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2013-9-20 Marian Apparitions: What can you say about "Mary Appariations"?
2013-9-20 The Sun of Righteousness Arising: The Light or the Sun or the Son in Malachi 4 will be a blessing to the righteous & a devastation to the wicked, the caller points out. [Malachi 4, Revelation 6:12-17]
2013-9-20 God's Will & Free Will: We are supposed to do God's will, but we as human beings have a free will.
2013-9-19 Job's Children: Why did God let Job lose his children? Listener thinks that sounds very mean of God.
2013-9-19 All Scripture Inspired by God: When it says in 2 Timothy that ALL Scripture was inspired by God, he was only talking about the Old Testament Scriptures at the time, wasn't he? [2 Timothy 3:15-16]
2013-9-19 Studying The Mosaic Law: So we shouldn't worry about studying the Old Testament law?
2013-9-19 Struggling with Sin: Paul says we are always going to be struggling with sin, but then a verse in Hebrews seems to say you can't be struggling with sin, that you can't sin anymore. [Romans 7:14, Hebrews 10:26]
2013-9-19 Let your Yes be Yes & your No be No: What did Jesus mean by, "Let your yes be yes & your no be no"? [Matthew 5:33-37]
2013-9-19 Open Theism: Caller is reading a book about Open Theism & wondering what Steve thinks of it.
2013-9-19 Tithing: Are we supposed to still pay tithe? [1 Corinthians 6:2]
2013-9-19 Falling Away: Caller is concerned about Falling Away in light of Hebrews 6. [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2013-9-19 Interpreting Dreams: How do we know how to interpret dreams?
2013-9-18 Righteous Still & Filthy Still Isn't there a verse in Revelation that says that it'll become so evil in the last days that they are set in their ways that it's impossible to change? [Revelation 22:11]
2013-9-18 No Private Interpretation: How do you know that the stuff you are interpreting is not just your or the religions own private interpretation which Peter says not to do? [2 Peter 1:20] (Caller gets off & calls back & is the 4th caller.)
2013-9-18 Good Conscience & Baptism: Can you explain these verses in 1 Peter that seem to say different things about being saved, on one hand being regenerated & the fact that baptism saves us & having a good conscience? [1 Peter 1:23, 1 Peter 3:21]
2013-9-18 Churches Preaching a 3rd Temple: Why is there so many preachers preaching about the rebuilding of the Temple?
2013-9-18 Shiloh's Glory Removed: When God removed the glory from Shiloh, it never returned, is that true? [jeremiah 26:6]
2013-9-18 The Lord Building a 3rd Temple: Is the Lord going to build a 3rd Temple?
2013-9-18 Christianity a Cult: Caller thinks Christianity could even be considered a cult. (Caller was second caller in program, calling back after getting cutoff.)
2013-9-18 Eternal Torment: Where does it say in the Old Testament that people are going to be tortured in Hell?
2013-9-18 Adding to the Bible: What do does Steve think of these passage of Scripture in Revelation that says anyone who adds or takes away from the Bible (or Revelation), that it's going to be bad for them? [Revelation 22:18-19]
2013-9-18 God's Foreknowledge but Testing us: God tests us, that's true, but God knows what the outcome is going to be. God wants us to pass, but Satan wants us to fail.
2013-9-18 3rd Temple being built: Steve said that there was no mention of a Temple being built, but it says it in several places, the caller thinks.
2013-9-17 No Need for Teachers: If the Believers have received an anointing of The Holy Spirit, does that mean there's no need for a Teacher? [1 John 2:7]
2013-9-17 God of the Old & New Testament: Can Steve explain a good resource on the contrast between the Old Testament God & the New Tesament God regarding God's wrath? [Romans 11:22]
2013-9-17 Satan as a Tester: What if Satan was completely submissive to God? [2 Samuel 24, 1 Chronicles 21, Deuteronomy 13:1-3, James 4:7-8]
2013-9-17 Praying in the Name of Jesus: So are we always supposed to end our prayer, "in the name of Jesus"? [John 16:23-24]
2013-9-17 Binding & Loosing: What does "binding & loosing" mean? [Matthew 16:19, Matthew18:18]
2013-9-17 Angels Being Tested: You say we are supposed to be tested, but were the angels ever tested when they fell?
2013-9-17 Sorcery, Drugs & Pharmakeia: Are we supposed to be using mind-altering drugs for healing since it's a form of sorcery according to Revelation? [Revelation 18:23, Revelation 9:21, Revelation 21:8, Revelation 22:15, Galatians 5:19-21]
2013-9-17 Eschatology & the Supernatural: Caller is interested in the supernatural, casting out demons, & other stuff in the supernatural realm.
2013-9-17 Lord of Hosts: We are the vessels of Christ. [Matthew 12:45] (quite frankly, i couldn't figure out what the caller was saying!)
2013-9-16 "With the Mind" & "With the Flesh": A Pastor said that we need to commit to obey the law of God, but with our carnal nature we are always going to be serving our flesh. Is that true? [Romans 7:24-25, Matthew 26:41]
2013-9-16 Paul's Pre-Conversion or Current Spiritual Experience: Is Romans 7 talking about his preconversion experience or his Christian experience? [Romans 7, Romans 8, Galatians 5:16]
2013-9-16 Eve's Knowledge of Labor Pains: How did Eve know about Labor Pains if she had never had any children before Cain?
2013-9-16 God's Foreknowledge: Did God know us before we were created? [Psalm 90:1-2, Job 38:7]
2013-9-16 Syrian Conflict & Current Events: It seems like every time there's an event in current events like the Syrian Conflict that there's talk of the Secret Rapture. What do you say about that?
2013-9-16 Walking in the Spirit: What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? [Galatians 5:16-25] (Steve recommends from his lecture series called, "Cultivating Christian Character" & the specific lecture called, "Walking as Jesus walked.)
2013-9-16 Paul's Pre-Conversion or Current Spiritual Experience (rebuttal): A friend of Steve's calls to rebutt what Steve said about Romans 7:14-25 talking about Paul's current Christian experience & says that Paul is talking about his previous life. [Romans 7]
2013-9-16 Michael the Buddhist Having a relationship with Jesus, becoming more spiritual, will make the things that happen here, make everything else secondary...michael saying this even though he hasn't converted to Christianity....yet.
2013-9-16 "Cultivating Christian Character": Steve recommened Cultivating Christian Character to a previous caller, & this caller gives a plug to that series, that she really likes it.
2013-9-16 Melchizedek: What can you tell me about Melchizedek? Was he a pre-Christ? [Genesis 14, Hebrews 7, Psalm 110:4]
2013-9-16 Christians Joining the Military: Is it okay for Christians to be in the military?
2013-9-12 "The Flaming Toilet of Death": Did Steve ever watch the video called, "The Flaming Toilet of Death", & what did he think of it?
2013-9-12 Hell not in the OT: Hell wasn't even mentioned in the Old Testament. [Daniel 12:2, Isaiah 66:24]
2013-9-12 Grace upon Grace: What does "grace upon grace" mean in the Gospel of John? [John 1:14-16, Ephesians 4:29]
2013-9-12 Michael the Buddhist's Spiritual Status: Michael the Buddhist is calling to give an update of his fellowship in Christian circles.
2013-9-12 "All things are by Him & for Him": What does all things are by Jesus & for Jesus? [Colossian 1:16]
2013-9-12 Revealing Kingdom of God to Paul: Why did Jesus want to make the Kingdom of God known to Paul since he didn't care about it?
2013-9-12 The Mystery of the Kingdoms: Why didn't Jesus want to make known the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, speaking to them in the parables so they couldn't understand it?