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2023-5-10 Cremation: Is there anything wrong with being cremated? [James 2:26, Genesis 3:19, 1 Corinthians 3:17].
2023-5-10 Calvinist: Election, Self-Selection: How is it that Calvinist's seem to self-select to be of the "elect?"
2023-5-10 God Remembering His Covenant: Does God remember His covenant forever? [Psalm 105:8, Deuteronomy 28].
2023-5-10 God's Wrath vs God's Love: Isn't God's love for his own, equal to His wrath for His enemies? [John 3:16].
2023-5-10 Regarding Views of Hell: How do you interpret Matthew 25 about everlasting punishment in light of the alternate views of hell? [Matthew 25:46].
2023-5-10 Jesus-to Hell or Paradise: If Jesus went to paradise with the thief that day, how could He also go to hell, as we have been taught?
2023-5-10 God's Name-Jehovah: Could you clarify the necessity of calling God by His name, "Jehovah," rather than one of His titles?
2023-5-10 Chronology of 1st, 2nd & 3rd John: What do you think the chronology of the writing of 1st, 2nd, 3rd books of John?
2023-5-10 Taking From the Gentiles: Is Jesus talking to Gentiles in the 3rd book of John when he is talking about not taking anything from the Gentiles? [3 John 1:7, Ephesians 2:15].
2023-5-10 Antichrist's Awareness: Does the Antichrist actually know who he is, or is he so deluded, that he may be unaware of it? [1 John 2:18-22, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5, Revelation 13:1-18, Matthew 16:23].
2023-5-10 Tithing for Christians Today: Are we, as believers today, supposed to be tithing? [Matthew 23:23, Malachi 3:10, 1 Corinthians 16:2].
2023-5-10 Catholics Not Saved: Why does Calvary Chapel teach that Catholics are not saved?
2023-5-09 Sacrifices in Genesis: Why are they offering sacrifices in Genesis before Leviticus has been given? [Hebrews 11:4, Luke 11:50f].
2023-5-09 Hell is Eternal: Caller warns callers that there are many verses that make it clear that hell is irrefutably eternal. Rec: Steve's Book; "Three Views of Hell" or topical lectures on the "Three Views of Hell." [Genesis 2:17, Ezekiel 18:20, Revelation 21:8, Revelation 20:14].
2023-5-09 Deliverance Ministries: Do you think it is dangerous to get caught up in some deliverance ministries, as I was told that my yawning was demons coming out?
2023-5-09 Deaths from Guns: Why do people blame the guns for killing people, when it is the person handling the gun?
2023-5-09 "Knowing" in Scripture: Would you talk about the various meanings and implication of the word for "knowing?" [Matthew 7:23, John 4:5-30].
2023-5-09 Women Pastors (Ministers, Elders): What do you think of women as pastors? [Acts 14, Acts 20:18, 1 Peter 5:1-5, 1 Timothy 3:2, 1 Timothy 2:12, 1 Corinthians 14:1-5, Mark 9:35, Matthew 20:25-29, Judges 4:8-9].
2023-5-09 Natural Laws vs the Supernatural Realm: Is there a supernatural law or order in the spiritual realm, like the natural laws in our natural world?
2023-5-09 God's Care for His People: In scripture are we to more faith in God, or in His promises. Is it God's character or His promises that assures us of His care and provision for us? [Matthew 6:25-34, Matthew 6:33, Psalm 34:9-10, Psalm 84:11, Psalm 37:35].
2023-5-09 Nadab and Abihu & Strange Fire: How does the story of Nadab and Abihu apply to us today? [Leviticus 9-10].
2023-5-09 Oneness & Trinitarians: Don't both Oneness and Trinitarian Pentecostals believe in the filling of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues?
2023-5-08 Keeping Your Word (Promises) & Broken Trust: How does God view our keeping our promises and letting others know when they failed to do so? [Ecclesiastes 5:5, Matthew 23:16-22, Matthew 5:34].
2023-5-08 Jesus Praying for the Disciples: Is Jesus' prayer still applicable to us the way it was for the disciples in John 17? [John 17:6-19].
2023-5-08 Origen's View of Hell: I disagree with the way you present Origen’s view of Hell: Universal Reconciliation. [Philippians 2:11].
2023-5-08 Universal Reconciliation: Can you give the scriptures that support the view of hell called, Universal Reconcilation?
2023-5-08 Angels having Sex & Pastor's Defensiveness: Could you help me with the defensiveness of my pastor when I questioned his presentation about fallen angels having sex with humans? [Genesis 6:4].
2023-5-08 God's Omnipotence: If God is omnipotent, why can't He just forgive everybody? [2 Corinthians 5:19, Psalm 120:6-7, Ephesians 2:14].
2023-5-08 "Know" or "No": Doesn't using just the word leave the possibility of being misunderstood?
2023-5-08 Corinthian's Sin-Post Conversion: Are these believers still committing sins of their past after they were baptized? [2 Corinthians 12:20-21, 2 Corinthians13:1-2].
2023-5-08 Jesus or Satan in Charge on Earth: Could you talk about the contradiction of Satan being the ruler of this world and yet, scripture indicates that Jesus has been given all authority on earth? [John 14:30, Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 15].
2023-5-08 Repentance from Hell: Could you deal with the scripture in Hebrews and the uncrossable chasm described in hell in the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man, that appear to contradict the possibility of someone possibly repenting in Hell? [Hebrews 9:27, Luke 16:19f, Revelation 20:14].
2023-5-08 Daniel's Prophecy: Could you explain who "they" are and what it means to "mingle themselves with other men?" [Daniel 2:43].
2023-5-05 Study Various Views: Caller shares how valuable it is to use reference books that present opposing theological positions and checking the context of proof texts.
2023-5-05 Satan-Not a Fallen Angel: Did you say that Satan is not a fallen angel?
2023-5-05 Four Beasts in Daniel 7: Could you review the symbolism of the four beasts in Daniel 7? [Daniel 7].
2023-5-05 The Thief in "Paradise": In light of the various translations of the word, "paradise", is the thief in "paradise" in the past, present or future? [Luke 23:43, 2 Corinthians 12:2, Revelation 22:1-5, Acts 2:27, Psalm 16:10].
2023-5-05 Getting out of Hell: Could you spell the names of the teachers from church history that taught one could get out of hell (Origen, Clement of Alexandria)?
2023-5-05 Women Not in the Image of God: Are women also created in the image of God? [Genesis 1:27, 1 Corinthians 11:7].
2023-5-05 Jesus' Death: Is Jesus talking about his own death when he says there is "a time coming when no one can work?" [John 9:4-5, Matthew 5:14, 2 Peter 1:19].
2023-5-05 Death of the Saints: Would you talk about the death of the saints being precious in the sight of God? [Psalm 116:15, Genesis 6:5].
2023-5-05 Anti-faith Statements in Prayer: Would you comment on compromising "anti-faith" statements that often follow a prayer, such as, when one requests healing, and follows with the qualification of "if it is God's will?" [2 Corinthians 12:9, 2 Corinthians 12:7, James 5:15, John 6:40, 1 John 5:14].
2023-5-03 Divorce & Reconcilation: Can the offending party or the one at fault in a divorce ever get married again? [Matthew 19].
2023-5-03 Getting Married When Drunk: Is a marriage that takes place while the two are drunk, is the covenant still binding?
2023-5-03 Israel: "The True Vine": Why isn't it taught in churches that Jesus is the new Israel? [John 15:1, Galatians 3:16, Galatians 3:29, John 15:6, Romans 11:17-24, John 8:44].
2023-5-03 Evil Roots of All: Doesn't scripture imply that we have to do something evil to be evil and not that we are naturally evil from the beginning? [Psalm 51:4, 1 John 3:7, John 8:44, Genesis 6:5, Jeremiah 17:9-10].
2023-5-03 Complete Sinlessness After Conversion: What do you say to someone who claims that people cannot sin anymore after a true conversion? [Matthew 18:22, 1 John 1:9, 1 John 1:7, 1 John 2:1-2, 1 John 2:13, James 5:19, Hebrews 10:26, Hebrew 8:12, Jeremiah 31:34, Hebrews 7:27].
2023-5-03 Witnessing to Mormons & Jehovah Witnesses: How should one kindly respond to people caught in cults, such as, Mormons and Jehovah Witneses, since the Lord loves them, too?
2023-5-03 The Great White Throne of Judgment: What is "The Great White Throne of Judgment?" [Matthew 25:31, 1 Peter 1:17, Revelation 20:11-15].
2023-5-03 Samaritan Woman: How was the Samaritan woman able to recognize that Jesus was a Jew and not a Samaritan?