
2019-2-21 Imputed Righteousness: What are steve's thoughts on imputed righteousness & double imputation? What about future sins?
2019-2-21 Jesus referring to Himself as Christ: Why didn't He call Himself Christ more often than Son of man?
2019-2-21 Son of Man: Why does Jesus refer to Himself as the "Son of man"?
2019-2-21 Jehoiakim: Why is "he" capitalized in some versions & not in others? Can you explain this discrepancy in the age of king Jehoiakim? [Ezekiel 21:25-27, 2 Chronicles 36:9 & 2 Kings 24]
2019-2-21 God Speaking to us: Does God speak to us through other people?
2019-2-21 Reincarnation: What does the Bible say about reincarnation?
2019-2-21 Early Manuscripts: Early manuscripts of the Bible comment.
2019-2-21 Eusebius: Why don't you quote Eusebius who believes the same as you, as far as eschatology? 21, 6, 2,
2019-2-20 Word of Faith movement: How much power do we have in praying for the salvation of someone?
2019-2-20 Follow up to Discussion about Ouija Boards & Demon-Possession: Ouija boards & demon possession.
2019-2-20 Spiritual World: Is the spiritual world just as real as the physical world?
2019-2-20 The Firmament: What is the firmament in Genesis? [Genesis 1]
2019-2-20 Differing Views of Hell: Can you tell me your views about Hell? What happens to the wicked? Are they annihilated?
2019-2-20 Views of hell: What is your personal conviction hell?
2019-2-20 Near Death Experiences: Why do some people who die sometimes linger and then come back to life (near death experiences)?
2019-2-20 Tithing: What are your views about Tithing, Old Testament & New Testament?
2019-2-20 Women pastors: What do you think about Women Pastors?
2019-2-20 Jesus' Childhood: Why is there no documentation about Jesus from 12 yrs old to 30 years old?
2019-2-19 The Sabbath: The Sabbath becoming Sunday, how come the people in the New Testament didn't call Sunday the Sabbath with a better term?
2019-2-19 Coming in the Clouds: Coming on the clouds as being relative to coming in judgment, rather than the second coming [Matthew 13:24]