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2023-5-17 God's Wrath, Fallen Angels & the Nephilim: What do you think about the view that fallen angels caused the human race to be tainted(Nephilim) which led to God's wrath and judgment on anyone from that seed? [Genesis 6:4].
2023-5-17 Baptism: Why are we baptized? [1 Corinthians 10:1, Romans 6:4-5, 1 Peter 3:20-21].
2023-5-16 Leaving a Calvinist Church: How do I navigate leaving my Calvinist church, espeically in light of being asked to not share views that don't agree with Calvin?
2023-5-16 God's Vengeance in the Old Testament: Why didn't you answer the lady about why God seems so vengeful in the Old Testament? [John 14:9, Colossians 1:15, Hebrews 1:3].
2023-5-16 Biblical Archaeolgy: What do you think about Ron Wyatt and all the biblical archaelogical finds he says he has located?
2023-5-16 Made for the Day of Doom: What do Calvinists have to say about the verse "God has made all things, even the evil for the day of doom?" [Proverbs 15:4].
2023-5-16 Forgiveness-"Seventy Times Seven": I disagree with you about the meaning of the phrase "seventy times seven" implying that we are to forgive an infinite number of times. [Matthew 18:22].
2023-5-16 Augustine & Calvinism: Why didn't the entire church become Calvinist if the church father, Augustine, was so influencial?
2023-5-16 "The Sin" & "the Sinner": Are "sins" separate from "the sinner" as in the phrase "Love the sinner, hate the sin." [Romans 5:8].
2023-5-16 God Loves & Hates: Can God love and hate at the same time? [John 15:13].
2023-5-16 Discernment & Man of God: Caller shares her experience with trusting that someone has discernment and claimed to be a "Man of God."
2023-5-15 God's Vengeance vs God's Love: Can you help me deal with the contradiction between the Old Testament God that seems to be vengeful, but we say he is a God of Love? [Leviticus 9:22-24, Acts 12:23, Acts 5:1-11, Exodus 23:4-5, Proverbs 25:21].
2023-5-15 Election (Calvinism) - "We all" and "us": Can you help clarify who the "we all" and "us" and "you" are being addressed? Couldn't it be everyone? [Ephesians 1:4-5].
2023-5-15 Baptism & the Lord's Supper: What does it mean to be baptized and do I have to be baptized to take the Lord's Supper?
2023-5-15 David's Sins Not Condemned: Why are some sins called sin that are not, and sins in the Old Testament are not condemned, like David's sins and concubines? [Jude 1:7, 1 Corinthians 5:1].
2023-5-15 Indwelling & Relationship: Could you discuss the meaning of the terms "indwelling" and "relationship" in scripture? [I John 3:24, I John 4:13, John 14:17].
2023-5-15 Temple vs Synagogue: What is the difference between the Temple and the synagogue? [Acts 16:13].
2023-5-15 A Future for Israel?: Could this scripture in Jeremiah 31, indicate that there is a future for Israel? [Jeremiah 31:37, 1 Peter 2:9-10, Exodus 19:6].
2023-5-15 Woman "Encompasses Man": Can you explain "when a woman encompasses a man?" What is the context? [Jeremiah 31:22, Isaiah 43:19, Jeremiah 31:31].
2023-5-15 Teachings of Jesus: What do you do with all these teachings of Jesus? [John 8:31].
2023-5-15 "Every Knee Shall Bow": Do you think that "every knee shall bow" refers to voluntarily bowing and is this support for Universal Reconcilation? [Philippians 2:10, Romans 10:9, Isaiah 45:23].
2023-5-12 Fruit of the Spirit (Maturing & Patience): How do I get more fruit in my life? [Galatians 5:22-23, John 16:1-2, Psalm 1:3, Mark 4:1-20, 2 Peter 3:18, Galatians 6:7-9].
2023-5-12 Ordination of Pastors: What does it mean to be ordained, as a pastor?
2023-5-12 The Command to Love: Why would we be commanded to love, if there is no law against love? [Galatians 5:22-24]
2023-5-12 Seven Spirits: Are the seven spirits mentioned in Revelation related to the seven gifts of the spirits? [Revelation 3:1, Revelation 1:4, Isaiah 11:2, Revelation 5:6, 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, Romans 12:3-8, Ephesians 4:7-16].
2023-5-12 "Ransom" for Many: Regarding the "ransom," was Jesus the only one who paid it? [1 Timothy 2:26, Mark 10:45, Romans 6:20, Isaiah 43:3].
2023-5-12 Mark of the Beast & Sealed by the Spirit: What is the application of the Mark of the Beast? Are we sealed with the Holy Spirit? [Revelation 7:1-8, Revelation 13:16, Revelation 14:9, I John 4:19].
2023-5-12 Leah's Eyes: Did Leah have blue eyes (or weak eyes)? [Genesis 29:11].
2023-5-12 Leaving the Jehovah Witnesses: If I leave the Jehovah Witneses, my wife will likely leave me, and I will be shunned by everyone I have known my entire life. Please advise.
2023-5-12 "This Generation Will Not Pass Away": Could you help me with this verse about "this generation will not pass away before all these things take place?" [Mark 13:30].
2023-5-11 Self-Improvement Techniques: As a Christian, is it acceptable to practice self-improvement techniques, like the "power of positive thinking" and such? [Jeremiah 2:13, Matthew 9:12, Mark 2:17, Luke 5:31-32].
2023-5-11 Christ as "The Word": In learning of the Quakers, it seems that The Word is more than the biblical text, but is the Spirit, as well. Are you familiar with this? [Hebrews 4:12, 1 John 1:9].
2023-5-11 The Gnostics: Did you say you are writing about "The Gnostics?"
2023-5-11 Evangelism Tracts and Comic Books: Do you think that your comic books are good tools for evangelism and discipleship?
2023-5-11 Sinner's Prayer: Don't you think there is implication of a "Sinner's Prayer" in Romans 10? [Romans 10:9-13, Joel 2:32].
2023-5-11 Lame Man Went into the Temple: When the healed lame man went into the temple, would that have been the first time he had been in there? [Acts 3:1-10].
2023-5-11 God's Intervention in Suffering: If we are judged by our works, why doesn't God intervene more often to prevent some of the suffering? [2 Corinthians 12:8-10, 1 Corinthians 11:30].
2023-5-11 The "Passion Translation": What are you thoughts on the "Passion Translation" of the Bible?
2023-5-11 Imitation of Christ: What do you think about the verse where scripture directs us to follow Christ (quite literally) as His servants? [John 12:26].
2023-5-11 Forgiveness & Separation in Family Relationships: If we have forgiven some, but they continue to persecute you, do you have to continue to be around them? [Mark 11:25, Luke 17:3-4, Acts 7:60, Matthew 18:22].
2023-5-11 Greek for "Everlasting" & "Punishment": Caller challenges Steve's explanation of the Greek meanings of the words, "everlasting" and "punishment?" [Matthew 25:46].
2023-5-10 Cremation: Is there anything wrong with being cremated? [James 2:26, Genesis 3:19, 1 Corinthians 3:17].
2023-5-10 Calvinist: Election, Self-Selection: How is it that Calvinist's seem to self-select to be of the "elect?"
2023-5-10 God Remembering His Covenant: Does God remember His covenant forever? [Psalm 105:8, Deuteronomy 28].
2023-5-10 God's Wrath vs God's Love: Isn't God's love for his own, equal to His wrath for His enemies? [John 3:16].
2023-5-10 Regarding Views of Hell: How do you interpret Matthew 25 about everlasting punishment in light of the alternate views of hell? [Matthew 25:46].
2023-5-10 Jesus-to Hell or Paradise: If Jesus went to paradise with the thief that day, how could He also go to hell, as we have been taught?
2023-5-10 God's Name-Jehovah: Could you clarify the necessity of calling God by His name, "Jehovah," rather than one of His titles?
2023-5-10 Chronology of 1st, 2nd & 3rd John: What do you think the chronology of the writing of 1st, 2nd, 3rd books of John?
2023-5-10 Taking From the Gentiles: Is Jesus talking to Gentiles in the 3rd book of John when he is talking about not taking anything from the Gentiles? [3 John 1:7, Ephesians 2:15].