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2019-1-03 Helping the Addicted: How does one handle it when a friend who is addicted to drugs, keeps saying she wants to get clean & sober, but then never does?
2019-1-03 Peter's Chronology of Events: A pastor said that Peter was not giving the order of events of how things actually happened, what say you? [Acts 2:38].
2019-1-02 Saints or Sinners: Should we consider ourselves saints or sinners?[2 Corinthians 2:14, Romans 7:18,23, Romans 8, Philemon 6].
2019-1-02 Jesus Contradicts Himself: How can Jesus' words be true if He contradicts Himself, such as when He says when people only speak the words that are in their heart, but that people will worship Him in words? [Matthew 12:36, 15:8, Isaiah 29:13, Proverbs 23:6].
2019-1-02 Satan Bound: If Satan is bound, then how can he go about seeking whom he may devour? [I Peter 5:8, Revelation 20:2-5, Matthew 12:29].
2019-1-02 Loving God: How do we love God with all our hearts, soul, and mind? [James 1:17, I John 4:19].
2019-1-02 Seeking the Kingdom of God: How do people seek the Kingdom of God? [Colossians 1:13, Matthew 5:16].
2019-1-02 Essentials of the Gospel: What are the absolute "essentials" of the gospel? What must we understand and what should we be laboring to tell others?
2019-1-02 Arias & The Arians: Discussion of Arias and the Arians and the Counsel of Nicea. [1 John 5:7].
2019-1-02 Genesis & Dinosaurs: What do you say to somebody who asks about dinosaurs? [Genesis 1:20-24, Job 40:15-24, Job 41:1-34].
2019-1-02 Meaning of Lukewarm: What does it mean to be lukewarm? Does it mean that when you are spit out, you are no longer saved? [Revelation 3:15-17, John 15:6].
2019-1-02 Women Preaching: What do you think about women preaching?
2019-1-01 Casting Out Demons: Why does it appear that the unconverted (Sons of Shiva) are successful in casting out demons, and yet the converted are not successful? [Acts 19, Matthew 7, Luke 9:49]
2019-1-01 Israel Keeping Virgins: Why did God allow the Israelites to keep virgins when they were not supposed to intermix with the heathens? [Numbers 31].
2019-1-01 Angels (Sons of God) Having Sex with Women: What about angels (Sons of God) who had sex with women? [Genesis 6].
2019-1-01 God Ordering Killing: Why did God not wish to convert the Canaanites rather than wipe them out?
2019-1-01 Age for Baptism: The Mormon church is putting pressure on me regarding my daughter's baptism, so at what age should I get her baptized?
2019-1-01 Taking Jericho: How does one harmonize texts that indicate two different sources for the orders to for the people to take Jericho? [Deuteronomy 34, Numbers 13].
2019-1-01 Once Saved, Always Saved: What do you think of the possibility that we can lose our salvation, because scripture indicates that the Lord can dump us out of His hand? [John 17-18:9, Revelation 3:16, Isaiah 53, Matthew 24:10, I Peter 1:5].
2019-1-01 Marriage Vows in Heaven: If there is no marriage in heaven, when would the marriage vows dissolve? [Matthew 22:30, Luke 20:34-36. Mark 12:22-25, Romans 7:1-4, I Corinthians 7:39].
2019-1-01 In Jesus Name: What does it mean to pray "in Jesus' name"? [Colossians 3:17, Hebrew 4:16].
2019-1-01 Nature of Prayer: Would you touch on the nature of prayer? Is it a two-way conversation?
2019-1-01 Hearers & Doers: Do you agree that we often know a lot of scripture, but we sometimes forget how to live up to them? [James 1:22-25, Romans 2:13].
2018-12-31 Vision from the Holy Spirit: What do you think of a vision that I had, do you think it's possibly from the Holy Spirit?
2018-12-31 Lucifer: Listened to your spiritual warfare and am listening to the section about Lucifer. Could you expound on that name, where the came from?
2018-12-31 Calvinism & Arminianism: Calvinism & Arminianism, elected to being saved before someone asking God in their heart, I heard you saying is what Calvinists believe.
2018-12-31 Not Making your needs known: What do you mean by not availing, disclosing what your burdens are, to the body of Christ? [Galatians 6:2, Romans 12:15]
2018-12-31 Holy Spirit: (followup from many previous calls she has made) Does everyone have the Holy Spirit in them or not? am I saved or not?
2018-12-31 Repenting from your Sinful Ways: "Repent from your sinful ways" this caller says he heard steve Gregg say this, so wanted to know what he meant by it. Do you repent when you come to Christ or is it a sanctification process?
2018-12-31 Jesus' Name: Is Jesus' name in Hebrew named "Yeshua" or "Yahshua"?
2018-12-31 Angels Singing: Is there anywhere in the Bible where it talks about angels singing in the Bible? What about in the book of Job? [Job 38:7, Revelation 4-5, Revelation 5:9, Revelation 4:10]
2018-12-31 Pentecost a fulfillment: Was Pentecost a fulfillment of Joel 2? [Acts 2:16, Acts 2:14-18]
2018-12-28 A Self-Deceived Person: What about a self-deceived person?
2018-12-28 An Unbeliever, an Apostate & a Reprobate: Is there a difference between an unbeliever, an apostate and a reprobate?
2018-12-28 One Thinks they are Saved: What about thinking you are saved, & they really aren’t?
2018-12-28 Praying Directly to Jesus: I disagree that we can't or shouldn't pray directly to Jesus because of Stephen in Acts. Also, you say it's okay to be just baptized in Jesus' name, YET Jesus commanded to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. [Mathew 28:18-20, Acts 7:54-60]
2018-12-28 Tithing: What would you say about someone who doesn't tithe?
2018-12-28 Unbelief in Christ: Aren't people who don't believe in Jesus technically actually persecuting Him, putting Him back on the cross? Will He forgive you if you have done this? [Hebrews 6:4-6]
2018-12-28 Guilt & Remorse: A friend thinks he ruined his life by the choices he had made & now has remorse & guilt but doesn't know what to do about it.
2018-12-28 Persecution: Listening to your lectures on wealth, but was hoping you'd expand on 2 Tim 3:12. [2 Timothy 3:12]
2018-12-28 The Book of Mormon: I had some Mormons/LDSs come to my door & said that the Bible predicts the book of Mormon coming on the scene. (eze 37)
2018-12-28 Repenting God Made Man: Someone was asking me about God grieving (repenting) for making man & trying to figure out what to say to him. [Genesis 6:6]
2018-12-28 Amplified Bibles: What do you think about the Amplified Bible?
2018-12-28 Abraham Father of Many Nations: What does it mean that Abraham would become "the father of many nations"?
2018-12-27 Soul, Spirit, & the Breath of Life: Can you define the soul, spirit & the breath of life, is there a distinction between the 3?
2018-12-27 False Doctrine: Throw people out who teach false doctrine (not saved if you don't speak in tongues)?
2018-12-27 Persecuted by the Church: The early church killed people, calvin killed people, what about luther?
2018-12-27 Praying for Non-Christians: Should you pray for NON-Christians to be alleviated of their problems?
2018-12-27 Praying on our Knees: When should we pray on our knees?
2018-12-27 Jesus' Birth: Messiah's birth the feast of tabernacles(?)