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2017-1-30 Attending a Gay Wedding: Caller has a relative that is having a gay wedding & wondering if he should attend it or not.
2017-1-30 Once Saved, Always Saved: In the Parable about the tree & the branches & not bearing fruit, it says that someone can fall away & have to re-repent, but i'd like to think my mentally challenged son is saved. [Matthew 7:19]
2017-1-30 Refugee Situation: How would deal with the Refugee situation that is happening?
2017-1-30 Refugee Situation: Steve Gregg continues his answer about the refugee situation after he looses internet connection.
2017-1-30 Hitchcock/Hanegraaff Dating of the Book of Revelation Debate: Caller thinks Steve should really listen to Mark Hitchcock during the Debate he had with Hank Hanegraaff about Dating of the Book of Revelation. (I'm guessing because he had an internet issue because he now has a bit of a delay in hearing the caller.)
2017-1-27 Assurance of Salvation: How can you be assured of your salvation, that you are following Jesus? What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?
2017-1-27 Attending a Church: do I need to attend church? Do I need to attend a particular church?
2017-1-27 Being Drawn by God: Can you, as a non-calvinist, explain to me John 6:44?
2017-1-27 A Double-Minded Person: A double minded man is unstable in all his ways, can he still be a Christian? [James 1:8]
2017-1-27 Light before the Sun in Creation: What was the light during creation if the sun was created until the 4th day? Should we take creation literally or non-literally?
2017-1-27 Jews not Believing in Jesus: What is the MAIN reason the Jews don't believe in Jesus?
2017-1-26 Calvinism & Arminianism: Calvinism & Arminianism, doesn't that famous passage in Ephesians & a verse in 1 Peter just by themselves prove Irresistible Grace & Calvinism? [Ephesians 2:8-9, 1 Peter 1:5]
2017-1-26 Andy Stanley & Rick Warren: Andy Stanley & Rick Warren, wondering what do you think of them?
2017-1-26 The Names of God Bible: Have you heard of "The Names of God of Bible"? [Galatians 5:16] (cont after break)
2017-1-26 Resurrection of Jesus evidenced by Growth of Church: Is a good argument for proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ the rapid growth of the church?
2017-1-26 Christian Conversion: Could a person who appears not to be a Christian because of swearing & backsliding, etc., still be a Christian?
2017-1-26 Eternal Security: Can you or can you not lose your salvation?
2017-1-26 Jesus & a Sinful Nature: Did Jesus have a sinful nature? Is it heresy to think He did?
2017-1-25 Capital of Israel being Relocated: Does moving the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem have anything to do w/ fulfillment of dispensationalism?
2017-1-25 All Israel Being Saved: All Israel will be saved, what scriptures do people use to prove this, or what does "saved" mean? [Romans 11]
2017-1-25 Angels verses the Holy Spirit: Do ministering angels minister to us like the Holy Spirit does?
2017-1-25 Objectionable Elements for Lord's Supper: Using objectionable elements for the Lord's Supper/communion, is that acceptable? (cont. after break)
2017-1-25 John the Baptist: john the baptist's disciples following Jesus or not following Jesus, & other discussion about john the baptist
2017-1-25 Nothing Inhibiting Jesus' Coming: Are all the prophecies fulfilled to not prevent Jesus from coming back right now, or does the 3rd Temple still have to be built?
2017-1-25 Planned Parenthood: What about planned parenthood (abortion)?
2017-1-25 Steve's Speaking Engagements: Does or would Steve ever come to Spokane, Washington?
2017-1-23 Sincere, but Sincerely Wrong: What about those who are sincere in what they believe, in seeking God, but are sincerely wrong?
2017-1-23 501c3's & Churches endorsing Politicians: Pastors not wanting to endorse candidates because of the 501c3 forbids it.
2017-1-23 Obama doing a whole bunch of bad stuff on last few days of employment: Does what Obama did in the last few days of his reign parallel to what the unjust steward did in the parable? [Luke 16:1-13]
2017-1-23 Crushing Satan's Power on the Cross: Did Jesus take care of sorcerers & occultists & their power when He died on the cross?
2017-1-23 Word of God: Can you explain this in studying the Word of God? [2 Corinthians 4:4]
2017-1-23 A Form of Godliness: Having a FORM of godliness but denying the power thereof, what is the power he is talking about? [2 Timothy 3:5]
2017-1-23 Stewardship: A discussion about Stewardship, money & wealth for the believer.
2017-1-23 Donald Trump: Trump has a less than desirable history.
2017-1-20 Discipleship: can you please talk about what discipleship is?
2017-1-20 Immutability: the immutability of God, does He change His everlasting promises? (steve shares an interesting story about a gift he didn't get)
2017-1-20 Biblical Interpretation in Luke: Can you explain that verse to me? [Luke 12:19-20]
2017-1-20 Sun & Son: Questions about the Son & Sun? Isaiah 19:4-10, Revelation 16] (Very weird call)
2017-1-20 Christians performing Yoga: Exercising using Yoga, is that acceptable? Isn't that Hinduism? Should I practice it?
2017-1-20 Genuine Sorrow & Regret: I'm trying to deal w/ past mistakes & regrets, how do I do that? [2 Corinthians 7:10]
2017-1-20 Pre-Tribulation Rapture: short discussion about the tribulation (pre, mid & post rapture)
2017-1-20 Yoga: The caller thinks the problem with Yoga is that you need to abstain from all appearances of evil like the Bible says. [1 Thessalonians 5:22]
2017-1-19 Loving your Enemies: It says to love your enemies, but who is this referring to?
2017-1-19 End Times misunderstanding: Taking things out of context involving the end times. [Luke 18:31]
2017-1-19 Tithing to your Local Church: Tithing & giving (Editor's Note: continued dialoguing with caller after break, didn't announce it like he usually does.)
2017-1-19 John Preaching Again in Revelation: I don't recall reading that John the Revelator doing what Revelation 10 said to do about preaching to nations, kindreds, tongues & people in Patmos again. [Revelation 10]
2017-1-19 Death having no power over resurrected saints in the 1000 years: What's this talking about when it talks about the 1000 year reign millennium? [Revelation 20:4-6]
2017-1-19 Holy Spirit & Paracletos: what is the definition of the Holy Spirit, especially paraclete/paracletos, Him being "beside" us when He's supposed to be in us?
2017-1-18 God testing Israel with their enemies: God will NOT drive Israel's enemies that they might be tested, & He won't because He wants them to learn about war. [Judges 3]
2017-1-18 Obedience to the law: Following the laws of God as Christians, & it's true we are going to be judged by Christ, but by what criteria?