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2021-9-09 Jesus Encourages Violence Like Muhammad: How would you respond to Muslim's who claim that the parable where people are slain, is evidence that Jesus encourages violence and then so can Muhammad. [Luke 19].
2021-9-09 Jesus' Life Before His Ministry: What was Jesus doing during those earlier years, and before he entered His ministry? [Luke 2].
2021-9-09 Faith, Hope, Love: Would you talk about what Jesus said about "faith, hope, and love", especially what He meant about "hope"? [I Corinthians 13:13, Hebrews 11:1, Romans 8:24, Galatians 1:10, Romans 12:10, Philippians 2:3].
2021-9-09 Salvation for White Only: What do you think about a suggestion that salvation is only for those from the white race? [Genesis 12].
2021-9-09 Requesting Prayers from Deceased Saints: Is there anything in scripture that would encourage one to request intercessory prayer from the saints who have passed? [I Timothy 2:5].
2021-9-09 The "Right" to Become the Children of God: What is the "right" to become children of God? [John 1:12, I John 3:2].
2021-9-09 Ontological Aspects of Christian Theology: Would you discuss the ontological aspects of the Christian theology and if He is the source, then isn't all of God, as in Monism?
2021-9-09 The Giving of the Law by Angels-as in Islam: If the law was given through angels, why doesn't it say anything about it in Exodus? [Deuteronomy 33:2, Galatians 3:19, Acts 7:53, Hebrews 2:2].
2021-9-08 Gnostic Gospels: Steve makes a correction about the source for the Gnostic Gospels being the "Nag Hammadi" library, rather than the "Ras Shamra".
2021-9-08 "Raising Up" Parallels: Do you think that these two verse are related; Hosea 6:2 and Luke 13:32? [Hosea 6:2, Luke 13:32].
2021-9-08 Defining "Sanctification": What is the true meaning of the word, "sanctification"? [I Peter 1:15, 2 Corinthians 3:18].
2021-9-08 Rock Music in Church Service: What do you think that using popular rock music, like "Bohemian Rhapsody", in a church service?
2021-9-08 Dispensationalism: When you were a Dispensationalist, where would you have said Jesus went after the Millennium?
2021-9-08 Carbon Dating: Where does "carbon dating" come from?
2021-9-08 Neanderthals & Cro-Magnon: Is there biblical information that indicate from where the Neanderthal bones come?
2021-9-08 Noah's Son-Neanderthal: Do you think that one of Noah's sons was a Neanderthal?
2021-9-08 Dispensationalism Untrue: Is it not true that the Dispensational view of the end times can't be true because of the Daniel symbolism and when the Roman Empire fell? [Daniel 2, Daniel 7].
2021-9-08 "Generational Curses": Are "Generational Curses" biblical? [Exodus 34:7].
2021-9-07 Prophet Daniel and the Jewish History: Do you think that Daniel may have been somewhat unclear about the ramifications his prophecy and that Chapter 12 could have been about the New Covenant? [Daniel 11-12, Matthew 24:21, John 5:28-29, I Peter 1:10].
2021-9-07 Bible or Holy Spirit: Should we follow the Bible or the Holy Spirit? [I Thessalonians 5:21].
2021-9-07 Numbers 15, the Sticks, Stoning: Would you explain Numbers 15:32-36? [Numbers 15:32-36].
2021-9-07 Sabbath Keeping: Caller comments on the Sabbath and that believers are all Israel, therefore one should now keep Sabbath. [Matthew 12].
2021-9-07 Able to be Saved, Elect or Not: Caller shares his fear that he may be demon possessed and not part of the elect, and asks; Can I still be saved? [2 Peter 3:9, Ezekiel 33::11, John 6:37].
2021-9-03 Permitted to Worship Idols: Is it okay to worship idols since God doesn't have an ego? [Exodus 20:5]
2021-9-03 Bound to the Mosiac Law: Caller responds to a guy who says we are still under the Mosaic Law, giving him some new information & he said he'd look into it (instead of being closed-minded).
2021-9-03 Israelites Criticized for being Terrorists: How would you respond that the Israelites were just like terrorists taking over the Land of Canaan?
2021-9-03 Pool of Bethesda & Parlytic Man: Did an angel really come to the Pool of Bethesda & stir the waters so the first person who entered it could be healed? [John 5:4]
2021-9-03 Resources on Suicide: Caller wants to know if Steve has anything on suicide at his website. [Steve recommends going to the topic index of the website, & looking under, "Suicide".]
2021-9-03 Discrempencies in Jesus' Genealogies: Can you please help me with these discrempencies of the genealogies of Jesus? [Matthew 1. Luke 3]
2021-9-03 Peter, James & John in Jesus' Inner Circle: Why was Peter, James & John part of Jesus' inner circle & not Andrew?
2021-9-03 Gay Flags Flying High Above Church Buildings: How can churches flaunt Gay Pride Flags on their buildings?
2021-9-03 Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem: Did Jesus ride both a donkey & a colt when He made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem? [Zechariah 9:9]
2021-9-03 Lord of the Sabbath: If Jesus broke the Sabbath because He was "Lord of the Sabbath", why did He bother observing or obeying anything else in the Mosaic Law (Circumcision, feast days)? [John 5:18, Mark 2:27-28, Galatians 4:4-5]
2021-9-02 Passover, Unleavened Bread & the Last Supper: Did Jesus have unleavened bread at the last supper?
2021-9-02 Gilgamesh Epic Causing Doubt: What is your response to my becoming a "Doubting Thomas" because of ancient books and mythology, like "Gilgamesh Epic" existing before the Bible and some of the common traits?[Luke 3:1].
2021-9-02 Jesus & His Family Flee: To where did Jesus and his family flee. Could it have been Alexandria?
2021-9-02 Jesus Resurrection & Passover: Would you talk about the resurrection, and the day of the week relative to the Passover? [Psalm 16:10].
2021-9-02 God Changes Hearts & Calvinism: Does this verse about God changing hearts support the Calvinist position?[Deuteronomy 30:6, Ezekiel 36:26, Ezekiel 11:19, Jeremiah 32:39-40, Hebrew 8:10].
2021-9-02 God Taking Pleasure in Destruction Contradiction: Would you talk about the apparent contradiction in this verse about God talking pleasure in the destruction of the wicked? [Deuteronomy 28:63, Ezekiel 33:11].
2021-9-02 Gnostic Gospels: Is there a possibility that the Gnostic Gospels could be trusted?
2021-9-02 Mithraism & Other Pagan Religions & Sources: Could you talk about Mithraism and the other Pagan Religions and their beliefs?
2021-9-02 The "Gospel of Judas": What do you think of the "Gospel of Judas", and the idea that Judas might have been a good guy? [John 6:70]. NOTE: Steve misspoke the source would be Nag Hammadi instead of Ras Shamra.
2021-9-02 "Gifts & Calling of God without Repentance": Would you talk about "the gifts and calling of God are without repentance" in Romans 11? Could your calling still remain on your life, no matter what? [Romans 9-11, Romans 11:29, Romans 9:6].
2021-9-01 Jesus' Human Characteristics: What do you think about Jesus' humanity-His qualities and emotions? [Philippians 2:7].
2021-9-01 Glorifying the Holy Spirit: Is there anything in scripture that indicates that we should glorify the Holy Spirit?
2021-9-01 Christians Obeying the Ten Commandments: What is the most direct way to answer someone who thinks we should obey the ten commandments, and worship on the Sabbath, as Christians? [Hebrews 8:13, I Corinthians 9:19-21, Genesis 2:3, Matthew 5:18, Hebrews 7:2, Matthew 28:20].
2021-9-01 Regular Church Attendance: What are your views on regular church attendance? [Hebrews 10:25]
2021-9-01 The Trinity & The Word: Caller shares his view of "The Trinity" and Jesus as "The Word." [John 1:14].
2021-8-31 Identifying the False Prophets: If those in other religions are our brothers and sisters, then who are the false prophets in the New Testament?
2021-8-31 Faith as a Mustard Seed: Regarding "the faith of a mustard seed', is Jesus saying that the faith of the disciples was so small that it wasn't as large as a seed? [Matthew 17:20-21, Revelation 8:8].