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2017-9-28 No Internet: Caller doesn't like not having Internet & is envious of people who do get to listen to all of Steve's archives.
2017-9-28 Wormwood: Caller would like to know about Wormwood & the Trumpet Judgment. [Revelation 8:11]
2017-9-28 Michael the Buddhist Caller: Mike's Buddhist's teacher is attending a Christian church, just letting him know that he & his teacher are both going now.
2017-9-28 Devil doing bad things in Hell: Can the Devil rape women in hell? What about the Chaldeans & Job?
2017-9-28 New Apostolic Reformation: Do you know about the New Apostolic Reformation, & Bill Johnson, the church that is in bethel? What are your thoughts about it?
2017-9-28 Bible Translators getting it so Wrong: How do translators make mistakes that are so glaring sometimes? [Matthew 16:19, Matthew 18:18]
2017-9-27 Interlinear Greek Bible for both Manuscripts: Is there an interlinear Greek for both Alexandrian & Textus Receptus?
2017-9-27 The Devil Understanding the Plan of Redemtion: "things which angels desired to look into", why did Jesus call Peter Satan? Satan not knowing God's plan for redemption, yet he tried to prevent Satan Jesus from going to the cross? [1 Peter 1:12, 2 Corinthians 2:8]
2017-9-27 Law Written in our Hearts The law's written in our hearts, is this written to the Jews or to the Gentiles?
2017-9-27 Strategies for Unity: Visiting living stream church in Temecula & visiting local SDA/Adventist churches, caller thinks Steve should go talk about unity to all of them.
2017-9-27 God Not being able to be Tempted: Why does it say that God can't be tempted, but Jesus was tempted, can you clear up this conflict?
2017-9-27 Correct Revelation Model of Interpretation: Caller doesn't think it needs to be either-or of a certain model of Revelation to believe.
2017-9-27 Exchanging Testimonies with Mormons: Mormon sharing their testimonies or sharing your testimony.
2017-9-27 Similarities in Christianity & Pagan Religions: Caller says that a friend says there are parallels in Christianity & other pagan religions, Egyptian, Zeitgeist, 10 commandments, 49 confessions.
2017-9-27 A literal Hell: Do you believe in a literal hell?
2017-9-27 The Nephilim: Sex w/ women, gen 6, nephilim, sons of God angels?
2017-9-26 Mormons/LDS, council of gods: What is the most effective way to witness to a Mormon?
2017-9-26 Peter's Name Peter's name Cephas, stone, rock. [John 1:42]
2017-9-26 Head Coverings: What about the covering of heads? [1 Corinthians 11:2-16]
2017-9-26 Keeping the Sabbath: Should we or can we go to church on Sundays?
2017-9-26 Assurance of Salvation: I used to be in the Music business, but I developed problems with my ears, & can't do that anymore, but I've been looking at end time events seeming to fall in place, & I'm questioning my salvation & wondering what to do?
2017-9-26 Figuring out God's Will every Decision: How do we determine what decisions to make as a Christian when it's not clear from the Bible?
2017-9-26 Mormonism: Mormonism, LDS discussion, the only way to convert a Mormon is on the spiritual level, but also trying to create doubt, & a true prophet would always be right, otherwise they are false prophets.
2017-9-26 Messing up, Wondering My Salvation: Wondering if I'm really saved, & I've failed God by marrying the wrong person. Will He forgive me anyway?
2017-9-25 The BLM: Just wondering what you think about all this BLM (Black Lives Matter) stuff going on nowadays.
2017-9-25 Mary's Genealogy: 2 different father's for Joseph, one saying that Jacob is Joseph's father & another one saying Heli is his father. [Matthew 1:16, Luke 3:23]
2017-9-25 The Narrow Path Website: Was looking at your vast amount of information on your Narrow Path website & wondering if you had any idea where to should I start?
2017-9-25 Jesus Not Being God: My sister says Jesus is not God, can you help me & show me that He is God? [John 1:1, John 1:14, John 8:58, Revelation 1:, John 10, Philippians 2]
2017-9-25 Jesus & Thief's Location upon Death: Where did Jesus & the thief go when they died, Hades, hell, paradise?
2017-9-25 Allah: Allah or the unknown god. Islam & Muslim.
2017-9-25 Denying Jesus Is God: Is denying that Jesus is God the spirit of anti-Christ?
2017-9-25 Losing one's Salvation: Can one lost their salvation denying Jesus is God?
2017-9-22 Sanctuary Cities: Caller doesn't think sanctuary cities are illegal, illegal immigration, government's biblical role.
2017-9-22 Becoming Financially Independent: Providing for one's household. [Matthew 6:19-33, 1 Timothy 5:8]
2017-9-22 Allah: Who is Allah? Is he/He the same God?
2017-9-22 Liking the Narrow Path Show: A caller & her granddaughter just wanted to check in & say how they liked the show!
2017-9-22 The Man Job: Was Job a righteous man? If he was, what was he repenting for? [Job 42:3-6]
2017-9-22 Unknown Name: Ignorantly worshipping an unknown God. [Acts 17]
2017-9-22 Allah: Allah being God.
2017-9-21 The Book of Romans: Is Romans a personal book or a theological treatise?
2017-9-21 Calvinism vs Arminianism: Free will, sin nature, total depravity
2017-9-21 Theme Music for the Narrow Path Show: Wondering where you got your whistling theme song?
2017-9-21 Impossibility of Building Ark: A non-believer said there is NO WAY Noah could build the ark so Genesis couldn't possibly be true.
2017-9-21 Offending Children: Is this talking about abortion? Allowing children to come unto Him. [Matthew 18:1-7]
2017-9-21 Honoring the Sabbath: Should we be honoring the Sabbath on Saturday?
2017-9-21 Sabbath changing to Sunday: Was the Sabbath changed to Sunday?
2017-9-21 Sanctuary Cities: What does the Bible say about obeying the laws of the land, what is the government role?
2017-9-20 Doctrine of Cessationism: When did the Doctrine of Cessationism begin, no more speaking in tongues, prophecy or healing?
2017-9-20 Street Preaching: Is street evangelism that an effective method of witnessing?
2017-9-20 Different Kinds of Covenants: What can you tell me about the different kind of covenants right here & now?