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2015-10-01 Violence taught in the Quran: Caller is concerned about violence that is instructed in the Quran.
2015-9-30 Harmonizing 2 Bible verses: Caller wants Steve to reconcile 2 particular Scriptures, one that seems rather comforting, & one that's a little hard. [Luke 13:24, Romans 8:31]
2015-9-30 "Mind of Christ": Isn't it true that if we have the "Mind of Christ" it we won't be sinning? [Romans 7, 1 Corinthians 2:16]
2015-9-30 Apostles: What about modern day "Apostles"?
2015-9-30 Evangelical Catholics: And what can you tell me about "Evangelical" Catholics because I also like Rick Santorum.
2015-9-30 Seventh Day Adventists: I follow politics & really like Ben Carson but found out he was SDA. What can you tell me about them?
2015-9-30 Understanding Scripture: Caller wants helps interpreting a particular Scripture correctly. It is [Hebrews 11:35].
2015-9-30 Unequally Yoked: Does Steve see a difference between someone who was NEVER a believer w/ a believer vs a person who turns into an unbeliever or goes into a cult, are you all of a sudden still unequally yoked as well? [1 Corinthians 7:12-15, 2 Corinthians 6:14]
2015-9-29 Paul's writings hard to understand: Peter said that some of Paul's writings were very hard to understand. What things was Peter talking about? [2 Peter 3:15-16]
2015-9-29 The Fish & the Coin: Why did Jesus have Peter do it this way? Why didn't they just take the money out of the treasury, the purse Judas was always carrying around? [Matthew 17]
2015-9-29 Baptism: Baptize in the name of the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit or Baptize in the name of Jesus only? [Matthew 28:19,Acts 2:38]
2015-9-29 Healing: God gave us the power of healing.
2015-9-29 Full Preterism: Caller believes in Full Preterism & wants to dialogue w/ Steve about it.
2015-9-29 "Until ALL has been fulfilled": Caller disagrees w/ Steve that not ALL has been fulfilled by what Jesus did on the cross, like especially, what about the Prophets? [Matthew 5:17-19]
2015-9-28 In Danger of Hell fire: We'll actually get in trouble, or be in danger of hell-fire, for calling people a fool? It also says that the fool will be in danger because he doesn't believe though!
2015-9-28 JW's & Satan: What has Steve heard about Jehovah's Witnesses thinking that Satan is almighty?
2015-9-28 Messianic Judaism/Hebrew Roots: Can Steve please expound on Messianic Judaism, any good books, etc.?
2015-9-28 JW's - Charles Taze Russell: It's interesting that the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses was only 20 yrs old & had infidelity problems.
2015-9-28 The Pope of the Catholic Church: Pope John Paul II said at the UN the other day, "I come in my own name." Isn't that exactly what it says in the gospel of John? [John 5:43]
2015-9-28 Intercession: Caller had been praying the Rosary & then all of a sudden a lot of bad stuff started happening, but then a guy told him to continue & him about miraculous metal. What does Steve think of this "miraculous metal"?
2015-9-28 Communal Churches: What does Steve think about comunal churches? Where would you find such a church? Do they still exist?
2015-9-28 Blood Moons, Flat Earth, Earth Center of Universe: Is the earth the center of the Universe?
2015-9-25 Mark Hitchcock gloating over Debate Victory: At the end of the Hibbs replacement video, Mark Hitchcock gloated about the victory he had over Hank Hanegraaff on the debate about the Date of the Book of Revelation.
2015-9-25 The Jack Hibbs video on Replacement Theology: Comment on Jack Hibbs response about partial Preterism & replacement theology.
2015-9-25 Sowing & Reaping: Caller is having financial hardship which is having an effect upon giving. [2 Corinthians 9, Luke 6:38]
2015-9-25 BSF (Bible Study Fellowship): What does Steve think of that group? Would they be Dispensationalists?
2015-9-25 Dispensationalism: Can Steve please give a brief summary of Dispensationalism.
2015-9-25 Women Preachers: At the end of the program yesterday, a caller had asked about women preachers, but Steve never had a chance to answer it, & another caller was interested in it herself. [1 Timothy 2:12-14]
2015-9-25 Israel Being God's Chosen People: Caller thinks the Nation of Israel is still God's chosen, special people.
2015-9-25 Ruling w/ an Iron Scepter: When does that take place, Ruling w/ an iron scepter? [Revelation 2:27]
2015-9-25 Animal Immortality before the Fall: Did animal & plants die before the Fall? [Genesis 1:30]
2015-9-24 Good Book recommendations Can Steve please recommend some good Christian books, as the caller has appreciated his recommendations in the past.
2015-9-24 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Situation: Caller has anxiety, worry about the new situation he has found himself in as he's about to get a divorce, it sometimes getting the best of him & wants some Scripture to lean on, or some advice listen to.
2015-9-24 Dispensationalism/Premillennialism & Historical Premillennialism: What is the difference between Dispensationalism & HISTORICAL Premillennialism?
2015-9-24 Partial preterist & Full Preterism: What are the differences between Partial Preterism & Full Preterism?
2015-9-24 Melchizedek: If Melchizedek was the pre-incarnate Jesus, & was the King/Priest of Salem, what exactly was He the King/Priest of while He was here?
2015-9-24 Replacement Theology - Supersessionism: Did Steve say he believes in Replacement Theology (Supersessionism)? What is that?
2015-9-24 KJV of the Bible: Are there errors in the KJV of the Bible?
2015-9-24 Women Preachers: What is your position on women preachers/ordination? (never gets a chance to answer this Q however)
2015-9-23 Calvinism - Predestination: So did God predestinate the king (Hezekiah) to live an extra 15 years, showing off all his valuables, my personal sins, the Flood, the demons laying w/ women, or did He just have foreknowledge of it? [2 Kings 20:1-6, Isaiah 38, Genesis 6]
2015-9-23 Jesus' 2 Natures: So WAS Jesus 100% God & 100% Man like most people think?
2015-9-23 The Deity of Christ: A person said that Jesus did NOT have to depend on His Father because of His own Deity, that He had His own power of performing miracles, healing & resurrections, while He was here on earth, is that true? Jesus was a 100% God & 100% man at the same time, but didn't rely on His Father. [John 14:10, 5:19, Matthew 12:28, Acts 1:2]
2015-9-23 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: Can a Christian remarry once they are divorced?
2015-9-23 Unfulfilled Prophecy (2nd Coming): Caller wants to just understand amillennialism, preterism, & understand prophecies that haven't been fulfilled yet, especially of the second coming. [Revelation 20]
2015-9-23 Ethnicity of Jews: What was the Ethnicity of Jews, or Jesus?
2015-9-23 Blood Moons: Caller likes documentary, "The Star of Bethlehem" by a Frederick A. Larson. What does Steve think about it?
2015-9-23 The Lordship of Jesus: Since Jesus was all about healing, will He heal me?
2015-9-22 Holy Spirit Using an Individual: Could God decide to use somebody because they thought God would never use him, & wanted to prove them wrong, as it were?
2015-9-22 Nation of Israel: Does God still have a purpose for the nation of Israel being a major witness for Him in the closing days of the world? [Romans 11]
2015-9-22 Sodom: Is Ezekiel, in chapter 16, verse 49, referring to literal Sodom that had been destroyed a long time ago, or figuratively for something else in Ezekiel's time? [Ezekiel 16:49]