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2022-6-29 Mary's Lineage: Could you talk about the lineage from David to Mary? [Luke 3].
2022-6-29 God's Foreknowledge: Does God know everything from the beginning to the end? [Luke 22:54-62, Matthew 26:69-75].
2022-6-29 Day of the Lord: Caller shares J Vernon McGee's view of the pre-trib rapture?
2022-6-29 Moses: How old was Moses when he went to Egypt and when they came out?
2022-6-29 Openess Theology: Is the story of Moses not a good example of God knowing what people are going to do?
2022-6-29 Head Coverings: Could you shed some light on "head coverings?" [I Corinthians 11:3-16, Acts 18:18, Deuteronomy 22:5]. Recommended topical article; "Head Coverings."
2022-6-28 Alone with the Opposite Sex: Is there ever any time that it is appropriate to be alone with the opposite sex (as in an emergency)? [John 4, Romans 16].
2022-6-28 Recovery Programs: What do you think about putting the homeless into recovery programs? [I Corinthians 6:9, I John 3:17, James 2:15-16].
2022-6-28 Hard Hearts: Regarding having a soft heart, how does one avoid having a hard heart?
2022-6-28 Natural Immortality: Have you said that we don't automatically have immortal souls? [I John 5:10-12, I Timothy 6:16, Romans 2:7].
2022-6-28 Unbelievers After Death: Please explain God's plan for unbelievers after death?
2022-6-28 Family Crests: Is there anything in scripture about the "Family Crest" of Jesus?
2022-6-28 Christian Festival Announcement: Caller shares info about "True Love Christian Festival." (
2022-6-28 Fellowship to Keep From a Hard Heart: Caller suggests that to escape a hard heart one should stay in fellowship?
2022-6-28 Christianity's Influence in Culture: Caller suggests that if our nation was founded by mostly Christians, instead of Deists, we would have a totalitarian government.
2022-6-28 Death of Animals Before Adam's Sin: Does the "young earth" view require that there was no death before Adam's disobedience-even of animals? [I Corinthians 15:21, Romans 5:12].
2022-6-28 Physical Bodies in Heaven: Is there anything in scripture that says we will be corporeal bodies in heaven? [2 Corinthians 5:8, Matthew 5:5, Romans 4:13].
2022-6-28 Others Resurrected When Jesus Did: Did other people literally resurrect from the dead when Jesus did? [Matthew 27:52-53].
2022-6-28 Steve's Reason for Attending Home Church: How did you make the decision to go to a home church instead of a traditional church?
2022-6-27 False Prophets Today: What does the Old Testament say about what we should do about "false prophets"? [I John 4:1, I Corinthians 14:29, I Corinthians 14:37]..
2022-6-27 Jonah & Ninevah: Could you talk about why Jonah was so set against going to Ninevah?
2022-6-27 Children Beginning to Compromise the Truth: What can you advise about my 7-yr-old child who is beginning to show signs of compromising the truth and lying? [Proverbs 28:13].
2022-6-27 Any Other "Steve Greggs"?: Is there anyone else like you out there?
2022-6-27 Guns: Should Christians own guns?
2022-6-27 Steve Gregg's Church Attendance: Do you go attend a local church?
2022-6-27 "Wrath of God" vs "Gentleness of Jesus": Can you reconcile the "wrath of God" and the "gentleness of Jesus", when scripture indicates that Jesus was God?
2022-6-27 God's Wrath as Consequence: Can you think of a biblical example when God's wrath was not consequential?
2022-6-27 Greg Laurie of Calvary Chapel: What do you think of Greg Laurie-his doctrines and ministry (Calvary Chapel)?
2022-6-27 Martin Luther King, Jr.: Were Martin Luther King, Jr.'s infidelities and improprieties actually ever really substantiated?
2022-6-27 Cremation: What do you think about cremation?
2022-6-27 Guns (Against): Caller comments on previous call about guns, and tends to disagree with gun ownership. [Romans 12:17-19, Deuteronomy 32:35].
2022-6-27 Organ Donation: Is there anything wrong with "organ donation"?
2022-6-27 Martin Luther King, Jr.: Caller comments that he was offended by Steve's criticism of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s.
2022-6-27 Unbelievers New Bodies in the Resurrection: Will unbelievers get new bodies in the resurrection? [John 5:28-29].
2022-6-24 Politics & the Left: Is staying in states that are primarily leftist a little like living in Sodom and Gomorrah? [2Peter 2:7].
2022-6-24 Roe vs Wade: What is a Christian's responsibility in living in states that don't uphold restricting abortion,now that Roe vs Wade has been overturned at the federal level?
2022-6-24 Prophecy of Luke 21: Is the time that is being prophesied referring to that time, or in the future (to our time)? Could it be talking about both then and now? [Luke 21:5, Luke 21:32, Luke 21:21, Isaiah 13, Isaiah 34, Ezekiel 32, Joel 2].
2022-6-24 Covenants in the Bible: Could you talk about all the covenants of the Bible (Abrahamic, Davidic, New, etc.) and how they overlap, etc.? Recommended topical lecture: "What are we to Make of Israel?" [Galatians 3, Exodus 19:5, Deuteronomy 28:63, Matthew 21:43, 2 Samuel 7, Acts 2, Acts 8].
2022-6-24 Angels: Are angels created "by God" or born "of God"? [2 Peter 2, Jude 1:4].
2022-6-24 Sinless Living: Is "whoever is born of God does not sin" actually to be understood as it seems? [I John 3:9].
2022-6-24 Augustine: Catholic caller says that Steve said Augustine was a Protestant.
2022-6-24 Extreme Discipline in the Old Testament: Is not the punishment for an rebellious child a little extreme in the Old Testament? How would you explain this passage to an atheist? [Deuteronomy 21:18-21].
2022-6-24 What Have You Learned Recently?: What is something you have recently learned?
2022-6-24 Population After Creation & the Flood: Was the earth populated by incest after the creation and the flood? [Genesis 1].
2022-6-24 Judging Others: What did God mean about not judging others? [Matthew 7:5, Luke 6:42, John 7:24, I Corinthians 2:15].
2022-6-23 Acupuncture: Is there anything in the BIble about acupuncture?
2022-6-23 Predestination (the Elect): Is "predestination" a biblical concept, or is it a branch of Calvinism? [Romans 8:29-30, I Peter 1:2, Ephesians 1:4, Ephesians 1:11, I Johhn 3:2, Romans 8:23].
2022-6-23 Catholic Caller Comments-Purgatory: Catholic disagrees with Steve about biblical support for "Purgatory." [2 Corinthians 5:8, Philippisans 1:23, I Corinthians 3:13]
2022-6-23 Value of the Catholic Church to Civilization: Catholic caller comments and what the Catholic church has done to build civilization. Recommends book: "How Catholicism Build Civilization."
2022-6-23 Lazarus & the Rich Man: Was the parable of "Lazarus & the Rich Man" possibly prophetic, since a real Lazarus is raised by Jesus, and people do not believe? [Luke 15:19-31, John 11:1-21].