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2015-1-22 Marijuana: What do you think of people using Marijuana as an alternative for the conventional medicine such as Prozac in treating depression?
2015-1-22 Millennials: Caller read an article about not worrying about what the Millennials do.
2015-1-22 Marijuana: Taking Marijuana for Depression, that can make you more depressed!
2015-1-22 Spiritual Discernment: Objecting to the way a friend is raising her kids, is that Spiritual Discernment?
2015-1-22 Jehovah's Witnesses: Have you had any dealings with the Jehovah's Witnessess, & how do you witness to them?
2015-1-22 Power of God: How can or does a person rely on the Power of God?
2015-1-22 Anti-Depressants: Fighting depression with Vitamins & Diet is the best way to go, this caller thinks.
2015-1-21 Book of Enoch similar to Narnia: Did Steve say the book of Enoch was similar to the Chronicles of Narnia? What was the motive of the writers quoting from it?
2015-1-21 Calvinism: How do Calvinists determine who are of the elect or not?
2015-1-21 Illumination of Light: Once you are illuminated by the Light, why would you want to go back to darkness?, Michael the Buddhist says Rusty seems to be saying (a caller who has been calling frequently about eternal security).
2015-1-21 God's Foreknowledge: God knows the end from the beginning, but doesn't determine the outcome, & caller as a result of this call learns that she actually is an Arminianist.
2015-1-21 Tertullian & Lucifer being a Fallen Angel: Did Tertullian believe & come up with Lucifer Falling from Heaven?
2015-1-21 Zeal, even if misguided, is good: Even though caller thinks Rusty, who's been calling in a lot lately regarding the perseverance of the saints, is wrong, but that at least he has enthusiasm for what he believes.
2015-1-20 Apostasy (vs Eternal Security): Caller has a friend who at one point really loved Jesus with her whole heart, mind & soul, but has completely turned against Christianity.
2015-1-20 Branches Bearing Fruit: Are there 3 different groups of Christians, Christians who bear fruit, Christians who don't, & Christians who break off, is that right? [john 15:1-5]
2015-1-20 Falling Away (for Buddhism): If Steve were to fall for Buddhism, does that means that he fell from grace?
2015-1-20 Eternal Security: Jesus' sheep follow Him, He gives them eternal life, they shall never perish, is very clear to the caller. [John 10:27-28] (argument for once saved, always saved.)
2015-1-20 Book of Enoch: It appears Jude quoted from Enoch, & so did he really quote from it or did it just happen that they were both talking about a similar topic? [Jude 1:14]
2015-1-20 Once Saved Always Saved refuted: You can lose your contrast to a previous call in the show. [Proverbs 3:1-7]
2015-1-20 Loss of Salvation: Can a person come back to faith after they have apostatized? (Hebrews 6:4-6]
2015-1-19 Jesus being Allah in Africa: Jesus not being the Son of God in African countries but is just called, "Allah", has Steve heard anything about this?
2015-1-19 Jesus' Name is Yeshua: A Messianic Jew minister told the caller that the name "Jesus" is useless, that He needs to be called "Yeshua".
2015-1-19 A couple of jokes are exchanged: Michael the Buddhist shares a joke & Steve shares one.
2015-1-19 Karma: What does Steve think of Karma just being the hand of God?
2015-1-19 Eternal Security: What is meant by Eternal Security? What about someone who appears saved but dies in grave sin? [John 10:28, 1 Corinthians 4:5]
2015-1-19 Cults not believing Gifts of the Spirit: Is it true that cults don't believe in the Gifts of the Spirit, don't get messages from God? Do Muslims ever hear from God?
2015-1-19 Eternal Security: Caller absolutely believes in Eternal Security. (Healthy Discussion)
2015-1-19 Eternal Security: Caller has been listening to Vernon McGee about "Falling Away" & would like Steve's thoughts. [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2015-1-16 Perseverance of the Saints: Caller disagrees w/ Steve's stance of not having Eternal Security, not being once saved always saved & they have a long discussion about it.
2015-1-16 Michael the Archangel & Moses: What exactly was the dispute over Moses' body anyway? [Jude 9]
2015-1-16 Marriage & Divorce (Adultery): Are spouses allowed to go back to each other once they divorce each other, both getting remarried & divorced from those marriages? [Deuteronomy 24]
2015-1-16 Perseverance of the Saints: Caller doesn't understand why Steve doesn't camp on the words of Jesus, "All that the Father gave Me, I will not lose one" from a previous call. [John 6:37-39, John 18:9]
2015-1-16 Marriage & Divorce (Adultery): Caller wants to followup what was discussed in a previous question about husband forgiving & repenting.
2015-1-15 Denying the Lord: Can we Deny the Lord by our lack of works? Will He say He never knew us if He at one time DID know us? [Titus 1:16, Matthew 7:23]
2015-1-15 Eastern Orthodoxy (about Hell): Heaven & Hell are actually thought to be the same place. Has Steve ever heard of something like that?
2015-1-15 "Greater Works": What greater works was Jesus talking about that we would do? [John 14:12]
2015-1-15 False Teacher Accusation: Caller is saying Steve said that Jesus said in Matthew 7:23, "I knew you, but not anymore", but that's a false gospel. [Matthew 7:23]
2015-1-15 Bible Thumping as opposed to Gently Correcting: How can you not come across as Bible thumping as opposed to be gently admonishing someone who's doing wrong? [2 Timothy 2:24, Galatians 6:1]
2015-1-15 Tithing: Caller has a friend who has told him he is wrong for not tithing. How does he share with him that he might not be right?
2015-1-14 3rd & 4th Generational Curse: Why do my great-great grandchildren have to pay for my sins? [Exodus 20:5, 34:7, Deuteronomy 5:9-10, Ezekiel 18:20]
2015-1-14 Fasting - Negative connotation: God didn't want fasting or it wasn't always effective, is that what He was saying in Isaiah? [Isaiah 58]
2015-1-14 God Hates the Sin, Loves the Sinner: We've heard the saying, "God hates the sin, but loves the sinner", but there are places where it says in the Bible that God hates the wicked person.
2015-1-14 Ethnic Israel having a future role: Does Steve believe ethnic Israel plays a role in the end-times? What about all these passages of Scripture then? [Luke 21:24, Romans 11:25-32]
2015-1-14 No Bibles Available in Church: Caller forgot Bible one time & asked if she could borrow one & the church didn't have one.
2015-1-14 Prayer in Church: How much prayer should be happening in church?
2015-1-14 Spouse being very problematic: What do you do when your spouse goes out of their way to be problematic, refusing to pray with you, go to church with you?
2015-1-13 Exegesis, Eisegesis & Existentialism: Michael the Buddhist starts a discussion about Exegesis verses Eisegesis & then asks about Existentialism.
2015-1-13 Kingdom of God: When is the Kingdom of God going to be established? during millennial reign that we are in now? Caller is also concerned with how Jesus answered them. [Act 1:6-9].
2015-1-13 Jesus giving up Deity: Jesus was 100% God & 100% man, but didn't He divest Himself of His Deity?
2015-1-13 People Never hearing the Gospel: Caller wanted to followup on if people are saved who had never heard the gospel & wants to cite a passage of Scripture in Romans. [Romans 2:11-15]