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2018-8-03 Inner Healing: Would you have any problem working with people who did "inner healing"?
2018-8-03 Magi: Can you tell me about the biblical Magi?
2018-8-03 Marriage License: Why do I need a piece of paper to get married?
2018-8-02 Unitarianism & the Trinity: A very convoluted discussion about why the caller think Unitarianism is more plausible than the Trinity. [Hebrews 1-2]
2018-8-02 Book of Job: Is the book of Job pseudepigraphal? Is it a real story of a real event?
2018-8-02 Nation of Israel: Is the nation of Israel legitimately a fulfilled prophecy? Was it founded by the will of God?
2018-8-02 144,000: What can you tell me about the 144,000? Are they all jewish? is it literal? Is it in the future?
2018-8-02 Israel's Conversion: Galatians 3:38 Romans 9:6 Galatians 3:
2018-8-02 After the Rapture: After the rapture will there just be moral people? Or will there be immoral ones too?
2018-8-02 2 Judgements: Are there two judgments, one when you die and one when He comes back, a Great White Throne Judgment?
2018-8-02 Two Witnesses in Revelation 11: Who are the 2 witness of Revelation 11? [Revelation 11:3-12]
2018-8-01 Hyper-Grace & Repenting: Hyper-grace people are going to have a rude awakening if we don't take account of our sins as we go along, repenting for them. What do you think?
2018-8-01 Christian Living, Spirituality: What is your opinion about living in the city as opposed to out in the country as far as being able to live a Christian life?
2018-8-01 Death but Rapture: What happens upon death? How does 1 Thessalonians 4:13 work with meeting Him in the air? If we die, do we come back down with Him from Heaven?
2018-8-01 Heaven for Eternity: Are we going to be in Heaven for eternity?
2018-8-01 Seventh Day Adventist & Soul Sleep: Seventh Day Adventists say that we are going to be asleep until the resurrection or the 2nd coming of Christ. going to be in heaven forever?
2018-8-01 Deathbed Conversion: Can an Adolph Hitler type person really be saved in a deathbed conversion if they really repented?
2018-8-01 Transforming your Mind: We need to completely transform our mind from sin and think about God. [Matthew 7:13-14]
2018-8-01 The Dimension of Time: How did time begin & what is experienced in time once someone dies?
2018-8-01 The 2 Witnesses: Who are the 2 witnesses in Revelation 11? [Revelation 11:3-12]
2018-8-01 Gimmicky Churches: I'm trying to find an good alternative church because the churches for today seem to be too gimmicky.
2018-8-01 Unicorns in the Bible: What does the word "unicorn" mean in the Bible?
2018-8-01 Christian Literature on all your information: What was the website you were talking about? Are there any resources, printed material, on all your info? [
2018-7-31 Death: What happens after we die? What happens to our bodies? Our Souls or Spirits?
2018-7-31 Amillennialism: How does amillennialism affect your hope?
2018-7-31 "I Never Knew You": Doesn't what Jesus tells the miracle workers at the Judgment that He NEVER knew them prove that you can't really lose your salvation since He didn't say I knew you at one time, but now I don't? He said He NEVER knew them! [Matthew 7:23]
2018-7-31 Musical Instruments in the Church: Caller believes we are not allowed to use instruments,
2018-7-31 Spouse Saved by Default: Is paul saying that the unbelieving spouse is saved by default? [1 Corinthians 7:12-16]
2018-7-31 Michael Murdock & the Seed: What is Michael Murdock & seed money ministries saying by growing the seed? My mom thinks I should send him some moneys.
2018-7-31 Born Again....& Again: You can't be born again & again & again & again, so you shouldn't really be able to lose your Salvation.
2018-7-31 Acapella Music: Caller thinks it's Church History that the church didn't use musical instruments for the first few centuries, but it was just for singing & making melody in their hearts.
2018-7-31 Losing your Faith: Just repent, start obeying Jesus again, if you find yourself start falling away.
2018-7-31 Father, Forgive Them: "Father, Forgive them, for they know not what they do", does this apply to people today?
2018-7-30 Being Drawn by God: It says you have to be drawn by God? How do I know I'm being drawn?
2018-7-30 Mosaic Law & the Levitical Priesthood: The Levitical Priesthood enforced the Mosaic law, right? Who enforced the Death penalty?
2018-7-30 Calvinism & Free Will: How can Calvinists say that God can't give people Free Will because can't God do anything He wants? Isn't He a Sovereign God?
2018-7-30 Tithing: The story of paying tithe to Melchizedek happened way before the Mosiac Laws, so it's still binding in the New Covenant. [Genesis 14]
2018-7-30 Evolution: What can you say about Evolution & Science relative to Christian traditions and beliefs? Did God use Evolution for creation?
2018-7-30 Satan Bound but Active: Do you actually believe satan is bound right now because he seems pretty active to me?
2018-7-30 Miracles in Jesus Name: If you can do miracles in Jesus name it seems you are pretty close to doing God's will, so wouldn't He be the One doing that?
2018-7-30 Tithing: Abraham tithed out of the spoils of war once, never his own wealth.
2018-7-27 Being Alive without the Law: Can you explain what Paul meant by being alive without the law, but sin revived, & he died? Revealing what sin?
2018-7-27 Different names of the Gospel: Are there just many different names of the Gospel, but the same Gospel?
2018-7-27 The Law's Necessity: Jesus came not to destroy the law and the prophets, but to fulfill, caller thinks we are under the law. What does Steve think? [Matthew 5:17-19]
2018-7-27 Going on the Narrow Path: The "narrow path", does that mean only a few people are going to be saved?
2018-7-27 Steve Gregg's Children: Do your children ever attend your meetings?
2018-7-27 Peter & the White Sheet: I always thought the vision of the White Sheet that Peter had demonstrated that we are no longer under any dietary laws, there is no clean or unclean animals anymore. But after re-examining Acts 10, i'm wondering if that's really true. [Acts 10]
2018-7-27 The Disciple that Jesus Loved: Is john really the disciple that Jesus loved, because how could John, a fisherman from Galilee, be able to get past the Gate of the palace of the High Priest, but Peter wasn't able to? [Acts 4]
2018-7-27 Another Calvinist Debate: Would you consider doing more debates with Calvinist, but limiting what comes out of Romans?
2018-7-27 Marriage and Divorce: Biblical constraints on marriage and divorce [Deuteronomy 24]