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2017-8-30 Paul's Writing Above all other's Writings: Have you ever heard that Paul's writings are elevated above anyone else's, including Jesus' own words?
2017-8-29 Parable of the Wheat & Tares Is the Parable of the Wheat & the Tares talking about the 2nd coming or 70 AD? Jesus might've been crucified on Thurs, a special sabbath? [Matthew 13:24-43]
2017-8-29 Jerusalem being Free: "But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all", what does this mean? [Galatians 4:26]
2017-8-29 Sabbath Observance a form of Idolatry: Is it insubordination to insist on worshipping on the Sabbath?
2017-8-29 Angels & Stars: Who are the angels & stars that are talked about Revelation 1? [Revelation 1:16-20]
2017-8-29 Dating of the Year of Jesus' Crucifixion: The caller thinks the date of the exact year of Jesus' crucifixion was about 30 AD. The Naval Observatory weighed in on it recently.
2017-8-29 Institutional Church: Caller would like to weigh in on why Christians are leaving the Institutional churches in droves lately.
2017-8-28 Noahic Rainbow Covenant: Is the covenant regarding the rainbow still in effect? [Genesis 9:11] (devastating hurricane had just happened)
2017-8-28 Marriage License: So is a State license marriage mandated?
2017-8-28 Hallucination from drug use: Drug user still experiencing hallucinations, wondering how God views this.
2017-8-28 Life After Death: What happens immediately upon death, soul sleep?
2017-8-28 People's Names in the Bible: Names of characters in the Bible, are they relative to God's wishes in the Bible in correlation of the meaning their life?
2017-8-28 Radio Archives: Why are some Radio Archives unavailable now? I've taken notes on a lot of them that i've liked & now they are just completely gone.
2017-8-28 Last Days: When is the last days, the VERY last days of the world or when Jesus was here? (he's very hard to hear)
2017-8-28 Women Pastors: What do you think of women pastors?
2017-8-28 Biblical Gardens: Biblical Gardens.
2017-8-25 Eating Meat Sacrificed to Idols: What were the ramifications for eating meat from idols?
2017-8-25 Jesus Movement: Do you know about the Jesus Movement: What do you think about the. Was there any parallels of Christianity & the Counter Culture?
2017-8-25 John MacArthur: Would you have a problem w/ john MacArthur's teachings?
2017-8-25 Eastern Orthodox Church & Hanegraaff: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff switching over to EO & what do you know about them?
2017-8-25 Law Written in our Hearts & the Sabbath: I've been studying w/ the Seventh Day Adventists, & they say Sabbath keeping & the 10 commandments are for now, law written in our hearts, but the commandments were changed from the Old to the New, so the ultimate question is, WHICH commandments are still binding?
2017-8-25 Never Hearing the Gospel: What about people who have never heard the gospel?
2017-8-25 Satan Being Cast out of Heaven: When did the casting Satan of Heaven occur? [Revelation 12]
2017-8-24 Last Act is a Horrible Sin: What if your last sin a terrible sin at the very last minute of your life, what will God do with you?
2017-8-24 Walking in the Light: What does walking in the light, & breaking fellowship with God becaues you are not? [1 John 1:8-9]
2017-8-24 Meaning of Christianity: What does it mean to be a Christian because I've had inconsistent behavior?
2017-8-24 Marrying 1st Cousin: Is it legal or morally wrong to marry your first cousin?
2017-8-24 Following the Light: Continuing a conversation the caller previous had about being saved according the light you have (follow, 8/33, 3rd q).
2017-8-23 Prophecy & Tongues: Is prophecy & tongues for the believer or for the unbeliever & if for the believer, is church for the unbeliever too? [1 Corinthians 14:23-25]
2017-8-23 Sacrificing More than One Place: Was Israel was allowed to sacrifice in more than one place? [Deuteronomy 12:21]
2017-8-23 Bad Religion by Ross Douthat: Have you heard of a book by the name of "Bad Religion" by a Ross Doulthat?
2017-8-23 Church Flourishing: From after World War 2 to 1960, was the church flourishing?
2017-8-23 Lazarus During His Death: Lazarus was raised so where did he go when he died, heaven? What happens when we die? [John 11]
2017-8-23 Caller Feels He May be on Deathbed: Caller wants to know what the pass way to die is.
2017-8-23 Paul & Tongues: Is Paul talking about tongues in both Romans & 1 Corinthians? [Romans 8:26-27, 1 Corinthians 14]
2017-8-23 Ezekiel: Why did Ezekiel have to lose his wife & allowed to mourn for her?
2017-8-23 Original Sin: Is there a debate over Augustine's doctrine of Original Sin?
2017-8-22 Degrees of Punishment in Hell: is there different degrees of punishment in hell? isn't just going to hell for not believing Jesus enough? Is justice an attribute of God?
2017-8-22 Calvinism & Free Will: Is there free will in Calvinism? Does God
2017-8-22 Nicodemus' Salvation: Can we say if Nicodemus was saved or not?
2017-8-22 Not Accepting Jesus: What if people don't accept the Man Jesus, but live by the Light they have, isn't that good enoug?
2017-8-22 U.S. Constitution: Should the constitution be restricted to reflect Christian views? Caller is concerned it's too secular.
2017-8-22 Hell into the Lake of Fire: Caller wants to point out that Hell was cast into the lake of fire. [Revelation 20:11-15]
2017-8-22 Universal Reconciliationism: Can God be grieved when He loses His children, or is that a weak human trait?
2017-8-22 The Book of Revelation of Jesus not John: Isn't the book of Revelation a revelation of Jesus Christ & not John? And what is your view of the book of Revelation?
2017-8-22 The Rapture: Will the rapture come before or after the tribulation? [Matthew 24]
2017-8-22 The Word being Idea: The Word, can it just be an "idea"? [John 1:1]
2017-8-21 Atheist Listeners to the Narrow Path Program: Steve has received recent mail from Atheists who have actually donated to the program. One of them has a question:
2017-8-21 Faith: Are you sure faith isn't just having confidence in something they think to be true?
2017-8-21 Reading a Letter from an Atheist: Steve Gregg reads a letter from yet another Atheist, who also donated to the show!