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2018-9-05 Renewing Your Mind: What does it mean to renew your mind? [Romans 12:1-2]
2018-9-05 Evangelizing to others: How does one share the Lord or evangelize others?
2018-9-05 Homosexual Lifestyle Temptation: I've lived a gay lifestyle for 41 yrs, & how do I resist the sexual temptation? Will my friends who have died not have further chances if they never knew what I have learned?
2018-9-05 Non-Christian Miracle Workers: How will God deal with people who cast out demons in Jesus' name & heal others with New Age techniques? [Luke 9:49]
2018-9-05 Christian Making Judgments: Christians making judgments, being morally sensitive & being indignant over wrong.
2018-9-04 Apostles for Today: Are there any apostles for today? How do we know if they are genuine or not?
2018-9-04 God the Father: Is God the actual Father of Jesus or is it just figurative?
2018-9-04 Speaking in Tongues: Are there different kinds? Are they actual languages or can they be babble ecstatic utterance? [1 Corinthians 14]
2018-9-04 Steve Gregg's 2 Books: My question is in relation to your book about the 4 views of Revelation. Where did you get the info about Francisco Ribera being the father of Dispensationalism? I also like your other book about the 3 views of Hell.
2018-9-04 Ignorant Sin: So we have a little less culpability for ignorant sin?
2018-9-04 Unconditional Forgiveness: Unconditional forgiveness of others, but who was Jesus asking God to forgive when He was on the cross?
2018-9-04 Universal Forgiveness: But by Jesus saying, "Forgive them for they know not what they do", did not make it so everyone is forgiven?
2018-9-04 Dating of the Book of Revelation: When was the book of Revelation written?
2018-9-04 Scriptural Textual Variances: There seems to be differences in Biblical Manuscripts. What can you tell me about them?
2018-9-04 Narrow is the Gate: Narrow is the gate, what does that mean? [Matthew 7:13-14]
2018-9-04 Refuse to Forgive: What if when I ask for forgiveness, people don't forgive me? [Matthew 18:21-22]
2018-8-31 Noah & his son Ham: Did Ham molest his father? what is going on in this story? [Genesis 9]
2018-8-31 70 Weeks in Daniel: Prophecy of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9, 70 x 7=490 years, rebuilding of the temple & dating from the decrees. Cyrus decree started off the 70 weeks?
2018-8-31 Annual Memorials: Annual memorials from when people die, is this ok?
2018-8-31 "Much study is a weariness": In end of the matter, study will make you tired, is that he saying?
2018-8-31 The Book of Ecclesiastes: Would you say that Ecclesiastes was basically the life of an unbeliever?
2018-8-31 Cowards: What is the significance of the emphasis on cowards? [Revelation 21:8]
2018-8-31 Male & Female: Why does it say that God created He Male & Female, before Eve was even made. What does that mean? [Genesis 1:27, Genesis 1, Genesis 2]
2018-8-31 No Longer on KKMC: I just heard that you're going off KKMC, the longest running show The Narrow Path has been on.
2018-8-31 Creation or New Covenant & Kingdom of God: Is this proof of Jesus as God or is it regarding the creation of the new covenant or new creation instead of the typical understanding the original creation of the world? [Colossians 1:16]
2018-8-31 Literary Devices: Struggling with biblical proof of the deity of Christ, & have heard of literary devices found in the Bible.
2018-8-31 No Church Desire for Evangelism or Discipleship: If a church doesn't seem to want to support one's desire to evangelize & disciple, is it time to find another church?
2018-8-31 Old Testament Emphasis: Caller think there's too much emphasis on OT scripture, instead of focusing on the NT & what is happening in the world today
2018-8-31 On the Brink of Nuclear War: Caller thinks we are on the brink of War with Russia (in 2018).
2018-8-31 Sikh Temple Gatherings: Similarity between other religions & Christianity, attends a Sikh gathering, because they provide food, & it takes the pressure off of the Christian format.
2018-8-31 Steve's Questions: What questions remain unanswered for Steve Gregg?
2018-8-30 Seed-Single or Plural: Seed is both singular & plural, why? [Galatians 3:16]
2018-8-30 Technology: Is technology part of God's intended creation?
2018-8-30 Turning Hearts: Turning hearts of children to their fathers & the hearts of the fathers to the children. What is the meaning of those last verses of the Old Covenant, Old Testament? [Malachi 4:4-6, Luke 1:17]
2018-8-30 Epistle of Barnabus: What is the gospel (actually epistle) of Barnabus?
2018-8-30 Gnostic Gospels: what is the Gnostic gospel?
2018-8-30 Feast Days: I'm confused about the Passover & feast of Unleaven Bread timeline
2018-8-30 Tithing: I am surprised that you told a caller that they might want to ask the church how much they expect in their monetary contribution.
2018-8-30 Hebrew Roots Movement & the Trinity: Trinitarian vs Non-Trinitarian in the Hebrew Roots Movement, can you explain why they are saying Jesus only existed since Mary's Immaculate Conception? Have you heard of this before?
2018-8-30 Good Study Bible: Can you recommend a good study Bible?
2018-8-29 Using the Lord's Name in Vain: How do we deal with people who take the Lord's Name in Vain as a cuss word? [1 Corinthians 5:12]
2018-8-29 Amillennial & Satan being Bound: Amillennial view & Satan being bound, no longer to deceive the nations, how does that fit?
2018-8-29 Sodom & Gomorrah: For what sins were Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed? Greed, pride or Homosexuality? Who were the 2 men that showed up?
2018-8-29 Tithe: How much does God want me to tithe (a very specific situation)?
2018-8-29 No Longer Slaves under Sin Paul's declaration that we are no longer slaves under sin, what does this mean, especially since he said he still was a slave of sin a chapter later? [Romans 6:14, Romans 7:14]
2018-8-29 A bruised Reed remaining till Judgment: What does it mean to bring forth or set Judgment? [Matthew 12:20, Isaiah 42:3-4]
2018-8-29 Hidden Truths: Do you think there is still a veil of hidden truths that He is keeping from us? [2 Corinthians 4:3, Romans 16:25-27]
2018-8-29 Tree of Life: What was the tree of life exactly? Was it literal or symbolic?
2018-8-29 Kicking the Habit of Cigarettes: I just can't seem to kick the habit of cigarettes. Do you have any ideas of how to quit smoking?
2018-8-29 Losing Faith & Health: I'm suffering in pain & losing my faith, are we not to be given health?