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2016-8-09 Punishment Despite God Letting People Go: Is there still a judgement & punishment for the people God had already let go with reprobate minds? [Romans 1]
2016-8-09 Purpose of God's Wrath: What is the purpose of God's wrath? Is it to satisfy His righteous requirements or is it just leaving man to his own devices? [Romans 1, 2 Thessalonians 1:6, Ezekiel 33:11]
2016-8-09 Little "gods": Can you tell me who the little “g” gods were with no capitalization?
2016-8-09 Steve's Comic Books: Can your comic books be used for Bible study?
2016-8-08 Power to Become Sons of God: " them gave He power to become the sons of God..." is that now or later? [john 1:12]
2016-8-08 Microchip & Mark of the Beast: Caller is concerned about having to get a microchip to be able to buy & sell, & is it the Mark of the Beast?
2016-8-08 Strong Delusion: Can Steve talk about God sending strong delusions, truth & rationality [2 Thessalonians 2:10=11]
2016-8-08 Curse for Trying to Obey the Law: So are people under a curse if they try to obey the law instead of trust in Christ? [Galatians 3:10, Galatians 5:2]
2016-8-08 Royal Law of Love: What about the "royal law of Love", is that superior or the same as the law of the of the old law? [1 John 3]
2016-8-08 Putting on the Full Armor of God, combating Demonic Activity: Caller is concerned about having the full armor of God, fighting emonic or supernatural influences in her home, feeling very afraid. [Ephesians 6:14-17] (same caller as 2nd of same show.)
2016-8-08 Walking in the Spirit: Can you explain how to walk in the Spirit?
2016-8-05 Animal Sacrifice & Zionism: Messianic Jews, final sacrifice, the time between the 69th & 70th week of Daniel, & caller thinks Zionism is a very dangerous idea:
2016-8-05 Antinatalism (No Procreation): Should parents have children if they can't guarantee that they won't suffer?
2016-8-05 Children Going to Hell: What if you run the risk of children burning for eternity in hell?
2016-8-05 God Irresponsible: Does it possibly make God irresponsible by letting children being born who are going to burn in hell for eternity?
2016-8-05 "Sin in His Members": Paul’s comment about his sin, sin in his members, is this talking about his pre-Christian life or his current Christian struggle? [Romams 7:23, Galatians 5:16-17]
2016-8-05 3 Days & 3 Nights: Caller points out that there seems to be conflict in number of days during the death of Jesus...not 3 literal days.
2016-8-05 Hermeneutics: You have to study the hermeneutics of proper Bible Study, learning to properly interpret & not completely rely on your favorite scholar or Bible teaching alone because a favorite teacher can be wrong, is what this caller believes.
2016-8-05 Present with the Lord: Resurrection of bodies on the last day, spirit’s resurrection? [James 2:26, 2 Corinthians 5, Philippians 1:21-23]
2016-8-05 Land Promises to Abraham: Promises to Abraham about the land, were those promises fulfilled? partial preterism influences/view. [Gemesis 15]
2016-8-04 Identity of Jewish Children: Is it the father or mother that identifies their children as Jewish?
2016-8-04 Tribes of Israel: What tribes disappeared & does Steve know which ones were they?
2016-8-04 Various Questions about Jews of the Bible: Caller concludes his conversation by asking about Jewish Patriarchs & their children.
2016-8-04 Jesus the Creator: Is Jesus the actual Creator? The Muslims have a problem if you tell them that. [John 1:1, Genesis 1]
2016-8-04 1 Peter Epistle's Audience: Was 1 Peter written to just the jews or Chrisians in general?
2016-8-04 Accused of Being Anti-Semitic Is there a link between this verse in Matthew 24 & this verse 1 Peter 2 regarding the kingdom of God? By believing certain stuff you are then falsely accused of being anti-Semitic. [Matthew 21:43, 1 Peter 2:9]
2016-8-04 Falsely Accused of Racism: Steve Gregg & caller makes some good points of false accusations just because you believe certain stuff, being racist, homophobic & so on.
2016-8-04 Hallowed Be Thy Name: is saying, "Hallowed be Thy name", a form of praise?
2016-8-04 Far Left, Far Right: Caller is concerned about the Christians worrying about being too far Liberal left or too far Conservative right labels & political systems.
2016-8-04 Dispensationalism & Prosperity Doctrine: Are Dispensationalism & the Prosperity doctrine in any way connected to or responsible for the other?
2016-8-03 JWs twisting a Verse in Psalms & how to refute them: Caller would like help in refuting a verse Jehovah's Witnesses yse to prove the Trinity is not biblical. [Psalm 110:1]
2016-8-03 Goodness of God Leading to Repentance: the goodness of God leads to repentance, how is that better than using the 10 commandments for conviction of sin? [Romans 2:4]
2016-8-03 Praying to God Continuously: Are we supposed to tell Him all about how we feel about our problems? How should I pray? Is the Lord's Prayer just a pattern to use?
2016-8-03 3 Men who Visited Abraham: Who were the 3 men who came to visit Abraham? [Genesis 18]
2016-8-03 Adam & Eve's Eternal Destination: Were Adam & Eve saved?
2016-8-03 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Caller would like to know about speaking in tongues, & do we all have the same amount of the Holy Spirit?
2016-8-02 Mandela effect: Caller would like Steve's thoughts on the "Mandela effect" (invented memories). [Isaiah 11:6, which you will hear addressed in later calls about this "phenomenon"]
2016-8-02 Paul & Jesus' Teachings Different: Did Paul & Jesus teach different things? Was Paul not who he said he was?
2016-8-02 Mandela Effect: Caller has chimed in about the "Mandela Effect" as a result of a previous call. [Isaiah 11;6]
2016-8-02 Mandela Effect: Another caller chimes in with similar comment about the Mandela Effect from previous call.
2016-8-02 Easter, a Pagan Institution adopted by Christianity: Caller is wondering how Easter became a Christian thing when it only has pagan origins. [Acts 12:4]
2016-8-02 Original Sin-Sin Nature: Caller wants to know about Calvinism, Marcionite, semi-Pelagian, Augustinian & how it call relates to original sin & the sin nature.
2016-8-02 Atonement-Christus Victor & Penanl Substitution: Caller wanted Steve to please explain the difference between Christus Victor & the Penal Substitution involving the atonement. (He doesn't have much time to answer the question however.)
2016-8-01 Judging an Angry Christian: The verse that says, "You will know them by their fruits", when someone SAYS they are a Christian but is very angry & swears, how does one know if they are or not? [Matthew 7:15-20]
2016-8-01 The Rich Person in James: Who is the rich person? Who is he addressing & how serious is he being? [James 5:1-6]
2016-8-01 "Know we no man after the Flesh": When it says, “according to the flesh”, is that talking about their flesh or ours? [2 Corinthians 5:15-21]
2016-8-01 "Reconciling the World": What about "reconciling the world"? Is this talking about the people of the world or the whole world itself? [2 Corinthians 5:19]
2016-8-01 "We are Ambassadors for Christ": And a related question, is Paul saying they as apostles are "ambassadors" or we all as Christians are ambassadors? [2 Corinthians 5:20]
2016-8-01 Dealing with the Messianic Movement: The Messianic Movement people seem to contiune to hold to thevalue of the Torah, that you have to use God's correct name. Can you comment on how to combat them? [Matthew 5:17-19, Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrew 8:10]
2016-8-01 God Killing Certain Groups in the OT: Why did God choose to kill certain groups of people in the Old Testament?