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2018-7-11 Losing Faith: Even if you do walk away from God, you could still being pursued by God/
2018-7-11 Reincarnation: Is reincarnation is in the bible?
2018-7-11 Spiritual Suicide in College: Caller thinks Steve was right on when he said you are basically sending your children to a spiritual death when you send them to secular colleges.
2018-7-10 Church Membership: So you are against Church Membership? Do you have anything in your lectures about that?
2018-7-10 The Calvinist & Arminianist Debate: What is the best book of the Bible to go through to debate Calvinism & arminianism? [Romans]
2018-7-10 Adam & Eve's Naked Conscience: Why is this verse here, Adam & Eve being ashamed of their nakedness as a result of the Fall?
2018-7-10 Choosing Unbelief: What is the main reason for disbelief?
2018-7-10 Hell-Universal Reconciliationism: What are your views about Universal Reconciliationism (what the caller calls, "restorationism")?
2018-7-10 Monetary Tips: Is it godly to give tips in restaurants?
2018-7-10 Black Hebrew Israelites: African Americans the true Hebrews/Israelites, the lost tribe of Israel. I'm leaning on believing that. What do you think? [Deuteronomy 28, Galatians 3:26-29]
2018-7-10 Testimony about LGBT Concern: I just wanted to share what I mentioned on a previous show that I don't have to worry about not getting the job because the LGBT concern. (followup, 6/22, last Q)
2018-7-10 Jews in the End Times: Are the Jews going to play a significant role in the end times?
2018-7-09 2 Sticks in Ezekiel: Ezekiel holding 2 sticks & putting them together, what did that mean, & what do Christian Zionists do w/ this? [Ezekiel 37]
2018-7-09 Prophecy Hampering Second Coming: Are there any prophecies that need to be fulfilled before Jesus comes back?
2018-7-09 Blessing God & God blessing us & lifting Hands: You said recently said that the it's the greater man that blesses the lesser man, so God blesses us, more than we are blessing God, with praise & worship & the lifting hands in, but what about these verses in Psalms? [Psalm 63:4, Psalms 134:2]
2018-7-09 Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I really the introduction music to your show. Is that you playing the guitar?
2018-7-09 Cremation: Is cremation okay or do we need our bodies for God to raise us?
2018-7-09 Jesus Leaving it up to the Priests of the Catholic Church: So did Jesus really leave the Catholic church to tell us what to do? [Matthew 23:2-3]
2018-7-09 Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I was always like your introductory music too.
2018-7-09 Home Church: What does your home church consist of? What are some of the problems you have had with it? [1 Corinthians 14:26]
2018-7-09 Nation of Israel: Do you not think the state of Israel is legitimate?
2018-7-06 Glorification: Are we already glorified when we come to Christ through our salvation? [Romans 8:30]
2018-7-06 Justification, Sanctification, Glorification: What are the definitions of Justification, Sanctification, Glorification?
2018-7-06 Exorcisms: What happens if someone wants you to do an exorcism? is it immediately effective or not?
2018-7-06 Privacy from God: Does God know everything that is going on in our private lives? Are we not allowed some privacy?
2018-7-06 Destruction of Jerusalem: Is the Jerusalem prophecy still to happen in our future or already past? [Zechariah 9-14]
2018-7-06 Jesus' Name: Where did the name "Jesus" come?
2018-7-06 Holding Cell for the Wicked Dead: Where do the wicked go after they die, some type of holding cell?
2018-7-06 Child punished for Parent's Sin: Can a child be punished or suffer for the parent's sin? {Ezekiel 18, Exodus 20:5]
2018-7-06 Paying Tithe: Abraham paid tithe to Melchizedek, so tithing is still enforced, is it not? [Hebrews 7, Matthew 23:23]
2018-7-05 More Sinful the Closer to Christ: It sort've seems the closer i'm getting to Jesus, the more sinful i see myself.
2018-7-05 Don't Have to Repent anymore: So once we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior we don't have to repent anymore since He forgave our Past, Present & Future sins? Is that true? [Romans 6]
2018-7-05 Our Resurrected Bodies in Psalm 23: Is the temple possibly be talking about our resurrected body in Psalms? [Psalms 23:6b]
2018-7-05 Irvin Baxter: Do you ever listen to Irvin Baxter, End of the Age? How does your view align with his?
2018-7-05 Doing God's Will, Always Repenting, & Chronic Pain: I'm trying to always conform to God's will & not my will, but i'm always continually repenting, but always in chronic pain.
2018-7-05 Genealogy of Jesus & Joseph: Why is Jesus' step-dad Joseph's genealogy so important in Matthew 1 when he wasn't even blood related to Jesus? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]
2018-7-03 Going to Seminary: Do you think pastors/teachers need/should go to Seminary for their training? [Luke 2:41-50]
2018-7-03 Preachers & Teachers Learning New Knowledge: Do preachers & teachers need to continue to study & grow in their Biblical insights? Do they need to be presenting new insights, new knowledge, from God?
2018-7-03 Charging for the Gospel: Why do Ministers charge for the gospel?
2018-7-03 Spouse more Spiritually zealous than the other: What about husbands who are not the best Christian leaders in their home and community, who are not as spiritual or zealous their wife? [1 Peter 3:1-6]
2018-7-03 Balaam: Who was Balaam who King Balak of the Moabites tried to get to curse the Israelites? [Numbers 22]
2018-7-03 Nicolaitans: Who were the Nicolaitans that Jesus didn't like so much in Revelation? [Revelation 2:6,15]
2018-7-03 Chastisement of the Lord: What is the chastisement of the Lord?
2018-7-03 Nicolaitans: I have an alternative view about the Nicolaitans, that they had a victory over the people.
2018-7-03 Contacting a Previous Caller: How do I contact the caller that would like help with the work he's doing out in the Reservation.
2018-7-03 No Gentiles: Where did gentiles come from if we are all from Adam & Eve? We're all family. There's no such thing as Gentile, according to the caller.
2018-7-03 Any Good Books about Living Through us: Can Steve please recommend some good books for inspiring growth in the Lord, living through Jesus. (A.W. Tozer)
2018-7-03 Fulfillment of the Law: Why don't we still do all the law's rituals?
2018-7-02 Cessation of the Gifts & Dispensationalism: In a previous show you were talking to someone about a Church that don't believe the Gifts of the Spirit are for today, but that the Calvary chapel does. but to be weary of dispensationalism, so what is Dispensationalism?
2018-7-02 God Ordaining Ever Step: Does God ordain every step of our life?