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2016-8-01 Tattoos a Sin: Do you believe tattoos are a sin?
2016-8-01 The Morning Star: How can the term "morning star" refer to both to Jesus & the Devil? [Revelation 2:28, Revelation 22:16, Isaiah 14:12]
2016-8-01 Laying on Hands to Receive the Holy Spirit: Laying on of hands for the Holy Spirit, why doesn’t the church practice this? [Acts 8:9-24, Hebrews 6:1-3]
2016-7-29 Judging: What kind of judging are we supposed to do & not do? [1 Corinthians 5, Romans 14, James 4, John 7:24]
2016-7-29 Generosity to People: Distribution of goods within the church, people seen to be taking advantage of the church generosity. Should there be some standards?
2016-7-29 The Four Winds: 4 winds, end times implications [Revelatoin 7:1, Matthew 24:31]
2016-7-29 Feeding the Poor: Homeless ministries/ limitations on recipients [Proverbs 21:13]
2016-7-29 Holy Spirit Living Defiled Temples: It says the Holy Spirit lives in our body, but how can He live in my body if it's all cancerous? Praying in Jesus' name
2016-7-29 Remarry Again: Living with ex-husband but hesitant to remarry.
2016-7-29 Lecture Series on Dispensationalism: Do you have any lecture series on Dispensationalism?
2016-7-29 Infidelity of Father: Father’s infidelity, allowing him to be around his grandchildren, how to treat him in the future?
2016-7-28 The Cathoilic Church, Trinity & the Bible: A Catholic caller calls to talk about the Trinity, & points out that from the same Bible people say you must believe in the Trinity but others say you don't. Caller wants to know where you go to resolve issues.
2016-7-28 Born-again Leaders trying to fulfill Prophecy: President Bush is acting relative to prophecy or fulfillment of Prophecy.
2016-7-28 Once Saved Always Saved: I believe in once saved always saved, but also believe in once saved we can also lose our salvation!
2016-7-28 End of Days: When is the end of days, end of world or 70 AD? What did the apostles think about the timing? [Daniel 12:13]
2016-7-28 Soul & Spirit: Caller makes an analogy soul & spirit comment
2016-7-28 Age for Baptism: Is 11 yrs old too young for baptism or not?
2016-7-27 Dishonoring Father Changing to Mother's Maiden Name: What does it mean to honor your parents, & what do you think about me changing my name to mother's maiden name? [Ephesians 6:1-4]
2016-7-27 Addressing Satan: Is addressing Satan Biblical? [James 4:7]
2016-7-27 Grind Him to Powder & Broken if you Fall on Stone: What does this verse mean? [Matthew 21:44]
2016-7-27 Following the Light: What will God do with those that adhere to a wrong religion, but are sincere? [John 1:9-13, John 10:16)
2016-7-27 Confusion of Language in Babel: Why did God scramble the languages during the Tower of Babel?
2016-7-27 Tower of Babel: Is everything that happened in these chapters true, including the Tower of Babel?
2016-7-27 Uniting Europe: What about trying to unify Europe?
2016-7-26 Evidence of Historic Jesus Aside from Bible: Is there any evidence outside the Bible what there actually was a historic Jesus?
2016-7-26 God's Creatures Suffering in Hell: Caller talking to an atheist/agnostic, but the only problem that his atheist has is, why would God create a hell (to torture His creatures)?
2016-7-26 Suicide an Automatic Hell Sentence: would like to know about suicide because an acquaintance recently just did it, & does that mean automatic hell?
2016-7-26 Sundry Times & Diverse So we are all done w/ prophets & people having visions, etc., because Jesus was the last & ultimate Prophet?
2016-7-26 Marian Apparitions: What is Steve's opinion of Marian Apparitions?f
2016-7-26 2 Peter Authoroship Caller heard that 2 Peter wasn't written by Peter. Is that true?
2016-7-26 Mark first Gospel & Plagiarized from: Was Mark the first gospel written, & everyone else "plagiarized" from his gospel?
2016-7-25 Salvation from Man's Perspective: Is there any warrant in saying these verses apply to man's perspective of salvation? [John 1:12, Acts 16:31, Acts 13:48, Titus 2:14, Luke 15:8-32]
2016-7-25 Sincere Believers in wrong Faith: Sincere believers in the wrong faith will be viewed by God how?
2016-7-25 Touching Jesus & not Touching Jesus: Why did Jesus say not to touch Him in one instance and then had someone touch Him in another? [john 20:17, John 20:27]
2016-7-25 Only Elect Being Saved: So if you are not elect you are just doomed to hell, no chance for you? What is the point of God creating you if you aren't going to glorify Him? (God's Soveriegnty & Man's Salvation lecture recommended)
2016-7-22 Sincerity is What Matters: Ssome say it doesn't matter if you are Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, or anything, as long as you are sincere. What say you?
2016-7-22 Saving America: in view of the current situation our country, what can we do to save America?
2016-7-22 Ashes to Ashes: Why is it that you hear "ashes to ashes & dust to dust", where does that come from?
2016-7-22 Dead to the Law Through the Law: What is Paul saying here, "dead to the Law through the law"? [Galatians 2:19, Romans 7:9]
2016-7-22 Light before the Sun during Creation: What was the light before the Sun was made, & what about the vegetation on the 3rd day? and the earth is flat, caller believes.
2016-7-22 Christians Voting: What is our responsibility in voting as Christians, especially of candidates who aren't very good?
2016-7-22 Jacob have I loved, Esau have I Hated: "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated", I've always been troubled with that passage of scripture [Malachi 1:2-3, Romans 9:13, Genesis 29:30-31]
2016-7-21 Remedy Paraphrase Bible: What is Steve's opinion on the new "Remedy" paraphrased Bible?
2016-7-21 Sola Scriptura What is Steve's opinion on "sola scriptura"?
2016-7-21 Atonement for your Lives: How come the rich don't have to pay more & the poor less, & you can buy atonement & what is atonement?
2016-7-21 The Sincere Believer & the Calvinist: Does the Calvinist View say that if somebody called upon Jesus who's name was not written in the book of life, that Jesus wouldn't answer Him, or would they say they would never knock on the door in the first place?
2016-7-21 Christian Church Established: When did the church begin> At Pentecost? [Matthew 16, Matthew 18, Acts 2]
2016-7-21 Holy Spirit in Charge of the Church or Jesus the Head: Is the Holy Spirit is in charge of the church? Isn't Jesus the head of the church?
2016-7-21 Tithing: So you don't think tithing is any longer biblical?
2016-7-21 Meaning of a Passage in Isaiah: Can you please give some insight into this passage of Scripture in Isaiah? [Isaiah 8:18-20]