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2016-2-09 Abrahamic Covenant & the Land of Israel: Since there types & anti-types couldn't the land of Israel could still be fulfilled physically, even if it was already fulfilled spiritually under the Abrahamic Covenant?
2016-2-09 Blaspheming the Holy Spirit: How do I know if I've blasphemed the Holy Spirit or not?
2016-2-09 God's Forgiveness: Is there any sin that God won't forgive?
2016-2-09 A Physical Burning of the Earth: Regarding the New Heaven & Earth, literal physical burning? [2 Peter 3:10-13]
2016-2-09 All Israel Shall be Saved: A remnant of Israel will be saved discussion, & caller feels Steve needs to mention the premillennialist view more often. [Romans 11]
2016-2-09 Premillennialist view New Heaven & Earth: Caller comments on previous call about the earth burning on Jesus second arrival.
2016-2-09 Old Testament Prophecy to still be Fulfilled: Can you list the things that still need to be fulfilled in the Old Testament?
2016-2-09 Steve's Experience with Speaking in Tongues: The caller's wife wanted a brief testimony of Steve speaking in tongues & being filled with the Holy Spirit.
2016-2-05 Jesus' Glorified Body: Was Jesus' resurrected body the same as His other body?
2016-2-05 Order of Appearances of Jesus after His Resurrection: can you tell me the order of the events of the resurrection appearances of Jesus?
2016-2-05 Open Theism: Open Theism, free will, God's omniscience & caller tries to link john 19:11 with free will. [John 19:11]
2016-2-05 Calling Evil Good & Good Evil: Is there a verse that says they'll call evil good & good evil? [Isaiah 5:20]
2016-2-05 Memorizing Scripture: How do memorize Scripture or is most of your knowledge just as a result of you reading the Bible so many times?
2016-2-05 The White Horse: Who do you think the white horse actually is? Jesus? The roman armies when they first start the onslaught of Jerusalem? You don't seem hard enough on people who believe dispensationalism. [Revelation 6:1-8]
2016-2-05 Joining Freemasonry: Is joining the freemasonry a good idea or bad idea as a Christian?
2016-2-05 Steve Not Agreeing with Current Events as a Sign of the End: Caller can't understand how Steve can't see how the end time events are matching up with what the Bible says is going to happen & wants Steve to comment. (Newspaper Eschatology)
2016-2-04 Bethel of Church in Redding: What are your thoughts about the Bethel church in Redding?
2016-2-04 Commentary that Agrees with Steve's Views: What commentary would recommend that aligns w/ your views?
2016-2-04 Abuse of Children: Authorities in Norway think children are being radicalized to Christianity & taken to foster care where they really are abused.
2016-2-04 Tithing Controversy: What did the early church look like as far as tithing?
2016-2-04 Presbyterianism: Should I be a Presbyterian? What good or bad about it?
2016-2-04 Apocrypha Books: Why are the apocrypha books that are mentioned in the Bible not included in the Bible?
2016-2-04 Greg Boyd: Are you familiar with Greg Boyd on open theism? Have you his book about the Sovereignty of God & our free will, called, "Is God to Blame?"?
2016-2-04 Satan a Fallen Angel: I have a friend telling me that Satan was Lucifer & is a fallen angel, but I can't find it anywhere in the Bible. Can you tell me where I might find it? [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Revelation 12:3-4]
2016-2-03 "Son of God" & "Son of Man": Why does Jesus refer to Himself as "Son of God", "Son of Man" & what do those titles mean? (calls later in show)
2016-2-03 A Show Dedicated to Unbelievers: Whatever happened to one day per week for just non-Christians & atheists calling into your show?
2016-2-03 Doing things wrong ignorantly: Will God judge us if we are doing things ignorantly?
2016-2-03 God Testing Abraham with Isaac: Unbelievers want to know how God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac was a moral test? (Steve's connection gets interrupted but he is able to finish answer.)
2016-2-03 The Love Chapter: Caller trying to find the chapter that talks about love in the Bible but can't find it. [1 Corinthians 13]
2016-2-03 "I am that I am": (same person as first caller) "I am that I am", can Steve please explain that expression? [Isaiah 43:10, Isaiah 43:13, Isaiah 46:4] (The verse Steve Couldn't find during the live show was Isaiah 43:13]
2016-2-03 Tithing: Can you shed some light on tithing? Do we need to tithe?
2016-2-03 Ananias & Sapphira: How does Ananias die without Sapphira knowing about it? [Acts 5:1-11]
2016-2-03 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: After reading the Bible about marriage, adultery & divorce, caller is wondering if she's allowed to be remarried. [Matthew 5:38]
2016-2-03 Taking the Mark of the Beast Literally: Caller takes Mark of the Beast literally & wants to know what Steve Thinks about that idea. [Revelation 13:16-17]
2016-1-27 The Law of Moses & the Law of Christ: Is the Law of Christ just a continuation of the Mosaic law?
2016-1-27 Mary's Knowledge of Jesus' Miracle Capability: Did Mary know about Jesus' ability to turn the water into wine?
2016-1-27 Tithing: what do churches make the mistake about saying you have to tithe?
2016-1-27 The Sabbath: Caller wants to rebutt some of the thigns Steve said about the Sabbath: God rested on it, the command was to all people, not just Jews, Jesus replaced ceremonial law only & the reason it's not mentioned in the New Testament is because it was just a given.
2016-1-27 This Generation Shall Not Pass Away: This generation will not pass away, is this generation possibly talking about "race"? [matt 24:34]
2016-1-26 Scott Hawn, Elders & Priests: Have you ever heard of Scott Hawn? He says you have to call on the PRIESTS, not elders, to heal the sick. What do you say to that? [James 5]
2016-1-26 Lordship Salvation: Why do Dispensationalists consider "Lordship Salvation" a heresy?
2016-1-26 Calvinism & Total Depravity: Can you please explain the point of Calvinism about total depravity, what exactly that means, & how it differentiates from what you believe?
2016-1-26 Universal Reconciliation: Can you please explain the trend of what some Christians are beginning to believe called, "Universalism Reconciliation"?
2016-1-26 John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus: Why did John the Baptist need to baptize Jesus since he was baptizing for Repentance & Jesus didn't require repentance?
2016-1-26 Ethiopian Bible: What would you say to people who say the Ethiopian Bible was written way before the Christian Bible came out, so Christianity is just a copy of that?
2016-1-26 Rastafarianism & Halle Salasi: What do you say to people who say Halle Salasi came from the Trible of Judah & it a Messiah?
2016-1-26 A Book about Jesus: Have you ever heard of a book called, "The Historical Records Concerning Jesus the Christ"?
2016-1-25 Steve Explaining His Current Experiences in Africa: Steve is live from Cameroon, Africa, & explains a little bit about being there, & internet access, no electricity or water & so on.
2016-1-25 Laying Hands Suddenly on No Man: "Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure", what exactly is this saying? [1 Timothy 5:22]
2016-1-25 Glorified Bodies: Did Jesus eliminate while in His glorified body? Is there going to be sex? Should we use birth control?