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2016-11-30 Second Coming of Jesus: Dead came out of the grave when Jesus rose, so when He comes in again, will it be the 2nd coming or the 3rd coming?
2016-11-30 First Love: Caller wants to find his first love & fire of Jesus that he had before & wants recommendations on how to do that!
2016-11-29 Apostolic Succession: The Catholic or Eastern Orthodox seems to think they have the succession of apostles from Peter. Do they have any evidence?
2016-11-29 Constantine & the Catholic Church: The Catholic church didn't even exist until Constantine, so no bishops of Rome before then, is the caller's thought.
2016-11-29 DIDN'T believe in Jesus: Shouldn't be in verse 31 of John 8 say that they DIDN'T believe in Jesus in relation to the rest of the passage of Scripture in John? [John 8:31-59]
2016-11-29 Lawsuits: Are Christians allowed to sue people?
2016-11-29 "Eat My Body"/Communion: What did Jesus mean by "Eat My Body" & why did so many people leave Him as a result of Him saying this? [John 6:40, 54]
2016-11-29 Love & war: Caller is having trouble harmonizing loving your enemy but then war being acceptable?
2016-11-29 Unpardonable Sin: No one mentions blaspheming the Holy Spirit as saying that Jesus was Beelzebub, why not? Is it just denying Jesus to the bitter end? [Matthew 12:25-32]
2016-11-28 Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles by Steve Stiles: Caller is getting Steve's book on the 4 views on Revelation, & wondering if he co-authored the book with Steve Stiles called "Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles".
2016-11-28 Conscience: Michael the Buddhist wonders about your own conscience verses what the Bible says to do or not do & eating animals.
2016-11-28 Gap-theory & Lucifer: There is a gap theory, & Lucifer was created during that time (as opposed to being evil from the beginning).
2016-11-28 King Saul: Why did God give Israel Saul as the first king?
2016-11-28 Regret in Heaven: Even though a person might be saved, is it true they won't be happy if they fail to really obey God while down here on earth?
2016-11-28 War in Heaven: What heaven is this in reference to regarding this war, how do angels fight, and is it them we are fighting with now in spiritual warfare? [Revelation 12, Ephesians 6:12]
2016-11-23 Praying in the name of Jesus: Why are some prayers not answered if we are promised that if we ask in His name it will be answered?
2016-11-23 Surrendering to God: What is surrendering to God?
2016-11-23 Gog & Magog: Why does Steve believe that it was fulfilled in the past? [Ezekiel 38-39]
2016-11-23 Restoration of Israel: Doesn't it say in Amos that Israel is going to be restored? [Amos 9:11, Acts 15:14-17]
2016-11-23 Myles Munroe & The Kingdom of God: The gospel is about the Kingdom of God, not just Jesus dying on the cross, being born again? [John 3]
2016-11-23 CHange: Who needs to change, me, or other people?
2016-11-22 Lukewarm, spewing them out of His Mouth: Does that mean loss of Salvation? [Revelation 3:16]
2016-11-22 Calvinism: Can you please talk about Calvinism & the 5 points, such as Total Depravity, Regeneration, Irresistible Grace. {Romans 8, John 6]
2016-11-22 Righteousness: Imputed & Imparted Righteousness [2 Corinthians 5:21, 1 John 3:2]
2016-11-22 Choosing God or God choosing us: Both can be reconciled, right? We choose God, but He ultimately chose us
2016-11-21 George Whitefield: & John Wesley: Caller would like Steve's thoughts on George Whitefield & John Wesley.
2016-11-21 Kingdom of God & USA Patriot: Any thoughts on Patriotism?
2016-11-21 U.S. Constitution: U.S. Constitution being effective because of these Christians?
2016-11-21 Old Friend of Steve: Old friend of Steve’s thanks him for his ministry, & thanks his wife who got killed in an accident for bringing her to the Lord &/or studying the Bible effectively.
2016-11-21 Sin & Homosexuality: Is Sin Sin? Are we soft on some sins & hard on other sins? How can we say sin is wrong when we are all sinners? Such as Homosexuality?
2016-11-21 Celebrating Holidays: Why is it that we celebrate Christmas & Easter since Jesus wouldn't?
2016-11-21 Church Hunting: Wondering about the Nazarene Church.
2016-11-21 Law - OT vs NT: What is the difference between the law of the Old Testament & the NT?
2016-11-21 King David: Any thoughts when King David might he had a change of heart from obedience to sin?
2016-11-18 Paul's preconversion or conversion life: Is Romans 7:14 & following about Paul's past experience before his conversion or is he talking about something else? [Romans 7:14]
2016-11-18 Faith & Works: Once you are saved, are works required?
2016-11-18 English Language Confusion: Caller having trouble figuring out what verses mean because even just the English language is so difficult, so many definitions.
2016-11-18 Eternal Security: Underling motives of people who teach/follow eternal security.
2016-11-18 Melchizedek: What does Steve know about Melchizedek?
2016-11-18 The Tribe of Gad: Did they go bad because they were staying on the east side of the Jordan?
2016-11-18 Melchizedek & Tithing: Can Steve please explain Hebrews 7:8? That seems to make it seem tithing is still applicable, doesn't it? [Hebrews 7:8]
2016-11-17 God Divorcing Israel: Did God remarry Israel after He divorced them?
2016-11-17 Samaritan Woman: Jesus said to the Samaritan woman that Salvation is to the Jews. What did He mean by that? [John 4:22]
2016-11-17 Old Testament Languages: Did Moses write the Pentateuch in Aramaic? Did Daniel speak Babylonian? Where did Hebrew come from?
2016-11-17 Transubstantiation: Can Steve define transubstantiation? Why does he disagree with it? How serious is he about objecting to it?
2016-11-17 Dead to sin: What does it mean to be dead to sin? What does it mean to be dead to the law? [romans 6;2, 7:4]
2016-11-17 Marriage Question: How do we know if a marriage is really of God or not? [Matthew 19:16]
2016-11-17 Dead Loved Ones: Are our dead loved ones looking down on us from heaven?
2016-11-16 Striving: It's easy to see why people who don't want Jesus won't make it, but some people want to, who ARE striving, they won't make it? [Luke 13:24]
2016-11-16 Politics: Caller very disappointed of the answer Steve gave an answer about Trump the previous day.