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2018-3-01 Human existence 6,000 years: How do we determine that from Adam & Eve that it's only been 6000 years?
2018-2-28 Divorced but Living Together: My mom divorced her husband, my step-dad, and now lives together.
2018-2-28 Sola Scripture: Is sola scriptura wrong because the Bible was compiled according to tradition?
2018-2-28 Jesus Movement: Was the Jesus Movement the 3rd great awakening?
2018-2-28 Images of God: People thinking God (Jesus) needs to look a certain way.
2018-2-28 Parable of the Sower: In the parable of the sower, are they all Christians being talked about?
2018-2-28 Tribulation: Is there going to be great tribulation in the last days? (I think Steve forgets to answer it.)
2018-2-28 Stephen's Last Words: Were the last words of Stephen the fulfillment of Matthew 24:30? [Matthew 24:30]
2018-2-28 "Angry without Cause" Missing from Bibles: What is your opinion on some bibles taking out the phrase, "without cause" in Matthew 5:22? [Matthew 5:22]
2018-2-28 Authority: How would you respond to the question, "Where do you get your authority"?
2018-2-28 Calvinist View of Evangelism & Discipleship: What is the Calvinist view of evangelism & discipleship?
2018-2-28 Leading Worship at an International House of Prayer: We would like to lead praise & worship music for an International House of Prayer and we are concerned people might think we endorse his teaching.
2018-2-27 Curse on Ham's Son Canaan: Irenaeus quotes passage from Genesis where Canaan is cursed and says Ham instead.
2018-2-27 Sola Scriptura & Relevancy of Scripture: Do you believe in sola scriptura and no tradition at all? Is any scripture outdated?
2018-2-27 Married People in the Ressurection: What will be the status or condition of people in the ressurection with regard to married couples? Will married people remember each other?
2018-2-27 Everlasting Gospel: Is the angel in Revelation proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel when he says, "Fear God and give glory to Him"? [Revelation 14:6-7]
2018-2-27 Higher Education: What's your view regarding higher education?
2018-2-27 Pentecostal/Apostolic Attitude: Why are so many Pentacostal/Apostolic people so mean and defensive? Are we not supposed to love?
2018-2-27 Image Speaking in Revelation: In Rev 13:15, is this possibly the state? Is the ability of the image to speak a demonic influence? [Revelation 13:15]
2018-2-26 The Use of the Term Supernatural: What is your view on using the word "supernatural" from the pulpit?
2018-2-26 "Go and Sin No More": When Jesus said, "Go & sin no more", was he telling her to literally never sin again?
2018-2-26 Exegesis & Eisegesis: Can you explain exegesis and eisegesis?
2018-2-26 The Woman in Revelation: Is the woman in Revelation the church or the mother of Jesus?
2018-2-26 NKJV vs KJV: Do you prefer the NKJV over the KJV?
2018-2-26 Women in Church Leadership: Steve's views on women in church leadership?
2018-2-26 Speaking to Others About Their Faith: Why don't more Christians share their faith and thoughts on God?
2018-2-26 Biblical Gospel vs Americanized Gospel: Can you elaborate on your thoughts regarding the gospel of the bible vs an Americanized gospel.
2018-2-26 Pictures of Dragons: Is having a drawing of a dragon in your house bad since Satan is depicted as a dragon?
2018-2-26 Family Planning: Is it appropriate for believers who are married to put off having children?
2018-2-26 Linen Healing: Does linen in the Bible have healing powers?
2018-2-26 Women in Ministry: Women as deaconesses or teachers, etc.
2018-2-23 Billy Graham: Any thoughts about Billy Graham?
2018-2-23 Jesus Physical Appearance: Jesus humble looking at His first appearance and attractive at His second coming.
2018-2-23 Ezekiel 28 King of Tyre: (Followup February 22, 2018, 9th call) Can help me understand king of Tyre or Satan in Ezekiel 28. [Ezekiel 28]
2018-2-23 OT and Revelation: Old Testament symbolism is also in the book of Revelation
2018-2-23 Cremation: Does it say anywhere in the Bible that we are not to get cremated?
2018-2-23 Continual Confession for Stumbing into Sin: Do we have to continue to confess when we stumble into sin after we are saved?
2018-2-23 Celebrating Easter and Christmas: Is it true that you feel Easter and Christmas is just another day and not special?
2018-2-23 Thank You Call: Caller just wanted to say thank you to Steve.
2018-2-23 Women as Pastors: Can a woman pastor a church according to the Bible?
2018-2-23 Current Challenges of the Church: What do you think are the current challenges of the church?
2018-2-22 Jesus not being Ressurected: Was there any danger of Jesus not being resurrected?
2018-2-22 The Cup at the Last Supper: In Luke 22:17-20, is the cup in verse 17 the same cup in verse 20? [Luke 22:17-20]
2018-2-22 Noah's Curse of Canaan: Why did Noah curse Ham's son Canaan & not Ham?
2018-2-22 Mary Magdalene: Was the "case closed" against Mary Magdalene because of no witnesses? [John 8]
2018-2-22 Speaking what you Believe and Word of Faith: Is Paul saying we can have whatever we believe and speak? [2 Corinthians 4:13, Psalms 116:10]
2018-2-22 Catholicism and Protestantism: Can you comment on the Protestant belief that Roman Catholic church is a heresy and the Catholic Church saying Protestantism is a heresy?
2018-2-22 Mark Long or Short Ending: Does Mark 16 end at verse 8? [Mark 16]
2018-2-22 Lent: Can you explain Lent?
2018-2-22 Satan in Ezekiel 28: Is it true you don't think Ezekiel 28 is talking about Satan/Lucifer? [Ezekiel 28]