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2019-8-09 Translation obscurities: Why do we not have more direct translations of what the Biblical words actually meant, rather than these more obscured translations? [Matthew 24, 2 Peter 3].
2019-8-09 Angels of the River Euphrates: Who are the angels of the river Euphrates? [Revelation 16, 20].
2019-8-09 Joshua & The Canaanites: Can you help me understand why there are still Canaanites present after they were supposed to be gone? Especially in light of Joshua saying he had done everything he should have. [Joshua 6-10].
2019-8-09 God Creator of Sin, Evil & Temptation: If God created everything, then did he also create evil, sin and temptation? [James 1, Deuteronomy 13:1-3].
2019-8-09 Agnostic Wants Evidence: I’m an agnostic because I don’t think there is enough evidence to prove God exists. Would you respond to that?
2019-8-08 Simply Believing: Are there other examples of people being saved just by a simple belief, without the evidence of their works and what followed?
2019-8-08 Bible Reading Discipline: How does one get more disciplined about Bible reading, especially during the difficult times? [I Corinthians 13].
2019-8-08 Praying to God or to Jesus: I pray to Father God, and feel as though I should be praying to Jesus, can you clear this up for me? [Matthew 6:9-13, John 16:23].
2019-8-08 Calvary Chapel Pastors: Were you at Calvary Chapel when Chuck Smith was there and did you know Skip Heitzig?
2019-8-08 Void & Formless: Do you believe that the world was void and formless initially, or did it become void and formless before it was to be inhabited?
2019-8-08 Name it and Claim it: I have a friend that is into the Word of Faith movement, and declares and claims things all the time about her beauty and finances, but I have trouble with this. Can you help me? [Matthew 19:21-24, 6:19-21, I Timothy 6:3-10, 2 Peter 2:1-3].
2019-8-08 Entangled in the Affairs of This Life: What does scripture mean when it says that no one who is in warfare entangles themselves with "the affairs of this life"? [2 Timothy 2:1-4, I Corinthians 10:31].
2019-8-08 Lillith & Adam: Was Adam married to Lillith, before he married Eve?
2019-8-08 Healing: I keep praying for healing, and I am remaining consistently in prayer and faithful, so why do we not get results quickly? [John 14:12, Isaiah 1:6, 53:4, I Peter 2:21-25, 2 Corinthians 12:8-10].
2019-8-07 Excess Funds: How should handle sudden excessive funds or a financial windfall? [I Corinthians 6:20].
2019-8-07 Adamic Curse: I think we are still under the Adamic curse, and there will be another holocaust.
2019-8-07 Shroud of Turin: I think the Shroud of Turin is authentic, and I know it intuitively.
2019-8-07 Third Temple: I believe there is going to be a 3rd temple.
2019-8-07 Adamic Curse: Are we not free form the Adamic curse?
2019-8-07 The Salvation Army: Is The Salvation Army a good group to donate to?
2019-8-07 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Wondering about Steve's view of how one receives the Holy Spirit and baptism of the Holy Spirit? [Romans 8:9, Acts 2, 4, 18, 19].
2019-8-07 Paul as an Apostle: Was Paul an apostle? [Acts 14:14].
2019-8-07 The Rapture: What is your opinion of the timing of the rapture? [I Thessalonians 4, John 6:39, 40].
2019-8-07 Indwelling Holy Spirit Evidence: I am noticing some behaviors in my life that seem to be not as attentive to living a holy life - as I should be - so is that a sign that the Holy Spirit is not in me?
2019-8-07 John as a Witness: Is John speaking of himself as a witness to the ascension in John 1:14? [John 1:14, I John 1, Psalm 19].
2019-8-07 Sabbath: What day of the week is actually the sabbath? Do we need to keep the sabbath?
2019-8-07 "No More Sacrifice for Sin": I'm concerned about how this verse about "no more sacrifice for sin" and how it may apply to me. Though I have repented, have I trodden on the truth so much so, that I can't be forgiven? [Hebrew 10:26,17-18, 8:13,Jeremiah 31].
2019-8-07 Obeying the Law: Which laws do we, as Christians, need to continue to follow, and how do we know which ones do not apply? [Romans 7:2-6].
2019-8-07 Textual Criticism: Jesus said His words will never pass away, but textual critics claim that we are missing some of the words from manuscripts, how do we assess that? [Matthew 24:35]
2019-8-07 Waiting on God: I seem tend to try to fix things myself rather than waiting to hear from God, and then I seem to make it worse. Can you advise me? [2 Timothy 2:15, Proverbs].
2019-8-06 Trinity: Would you enlighten me about when the controversial text in 1 John 5:7 was incorporated into the Bible, and talk about its reliability?
2019-8-06 Paul's Thorn in the Flesh: Was Paul's "thorn in the flesh" actually God's allowance of demonic spirits to be sent to the Corinthian church? [2 Corinthians 12:7-9, Galatians 4:13-15, John 9].
2019-8-06 Alcoholism - Reason for Divorce: Is alcoholism a legitimate reason to end a marriage by a divorce?
2019-8-06 Inappropriate Television: Is it inappropriate for me to monitor the television shows that my wife watches and ask that she eliminate certain ones? [Matthew 4:29].
2019-8-06 Biblical Joy: How would you describe biblical joy ... is it a fact, feeling, emotion, and similar to happiness? [Acts 5:41].
2019-8-06 Word of Faith: What do we do if the college our daughter has chosen is one we don't approve of, because it is affiliated with "Word of Faith" and Kenneth Copeland?
2019-8-06 After the Exodus: Why didn't the children of Israel have better success when they came out Egypt and bondage?
2019-8-06 Free Indeed: Why were they upset when Jesus said, "if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed"? [John 8:36].
2019-8-05 Trinity: Someone from a Hebrew roots group (New Prophetic Apostalic Messianic) has recently challenged my view of The Trinity, how can I help work though his objections?
2019-8-05 Second Coming: What will trigger the lasts days and the second coming of Christ? [Matthew 24:14, Ephesians 4:13, Mark 4:29].
2019-8-05 Shroud of Turin: Is the Shroud of Turin the authentic shroud of Jesus?
2019-8-05 Third Temple: Will there be a third temple in Jerusalem? [Ezekiel 40-48, Zechariah 14, 2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation].
2019-8-05 Jesus Subordinate to God Eternally: Do you think that The Son is eternally subordinate to The Father, as do John Piper and Wayne Grudem? And where then would The Holy Spirit be? [I Corinthians 11:3, 15:24].
2019-8-05 Those Who Are Ignorant: How can we parallel Jesus' forgiving those who did not know what they were doing at the crucifixion, with people now, who don't know what they are doing? [Luke 29:34, Acts 3].
2019-8-05 Song of Solomon: Should the book, Song of Solomon, be considered an allegory or a love story, and what are the theological ideas one should draw from it?
2019-8-05 Homosexuality: How does one navigate this current environment and those who assume that we, who don't approve of a homosexual lifestyle, are hateful toward homosexuals?
2019-8-05 Jesus' Equality to God: If Jesus has the same authority as God, then why would Jesus not know about the timing of "The Second Coming"? [Matthew 24:36, John 10:30, Colossians 2:9].
2019-8-02 Nudity in Movies: Should Christians watch movies with nudity? If not, then should one not see the movie, "The Mission"?
2019-8-02 Leaving Dispensationalism: When you left Dispensationalism, how did your church respond?
2019-8-02 New Jerusalem: Is the "New Jerusalem" the church in the book of Revelation?[Galatians 4:26, Hebrews 12:22, Revelation 21:11, Ephesians 2:20, I Corinthians 15:43, Colossians 3:4].