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2017-12-19 Celebrating Halloween & other Pagan Holidays: What about Christians taking pagan holidays & turning them toward Christ, holidays such as Halloween & Christmas?
2017-12-19 Good Teachers: Did you say we don't need Teachers?
2017-12-19 Doubting the Bible: Listener is doubting his faith, doubting the reliability of the Bible, & he needs assurance about the authority and integrity of it.
2017-12-19 Jesus being a Eunuch: Was Jesus a Eunuch? Was Daniel?
2017-12-19 Jesus During His Death: Where did Jesus go after He died, to hell?
2017-12-19 Partial Preterism Debate: Caller challenges Steve partial-preterist view on end times prophesy, Israel, & unconditional covenants. (cont after break)
2017-12-19 Preterism: So you don't agree with all of Revelation is the model of Preterism, relative to 3.5 year? [Revelation 10-13]
2017-12-19 Replacement Theology: Salvation of the Old Testament was the same as the New Testament, was it?
2017-12-19 Falling Away: Departing from Christ, Falling Away & Judaism, what do these Scripture mean about Falling away & going to Judaism? means in scripture? [Hebrews 10:26, Hebrews 6:4-6]
2017-12-19 Not Laying Again the Foundation: What does it mean, "not laying again the foundation of repentance"?
2017-12-19 No Salvation Apart from Catholicism: Not being a Catholic will prevent me from being saved, someone has told the caller. What does Steve say?
2017-12-18 Loving like a Christian: We shouldn't just love as a surface issue, but doing good works & loving like a Christian.
2017-12-18 Satan Reading our Thoughts: Does Satan know our thoughts? How does he introduce things to our mind?
2017-12-18 Carnal & Spiritual Man: A Christian doesn't sin, the spirit man doesn't sin though fleshly man does as Romans 7 says. [1 John 3:6-10, Romans 7, Galatians 5:16-17]
2017-12-18 Hades & Paradise: Can you explain what you were saying about Hades & Paradise?
2017-12-18 Righteous in Eternity: Where do the righteous go after the judgment, to heaven & come back again to the New Earth? When is the judgment day? What is the judgment for?
2017-12-18 Replacement Theology & Dispensationalism: All Israel shall be saved, the Olive Tree, what was Israel chosen for? [Romans 11:25-26]
2017-12-18 Mosaic Covenant: Will you defend your claim that the mosaic covenant is conditional?
2017-12-15 Doubts the Inerrancy of Scripture: Can a person who doubts the inerrancy Word of God be considered a Christian?
2017-12-15 Calvinism: Does it mean God made us believers or we do? [Acts 13:48]
2017-12-15 Marriage License issued from the State: Getting married without a state license.
2017-12-15 Believing a Lie: What is the lie that is brought by delusion that Paul is talking about in 2 Thessalonians 2? [2 Thessalonians 2:11]
2017-12-15 Calvinism being a Heresy: Is Calvinism a heresy?
2017-12-15 Authorship of Isaiah: Do the Dead Sea Scrolls support the Isaiah authorship?
2017-12-15 King Cyrus Predicted: How come the Bible isn't considered inspired by more unbelievers that it is since Isaiah so accurately predicted about King Cyrus 150 years before he was born? [Isaiah 44:28-45:1]
2017-12-15 Contending over the Body of Moses: Why was Michael contending with Satan over the body of Moses? [Jude 1:9]
2017-12-15 Called According to His Purpose: "Called according to His purpose", is this phrase from the well-known verse of Romans 8 something special that just making Jesus the Lord of our lives or is just tied to them who love Him? [Romans 8:28b]
2017-12-13 Remembering the Verse References: How important is it to remember Bible verses & references?
2017-12-13 Walking in the Spirit, Is it not simply doing the right thing rather than ignoring one's behavior? Is behavior modification really something to focus upon? [Galatians 5:16]
2017-12-13 Hebrews Roots Movement: Someone's friend is going that direction & the caller wants to be guided as to what to say to her.
2017-12-13 The 3 Wise men-Magi: How did the Magi even know to look for a star that was connected w/ the Messiah?
2017-12-13 Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil: The tree of knowledge of good & evil, what was it all about?
2017-12-13 Jerusalem as the Capital: What do you think about Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel?
2017-12-13 Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton: Caller inquiring as to why Steve didn't like Hillary Clinton but likes donald trump
2017-12-06 Divorcer Still a Christian: Is a woman who left her husband for no cause a true Christian?
2017-12-06 The Septuagint: Is the Septuagint reliable?
2017-12-06 The Term, The Rapture: When did the term "rapture" start & develop?
2017-12-06 Parable of the Unjust Steward: Can you explain the Parable of the Unjust Steward? [Luke 16:1-13]
2017-12-06 Laws of the OT Forever: I've been reading in the Old Testament that the laws will be forever, so why are they gone?
2017-12-06 Dead in Christ shall Rise First: The dead in Christ shall rise first, the pre-tribulation view. [1 Thessalonians 4:16-17]
2017-12-06 Fellowshipping with Believers: Are we sinning if we don't assemble ourselves together with fellow believers? [Hebrews 10:25]
2017-12-06 Skeptical at first, but now a Solid Listener: Caller who was at first skeptical of the radio program has found Steve to be very educational & is appreciative of him.
2017-12-06 Slave or Friend: Are we a slave or a friend of Jesus?
2017-12-01 Adam as a Sacrifice: Jack hayford says that if Adam had not sinned, but Eve had, he could've been an acceptable sacrifice instead of Jesus. What do you think about that idea?
2017-12-01 Greatest in the Kingdom of God: What can you tell about this verse? [Matthew 18:1]
2017-12-01 Judgment Private or Public: Will the judgment be private or public where everyone can see it? [Romans 2:16]
2017-12-01 Sons of God, Giants & the Nephilim: Who are the "Sons of God" when it talks about them, the Giants, & the Nephilim, having sex w/ women? [Genesis 6]
2017-12-01 Joseph Prince: What do you think of Joseph Prince & other grace preachers?
2017-12-01 Televangelists: What do you think of television evangelists?
2017-12-01 Many Mansions: "In my Father's house are many mansions", what were you saying this means? [John 14:1-4]