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2017-3-03 Calvinism Faith & God's Will: Calvinism discussion, God being the one who grants faith, does He give more faith than others, God's will vs our will
2017-3-03 Remembering Loved Ones who didn't make it: Will we be grieved on the other side of glory for people who didn't make it?
2017-3-02 The Shack, Movie & Book: Discussion about "the shack", the movie & the book, it deviating from the Bible, does the end justify the means?
2017-3-02 Not Seeing Death Til These Things Happen: This generation not seeing death until He came back, what did Jesus mean here? [Matthew 16:28]
2017-3-02 One Taken, One Left: One taken & one left scenario, what did He mean here? [Matthew 24:40-42]
2017-3-02 Dispensationalists Before 1948: What did Dispensationalists do with themselves before Israel officially became a nation in 1948?
2017-3-02 Speaking in Tongues: Speaking in Tongues (carries on after the break).
2017-3-02 Eternal Security: Can you really lose your salvation? Isn't it once saved, always saved?
2017-3-02 Jesus as Michael the Archangel: Is Jesus Christ michael the archangel or not?
2017-3-02 Kingdom is Yet to Come: Disagreement w/ answer to caller #2 re: dispensationalist [Matthew 16:28, Acts 9]
2017-3-01 Steve Gregg & the Post Office: Steve shares an interesting experience he recently had at the post office.
2017-3-01 Uniformity in Doctrines: Is uniformity of thought critical in certain doctrines regardless of scripture, as in Romans 14? [Romans 14, Matthew 28:20]
2017-3-01 Ordaining Elders: How & who should people become elders?
2017-3-01 Evangelizing Your Own Family: How do you evangelize your own family? [Matthew 10:14]
2017-3-01 Prophets without Honor in Their Own Country: Prophets not respected in their own country, why did Jesus say that? [Mark 6:4-6]
2017-3-01 Spirit of Elijah being Fulfilled in John the Baptist: The spirit of Elijah coming, being fulfilled by john the Baptist, but dispensationalists don't REALLY believe it was fulfilled. [Malachi 4]
2017-3-01 Elders only Men: Elders should ONLY be male, right?
2017-2-27 Loving God & your Fellow man, & loving Self: loving God w/ your whole heart, mind & soul & loving others, self-love?
2017-2-27 Adam & Eve: what happened to Adam & Eve? Did they repent?
2017-2-27 Mormonism: What do you think of Mormons?
2017-2-27 Soul & Spirit & Death: What's the difference between the soul & the spirit? What happens after you die?
2017-2-27 Not Liking Your Pastor: Aren't there places in scripture where it says to support your pastor instead of making a scene? Can't someone go somewhere else if they don't like him? there are so many options nowadays if they don't like him
2017-2-27 Doctrine of Imminency: How come so many people don't want to talk about the Doctrine of Imminency?
2017-2-27 Golden Rule: Self-love, & love for your neighbor (agape), & in john 13, & is this only to be given to believers or everyone? (follow up to a call he heard earlier.)
2017-2-27 People liking to be Heard: Hypocrites liking to be heard, that verse is confusing to me. [Matthew 6:5]
2017-2-24 Israel's & Judah's Split: When was there a split w/ Israel & Judah?
2017-2-24 Sinner's Prayer: Just saying the sinner's prayer some think you're automatically in, & caller suggested you weren't, & one person told me there are carnal Christians. [1 Corinthians 3]
2017-2-24 Status upon Death: Are heard if you die you go to heaven but I thought I heard someone mainstream said that we DON't go to heaven, which is it?
2017-2-24 Peter's Sermon Quoting from Joel: In peter's sermon, where does it say in Joel what he was quoting about the Holy Spirit & what was this talk about hell or fire, etc? [Acts 2, Joel 2:28-29]
2017-2-24 Lectures called, "Biblical Counsel for a Change" Caller talks about a series of lectures called, "Biblical Counsel for a Change", about how much he liked it.
2017-2-24 LGBT Community: What should the church do w/ the LGBT community?
2017-2-24 Calvinism being a Different Gospel: Calvinism just seems like a different gospel because the Gospel is supposed to be the "Good News"! [Galatians 1:6-9]
2017-2-23 Unforgiving or Justice: "And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord...", were they still unforgiving, or just demanding justice? [Revelation 6:10]
2017-2-23 Rahab Lying: Rahab lied, so was she commended for that or was that wrong, but still just justified for her faith? [Hebrews 11, James 2]
2017-2-23 Asking & God's Will: Just wondering if I ask for God's will, will He open & close doors for me because I'm in a desperate situation [Matthew 7:7, John 14:13]
2017-2-23 God's Sovereignty: God's sovereignty, predestination, but He's also omniscient. (caller a little bit hard to hear)
2017-2-23 Assurance of Salvation: I've squandered my life, ruined it, now I'm a believer & wondering where I stand; how can I know that I'm saved?
2017-2-23 God hearing the Prayers of a Sinner: Does God hear the prayers of sinners? What about someone living in sin?
2017-2-23 Suicide: Is suicide a sin?
2017-2-23 Lent: Where did Lent come from?
2017-2-22 Objection to the Trinity: One reason people object to the Trinity so much is because Jesus, as God, became our example. Just mainly that Jesus was God.
2017-2-22 Jews intermarrying: Jews were not allowed to have interracial marriage, have intermarriage?
2017-2-22 Joseph & Mary's Lineage of David: So both Joseph & Mary's lineage/genealogy goes back to David? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]
2017-2-22 Trinity: Who is in heaven, what does this verse mean, something about the Trinity? [John 3:13]
2017-2-22 Calvinism a Different Gospel: Could Calvinism be considered in this category of a "different gospel"? [Galatians 1:6-9]
2017-2-22 Pre-tribulation Rapture: What do you think of the pretribulation rapture?
2017-2-22 God drawing People: Does God try to draw some more than other or does He draw everyone the same? [John 6:44, John 12:32]
2017-2-22 Feminism in the Church: Feminism seems to have crept into the church lately, so how to we "combat" it w/ out appearing like a male chauvinist?
2017-2-17 Right & Left: I'm wondering what Solomon means by the "right or left" in Ecclesiastes? [Ecclesiastes 10:2]
2017-2-17 Purgatory: I used to believe in purgatory, but don't anymore, so I'm curious to know what REALLY happens to you when you die?