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2014-9-19 Apocrypha books - Epistle of the Barnabas: Where does it say that an apostle can be the only ones that write a book of the Bible, & if it doesn't say that, why can't people like Mary Baker Eddy or Joseph write a book for the Bible?
2014-9-19 Protestants Saved or not Saved: In our last discussion you said Vatican 1 Protestants were condemned to hell, & that in Vatican 2 they were only separated brethren, but wasn't it the Council of Trent that said it & not Vatican 1?
2014-9-19 Time Lapse Between Jesus Birth & the end of Acts: How can the time between Jesus' birth & the end of Acts only be 30 years?
2014-9-19 Polygamy & the Mormon Church: Polygamy in the Old Testament, why did God permit it? There was polygamy in the Mormon Church, & they don't like having it in their history.
2014-9-19 Understanding the Bible in a new lens: I appreciate you teaching me how to study the Bible in a different lens than Evangelical Traditionalism.
2014-9-19 Inerrancy of the Bible - Mustard Seed: Jesus said that the Mustard Seed was the smallest seed, but in reality, it's not. So was He mistaken? The NLT version of the Bible sort've helped Him out by saying, "one of the smallest seeds".
2014-9-19 Homeless Ministry: Do you remember a homeless guy by the (nick)name of John 3:16 from the Jesus Movement?
2014-9-19 God in Unbeliever's Life: How involved is God in an unbeliever's life?
2014-9-19 Mustard Seed follow up: Caller says some information about a mustard seed.
2014-9-19 Bread & Wine: Why is Bread & Wine so important for Communion?
2014-9-18 Being in touch w/ your Heart: Isn't Christianity to just be in touch w/ your heart, to come back to that innocence that a child possesses?
2014-9-18 Apocrypha Books: What do you think of Apocrypha Books of the Bible, such as the Epistle of Barnabas?
2014-9-18 Canon of Scripture & its 66 Books: How would defend the Canon of Scripture as it stands today?
2014-9-18 Mary the Mother & Trinity: You had a call about the Pope making the Mother of Mary as part of the Trinity. I did some research on that, & he does say that indirectly.
2014-9-18 Condemned Already if no belief: Where does it say that someone is condemned if they don't believe on Christ? [John 3:18]
2014-9-18 Confessing Jesus before Men: Is it part of the judgment that if you don't confess Jesus before men He won't confess you before His Father? [ Mark 8:38, Luke 9:26]
2014-9-18 Sabbath: Are we supposed to keep the Sabbath Day from Friday Sundown to Saturday Sundown or is Sunday okay, or Wednesday? I don't want to feel guilty for going to church on Sunday. [Hebrews 7:12, 4:12]
2014-9-18 Sabbath follow-up: Didn't Jesus say to keep His commandments, & doesn't it say to "Remember the Sabbath", so isn't that one of the commandments that we are supposed to keep, keeping the Sabbath?
2014-9-18 Answering a Believer's Prayer for an Unbeliever: Is it true that God won't answer a Christian's prayer on an unbeliever's behalf for healing, or a financial crisis they are in, but only for their salvation & repentance? [James 5:16]
2014-9-18 Unbeliever's Prayer: A friend was telling that God will not answer an unbeliever who is calling out for help unless it's repentance & asking for Salvation. Is that true?
2014-9-17 Following Jesus Easy or Hard: Is following Jesus easy or hard? In some places Jesus says it's hard, like taking the Narrow Path, taking up the cross, but then He says His Yoke is easy & the Burden light? Matthew 7:13-14,11:29-30, 1 John 5]
2014-9-17 Delay in Punishment: What verses would you use to show you shouldn't sin even though you seem to be getting away with it right now? [Ecclesiastes 8:11-12]
2014-9-17 Annihilationism & EGW: One of the appealing things about SDA's is their belief about what happens to the wicked. Holding up Ellen G. White to a prophetic status. If she had just been declared a teacher.....
2014-9-17 Seventh Day Adventism: Is there anything that SDAs teach in their eschatological scheme that you agree with or see value in?
2014-9-17 Think to Change Times & Laws: But what about their belief that the Papacy changed "times & laws" in Daniel, that the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? [Daniel 7:25]
2014-9-17 Polygamy: Wasn't there a commandment/rule about only having one wife in the Law of Moses? [Deuteronomy 17:17]
2014-9-17 Homelessness: Becoming homelessness to evangelize. What if you become homeless not of your own choice?
2014-9-17 Tradition & Legalism: When do you think the traditions some of us have all of a sudden become legalistic? When are we officially crossing the line? Is there anything that we do that would be deemed legalistic?
2014-9-17 Having Children: Are we supposed to have children?
2014-9-15 Water Baptism: Is Water Baptism necessary for Salvation? Some people use the thief on the cross as why you don't have to be.
2014-9-15 "Even things that are not": What does Paul mean in 1 Corinthians when he says, "Even things that are not"? [1 Corinthians 1:28]
2014-9-15 7th Trumpet: So you think the 7th Trumpet is talking about the end judgment, Jesus coming, after the Millennium? [Revelation 11:15-19, Romans 16:25-27]
2014-9-15 Paul's Last Trumpet: So would you say that Paul talking about the 7th Trumpet when he said Jesus would come at the Last Trump? [1 Corinthians 15]
2014-9-15 "Even things that are" follow-up: Could be possible that Paul is talking about people that no longer alive?
2014-9-15 Homosexual Laws: Is the Old Testament no longer valid? Did Paul only look at Sodomy in light of the Temple prostitution? [1 Corinthians 6:9-20]
2014-9-15 Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost: What was Jesus saying in Luke when He said people who Blasphemed the Holy Spirit could not be forgiven? [Luke 12:10]
2014-9-15 Formal Education: Does Steve Gregg have any formal education in the study of the Bible since he seems so well-versed in it?
2014-9-15 One Flesh: Does getting married & becoming "one flesh" mean that we have to put all our money in the pot together or can we have separate financial responsibilities, separate bank acounts?
2014-9-15 Marriage: Can you be married w/ out a marriage license?
2014-9-12 List of Cities in Revelation: If the book of Revelation is indeed about the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, why is the prophecy of Revelation sent to cities in Asia, so far away from Jerusalem?
2014-9-12 Temple of God: Why are we going back to the Temple of 70 AD when Paul says that we are now the Temple, & that the Holy Spirit dwells in us? [Revelation 11:1-2, 1 Corinthians 3:16]
2014-9-12 Two Witnesses & Dating of Revelation: Would you say the 2 Witnesses are literal or figurative? They seem to be more literal than figurative when you read it, & i'm going back & forth on the date of when the book of Revelation was written. [Revelation 11:3-19]
2014-9-12 Judgment: Are the world AND the people going to be judged? [Hebrews 9:27, 2 Peter 3:10]
2014-9-12 1st & 2nd Resurrection: What are we doing the 1000 years if we weren't beheaded for the faith? [Revelation 20]
2014-9-12 The Angel leading the Israelites: Who was the Angel that was leading Israel out of Egypt? Was it Christ, a Christophany?
2014-9-12 YHWH, Yahweh, Tetragrammaton: Was God's name, which is the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, was in a specific verse in Exodus. Is this true? The pronouns that refer to God are capitalized. [Exodus 23:21]
2014-9-12 YUDHAYVAVHHAY, added to the Tetragrammaton: Do you have any idea what these letters, YUDHAYVAVHHAY, which was added to the Tetragrammaton?
2014-9-12 Granting Repentance & Arminian: How would an Arminian address the idea that God might Grant Repentance, which seems so go hand & glove w/ what Calvinists believe? [2 timothy 2:24-25]
2014-9-12 Don't Tell Anybody: Why did Jesus tell people that He healed not to tell anybody?
2014-9-12 Old Pastor Friend: An old pastor friend calls to reminisce for a minute, to say hi.