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2017-4-06 Meditation & Contemplation: What is the difference between meditation & contemplation?
2017-4-06 Prayer & Meditation: What is the difference between pray & meditation,
2017-4-05 Etiquette When Calling a Radio Talk Show: (Commentary about how to ask a question or disagree on the radio)
2017-4-05 Extreme Unction: Can you tell us about "extreme unction" in the catholic church?
2017-4-05 Tithing: Disagree w/ you about not tithing because what do you do w/ Gal 5:13, & what are you going to do with the money?
2017-4-05 God Hardening People: Does God still harden people in the New Testament like He did w/ Pharaoh in the Old Testament, & if He does does that mean it's lights out for them?
2017-4-05 Visiting a Catholic Church: Even though I'm not one, what do you think about me visiting a Catholic church once in awhile?
2017-4-05 Demons not being Fallen Angels: I heard that demons are not the fallen angels & I'd love your opinion on that. [1 Peter 2:4, Jude 1:6]
2017-4-05 Eternal Security: Why do you think people are so obsessed w/ eternal security, once saved always saved, & not feeling saved if going through trials
2017-4-05 Catholic are Christians: Catholic caller calls back re: some catholics are true Christians.
2017-4-05 Church Leadership: Are Elders, Bishops & Pastors all the same thing?
2017-4-04 Capital Punishment: Corporate Punishment going to a gentler, kinder kind of punishment.
2017-4-04 Universal Reconciliation: George w. Sarris about hell, are we going to be get out of hell eventually like he suggests?
2017-4-04 Philadelphia Church of God: The Philadelphia Church of God, world-wide church of God, can you explain about them?
2017-4-04 Paying Tithe: Going to Hell if you don't pay tithe, is that true?
2017-4-04 Territorial Demons: The Prince of Persia preventing prayer, does that mean territorial demons? [Daniel 10]
2017-4-04 Worldwide Church of God & Herbert Armstrong: Worldwide church of God no longer a cult.
2017-4-04 Capital Punishment (Spanking): Capital punishment (spanking) works.
2017-4-04 Upkeep of the Church: So what about the upkeeping of the church when you pay tithe?
2017-4-03 Wives Should ask their Husbands: I don't think you should answer questions from other men's wives because that's the place of the husband! [1 Corinthians 14:35]
2017-4-03 Differing Views of Hell Have you heard about George w. Sarris who wrote an interesting book about hell?
2017-4-03 Life Expectancy of 120 Years: God decreasing life expectancy to 120 years. Can you explain that? [Genesis 6:3, Genesis 11]
2017-4-03 Spiritual Meaning about River in Ezekiel: Is there a spiritual meaning to the river? In verse 7 why did he go back up out of the river? [Ezekiel 47:1-7]
2017-4-03 Total Depravity: sins of the world, total depravity, the Christian basics (calvinism discussion)
2017-4-03 Calvinism: Calvinism, predestination, election as opposed to free will (sort've a followup to previous question)
2017-4-03 Jesus fulfilling all the Jewish Holidays: Jesus fulfilling all the Jewish holidays, but weren't there still 3, so is He going to come to fulfill those last 3?
2017-4-03 Hardening of the Heart: Hardening of the heart [Matthew 13:15]
2017-3-31 God's Entering into Rest: God's entering into His rest, & we need to enter into His rest. [Hebrews 4:10]
2017-3-31 Transported Body or Out-of-Body Experiences: The Holy Spirit transported Philip? or Out of body experiences of Paul. [Acts 8, 2 Corinthians 12:1-4]
2017-3-31 Sabbath, Other Holy Days & Torah Observance: Jesus broke the Sabbath? He was only breaking the "pharisaic" laws, according to the caller & other discussion about the Torah. (Long, long discussion.)
2017-3-31 Jesus' Atonement: Did Jesus save us from God or from the evil forces of Satan.
2017-3-31 Carcass & Eagles: What does this verse mean? [Matthew 24:28]
2017-3-30 Abomination Jerusalem: Could the Abomination of Desolation be in Jerusalem & what about the Man of Sin? [Matthew 24:15, 2 Thessalonians 2]
2017-3-30 Discipleship: Cost of discipleship to follow Christ [Luke 9:57, Luke 14:26, Luke 9:23, John 3:36, Mark 16:16]
2017-3-30 A Torah Debate: A debate about torah observance for the last half hour of the show.
2017-3-29 Torah Observance Trend: A trend of people wanting to do Torah observance
2017-3-29 Memorializing of Dead People: Do we do too much memorializing of people who die?
2017-3-29 Buddhism: Buddhist calls to clarify what buddhists believe about the idea of sin is
2017-3-29 Eastern Orthodoxy & Rituals: Caller talks about the Eastern Orthodox Church & so much Ritualism.
2017-3-29 Flat Earth: Flat Earthers.
2017-3-29 Hell, Hades & the Lake of Fire: What is the difference between hell, hades & the lake of fire?
2017-3-29 Jesus' Death: Where did Jesus go when He died? Hades?
2017-3-29 Worshipping & Sacrifice during the Millennium & Keeping of Sabbaths: Worship & sacrifice during the millennium & the keeping Sabbaths & festivals in the future. [Jeremiah 14, Isaiah 66]
2017-3-29 Jesus Returning in 70 AD: so Jesus came back in 70 A.D. then?
2017-3-29 Aaron & the Golden Calf: Aaron seemed to get leniency for the golden calf, what's up w/ that? [Exodus 32-34]
2017-3-27 Buddhist & Christianity: a buddhist caller talks about his differences between buddhism & Christianity
2017-3-27 Calvinism: Trying to understand the system of beliefs about Calvinism.
2017-3-27 Gifts of the Spirit Continuing: Do you believe in the continuation of the gifts, & so how do I know when to lay hands on somebody & pray for healing?
2017-3-27 John taking care of Mary, Jesus' Mom: Did Mary live w/ john in Ephesus after Jesus died? [John 19:27]
2017-3-27 Coast to Coast type Call: strange call about weird phenomenon, & steve just ended up telling her she needed to call "coast to coast"