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2022-11-02 David Tortured Others or Demanded Labor: Could you clarify the meaning of the verse in Samuel about what David did to the people-did he torture them, or put them to work? Why would translator choose such different ways to translate this? [2 Samuel 12:31].
2022-11-02 "Not Peace, but a Sword": Why would there be this passage about not coming to bring peace, "but a sword", when it is so frightening? [Matthew 10:34-36, Micah 7:6].
2022-11-02 The Bible's is Incomplete: Was there more that could have been included in the Bible that was not written? [John 21:25].
2022-11-02 The Zodiac & Astrology: Why is the Zodiac and astrology considered occultic? [Job 38:32, Genesis 1].
2022-11-02 Abandoned by God: I feel abandoned by God, and I can't seem to get in a place to get back to Him. What now? Recommends the 2-vol set of Steve's books, "Empire of the Risen Son".
2022-11-01 "Partial Hardening" of Israel: Can we conclude that the "mystery" in Romans 11 is there there will no longer be a "partial hardening" of the Jews as they become believers? [Romans 11:25-26, Romans 9:27, Romans 11:16-24, Romans 9-11, Galatians 6:16].
2022-11-01 "Until the Fullness of the Gentiles Comes in": Can you clarify the timeline when Romans 11 says "until" the "fullness" of the Gentiles come in? [Romans 11:25].
2022-11-01 Nestorius (Church of the East): What do you know about Nestorius and the controversy in the Church of the East?
2022-11-01 Passover: Could you clarify when exactly the passover was, in light of scriptures that seem to be inconclusive? [John 16, John 19].
2022-11-01 Free From Sin: After we become believers, are we free from sin or are we just hopelessly bound to sin? [Romans 6:16-18, I Corinthians 6:20, Galatians 5:16, I Peter 1:18-19, Romans 8:12, Romans 8:4, Romans 13:14, 2 Corinthians 10:3, Matthew 1:21, I John 2:1, Romans 6:1].
2022-11-01 Church Membership: What do you think of a pastor who says that people have to become members of a church, and that the early church was not really all the Christians in one town? [Ephesians 4:1-4].
2022-11-01 Dispensational View of the Coming of the Kingdom of God: What do Dispensationalist's think would have happened if the Jews had not rejected the Messiah and all things were not postponed?
2022-10-31 Marriage of the Lamb & End Times Predictions: What do you think about a movie "Before the Wrath" that represents the rapture as linked to the "Marriage of the Lamb" and ancient wedding custom, and indicates the exact timing of the rapture event? [Revelation 19:7-9, Acts 1:7, Mark 13:32, Matthew 24:36].
2022-10-31 Doing Good vs Wrong Theology: How do you sort out whether the good a particular church is doing versus the possibly dangerous theology they may be teaching? [I Corinthians 27-28].
2022-10-31 Laying On of Hands & Filling of the Holy Spirit: What was the difference between the followers before and after Philip's converts had hands laid on them and the filling of the Holy Spirit? [Acts 8:13-18, Acts 19:1-7].
2022-10-31 Faith, Obedience & Love: Does it seems like there is a contradiction between Paul and Jamess in scripture about being able to be obedient? [John 14:15, Romans 8:4-7, I Corinthians 8:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21, James 2:19, James 2:8, Galatians 5:6, I Timothy 6:3-4].
2022-10-31 7-Year Tribulation: Do you see certain and particular events that kick off the 7-year tribulation? [Daniel 9, Revelation 11-13].
2022-10-31 Trust for The Narrow Path: Have you thought about having a trust for keeping "The Narrow Path" up and running forever?
2022-10-31 World English Bible: What do you think of the World English Bible? And what versions do you recommend, especially for kids up to about 12 years old?
2022-10-28 Road to Emmaus: Do you have a lecture expounding on the conversation "expounding the scriptures" as on the Road to Emmaus? [Luke 24:13-27, Luke 24:32].
2022-10-28 Unity Among Believers & Elders: Could you talk about unity among believers, especially from the elders to the congregations? [Hebrews 13:17, Titus 1:9, Romans 16:17, I Corinthians 11:3, Hebrews 13:7].
2022-10-28 Seventh Day Adventist: Seventh Day Adventist calls to inquire as to Steve's statement about the cult-like attitude some Adventists have toward Ellen G White.
2022-10-28 Handing Over the Kingdom to Jesus & God: Could you talk about the scriptures that suggest that the Kingdom is handed over to Christ for management and also handed back to God? Recommendation; "Empire of the Risen Son" (Vol 1& 2) by Steve Gregg. [Matthew 11:27, I Corinthians 15:22-24, Judges 8:22-23, Matthew 28:18, Psalm 110:1].
2022-10-28 Similarity Between Biblical Passages: Is the similarity between Jeremiah 17 & Psalm 1, intentional? [Jeremiah 17:8, Psalm 1:3].
2022-10-28 Infertility: Is there anything in scripture that would suggest that we should not pursue infertility treatment, and I should instead, wait on the Lord? [Matthew 9:29].
2022-10-28 "The Mind of Christ": How does the having the "mind of Christ" actually work? [I Corinthians 2:6-16, I Corinthians 3:1-3, Luke 24:35].
2022-10-27 Jesus Calls Mary "Woman": Is there something significant about it when Jesus spoke to his mother and called her "woman?" [John 2:4].
2022-10-27 Long Lives Recorded in Genesis: Could you comment on the long lives of people recorded in Genesis? [Pslam 90:10].
2022-10-27 The Television Show "Chosen": Comment about the producers of the show "Chosen?"
2022-10-27 No Longer Attending Church: What do you think about a pastor who indicated that because I had a complaint about the outreach ministry of church, that "the devil had me?" I have not been back to church since. [Matthew 28:20].
2022-10-27 Gnosticism: Why is Gnosticism and the Demiurge a heresy?
2022-10-27 Antichrist: Do you believe that the antichrist is an individual man or a movement? [2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 13, I John 2:18-22, I John 4:3, 2 John].
2022-10-27 Seventh Day Adventists: Is Seventh Day Adventitism a cult or a mainstream church?
2022-10-27 Preaching in Hades: So who was Jesus preaching to in Hades in the days of Noah in I Peter 3? [I Peter 3:19].
2022-10-27 Salvation in the Old Testament: How were people saved before the Law of Moses? And what did they have faith in that that time? [Hebrews 11, Genesis 15:6].
2022-10-27 First to Heaven: Who was the first person to go to heaven after Jesus' death, Enoch or the thief? [Ephesians 4:8].
2022-10-27 Which Levitical Laws Apply to Us?: How do we know which scriptures apply to us, such as the laws in Leviticus?
2022-10-26 David's Lack of Faith: Is it David's lack of faith that causes him to run to the Philistines in I Samuel 27? [I Samuel 27:1-2, 2 Timothy 2:13].
2022-10-26 Chastening or Satan: How does one know when God is chastening rather than Satan attacking us?
2022-10-26 Caring for the Poor: How do we obey the directive to care for the poor, when most of our churches are into building nice buildings? [Luke 6:1-3, Acts 18:1-4].
2022-10-26 Twelve Apostles & Twelve Tribes: Were each of the twelve apostles from each of the twelve tribes? Could it relate to the 144,000? [Revelation 12:12, Matthew 19:28].
2022-10-26 United Church of Christ: What do you think of the United Church of Christ, and their preference to substitute the word "Creator" for "Father"? [Galatians 4:6].
2022-10-26 The Gospel (Before the New Testament): What was the gospel that was preached, when there was no Bible (New Testament)? [Isaiah 52:7, Mark 1:14, Luke 11:20, Matthew 12:28, Matthew 24:14, Revelation 3:21, Daniel 7:13, Colossians 1:13].
2022-10-26 The Identity of Satan (Serpent): When Satan (the serpent) was cursed in the garden, does it gives us a clue to who he was? [Revelation 12:7-9, Genesis 3:15, Romans 16:20, Ephesians 2:2, 2 Corinthians 11:14].
2022-10-26 Ministry of Healing & Deliverance: Did you say that there is no ministry of healing or deliverance in the Bible? [Matthew 8:9, Mark 16:16-18].
2022-10-26 Marrying One Who Has Been Divorced: Can Christians marry someone who is divorced, if they were not Christians when they divorced? recommendation; Read article on "Marriage" at the website.
2022-10-25 Halloween: How do I explain to a young child the way people decorate for Halloween with scary things like skeletons?
2022-10-25 Father God's Name: Do you think that God the Father does not really have a name, and Jesus is also YHWH? [John 8:54, Genesis 18:1, I Timothy 3:16].
2022-10-25 Messiah Not Named "Emmanuel": Why did Joseph ignore the angel and not name Jesus "Emmanuel" as he was instructed? [Matthew 1:21, Jeremiah 23:5, Isaiah 9:6].
2022-10-25 Christians & the Mosaic Law: Are we supposed to be obeying the Mosaic Law and what are the laws referred to in Revelation 14? [Revelation 14:12, Hebrews 8:13].