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2017-2-14 A Good Study Bible: What is a good study Bible?
2017-2-14 Anti-Christ Darwin: Could Darwin be considered an anti-Christ?
2017-2-14 Mary Apparitions: Is it possible these Marian Apparitions are true? [1 John 4:1]
2017-2-14 Bridling our tongues: Steve needs to bridle his tongue according to the caller. (was debating if I should've highlighted this one. This caller had called 3 separate times before this, disparaging the Seventh Day Adventist Church.)
2017-2-14 Women being a Pastors: Pastor being a woman & men being qualified for Elders fore that matter.
2017-2-13 Call no one Father or Rabbi: Call no one "Father", unless they actually are your father [Matthew 23:8-10]
2017-2-13 An easy to read but in-depth Bible: Trying to find a bible that is easy to understand but that is also comprehensive.
2017-2-13 Spouse performing Masturbation: If a spouse is performing self-gratification, is that grounds for divorce?
2017-2-13 Tithing: I've heard pastors say you can't afford NOT to pay tithe
2017-2-13 Mary, the Mother of Jesus: The Assumption of a Mary & believing in Catholic Tradition. Paul didn't believe that, did he?
2017-2-13 An Eternal Hell: If there is eternal life doesn't it stand to reason that there'd be an eternal hell?
2017-2-13 Verses Against Once Saved ALWAYS Saved (Eternal Security): What are your favorite verses to use that there is no "once saved, always saved"? [John 3:16, Matthew 13:1-9, Luke 8:6-8, john 15:1-6, Romans 11:22, James 5:19-20]
2017-2-10 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: What do you think about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? (only one question answered the first half hour.)
2017-2-10 The NIV Bible: Why isn't the New International Version a good Bible?
2017-2-10 Wedding Vows: A caller from Denmark caller asking about wedding vows.
2017-2-10 Refuting an Adventist Critic: A rebuttal to someone saying that SDA's say not to pray for people who drink coffee & tea is inaccurate, & also says that they also don't believe Jesus had a sinful nature.
2017-2-09 Having a Different Gospel: What are modern versions of this besides Mormonism/LDS, JWs, etc? what IS the gospel? [Galatians 1:6-9]
2017-2-09 Eating, Drinking & being Merry in the End times: "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be", life is going to be normal when Jesus comes back. [Matthew 24:37=39]
2017-2-09 Vashti of Esther: Concerning Vashti of Esther, what happens to divorced queens?
2017-2-09 Vendetta SDA Caller, Part 3: Frequent recent caller about Seventh Day Adventists, but didn't want to answer a question so the host chose not to answer his question.
2017-2-09 Amillennialism & Dispensationalism: Isn't there going to be a major Tribulation right before Jesus comes back & how to identify literal interpretation of scripture
2017-2-09 Establishing the Law, Not doing Away with it: Can you explain these 2 verses in Romans about Abraham being justified by faith? [Romans 3:30-31-4:1-2]
2017-2-09 Steve Gregg's Answer to People on The Narrow Path: I just wanted to let you know that you are completely fair in the way you conduct yourself in the answers to your callers. They are the ones who are calling your show for YOUR opinion as a result of your knowledge of the BIble on something, and you don't just give your opinion, but several sides of an issue.
2017-2-09 Women Having Long Hair: Women should only have long hair because it's her "glory". Do you know where it talks about that? [1 Corinthians 11:4-16]
2017-2-08 YWAM: Does Steve still teach in YWAM? Caller doesn't really like some of the things it teaches in the bethel church & other influences in it.
2017-2-08 Recommendation for a Local Home Church: How do I find a good home church in Eugene, Oregon?
2017-2-08 Women Keeping Silent in Church: Women not having authority over men, what do you think about that? [1 Timothy 2, 1 Corinthians 14]
2017-2-08 Todd White & Healing: Do you know anything about todd white who believes in healing?
2017-2-08 Vendetta Against SDA, Part 2: "Soon we heard the voice of God like many waters which gave us the day & hour of jesus' coming, then God poured the Holy Spirit on them", is this quote true? Is satan a scapegoat (they get this from Leviticus 16), should SDA be attributing things that are not from the Holy Spirit?
2017-2-08 Coming to Jesus: Coming to Jesus just as you are, w/ your baggage & everything
2017-2-07 Sanctuary/Refugee Cities: People comparing sanctuary cities to cities of refuge from the Bible. (follow-up)
2017-2-07 Calvinism: Why is there even Calvinism?
2017-2-07 Apostolic Doctrine: Apostolic Doctrine related to Calvinisn & Arminianism
2017-2-07 Self-Control & Calvinism: Calvinism in relation to self-control & the fruits of the Spirit. [Galatians 5:22-23] (follow up)
2017-2-07 Reformation of the Holy Spirit: Do you think the Reformation was under the guidance of the Holy Spirit?
2017-2-07 God's Love: Is God's love unconditional? [John 3:16]
2017-2-07 Fasting & Interpretation of Scripture: What do verses 16 & 17 have to do w/ anything? [Matthew 19:14-17]
2017-2-07 Calvinism & Universal Reconciliation Calvinism & universal reconciliation [1 Corinthians 15:22, Romans 5:18]
2017-2-06 Euthanasia of Pets: How do you feel about the euthanasia of animals & pets?
2017-2-06 Sanctuary Cities: I disagree about your view about sanctuary cities, I think they are good, the American way; being in military; protests
2017-2-06 Illegal Immigration: Even though I have a Mexican immigrant as a wife, they need to obey the laws of the land
2017-2-06 Taking an Oath in the Military: Taking an oath in the Military.....a previous caller misrepresented the facts.
2017-2-06 Military Life: Caller also wanted to respond to the second caller about the military. (followup to caller #2)
2017-2-06 Steve Gregg commenting about that day's show's calls: Steve says commentary about politics dominating the show that day.
2017-2-06 Apologetics: I'd like some good books on apologetics.
2017-2-06 Baptism for Salvation: Do you have to be baptized, because isn't it just symbolic of our inner life?
2017-2-06 Christ never Failing for Health: I want to trust God in my major health crisis, so can I trust that Jesus WON't fail me?
2017-2-03 Christian in Politics & other government positions: What about Christians being in politics, holding protests, being in the military, enforcing the law?
2017-2-03 True Christianity: What is the true way to be a Christian, because Buddhists seemed more Christ-like than Christians?
2017-2-03 Hacksaw Ridge Movie: Wondering if you saw the movie, "Hacksaw Ridge" & what you thought of it?