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2014-7-21 Pranic Healing - Energy Medicine: What do you think of a practice called, "Pranic Healing", Engergy Medicine?
2014-7-21 Letters of Paul: How did the early Christians receive the instruction from Paul before the New Testament was put into the Bible & grow from it before it was?
2014-7-21 Wrath of God revealed from Heaven: How can we make the leap from Paul addressing people in the 1st century church to it applying to us now? [Romans 1]
2014-7-21 Baptizing for the Dead: I was talking to a couple Mormons the other day, & we were talking about baptizing for the dead, & they brought up these Scriptures. My curiosity got the best of me. Can you explain them? [1 peter 3:19, 1 Corinthians 15:29]
2014-7-21 Jesus Preaching to the Souls in Hell: Can you explain the Scripture where it talks about Jesus preaching to the souls in prison when He supposedly went to Hades? [1 Peter 3:19-20]
2014-7-21 Sins of our Fathers: Compare the potential in-laws to your spouse to determine what your spouse is going to be like, the way they treat their family & so on.
2014-7-21 Steve being married 4 times: Has Steve noticed this, his wives resembling their mother & family traits?
2014-7-21 God or gods: Is this verse talking about the Jehovah God or gods? [Daniel 11:37]
2014-7-21 Fits of Rage: My friend just seems to have these fits of rage, anger, & wondering if he's possibly demon-possessed & wondering if there's a way to determine if he is or not? [Galatians 5:19-21]
2014-7-21 Apostolic Church & the Trinity: So what does the Apostolic Church believe about the Trinity, & how would you share the Trinity w/ them? [1 John 5:7]
2014-7-18 Lack of Emotion/Love: Listener is not sure if it's a result of a brain defect or personal trauma, but he has no emotion for people, no love for people. [1 Corinthians 13]
2014-7-18 Witness Lee & Watchman Nee What do you think of the teachings of Witness Less & Watchman Nee? They use a Bible called, "The Recovery Bible".
2014-7-18 Animals/Pets: Do animals/pets go to heaven? Will there be animals there?
2014-7-18 Disagreement: Caller disagrees that Steve only has a radio face!
2014-7-18 Gift of Discernment: Caller would like to know about the Gift of Discernment.
2014-7-18 Praying to Jesus or the Holy Spirit: Can we pray directly to Jesus or the Holy Spirit instead of just God the Father?
2014-7-18 6,000 years being enough time: It just doesn't seem like 6,000 years is enough time for everything to have happened that happened, millions & millions of people being killed & so on?
2014-7-18 Mosquitos & Plagues: Did God create things like Mosquitos, Flies & plagues/diseases?
2014-7-18 People after the Flood: Was Noah & his family the only people that made it after the Flood? If it IS the case, why so many primitive people?
2014-7-18 Thankful: Caller is thankful.
2014-7-18 John Macarthur & reign of Domitian: John Macarthur says the book of Revelation probably wasn't written until the end of the reign of Domitian. What do you think? [Revelation]
2014-7-17 Ezekiel's tongue & other Prophets: Why did God make Ezekiel's mouth stuck to the roof of his mouth, & made prophets do other things, Jeremiah & Isaiah, but seemed tougher on Ezekiel? [Ezekiel 3:26]
2014-7-17 "thy land shall be married": What did God mean by "thy land shall be married"? [Isaiah 62:4]
2014-7-17 Song of Solomon: What exactly is book of Song of Songs or Song of Solomon? Love letters, a love poem, just what exactly is it? [Songs of Solomon]
2014-7-17 The Book of Hebrews: Who wrote the Book of Hebrews?
2014-7-17 Knowing Good & Evil: How can humans know good & God did? So there was evil before Adam & Eve sinned? [Genesis 3]
2014-7-17 Sons of God, Nephilim: Who were the Sons of God who went to the daughters of the land? [Genesis 6:1-4]
2014-7-17 Jewish & Gentile Reckoning of the Age of the Earth: Why the gap or difference of 200 years of the age of the earth between what the Jews think the age is & what most other people think?
2014-7-17 Jews being chosen & Heathen Nations: What happened to the nations, the people, who were NOT Jews, who were not God's chosen people, just because they happened to not be of the "chosen" people?
2014-7-17 Age of the Earth starting at the Flood: Perhaps the Jewish reckoning from the 2nd to last call started during the Flood?
2014-7-17 Light before the Sun: How could there be light before Sun? [Genesis 1:3-5, 1:14-19]
2014-7-16 Visiting Iniquity to the 3rd & 4th generations: I was talking to an ex-Jehovah's Witness, & we were talking about the 10 commandments & the part of the God visiting the iniquity of the 3rd & 4th generations, & I thought he was misinterpreting it, saying He'd be PUNISHING until the 3rd & 4th generations. Was he wrong or right?
2014-7-16 Perfect in Christ Jesus: What does it mean to be "perfect in Christ"? [Colossians 1:28]
2014-7-16 Walk according to this rule: What is this "rule" that Paul was talking about? Was it talking about being a New Creature in Christ? [Galatians 6:14-16]
2014-7-16 First shall be last, Last shall be first: What did Jesus mean by "the first shall be last, & the last shall be last"? [Matthew 19:30]
2014-7-16 Baptism & The Church of Christ: Isn't it wrong to believe that someone isn't born again until they are baptized, that it's a matter of faith before they are baptized, but getting baptized is just a public announcement that you are a follower of Christ?
2014-7-16 Sabbath: Wasn't Jesus oppressed for following the things in Isaiah 58, including the Sabbath? [Isaiah 58]
2014-7-16 Baptism: I can't understand baptism, if I need to do it again or not, if I met the conditions when I was baptized when I was 12 years old.
2014-7-16 (1) Jesus Crucifying Animals in the Millennium: There won't be future animal sacrifices like Dispensationalists purport, right? [Ezekiel 25:22, Ezekiel 40-48]
2014-7-16 (2) Jesus as Lord & God (His dual nature): So what do you think about Paul & Thomas calling Jesus Lord & God?
2014-7-16 (3) Replacement Theology & (4) The Body of Christ (Church): (3) We are to have nothing to do w/ the Old Covenant, isn't that right? (4) Do you think of the Body of Christ - His Church - going to ultimately prosper?
2014-7-16 Becoming Active in the church (LDS): Caller was wondering how to become more involved in his church, which is the Mormon/LDS church.
2014-7-15 Christians & Disciples: So in order to be a Christian, you also have to be a disciple, isn't that true? So we have to die daily as a disciple, yes? [Matthew 16:24, Luke 14, Acts 11:26]
2014-7-15 Lying Spirit: Who is this Lying Spirit that is mentioned in 1 Kings 21? [1 kings 21:19-21, Job 1-2]
2014-7-15 "Shadow of things to come": Do you think there are still feasts days to come? [Colossians 2:17]
2014-7-15 Did not come to destroy but to fulfill: How do you interpret that Passage of Scripture, that Jesus did not come to destroy but to fulfill the law? [Matthew 5:17-19]
2014-7-15 High Sabbath: So the High Sabbath is a Feast Day? [Colossians 2:14-18]
2014-7-15 History of the church throughout the centuries: What do you consider as "the church" throughout the history of time?
2014-7-15 Seal the book until the end: What does it mean when it says in Daniel to shut the book & seal it until the end? [Daniel 12:4]
2014-7-15 Understanding Daniel: So do you understand everything in Daniel? [1 Peter 1:10-12, Romans 16, 1 Corinthians 2, Colossians 1, Ephesians 3]