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2016-10-28 Top 10 list of things to be prayed: What is God's 10 list of things the caller should pray for?
2016-10-28 Believe & Be Baptized: Why does it say in some places in the Bible just believing is enough & other say you have to be baptized? [Mark 16:16, John 3:16]
2016-10-28 Preaching to every Creature: Why that word?: Why does it say every ""creature"" in Mark instead of person? [Mark 16:15]
2016-10-28 Calvinism - Arminianism: Faith as a condition for salvation, or is it a result of election & God causing someone to do something.
2016-10-27 Private Interpretation of Scripture: If people do privateinterpretation of the Scripture, do you have moral & doctrinal relativism? [2 Peter 1:20]
2016-10-27 Melchezidek: Would you comment on Jesus being the King & the Priest of order of Melchezidek? [Hebrews 6-8].
2016-10-27 People being tested differently: People are tested in ways others would never have to be tested & that if they were tested that way, might not be Christians. Like for example, the people in the Holocaust who were sent to the gas chambers just for being Jews.
2016-10-27 Struggling with Faith: Does Steve ever struggle with his faith?
2016-10-27 Socialism: "Give Caesar what is Caesar…", How do you respond to people who say we need to give our money to the government? [Matthew 22:21]
2016-10-26 Never hearing the Gospel: Caller was ridiculed for saying it's possible for someone who hasn't heard the gospel can be saved. Can they?
2016-10-26 Jury Duty: Should Christians participate?
2016-10-26 Esther: Was Esther mentioned in the chronicles/history of Medes & Persians?
2016-10-26 Evidence of Jesus: What about evidence outside the Bible of Jesus' existence?
2016-10-26 King David: Is David mentioned anywhere outside the Bible?
2016-10-25 Josephus' Reliability: Just how accurate is Josephus's commentary on the Old Testament?
2016-10-25 Cremation: Is there any Biblical prohibition from being cremated? Does Steve have any plans of being cremated?
2016-10-25 Parents being cruel: Why can parents sometimes be so cruel?
2016-10-25 Voting: Isn't it important for Christians to vote?
2016-10-25 Ethnic Israel: Why are so many Christians supportive of Ethnic Israel, the nation that was created in 1948?
2016-10-25 Eternal Security:e Is it true once you are saved, you are always saved? Doesn't adoption prevent you from being lost?
2016-10-25 Alcohol: Should Christians use alcohol?
2016-10-24 Combatting Pornography: Is there a way to combat pornography? How to deal with the guilt?
2016-10-24 God healing: If our God can heal, why do Christians then need hospitals or ambulances?
2016-10-24 Having a Critical Heart: How do get rid of a critical heart, bitterness? [Hebrews 12:15]
2016-10-24 Rituals & Types & SHadows: Can Steve please explain these verses? [Colossians 2:22-23]
2016-10-24 The Gospel of John Authorship: Did Lazarus write the gospel of John? Was he one of the disciples?
2016-10-24 Rejoicing: What does it mean that they are rejoicing because their names are written in heaven. [Luke 10:20]
2016-10-24 Waiting, Watching & Praying: Jesus taught us to pray, but caller has been doing a lot of studying on waiting & watching as well & wondering of Steve had any insights on either of these.
2016-10-21 The Elect: Caller has been listening to the debate Steve had w/ James White on Calvinism, but it never addressed the elect. Will he right now?
2016-10-21 Celebrating Sunday Pagan: I was talking to a friend, & he said he couldn't go hiking on a Saturday with me because it was his Sabbath. Is it wrong to worship on Sunday?
2016-10-21 Genesis 5, in the Hebrew & Greek Text: The length of days for individuals seems to be longer in one language, which is correct? [Genesis 5]
2016-10-21 Lectio Divina (form of prayer): What does Steve think of the form of prayer called Lectio Divina?
2016-10-21 God "hating" people: So God loved Israel more than the pagan countries? And, how does this coincide w/ what Jesus said about not hating our enemies. [Psalm 5, Matthew 5, 1 John]
2016-10-21 Gehenna, Hell, Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth: Can Steve explain what's being said these verses about hell? [Matthew 10:28, 22:13]
2016-10-21 An Adulteress Ruling a Nation: Have you ever heard of an adulterous ruling over a nation (referring to Hillary Clinton)? [Jeremiah 31:22, Isaiah 3:12]
2016-10-21 Calvinism & "all elect": Is there a difference between "all" when used in the Bible? Is it literal or hyperbole?f
2016-10-20 Tattoo Readings: A pastor is letting a member speak up front talking about tattoo readings, isn't that occultic? Reading someone's palm would be better, but even that isn't good!
2016-10-20 Idealist View of Revelation: Been studying Gregory Beale's book on Revelation regarding the Idealist View & was just wondering why the word "signified" is so important in Revelation. [Revelation 1:1].
2016-10-20 Jesus as our Brother: Caller has been being told that not only is Jesus obviously God, but He's our Brother as well. Is that Biblical? [Hebrews 2:11, Romans 8:29]
2016-10-20 Kingdom of God to Personal Salvation: When did the kingdom of God transform into just being saved & going to heaven, personal salvation, instead of worried about promoting the kingdom of God?
2016-10-20 Rituals, Types & Shadows: What was going on when it says in Hebrews that Jesus, the High Priest, went into the most Holy Place? [Hebrews 8-9]
2016-10-20 Virgin Mary just an Incubator: Was the Virgin Mary a sinner, & if so, wouldn't that make Jesus a sinner? God just made an incubator out of Mary then, Jesus just being a zygote?
2016-10-19 Adultery & Not Honoring Parent: An ex-wife & mother is just heartbroken at the way she's been treated, her ex-husband having committed adultery & her son disrespecting her, & caller wants verses on both subjects. [1 Timothy 5:3-4, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Hebrews 13:4]
2016-10-19 Never Die: Can Steve explain this passage of Scripture in John about never dying? [John 11:25-26]?
2016-10-19 Amillennial View of Rapture: How much time between the Rapture when all the dead are raised & when He literally comes back? [John 6:40, 44, 54, 1 Corinthians 15, 1 Thessalonians 4, John 12:48]
2016-10-19 People Raised with Jesus: How come this isn't mentioned more than just this? It seemms pretty significant that a whole bunch of people would be resurrected? [Matthew 27:52-53]
2016-10-19 Jesus appearing to the 12: Who are the 12 that Jesus appeared since Judas Iscariot was dead & gone? [1 Corinthians 16:5]
2016-10-19 Discipleship: Who & when did Jesus appear to the 500 people who were considered His disciples?
2016-10-19 The Kingdom of God: Jesus was preaching the gospel about the Kingdom, not just about going to heaven. [Exodus 19:5-6. Acts 20:24].
2016-10-18 Dreams: Caller doesn't get any sleep because he's having these weird dreams, & it's been happening for quite sometime