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2015-5-15 Biblical Definition of Faith: What is the Biblical definition of Faith? I'm aware of it says in Hebrews 11, but WHAT is it, so you know you aren't following the Word of Faith mentality? [Hebrews 11:1]
2015-5-14 Qualifications for an Elder: Caller is responding to a caller that was concerned about the response of a Pastor, & wants to point out how he probably wasn't following the protocol of being an elder. [1 Timothy 5:19, Titus 1:6, 1 Peter 5:1-4]
2015-5-14 Blood Moons, Shmita, the Jubilee: Does Steve give any credence to the Jewish Feasts, the Jubilee, the Shmita, the Blood Moons, that the economy is going to collapse in September 2015? Can we consider them "markers" that we are in the end of the world?
2015-5-14 Reigning w/ Christ: Will we reign w/ Christ in heaven, & what's going to be different before the New Heavens & the New Earth & after?
2015-5-14 Islam/Muslims: Calle had a friend who said he would never eat w/ a Muslim if invited by one. Caller wants to know if Steve has ever heard of Christians taking a stance like that? He'd invite them into his house to eat, but he'd never go w/ them.
2015-5-14 Understanding Prophecy: Caller is advising Steve that in order to understand prophecy, especially concerning the Beasts. Then they discuss historicism.
2015-5-13 Rebuilding of the Temple: Is it true that they are in the process of rebuilding the Temple like everyone is predicting?
2015-5-13 Blood Moons: What does Steve think of the Blood Moons that are being talked about?
2015-5-13 Church Growth in Dark Ages: How was the church growing in the Dark Ages during the monopoly the Catholic Church had on the Bible, on the Truth? [Matthew 13:31-32]
2015-5-13 Materialism: Western Society seems to have lost their way, the husband & the wife both working, undermining the family by being taught by schools & daycares, ignoring Christianity.
2015-5-13 Binding of Satan: Where does it say in the Bible that JESUS is going to be the one that actually binds Satan? [Revelation 20:1-3, Matthew 12:29]
2015-5-13 Binding of Satan: All the Binding of Satan is is him being alone for 1000 years by himself. [Revelation 20:1-3]
2015-5-13 Hell not being Forever: Caller believes that we don't burn forever, but are annihilated.
2015-5-13 Jesus Doing Away w/ the 10 Commandments: Jesus didn't do away w/ the 10 Commandments, but as a matter of fact, ENHANCED them, made adultery even MORE than just the act.
2015-5-12 Women Pastors: Steve says women are not allowed to be pastors, but what if they are gifted in that area? Does God intend to hold them down?
2015-5-12 The Bible Just a Nice Set of Stories: How do you deal w/ someone who claims to be a Christian, but thinks the Bible is just a book of made up stories, & how would you share w/ them that they are wrong?
2015-5-12 Understanding Revelation: Caller wants to know why all these wicked people are going to be outside the gate when we are in Heaven? [Revelation 22:14-15]
2015-5-12 Books that Steve Loves: Caller would like to know the list of books that Steve has read 10 times or more.
2015-5-12 Pastors Being Okay w/ Homosexuality: Caller is surprised Pastors are so accepting to the homosexual lifestyle.
2015-5-12 The Koran: Does Steve have the Qua'ran on his bookshelf? Do they have different Translations like the BIble?
2015-5-12 Pastors Not Following Bible: Pastors not going according to the Bible, but anything goes, for the most part, & the pastor didn't like being criticized about it. Shouldn't he be concerned w/ what he taught on Judgment Day? [James 3:1]
2015-5-12 Forgiving & Retaining Sins: Catholic priest told the caller that that verse give him the authority to forgive sins....or not. [John 20:23]
2015-5-12 Good Books on Evangelizing Christ: Caller would like some good books to share Jesus w/ people that are really effective.
2015-5-12 Ananias & Sapphira Did God strike down Ananias & Sapphira to bring fear to the church? [Acts 4:32 – 5:11]
2015-5-11 Kingdom Taken From the Jews: Why was the Kingdom of God taken from the Jews, because they were not experiencing Justice, Peace & Joy? [Matthew 21:43, Romans 14:17]
2015-5-11 Watching Movies (Mel Brooks): Are Movies supposed to be watched in the privacy of your own home? Are you allowed to watch questionable movies?
2015-5-11 Predestination: Caller wants to why so people are so confused about the word of Predestination. There's a difference between being "saved" & being "called according to His purpose". Romans 8:28-29
2015-5-11 Age of the Earth, Prehistoric Age: The Age of the Stars & other things don't seem to match up w/ the Creation Account, so how do we deal w/ that? [Genesis 1 & 2, Romans 1:19-20]
2015-5-11 The Book, "Pagan Christianity" Does Steve know about the book called, "Pagan Christianity", has he read it, & what does he think about it?
2015-5-11 Salvation Being Conditional: If Salvation is Conditional, how do escape the suggestion that you have made salvation a matter of works?
2015-5-11 Christians who are in Sin: How do we deal in a Christ-like matter those who claim Christianity but who are living in sin? [Galatians 6:1, Matthew 18:15-20]
2015-5-08 Bible Authority, Biblical Interpretation: You need to use Biblical Hermeneutics or exegetical method of interpreting the Bible, a followup from Tom the Catholic.
2015-5-08 Promises to the Jews fulfilled: Did you say that all the Promises of God to the Jews have been fulfilled? What about the 7 year period right before He comes back?
2015-5-08 Races Starting at Tower of Babel: Caller responding to the caller of the previous show talking about races. He wants to know, what about at the Tower of Babel?
2015-5-08 Church Membership: Pastor thinks that if they are going to participate in leadership roles of groups of missions, that they need actually join the church membership, & to do this, they want these people to go through a 2 month membership course instead of going to the regular church service.
2015-5-08 New Apostolic Reformation & Spiritual Mapping: What can Steve say about the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) & the New Apostolic Reformation, because they linked YWAM w/ them, and wondering about Spiritual Mapping.
2015-5-08 Missing Bible Verses: Why is [Acts 8:37] missing out of the Modern Translations of the Bible?
2015-5-07 Swear Words: Does God care about people using Swear Words? Are they harmful or immoral?
2015-5-07 God of the OT in contrast w/ Jesus of the NT: People think there's a complete contrast between the God of the OT & the God of the NT, having character trait differences.
2015-5-07 Dead Sea Scrolls - Esther: Is it true that when they found the Dead Sea Scrolls, that all the books were included except for the book of Esther?
2015-5-07 Adam - Father of all Mankind: Are Adam & Eve really the first parents of the human race, or did God create humans before them, & THEN Adam? [Romans 5:12-21, Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2]
2015-5-07 Archeologist find - Book of Barnabas: Has Steve ever heard of them finding the book Barnabas?
2015-5-07 Armageddon: Is Armageddon the Final Battle of the End of the World?
2015-5-07 David & His Enemies: It says in the Psalms that he prayed for destruction of his enemies. Is that a NT thing to do?
2015-5-07 Creation being Millions of Years: She thinks there was a destruction of the "earth" before God created it again during the creation. She gives a litany of Bible references but they turn out to not be the ones she intended.
2015-5-07 Different Races Created: Caller thinks the caller about Adam & different created beings is on to something, she agreeing w/ him & not Steve.
2015-5-07 Disembodied Souls Before Creation: Caller also thinks there were disembodied souls before Creation.
2015-5-06 Baptism: Were people baptized in the Old Testament? Why was John the Baptist baptizing people? What is the reason WE get baptized, to identify w/ the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ?
2015-5-06 Passover, Jesus' Death & Resurrection: How do we get 3 literal days & nights in Jesus' Death to His Resurrection? Does it have something to do w/ the Passover?
2015-5-06 Spirit & Soul: Is there a distinction between the Spirit & the Soul? How does that relate to the Holy Spirt?