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2013-1-21 Chaldeans Speaking in Aramaic: Why did the Chaldeans speak in Aramaic? [Daniel 2:36-39, Daniel 2:4]
2013-1-21 Problematic Timeline of Daniel: How could Daniel give insight to Nebuchadnezzar in only his second year of training? Is that why Nebuchadnezzar didn't originally call on them? [Daniel 1:1, Daniel 2:1]
2013-1-21 Special Revelation to offset such Violent Persecution: Isn't it as if people like John the Baptist & the Apostle Paul, who suffered such persecution, had God offset that by giving them special Revelation? [Luke 12:48]
2013-1-21 Doubting Thomas & Spiritual Realities: Doubting Thomas believed after he had evidence, but we have to believe by faith. We see the whole picture unlike the people of the Old Testament.
2013-1-21 Knowing God's Will even through Adversity: How are we supposed to know if it God's will to do something when we might be encountering roadblocks, rather than open doors?
2013-1-21 Obeying the Holy Spirit: We need to obey what we the Holy Spirit is telling us.
2013-1-21 Israelites finding against the Tribe of Benjamin: When the Israelites were told by God to fight against the Tribe of Benjamin, but 38,000 people died, was it some type of judgment of God? [Judges 20]
2013-1-21 Paul Waited: Paul was doing God's will because he'd wait & then go.
2013-1-18 Praying Directly to Jesus: Is it okay to pray directly to Jesus or only God the Father?
2013-1-18 "Give unto Caesar": Jesus wasn't necessarily saying to pay taxes when He said "Render unto Caesar" but was being evasive , like He did elsewhere, right? [Mark 12:17, Mark 11:33]
2013-1-18 Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security): Why is the Bible so ambiguous about whether someone has eternal security once they become saved?
2013-1-18 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant: What was the purpose of the Parable about the Unforgiven Servant?
2013-1-18 N.T. Wright & the New Perspective on Paul: Have you ever read or know about N. T. Wright's book on the New Perspective of Paul ("Paul:In Fresh Perspective")?
2013-1-18 Date of the Book of Revelation: When do you think the Book of Revelation was written?
2013-1-18 Warning of the Coming of Lord: Why did John send the Book of Revelation to people outside the region of Jerusalem?
2013-1-17 Simon the Sorcerer Trying to Buy the Holy Spirit: What can we learn from Simon the Sorcerer's experience? Was he saved at one time, but then was not.
2013-1-17 Creation verses Evolution: One reason the Bible might not teach that creation was done by evolution is there were no such words as "millions" & "billions".
2013-1-17 Seventh Day Adventism: What can you tell me about the Seventh Day Adventists? Are they mainstream theology or what? Are they a cult?
2013-1-17 Baptist Church: Is it okay to go to the Baptist church?
2013-1-17 Fasting to Overcome Addictions: Is it okay to fast to overcome sin & addictions?
2013-1-17 "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren & Church Membership: Our church is going through the book, "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, & they want all the members to go through the classes & then sign a piece of paper for membership. What do you think?
2013-1-17 Understanding Romans 5: I don't understand these verses in Romans 5. Can you please help? [Romans 5:13-14]
2013-1-17 "Call No Man Teacher" or "Father": What did Jesus mean by "call no man father?" [Matthew 23:8-9]
2013-1-16 Missionaries in Africa, Now Living in America: Should I keep supporting missionaries who were in Africa but then came back to America?
2013-1-16 Creation-Days or Billions of Years: How do we reconcile what the Bible seems to say about the creation of the earth (6 literal days) & what science says (millions of years)?
2013-1-16 Facing the Judgment: Why a Judgment for Christians?
2013-1-16 The Lord's Prayer-"Lead Us Not into Temptation": What is meant by "Lead us not into temptation?"
2013-1-16 Bibles Back in Schools: People are saying how we need to get rid of guns, but how come we never hear anything about putting the Bible back in school?
2013-1-16 Propitiation & Atonement: What is the difference between "Propitiation" & "Atonement" and the number of times it has to be done? Propitiation, once & Atonement many times? [1 John 2:2, Romans 3:25]
2013-1-16 No Bibles Anywhere in America: Isn't it hypocritical of the American government to say we can not preach or teach the Bible, but we must accommodate any other religion that is not Christian, such as Buddhism & Isla?.
2013-1-16 Trinity: Can you explain the Trinity?
2013-1-16 Bibles in School: Is there ever occasion when we should "force" the Bible back in schools?
2013-1-15 "Deliver Him to Satan": What was Paul saying when he told the church in Corinth to deliver a fornicator to Satan? [1 Corinthians 5:1-13]
2013-1-15 "I Never Knew You": When the Lord says He "never knew them", is He talking to Christians or not? [Matthew 7:24]
2013-1-15 Falling Away, Showing Mercy & Mental Illness: Can you fall away by not being merciful? What about people who are mentally ill or schizophrenic? Could they be demon-possessed?
2013-1-15 "Surely I Come Quickly": When Jesus says he's coming soon ("surely I come quickly") both before AD 70 and before His Second Coming, how do you deal with this discrepancy? [Revelation 21, Revelation 22:20. Revelation 22:12-14, Matthew 24:34]
2013-1-15 Chips & the Mark of the Beast: What do you think about the government trying to implement the "Mark of the Beast" by making us have RFID chips?
2013-1-15 Post Millennialism in contrast to Amillennialism: What is the difference between Post Millennialism & Amillennialist? [Revelation 20:7-8]
2013-1-15 The Tribulation & the Partial Preterist: How is The Tribulation dealt with in the Partial Preterist paradigm? [Matthew 24]
2013-1-15 The "Philips" in the New Testment: Philip baptized the eunuch and a Philip was an evangelist. Are these the same Philip? What about the Philip that was an apostle? [Acts 8, Acts 21:8, Matthew 10:2-4]
2013-1-15 Truth-Challenged By Steve's Teachings: Some churches think truth is what you believe at the time.
2013-1-14 Understanding the Wrathful God of the Old Testament vs Jesus of the New Testament: Could you reconcile the wrath of God in the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament?
2013-1-14 Speaking Engagements: Caller wanted to know about Steve's speaking engagement details.
2013-1-14 Helping Depression & Bitterness: How can I help my sister who is depressed & bitter?
2013-1-14 Preterism View: How early did the Preterist View come about? How did it come to be as it is now?
2013-1-14 "Sin Unto Death": What is the "Sin unto Death?" [John 3:18, 1 John 5:17-18]
2013-1-14 Antichrist, Mark of the Beast & His Number: What about the antichrist, the "mark of the beast" and "666"?
2013-1-14 Oral Roberts & Kicking Adam in the Chin: What do you think when someone says when he gets to heaven, he's going to debate Oral Roberts, and another say that he's going to kick Adam in the chins for listening to Eve?
2013-1-14 Pre, Mid or Post Tribulation: Is Jesus coming before or after the Tribulation?
2013-1-14 Jehovah's Witnesses & the Military: My nephew got out of the military to join the Jehovah's Witness cult, but godly people in the Bible had to go to war. What do you think?