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2016-2-03 A Show Dedicated to Unbelievers: Whatever happened to one day per week for just non-Christians & atheists calling into your show?
2016-2-03 Doing things wrong ignorantly: Will God judge us if we are doing things ignorantly?
2016-2-03 God Testing Abraham with Isaac: Unbelievers want to know how God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac was a moral test? (Steve's connection gets interrupted but he is able to finish answer.)
2016-2-03 The Love Chapter: Caller trying to find the chapter that talks about love in the Bible but can't find it. [1 Corinthians 13]
2016-2-03 "I am that I am": (same person as first caller) "I am that I am", can Steve please explain that expression? [Isaiah 43:10, Isaiah 43:13, Isaiah 46:4] (The verse Steve Couldn't find during the live show was Isaiah 43:13]
2016-2-03 Tithing: Can you shed some light on tithing? Do we need to tithe?
2016-2-03 Ananias & Sapphira: How does Ananias die without Sapphira knowing about it? [Acts 5:1-11]
2016-2-03 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: After reading the Bible about marriage, adultery & divorce, caller is wondering if she's allowed to be remarried. [Matthew 5:38]
2016-2-03 Taking the Mark of the Beast Literally: Caller takes Mark of the Beast literally & wants to know what Steve Thinks about that idea. [Revelation 13:16-17]
2016-1-27 The Law of Moses & the Law of Christ: Is the Law of Christ just a continuation of the Mosaic law?
2016-1-27 Mary's Knowledge of Jesus' Miracle Capability: Did Mary know about Jesus' ability to turn the water into wine?
2016-1-27 Tithing: what do churches make the mistake about saying you have to tithe?
2016-1-27 The Sabbath: Caller wants to rebutt some of the thigns Steve said about the Sabbath: God rested on it, the command was to all people, not just Jews, Jesus replaced ceremonial law only & the reason it's not mentioned in the New Testament is because it was just a given.
2016-1-27 This Generation Shall Not Pass Away: This generation will not pass away, is this generation possibly talking about "race"? [matt 24:34]
2016-1-26 Scott Hawn, Elders & Priests: Have you ever heard of Scott Hawn? He says you have to call on the PRIESTS, not elders, to heal the sick. What do you say to that? [James 5]
2016-1-26 Lordship Salvation: Why do Dispensationalists consider "Lordship Salvation" a heresy?
2016-1-26 Calvinism & Total Depravity: Can you please explain the point of Calvinism about total depravity, what exactly that means, & how it differentiates from what you believe?
2016-1-26 Universal Reconciliation: Can you please explain the trend of what some Christians are beginning to believe called, "Universalism Reconciliation"?
2016-1-26 John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus: Why did John the Baptist need to baptize Jesus since he was baptizing for Repentance & Jesus didn't require repentance?
2016-1-26 Ethiopian Bible: What would you say to people who say the Ethiopian Bible was written way before the Christian Bible came out, so Christianity is just a copy of that?
2016-1-26 Rastafarianism & Halle Salasi: What do you say to people who say Halle Salasi came from the Trible of Judah & it a Messiah?
2016-1-26 A Book about Jesus: Have you ever heard of a book called, "The Historical Records Concerning Jesus the Christ"?
2016-1-25 Steve Explaining His Current Experiences in Africa: Steve is live from Cameroon, Africa, & explains a little bit about being there, & internet access, no electricity or water & so on.
2016-1-25 Laying Hands Suddenly on No Man: "Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure", what exactly is this saying? [1 Timothy 5:22]
2016-1-25 Glorified Bodies: Did Jesus eliminate while in His glorified body? Is there going to be sex? Should we use birth control?
2016-1-25 Declining Sex Drive: caller likes having a reduction of a sex drive with age.
2016-1-25 Recommending Documentaries: Caller highly recommends another documentary after Steve recommended a documentary called, "Patterns of Evidence: Exodus", called, "Star of Bethlehem".
2016-1-25 Pastor not accepting Constructive Criticism: Our church is sort've isolated from the community, so when the pastor was talking about individuals isolating themselves from each other, I mentioned about our church as a body doing that from the rest of the community, & he said I was being critical. How should i have handgled?
2016-1-25 Keeping the Sabbath under the New Covenant: How would you advise an unbeliever on keeping the Sabbath under the new covenant?
2016-1-15 Dwarfs, Hunchbacks & Defects in the Eye: So people who are dwarfs, have hunchbacks or defects in their eye, they were less of a person than everyone else & couldn't go into the Temple? Can you please explain this because my daughter is a dwarf, & I've hesitated to mention this passage of Scripture to her. [Leviticus 21:16-23]
2016-1-15 1000 Commandments in New Testament: How many Commandments are in the New Testament?
2016-1-15 Lists in the Bible: Are the things listed in the Bible more important by the order they are listed?
2016-1-15 Reincarnation, Hypnosis & Eastern Religions: What can you tell me about Reincarnation, Hypnosis, Evil Spirits & the like?
2016-1-15 Flat Earth: Can you talk about the Flat earth theory? What about when the Sun stood for awhile? [Joshua 10:13]
2016-1-15 Angel of the Lord: "The angel of the Lord", what does this mean? [Psalm 34:7]
2016-1-15 Authorized KJV: Why is the KJV called the "authorized" version?
2016-1-15 The Nicean Council: What was the main reason for the Nicean Council?
2016-1-15 Being Tolerant or having Righteous Anger: How do we draw the balance between having tolerance for people's behaviour & have righteous indignation about it?
2016-1-15 Destruction of 70 AD: How can this Scripture be talking about 70 AD since there's been so much worse destruction since then? [Matthew 24:21-22]
2016-1-14 Shout out about the documentary about Benghazi called 13 Hours: shout out to 2 people who were on the Kelly Files on Fox News the night before re: Benghazi & the movie 13 hrs.
2016-1-14 End Time Prophecy being Fulfilled: Was Israel becoming a nation again just a Zionism self-fulfilling prophecy?
2016-1-14 Jesus' Imminent Return: What if Jesus really IS coming back soon?
2016-1-14 Salvation in the Old Testament & New Testament: Was there any difference in the way people were saved Old Testament vs the New Testament?vove
2016-1-14 Judas Iscariot: Judas Iscariot had to betray Jesus in order to fulfill prophecy, so how come his is culpable for doing what prophecy said he'd do?
2016-1-14 Sexual Purity: How do we deal with pedophiles, wife beaters & homosexuals?
2016-1-14 Sharing the Gospel with such People: How do we evangelize to such people?
2016-1-14 Bloody Husband to Me: What does it mean that Moses was a bloody husband to Zipporah & why did God "try" to kill Moses? [Exodus 4:24]
2016-1-13 Jesus the Seed in Genesis: Did the Jews recognize the first promise of the Bible to be about the Messiah? [Genesis 3:15]
2016-1-13 The Town of Nod: Do we know where Nod was? [Genesis 4:16]
2016-1-13 The Sheep & the Goats & the Brethren: In the judgment parable of the sheep & the goats, who are the brethren? [Matthew 25:31]