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2013-7-31 Wrath of God Did Jesus drink the cup of wrath? Is He going to spewl it out when He comes back? [Isaiah 21-23]
2013-7-30 "Spirit being given in Measure": What does Steve know about a verse in the Gospel of John where it says the Spirit will be given in measure, & who was even saying it, John the Baptist or Jesus? [John 3:34]
2013-7-30 Number of Time Jesus Comes to Earth: How many times has Jesus been here? How many second comings is He going to have?
2013-7-30 Childlikeness to Enter the Kingdom of God: Jesus says to be childlike in order to enter the Kingdom & yet Paul says that he put away his childishness. Why the contradiction? [LUke 18:16-17, 1 Corinthians 13:11]
2013-7-30 The Form by Which Jesus Returns: Are the angels saying Jesus is going to come through a womb again? [Acts 1:9-11]
2013-7-30 Blotting Out Names in the Book of Life: It doesn't say anything about your name being entered into the Book of Life when you become converted-ut only blotted out, are the namesin there before you are born. [Revelation 3:5].
2013-7-30 Ezekiel's Temple Still Future: Caller's pastor thinks there's no way Ezekiel is not talking about a future temple.
2013-7-30 Truth about the Catholic Church: Caller would like a really good source on Roman Catholicism & wants to find out if they are really Christians or not. (Steve recommends "The Gospel according to Rome" by James G. McCarthy.)
2013-7-30 "I Was Before Time": Caller wants to know where the verse is that talks about God being before time. [1 Timothy 1:9]
2013-7-29 Connecting with God: How do you "connect" with God?
2013-7-29 Worship God in Truth & Spirit: What does it mean to worship God in Truth & Spirit? [John 4:23-24] (There's a lot of dead air on this call because Steve has a poor internet connection.)
2013-7-29 Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Speaking in Tongues: Are you supposed to be able to speak in Tongues as soon as you are filled with the Holy Spirit?
2013-7-29 Wrestling with Doubt: Caller is having doubt with his faith after debating with Muslim.
2013-7-29 Teaching Revelation: Church doesn't teach from the book of Revelation & caller is concerned about that.
2013-7-29 Christianity Borrowed from Ancient Religions: A friend of the caller said that Christianity is just originating from Ancient Religions that also had the same things like a Virgin Birth. (Steve recommended a video called, "Zeitgeist" on YouTube, 2 parts.)
2013-7-26 Tree of the Knowledge: Did Adam & Eve receive knowledge of Good & Evil? Why were they ashamed that they were naked?
2013-7-26 David Wilkerson: What do you think of David Wilkerson as a prophet?
2013-7-26 Not Really 12 Disciples: Why does it say there's 12 disciples when in reality, there was only 11, since Thomas & Judas Iscariot were not there? [Luke 24:9]
2013-7-26 Crushing Satan: Was Paul just giving his opinion when he said that God would crush satan under our feet soon? What does "soon" mean? [Romans 16:20]
2013-7-26 Revival to Reverse Culture Trend: Revivals really change things for the better sometimes so the way we can get one started is by intercessory prayer & sharing the gospel.
2013-7-26 Church Membership: Is Church Membership-being forced to sign a piece of paper-biblical? [1 Corinthians 1]
2013-7-26 "Our Father in Heaven": For some people, praying to the Father is emotionally awkard and can't relate to it.
2013-7-26 Church Membership: Is it for tax reasons (501c3)that they want you to join the church?
2013-7-26 Preaching to the Dead: Was Jesus preaching to the dead when He was dead? [1 Peter 3:18-19, 1 Peter 4:6]
2013-7-26 Tree of Life before Tree of Knowledge: Why didn't Adam & Eve eat from the Tree of Life, before eating the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil?
2013-7-25 "Impossible to Renew to Repentance": What does it mean in Hebrews that it's impossible to renew somebody to repentance? [Hebrew 6:4-6]
2013-7-25 Dietrich Bonhoeffer, David & Saul: The other day you had a caller talking about Bonhoeffer, but you never pointed out that David refused to kill Saul even though he was an evil leader. [1 Samuel 24:6]
2013-7-25 Buddhism & Christianity: Buddhist; Attempts to show the similarities between Buddhism & Christianity.
2013-7-25 "Dog" in Scripture: In addition to referencing gentiles, can you give other meanings of the word "dog" when used symbolically in scripture? [Philippians 3:2, Revelation 22:15, Deuteronomy 23:18, Matthew 15:22-28, Matthew 7:6]
2013-7-25 Ronald L. Dart: What do you know about Ronald L. Dart?
2013-7-25 Eternal Security: Caller wanted to continue his defense of Eternal Security (Once saved, always saved) discussion from the day before.
2013-7-24 The Torah & The Talmud: When did the Talmud come into being?
2013-7-24 Child Shall Die One Hundred Years Old: What about "a child shall die 100 hundred years old"? [Isaiah 65:20]
2013-7-24 Perry Stone: What do you think of Perry Stone?
2013-7-24 The 1000 year Millennium: What is your view of the 1000 millennium?
2013-7-24 Polygamy: Why didn't God forbid polygamy?
2013-7-24 Sensitivty Regarding "The Jews Killed Jesus": It seems extreme, negative and potentially harmful to say that "the Jews killed Jesus" when it was actually only some of the bad leadership that encouraged it. [1 Thessalonians 2:14-15, Galatians 3:28].
2013-7-24 The term "Jew": Can you clarity the meaning of the term "Jew" (particularly in the New Testament), because it used for a group separate from the writers and audience (even the apostles)-seemingly with a negative connotation? Would this be affected by the dates of writing and the majority of the audience likely being Jewish? [John 1:20, John 18:39, Acts 14:2].
2013-7-24 Eternal Security & Holy Spirit Control: I thought we were controlled by the Holy Spirit once we were saved so how could we ever become lost again?
2013-7-23 Assurance of Salvation, Perseverance & Calvinism: How can I know I have assurance of my salvation because I'm trying to persevere. I've been talking a lot to my pastor about Calvinism. [Matthew 7:21-23, Philippians 1:6]
2013-7-23 Nephilim, Women having sex with Fallen Angels: What do you think of the Nephilim being created as a result of women having sex with fallen angels? [Genesis 6]
2013-7-23 Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip: What does it mean that "the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip"? Was he supernaturally moved or was he just led by the Spirit of God to walk somewhere else? [Acts 8:38-40]
2013-7-23 "Earnest Expectation of the Creature": Can you explain the passage in Romans 8 regarding the creature expecting a new body in light of 2 Peter & Revelation? [Romans 8:18-25, 2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 20]
2013-7-23 Demon Possession: Is there anything in your lectures that can help a guy who might be demon possessed? (Recommended: "Spiritual Warfare, Lectures 9-11 in that series.)
2013-7-23 Philip-Snatched Away: Do you know of any other sources that suggest that Philip was just snatched away, instead of just going somehere else in a hurry? [Acts 8:38-40]
2013-7-23 The Staff that Shepherds Use: Where did the first staff come from that Moses used, that Abraham used & so on? Where is the original one?
2013-7-23 Robe of Righteousness=Eternal Security: Does having a "robe of righteousness" means one has "eternal Security? [Isaiah 61:10]
2013-7-23 Salvation Birthdate: How should I answer people when they ask me when my conversion date was since i was raised as Christian? When I was baptized?
2013-7-23 "I Make All Things New": What is the reference for the verse you cited earlier about, "See, i make all things new"? [Revelation 21:5]
2013-7-22 Prophets Knowledge: How did the Prophets know they were actually getting a genuine Word from God?