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2014-8-15 The Narrow Path Radio Show & Stone Soup: Caller wanted to share a story about everyone contributing to a good Stone Soup, resembling it to people asking good questions & Steve giving good answers.
2014-8-15 E-mails questions: Caller thinks Steve should dedicate a portion of his show to e-mail questions he gets because he enjoys them just as much as the call-in questions.
2014-8-15 Offending People w/ Diet: Does not offending people include people who are not Christians, such as Muslims? [Romans 14-15, 1 Corinthians 8-10]
2014-8-15 Deja vu Is the word Deja vu New Ageish or Occultic?
2014-8-15 Eating & Drinking the body & blood of Jesus: Caller is concerned about people preaching that we need to literally eat & drink the body & blood of Christ. Can Steve explain what's really going on about that? [John 6]
2014-8-15 Suicidal Man: What should they do about someone who wants to commit suicide?
2014-8-15 Memorial Service: Call is following up on a call she heard about Memorial Services. She thinks they are pretty important.
2014-8-15 Suicide: Caller comments that suicide is not a very good idea.
2014-8-15 Man Alive by Patrick Morley: Caller just wanted to recommend a good book for isolated men.
2014-8-15 Keeping the Law: Is it possible to keep the Law? Why was Christ crucified if it is? If it isn't why did God demand the impossible? Is there a distinction between the law & "if you do well" like He said to Cain? [Genesis 4:7, Luke 1, Philippians 2]
2014-8-15 Marriage Prayer Request: Caller requests prayer for her struggling marriage.
2014-8-15 God's number of times of Forgiving: How many times does God forgive you?
2014-8-14 Healing as part of the Atonement: My Pastor points out that Jesus purchased our ability to claim healing as well as our forgiveness that happened on the cross & that since Jesus was actually "slain from foundation of the world", that's why He was able to Heal people, & why we can claim it. What do you think? [Matthew 8:17, Revelation 13:8, Isaiah 53:4-5]
2014-8-14 Parable of the Barren Fig Tree: Can you explain the parable about the Barren Fig Tree, the players the Parable represents? [Luke 13:6-9]
2014-8-14 Atonement for healing (followup): Aren't the Elders supposed to pray over the sick & God will heal us? Doesn't it say, "By His stripes we are healed"? [James 5:14, Isaiah 53:5, 1 John 1:9]
2014-8-14 OT practices: As long as it's not spoken against in the New Testament, are believers permitted to do things you had to do in the Old Testament? Such as Tithing?
2014-8-14 Meat, not Milk: Caller feels that Steve needs to teach more of the meat of the gospel more than the milk of it. [1 Corinthians 3:1-3]
2014-8-14 Memorial Service: Is it necessary to have a Memorial Service?
2014-8-14 Steve's books on Hell & Revelation: Caller thinks Steve taking the time write books on irrelevant topics such as Hell & Revelation was a waste of time.
2014-8-14 Exorcisms & Demon-Possession: Is there an effective way to help people w/ Demon-possession?
2014-8-14 Heaven: Why is so little about Heaven is described in the Bible?
2014-8-14 Authorship of the Book of Hebrews: Who wrote the Book of Hebrews, Paul?
2014-8-14 Wearing long dresses & long chair: At the church the caller goes to, she is told she always has to wear long dresses & having long hair. Is this really Biblical?
2014-8-13 Micaiah telling King Ahab to go to Ramothgilead: Do you think when Micaiah was telling King Ahab to go prosper against Ramathgilead that he was telling him to go by himself or w/ his army? [2 Chronicles 18:14, 1 Kings 22:50]
2014-8-13 Book of Enoch - Saints or Angels: In the book of Enoch, does it say 10,000 angels or saints are going to be coming back w/ Jesus?
2014-8-13 Babies going to heaven: If babies go to heaven when they die, what age are they when they get there? [1 Corinthians 13:9-11]
2014-8-13 Ishmael: What am I supposed to think of Ishmael? [Genesis 16:11-12]
2014-8-13 Separation & Custody Battle: What should I do about fighting for custody for my children when my wife wants to separate from me?
2014-8-13 Your Eye being the light of your Soul: What does it mean when Jesus said that if your eye is good, your whole body will be good, & if your eye is bad, your whole body will be bad? [Matthew 6:22-23, 1 Timothy 6:10]
2014-8-13 Comments about naming some Ishmael: Caller makes a comment about naming her son Ishmael.
2014-8-13 Saying "God Bless you!": Someone suggested that we shouldn't say, "God bless you" to people. What does you think? [2 John 1:10]
2014-8-13 Hermeneutics that Jews used & Millennial Kingdom: What were the Hermeneutics the Jews used in the Old Testament to learn about prophecy, such as the Millennial Kingdom?
2014-8-13 Thorn in Paul's Flesh: What does Steve think is the thorn in Paul's flesh? [2 Corinthians 12:6-8, Galatians 4:19]
2014-8-13 Unclean Foods: What is the thing about clean & unclean foods in the New Covenant? [Acts 10 & 11, 2 Corinthians 6:14, Mark 7:19, Matthew 15:16-20, 1 Timothy 4:1-4, Luke 10:8]
2014-8-12 Analogy of the Trinity: Caller gives an analogy of the Trinity & is wondering what Steve's thoughts are on it. The caller's conclusion is that Jesus in the only Person of the Godhead because He is the only real physical Person.
2014-8-12 Losing Friends for lack of Mutual Faith: Mike the Buddhist calls to say he feels sad that he's losing Christian friends just because he hasn't converted over yet.
2014-8-12 Hyper-Dispensationalists & Rebuilding of the Temple: Isn't it blasphemous to think Dispensationalists need to build another temple?
2014-8-12 Old Testament Prophetic Promises: Can we take OT prophetic promises at face value without spiritualizing them?
2014-8-12 Israelite Zionists: The Jews in Israel love that the Christian Zionists push Dispensationalism, don't they?
2014-8-12 Beast in Revelation 13: Is it possible that the Beast in Revelation 13 is our own evil flesh? [Revelation 13]
2014-8-12 Getting Married w/ out a Piece of Paper: It says in the Bible that "For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh", so does that mean they don't need a minister or marriage license? [Matthew 19:5]
2014-8-12 Birth Pains, Signs of the Times, the End not yet: Can't we know that we are near the end of the world because of the Signs of the Times we are seeing, the Birth Pains, that Jesus said would be increasing, & didn't He say to watch for them, but that the end is NOT quite yet anyway? [Matthew 24:1-2, 6-8, Mark 13:7]
2014-8-12 Dispensationalism: Can you explain Dispensationalism? What is Premillennialism?
2014-8-12 Holy Spirit Leaving the Earth: Does it say somewhere in the Bible that the Holy Spirit will leave the earth sometime in the future? [2 Thessalonians 2:1-17]
2014-8-12 Suicide: What do you think happens to people who commit suicide?
2014-8-11 Healing Miracle: Caller is a recipient of a major healing miracle. He no longer needs crutches.
2014-8-11 3rd Woe of the 4 Woes: What is the 3rd Woe because Revelation never names it? [Revelation 8:13, 9:1-11, 11:14-18]
2014-8-11 Tenth of the City: What does the Tenth of the City falling have to do with anything? [Revelation 11:13]
2014-8-11 Motivation for Jews in OT times: What would be the motivation for the Jews in Old Testament times if they knew nothing about having a relationship w/ Jesus Christ or that there was eternal life?
2014-8-11 Still having Tribulation: If Jesus overcame the world, & told us to have peace, why do we still have troubles? [John 16:33]