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2013-9-16 Melchizedek: What can you tell me about Melchizedek? Was he a pre-Christ? [Genesis 14, Hebrews 7, Psalm 110:4]
2013-9-16 Christians Joining the Military: Is it okay for Christians to be in the military?
2013-9-12 "The Flaming Toilet of Death": Did Steve ever watch the video called, "The Flaming Toilet of Death", & what did he think of it?
2013-9-12 Hell not in the OT: Hell wasn't even mentioned in the Old Testament. [Daniel 12:2, Isaiah 66:24]
2013-9-12 Grace upon Grace: What does "grace upon grace" mean in the Gospel of John? [John 1:14-16, Ephesians 4:29]
2013-9-12 Michael the Buddhist's Spiritual Status: Michael the Buddhist is calling to give an update of his fellowship in Christian circles.
2013-9-12 "All things are by Him & for Him": What does all things are by Jesus & for Jesus? [Colossian 1:16]
2013-9-12 Revealing Kingdom of God to Paul: Why did Jesus want to make the Kingdom of God known to Paul since he didn't care about it?
2013-9-12 The Mystery of the Kingdoms: Why didn't Jesus want to make known the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, speaking to them in the parables so they couldn't understand it?
2013-9-12 Dating of the Book of Revelation: When was the book of Revelation written?
2013-9-12 Scarlet Beast and the Harlot: Who is the Scarlet Beast and the Harlot? [Revelation 17, Revelation 18, Revelation 19]
2013-9-11 "Above that which is Written": What did Paul mean when he said, "don't believe above that which is written" in 1 Corinthians? [1 Corinthians 4:6, 1 corinthians 1:31, Jeremiah 9:23]
2013-9-11 Oral & Written Instruction: Did Paul expect the Corinthians to obey his oral instructions just as much as his written instructions & was it to be passed on to future generations as his tradition?
2013-9-11 Influencing Gospel in Government or Individuals: Should we be more worried about trying to influence our country with the gospel or individuals?
2013-9-11 Judgment of Nations: Is there a possibility Jesus is about to judge all nations, but will give nations who repent a reprieve of the judgment? [Matthew 25:31-32]
2013-9-11 Corporate or Individual Prayer: Which is more effective, individual or corporate prayer? [James 5:16, Matthew 18:20]
2013-9-11 Fruit of the Spirit & Filled with the Holy Spirit: How does one know when they are filled the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? What about Christians who have the Holy Spirit, but aren't baptized with it, don't they also have the fruits of the Spirit?
2013-9-11 Ministers Being Filled with the Spirit: What about ministers who were raised Christians but might not be filled with the Holy Spirit? (Steve recommends the Lectures, Charisma & Character)
2013-9-11 Spiritually Dead, Sick or Well: Would Steve say that a man is born spiritually dead, spiritually sick or spiritually well?
2013-9-11 Total Depravity: Caller thinks that "total depravity" is biblical because if you don't then you believe in a Salvation-by-works system, & not a Grace Salvation. [Ephesians 2:8-10] <Steve recommends, God's Soveriegnty & Man's Salvation>
2013-9-10 Melchizedek being Shem: Caller thinks that Melchizedek was Shem & hasn't been able to disprove it. What does Steve think about his idea?
2013-9-10 Following a God who had people Killed: Why would people want to follow a God that requires people to kill people in the Old Testament?
2013-9-10 Mormons being Christians: Are Mormons Christians?
2013-9-10 Associating with Same-Sex Marriage Couples: How should I associate with co-workers who are in same-sex marriages as a Christian?
2013-9-10 "Christians" Falling Away: Caller doesn't really think we can lose our salvation, that the people in Hebrews 6 were never really true followers of Christ. What does Steve think about that? [Hebrews 6:5, John 17:12]
2013-9-10 Youth Pastor with Pornography Addiction: A youth pastor has just confessed to having a pornography addiction. He's taking a leave of absence, but does it disqualify him in the future?
2013-9-10 9 of the 10 of Commandments: Why do we only keep 9 of the 10 commandments, excluding the Sabbath commandment?
2013-9-09 ONE Baptism: Paul says there is only one Baptism, so how can there be another baptism of the filling of the Holy Spirit? [Ephesians 4:5]
2013-9-09 Endorsing a Book He is Writing: Caller wants to endorse a book he's writng about the Trinity from the perspective of the book of Genesis.
2013-9-09 God the Father, Son & Holy Ghost in Genesis: Wasn't the Trinity in the creation account? [Genesis 1-3]
2013-9-09 Israel & Jerusalem the Apple of God's Eye: Israel & Jerusalem are still God's special people, the apple of His eye. [Zechariah 2:8]
2013-9-09 Replacement Theology: Caller suggest that people who believe in "Replacement Theology" borders on being anti-sementic, & he defends why the plan involves the nation of ethnic Israel. [Genesis 17:7, Zechariah 12:2-11, Matthew 23:39, Romans 11, Revelation]
2013-9-09 Romans 11 & Israel: What about Romans 11 where it says God will NOT cast away his people?
2013-9-09 Equivalent of "anti-sementic" of dislike of Gentiles: What is the word equivalent to the dislike of Gentiles like the word "anti-sementic" is to ethnic Israel?
2013-9-09 Christianity Becoming more Mature: Does Steve agree with the caller that Jesus is waiting for the Christian church to make more of an impact on the world before He comes back?
2013-9-09 "Until the Times of the Gentiles be Fulfilled": What about the says, "until the times of the gentiles be fulfilled"? Isn't that a sign? [Luke 21:24]
2013-9-09 Olivet Discourse: If the signs that Jesus gave in the Olivet Discourse was referring to the destruction of 70 AD, what signs are we supposed to look for His Second Coming?
2013-9-09 The Gospel Being Preached to the World: What about, "the gospel shall be preached to all the world & then the end shall come"? Couldn't that be considered a "sign"? [Matthew 24:14]
2013-9-06 The Nation of Israel: Isn't there anything involving ethnic Israel in light of "this mystery"? [Romans 11:25]
2013-9-06 Promises of God, Conditional & Unconditional: The Bible teacher that the caller was listening to said that there were conditional & unconditional promises, & cited one verse in Matthew that was unconditional, but caller disagrees. [Matthew 11:28-30]
2013-9-06 Genealogies & Age of the Earth: Do the Genealogies in Genesis help us determine the age of the earth?
2013-9-06 Genealogy in Matthew 1: How come the genealogy of 42 generations, 14, 14, & 14 in Matthew is a different number of generations than is found in the Old Testament genealogy? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]
2013-9-06 Wedding Feast: When is the Wedding Feast? Is it before the coming of the Lord? [Luke 12:35-37, Matthew 22:1-14]
2013-9-06 Jesus Never Claimed to be God: Jesus was the second "Adam", wasn't He? Was He the example of what Adam should've been, yet also came down here to die for our sins?
2013-9-06 Jesus the "God Man": So wouldn't it be accurate to call Jesus, the "God Man"?
2013-9-06 Shaking the Dust off Your Feet & Jesus "Coming": In Matthew, what does it mean, "till the Son of man be come" mean since Jesus hasn't come back yet but the gospel was preached by the Disciples? [Matthew 10:23]
2013-9-05 Trinity & Being a Christian or not: Caller said that the reason people don't think he's a Christian is because he doesn't believe in the Trinity. Can he still be a Christian even though he doesn't believe Jesus is God but only the Son of God?
2013-9-05 Atheists Slamming the Bible because of Rape Stories in it: Caller egages a lot with atheists, & they try to debunk the Bible with all all kinds of things that happened in the Bible, & the lastest one was about rape. Can Steve talk about that? [Deuteronomy 22:28, Exodus 22:16-17]
2013-9-05 Job Suffering: Doesn't what God allowing happen to Job proof that Calvinism might be correct?
2013-9-05 Financially Supporting the Rape Victim: Isn't the reason God permitted the victim to be married by the attacker is to financially support her since she'd have no other means?