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2016-5-06 New Heavens & Earth: New heavens & new earth are created, new Jerusalem comes out of Heaven, so is it the new capital city? [Revelation 21]
2016-5-06 Satan being Punished: If satan was as Satan from the beginning, why does he have to punished, why was hell created for him & his minions?
2016-5-06 Lengthing our Days: God knows the number of days we are going to be alive, & we can possibly shorten them by our own actions, but what about lengthing them, like when He told Solomon he would or when Hezekiah got 15 years added? [1 Kings 3:14, 2 Kings 20:6]
2016-5-06 Satan a Murderer from the Beginning: How was Satan a murderer from the beginning exactly? [John 8:44]
2016-5-06 Eternal Security: What is your position on Eternal Security, once saved always saved again? I heard you talk about it, but i can't remember what you said. [John 15:6, Luke 14:34]
2016-5-05 Death Penality related to the New Covenant: Can you talk about death penalty in relation to the new covenant?
2016-5-05 Commentary on Ezekiel 43: Can you explain what is being said here in Ezekiel? [Ezekiel 43:10-11]
2016-5-05 New Bathroom Law (Policy) (Same Sexes in same B/R): How should a Christian deal with the new bathroom law (policy) where any gender can use any bathroom?
2016-5-05 Worked-based Religions & Faith Alone: Religions that insist on a work-based salvation, are we brothers & sisters with them even though we believe in faith alone, believing in Jesus?
2016-5-05 501c3 registered churches: What do you think about churches being registered as 501c3's?
2016-5-05 501c3's Comment: The caller chimes in about 501c3's & says that churches are tax-exempt with or with one.
2016-5-05 National Day of Prayer: Caller thinks we as a nation should really participate in the national day of prayer & repent.
2016-5-05 New Bathroom Laws: Caller chimes in about new bathroom laws & relays a story about it.
2016-5-05 Knowledge shall be increased: Doesn't this verse in Daniel by itself seems to prove that there is & that we are in the end days? [Daniel 12:4]
2016-5-05 501c3's: Caller thinks money you give to 501c3's you get back, so is that a good thing or a bad thing?
2016-5-04 Dual Fulfillment (Double-fold Prohecy): what do you think about the biblical validity of dual fulfillment of prophecy, double-fold prophecy?
2016-5-04 Preterism: Can you tell me about the preterist view?
2016-5-04 People before the Fall: Population before the original sin? (I don't understand call.)
2016-5-04 Books of the Bible: How were the books for the Bible selected?
2016-5-04 Seventh Day Adventists & the Dietary Mandate: When did Seventh Day Adventists start the idea that they needed to obey certain dietary laws?
2016-5-04 Split between 69th & 70th Week: Where do dispensationalists think the 69th & 70th week in the Bible is split by over 2,000 years? [Daniel 9:24-27]
2016-5-04 Sovereignty of God & Ordained: A long discussion about God's sovereignty & talking about God ordaining everything or not, & caller cites a few quotes from R.C. Sproul & the Westminister Confession of Faith.
2016-5-04 Book of Enoch: So since Jude quoted from the Book of Enoch, does that mean it was an inspired book? [June 1:14]
2016-5-04 Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD: Is Matthew 24, Luke 21 & Mark 13 talking about the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD? [Matthew 24, Luke 21, Luke 17, Mark 13]
2016-5-04 The Church & Invisible Church: Can you comment about the (institutional) church verses the invisible church, some saying the latter is heretical?
2016-5-03 Physical Temple of Ezekiel to a Spiritual Temple of Revelation: How to do tie a real physical temple of Ezekiel 43 with a "spiritual" one? You seem to make it a physical one in Ezekiel to a spiritual one in the same chapter. [Revelation 22, Ezekiel 43:10-12]
2016-5-03 Last Day Events: On the Last Day or the Day of the Lord, will the saints have new bodies?
2016-5-03 The wicked on the Last Day: What about UNbelievers (the unrighteous)? [John 5:28]
2016-5-03 White Throne Judgment: The White Throne Judgment will happen then also, & where will that take place? Heaven or the New Earth?
2016-5-03 Gold Dust: Caller makes a comment about a previous call about Gold dust, that if it's real gold how come no one brings it to a jewelry store?
2016-5-03 Committing Adultery by Default: If a husband divorces his wife except for adultery, he causes her to commit adultery by default, is that true? [Matthew 5:31]
2016-5-03 Prophets & Apostles for Today: Do Prophets & Apostles exists for today's age or was there a cessation of the spiritual gifts? [Ephesians 4:11-13, Ephesians 2:20, 1 Corinthians 1:7]
2016-5-03 ku Klux Klan: Is the KKK/Ku Klux Klan a Christian organization & if not, why not?
2016-5-03 Sleep Euphemism for Death: Can you explain the euphemism of sleep for death?
2016-5-03 Black Descendants & black Hebrew Israelites: is there any place in the Bible it talks about the descendants of blacks? Are they descendants of true Israel, black Hebrew Israelites?
2016-5-03 Honoring Jewish Feast Days: Should we honor and practice the Jewish Feast days? [Romans 14:5-6, Colossians 2:14-17, Galation 4:8-11]
2016-5-02 Prayers & Proclamations: I just read a book by Derek Prince called, "Prayers & Proclamations". Is that different than just using words to heal? [John 5:20]
2016-5-02 Gold Dust: Do you have any response as to what I should say to my nephew about Jewels & Gold Dust having nothing to do with anything that Jesus would do?
2016-5-02 English Grammar Question in Ephesians: why is the word "finally" used here? [Ephesians 6:10]
2016-5-02 Helmet of Salvation: What is the helmet of salvation? [Ephesians 6:17]
2016-5-02 Walter Martin: Walter Martin was a great teacher.
2016-5-02 Sexual Thought not a Sin: Caller heard a pastor say sexual fantasy is not actually sinful, only the physical act, witha married woman, is that true?
2016-5-02 The ESV & NASB Bibles: Is there difference between the ESV & the NASB bible? Which one would you recommend?
2016-5-02 12 Stones in Revelation: Are the 12 stones representative of the 12 tribes or maybe the 12 stones of the ephod of the high priests? [Revelation 21:19]
2016-5-02 Throne of God & Throne of the Lamb: Are there 2 thrones or one in Heaven, Revelation?
2016-5-02 Tree on 2 Sides of the River: Are there's one tree on 2 sides of the rivers, so the trunk is split in 2? [Revelation 22:2, Ezekiel 37]
2016-4-29 Adam & Eve bearing Children before the Fall: Did Adam & Eve have any children before they fell?
2016-4-29 Converting to the Hebrews Roots Movement: My sister is converting to Hebrew roots, the Messianic movement, & how does this help with the new covenant?
2016-4-29 Sunday-Best for Church: DOes it say anywhere in the Bible that we have to dress up for church?
2016-4-29 Alcholic Anonymus: what do you know about & think about Alcoholics Anonymous? Does it belong to something like the occult?