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2018-7-12 Abomination of Desolation: When the Disciples aske Jesus, "when shall these things be?", what is the Abomination of Desolation? [Matthew 24:15, Daniel 9:26-27]
2018-7-12 Charismatic Movement: Where did the passion go that saw in the Charismatic Movement we saw in the 70s? Was that experience that I had just a spill-over of that happened with you & the Jesus Movement?
2018-7-12 Tithing: My husband & I have been being convicted to tithe, wondering how to do it, who to give it to?
2018-7-12 Cast Down & Not Forsaken: What did Paul mean by being Cast down & not forsaken? So who casts us down? Who forsakes us? [2 Corinthians 4:9]
2018-7-12 Overcoming Evil with Good: How do I overcome evil w/ good when people leaving messes for me to clean up?
2018-7-12 Book of Jasher: Have you ever seen or read the Book of Jasher?
2018-7-12 Homosexuality & LGBT Community: LBGT community needs our love & kindness. How should we be meeting their needs?
2018-7-11 Male & Female: Why can't people just let people do what they want as far as what sex people want to be, a Christian niece asks the person making the call, being influenced by college says. [Matthew 19:4]
2018-7-11 Losing One's Salvation: Can you lose your salvation in Christ?
2018-7-11 Free Will & Being Born Again: So according to the Gospel of John we can't choose to be born again, so we don't really have free will? Is that right? [John 1:13]
2018-7-11 Religiously Abused People: How do we help people who were hurt by "religion"?
2018-7-11 Marijuana: How do you feel about using marijuana?
2018-7-11 Novice Christians as Elders: What was Paul saying about newly converted shouldn't be elders of the church lest they fall into the same downfall of pride as Satan did? [1 Timothy 3:6]
2018-7-11 Women Learning in Silence: Women being silent in the church, what does this mean? Paul says it's because Eve was the one who was deceived, but wasn't Adam stand right there beside her the whole time? [1 Timothy 2:6]
2018-7-11 Losing Faith: Even if you do walk away from God, you could still being pursued by God/
2018-7-11 Reincarnation: Is reincarnation is in the bible?
2018-7-11 Spiritual Suicide in College: Caller thinks Steve was right on when he said you are basically sending your children to a spiritual death when you send them to secular colleges.
2018-7-10 Church Membership: So you are against Church Membership? Do you have anything in your lectures about that?
2018-7-10 The Calvinist & Arminianist Debate: What is the best book of the Bible to go through to debate Calvinism & arminianism? [Romans]
2018-7-10 Adam & Eve's Naked Conscience: Why is this verse here, Adam & Eve being ashamed of their nakedness as a result of the Fall?
2018-7-10 Choosing Unbelief: What is the main reason for disbelief?
2018-7-10 Hell-Universal Reconciliationism: What are your views about Universal Reconciliationism (what the caller calls, "restorationism")?
2018-7-10 Monetary Tips: Is it godly to give tips in restaurants?
2018-7-10 Black Hebrew Israelites: African Americans the true Hebrews/Israelites, the lost tribe of Israel. I'm leaning on believing that. What do you think? [Deuteronomy 28, Galatians 3:26-29]
2018-7-10 Testimony about LGBT Concern: I just wanted to share what I mentioned on a previous show that I don't have to worry about not getting the job because the LGBT concern. (followup, 6/22, last Q)
2018-7-10 Jews in the End Times: Are the Jews going to play a significant role in the end times?
2018-7-09 2 Sticks in Ezekiel: Ezekiel holding 2 sticks & putting them together, what did that mean, & what do Christian Zionists do w/ this? [Ezekiel 37]
2018-7-09 Prophecy Hampering Second Coming: Are there any prophecies that need to be fulfilled before Jesus comes back?
2018-7-09 Blessing God & God blessing us & lifting Hands: You said recently said that the it's the greater man that blesses the lesser man, so God blesses us, more than we are blessing God, with praise & worship & the lifting hands in, but what about these verses in Psalms? [Psalm 63:4, Psalms 134:2]
2018-7-09 Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I really the introduction music to your show. Is that you playing the guitar?
2018-7-09 Cremation: Is cremation okay or do we need our bodies for God to raise us?
2018-7-09 Jesus Leaving it up to the Priests of the Catholic Church: So did Jesus really leave the Catholic church to tell us what to do? [Matthew 23:2-3]
2018-7-09 Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I was always like your introductory music too.
2018-7-09 Home Church: What does your home church consist of? What are some of the problems you have had with it? [1 Corinthians 14:26]
2018-7-09 Nation of Israel: Do you not think the state of Israel is legitimate?
2018-7-06 Glorification: Are we already glorified when we come to Christ through our salvation? [Romans 8:30]
2018-7-06 Justification, Sanctification, Glorification: What are the definitions of Justification, Sanctification, Glorification?
2018-7-06 Exorcisms: What happens if someone wants you to do an exorcism? is it immediately effective or not?
2018-7-06 Privacy from God: Does God know everything that is going on in our private lives? Are we not allowed some privacy?
2018-7-06 Destruction of Jerusalem: Is the Jerusalem prophecy still to happen in our future or already past? [Zechariah 9-14]
2018-7-06 Jesus' Name: Where did the name "Jesus" come?
2018-7-06 Holding Cell for the Wicked Dead: Where do the wicked go after they die, some type of holding cell?
2018-7-06 Child punished for Parent's Sin: Can a child be punished or suffer for the parent's sin? {Ezekiel 18, Exodus 20:5]
2018-7-06 Paying Tithe: Abraham paid tithe to Melchizedek, so tithing is still enforced, is it not? [Hebrews 7, Matthew 23:23]
2018-7-05 More Sinful the Closer to Christ: It sort've seems the closer i'm getting to Jesus, the more sinful i see myself.
2018-7-05 Don't Have to Repent anymore: So once we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior we don't have to repent anymore since He forgave our Past, Present & Future sins? Is that true? [Romans 6]
2018-7-05 Our Resurrected Bodies in Psalm 23: Is the temple possibly be talking about our resurrected body in Psalms? [Psalms 23:6b]
2018-7-05 Irvin Baxter: Do you ever listen to Irvin Baxter, End of the Age? How does your view align with his?
2018-7-05 Doing God's Will, Always Repenting, & Chronic Pain: I'm trying to always conform to God's will & not my will, but i'm always continually repenting, but always in chronic pain.
2018-7-05 Genealogy of Jesus & Joseph: Why is Jesus' step-dad Joseph's genealogy so important in Matthew 1 when he wasn't even blood related to Jesus? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]