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2015-3-02 Michael the Buddhist calling about Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist calls back to reply to caller who called the week before about him being indecisive, & he tries to explain why he's not a Christian.
2015-3-02 Spirit of America Rising with Humble Brian The Great: Michael the Buddhist thinks Steve needs to get on the program with the Humble Brian the Great as a guest & share his beliefs.
2015-3-02 Local Church in Portland that teaches Amillennialism: Does Steve know any churches in the Portland area that teach Amillennialism?
2015-3-02 World Wide Church of God: Steve doesn't consider the World Wide Church of God a cult anymore but mainstream? What were the changes that were made?
2015-3-02 Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist is a popular fellow of late, people wondering about him (a call was about him last month also).
2015-3-02 Size of the Universe: Why did God make the universe so big? Are there possibly other planets like ours, other "experiments" God has out there?
2015-2-27 Divorce: Caller just accepted Jesus & has been learning about what Jesus said about divorce & wants makes to sure he's doing right.
2015-2-27 Angels long to look at our Salvation: What was so fascinating about our salvation that angels would be looking on at it, & why would God permit suffering & death? [1 Peter 1:10-12]
2015-2-27 1/2 Hour Silence in Heaven: What is the 1/2 hour of silence in Heaven? [Revelation 8:1-3] Has numerous questions in Revelation but different paradigms, so didn't really answer.
2015-2-27 Descending Into Hell: Did Jesus actually go to hell when He "descended to the lower parts of the earth"? [Ephesians 4:9]
2015-2-27 Love, Faith & Hope: Are we going to need faith & hope in Heaven? [1 Corinthians 13:12-13]
2015-2-27 Parables Meaning Hidden even for Today?: So are these parables that are in the gospels now supposed to be understand by everyone now or only by spiritually discerning people? [Matthew 13:13-14]
2015-2-27 Rewards in Heaven: In some places of the Bible it makes it seem the rewards will be the same for everyone, but then there's ones about Storing up Treasures in Heaven.
2015-2-27 Israel in Romans 9: What does Paul mean by, "For they are not all Israel which are of Israel"? [Romans 9:1-8]
2015-2-26 Parable about the Vineyard: What's is Steve's take on the parable about the Vineyard, & has he ever heard of God's justice being God's love? Universal Reconciliationists. [Matthew 20]
2015-2-26 Blaspheming the Holy Spirit: Caller laughed at people who were speaking in the tongues, even though he knew what they were doing was good. Did he commit the unpardonable sin?
2015-2-26 Going off meds: What made the students go off the meds that were at a school that Steve taught at?
2015-2-26 Apocrypha: Is the Apocrypha inspired Scripture since they were in the Septuagint?
2015-2-26 Jesus' Sayings while He was on the Cross: "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?" "Father, I commend unto you My Spirit." "It is finished!" What did Jesus mean by all these sayings, didn't He know what He was doing the whole time?
2015-2-26 Hiding the Gospel from People: So aren't the Calvinists right because it seems like God only wants certain people to know Him? [Luke 10:22b]
2015-2-26 Words of Jesus on the Cross: Caller wants to comment on a previous call about Jesus' words on the cross.
2015-2-26 Lucifer (the Devil): Lucifer fell out of Heaven after he was tempted, so does that suggest that we could be still tempted even once we get there?
2015-2-25 Perfect Law of Liberty: What did James mean by the Perfect Law of Liberty back then, & what does it mean for us today? [James 1:25, James 2:8, Galatians 5:1]
2015-2-25 Humanism & Christian Love: The Christian standard of "Love one another" is a much higher standard than just Humanism.
2015-2-25 Lucifer being Queer: I almost don't want to highlight this call.
2015-2-25 Mormonism - 3 Levels of Heaven: Mormons believe in 3 levels of Heaven, right? Mormons might have a lot truth, but even a little leaven could ruin all that, isn't that right?
2015-2-25 Love Your Neighbor as Yourself: Caller commenting about call about loving your neighbor as yourself, & it means putting other people's interest equal to or above your own.
2015-2-25 Two Witnesses & 666: Has Steve ever heard of 666 being the WWW? (World Wide Web)
2015-2-25 Demons: Some people don't believe in demons, that there are just evil people. Does Steve have any information on outside sources of them?
2015-2-24 Charging for the Gospel: It's one thing to be charging for talent (a music show, a play), but what about charging for the gospel, to hear the actual gospel? I never thought I'd see the day.
2015-2-24 Earth Never Passing Away & No Hell: A co-worker who was talking to a Jehovah's Witness says the earth will never pass away & that they don't believe in Hell.
2015-2-24 Time & Sequence of John's Writings: When was John's experience at Patmos, & when did he write his gospel & his epistles?
2015-2-24 Rapture: Steve believes there's only one Rapture, but what about the people being pulled off the earth, & what about Heaven coming down here?
2015-2-24 Head covering because of Angels: What did Paul mean by head coverings because of the ANGELS? Why didn't he say God? [1 Corinthians 11:10]
2015-2-24 Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist has been calling for years, & doesn't he need to just make up his mind? He seems to be wavering.
2015-2-24 Calvinism's Devotion to its Doctrines: Do Calvinists tend to be overly devoted to their particular doctrines because they feel like it presents a more powerful God? [Luke 17:10].
2015-2-24 Extra Days, 8th day & 9th day: 8th day was Noah, 9th day was the New Earth & New Heaven (Very Weird Call)
2015-2-24 Calvinism & Arminianism: What was the name of the lectures on the Narrow Path's Website about Calvinism & Arminianism?
2015-2-23 Universalism: If Adam sinned & caused everyone else to sin as a result of his sin, then Romans 5:18 seems to be saying everyone has justification of life. [Romans 5:18]
2015-2-23 Marijuana & Prescription Drugs: Caller has been using marijuana & legal drugs for quite sometime, & wondering if they are okay to use.
2015-2-23 Alcohol & Drugs: Caller comments on previous call about drugs & alcohol.
2015-2-23 Annihilationism: Comments about the first call regarding hell, but not universalism, but annihilationism.
2015-2-23 Evolution for Creation: Can you combine both Creation & Evolution, God using Evolution for Creation?
2015-2-23 God's Foreknowledge: No matter if God was able to control it or not, but it would seem cruel that God made us if He knew we were going to fail. (Michael the Buddhist call.)
2015-2-20 Responding to the Gospel: Suppose they do accept the Gospel, what is the next step?
2015-2-20 Witnessing: How would you witness to the average American nowadays?
2015-2-20 Apostasy & Strong Delusion: When is the Apostasy & what is the Strong Delusion that is mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2? [2 Thessalonians 2]
2015-2-20 Catholic Church: Could the Catholic Church get more evil (again) as we get closer to the end time?
2015-2-20 Reconciling some specific Scripture (Wisdom): Caller is having trouble reconciling 2 particular Scriptures. [Jeremiah 15:16, Ecclesiastes 1:18]
2015-2-20 Christmas Trees: Is Jeremiah 10 talking about not having a Christmas Tree? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]