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2015-4-15 Marrying a Non-Christian: Caller has been living w/ girlfriend for 6 years; he's a Christian, but she is not. Caller's pastor has suggested they get married since they are living together.
2015-4-15 Apostles in Moderns Time: Are apostles & prophets for the present time?
2015-4-15 Good Commentaries/Dictionaries: Caller called back from a few a shows ago, asking for clarification about good commentaries & good Bible Dictionaries, & wants knowledge like Steve.
2015-4-15 Son of Man: Why is Ezekiel referred to as "the son of man" 90 times in the book of Ezekiel?
2015-4-15 Vision of the Bronze Man: Going away from the sacrificial system but coming back to it, is that what that vision is saying? [Ezekiel 40-48]
2015-4-15 Dispensationalism: The supposed gap between the 69th & 70th week. [Daniel 9]
2015-4-14 Jesus Speaking Differently: Jesus seemed to speak differently to the soldiers vs how He spoke to Mary on the morning of the resurrection. Can God actually speak to us? (Editor's Note: Admittedly, don't QUITE understand the question.)
2015-4-14 Taking the Bible Literally, Selectively: A friend of the caller said that Christians just take what they want literally out of the Bible, so that makes the Bible not true.
2015-4-14 430 years in Galatians 3:15-18: When does Steve think that 430 year period started & ended?
2015-4-14 Abraham & Melchizedek: God was behind the war that Abraham fought, Melchizedek praising him for his victory, & does that do away w/ Pacifism? [Genesis 14:18-20]
2015-4-14 Forgiving Other People: I've heard it said that if you say the sinner's prayer, become a Christian, but then don't forgive others, you will not be forgiven yourself.
2015-4-13 "Groaneth & Travaileth in Pain": What does Paul mean by "...the whole creation groaneth & travaileth in pain…"? [Romans 8:22]
2015-4-13 Apostles & Prophets: What about the distinction between the OFFICE of an apostle or prophet verses just HAVING the Gift of Prophecy? [1 Corinthians 12 & 14]
2015-4-13 New Apostolic Reformation: Does Steve know anything about the New Apostolic Reformation?
2015-4-13 Soul Sleep: What about the RIGHTEOUS immediately going to be w/ be Jesus, & then the wicked sleep until He comes for their judgment? [Philippians 1:23]
2015-4-13 Commentaries: What is Steve's favorite commentary? Where do you go to a church where they are charismatics, believe in ALL the Gifts of the Spirit?
2015-4-10 By Grace Through Faith: Caller thought she knew what "Grace Through Faith" meant, but discovered she might not, & wants to run it by Steve to see if she's right. [Ephesians 2:8-9]
2015-4-10 Doctrine & Teaching: What is Paul saying in 1 Timothy 4:12-16 about Teaching & Doctrine? [1 Timothy 4:12-16]
2015-4-10 The Devil having been Lucifer: Caller wants to confirm that he heard Steve say that he doesn't believe the view that Satan was at one time the fallen angel, Lucifer?
2015-4-10 Substance Abuse, Homosexuality, Calvinism, their 5 points: Caller has had trouble w/ pot, alcohol, Homosexuality, & is becoming a Calvinist & would like Steve to explain the point about Total Depravity.
2015-4-10 Cremation: How is God able to put all the ashes back together if people are cremated?
2015-4-10 Drum Usage in Church: Does using drums in the church have a pagan connotation so they shouldn't be used?
2015-4-10 "Do not defraud your brother in this matter": Caller wants to know what "Do not defraud your brother in this matter" means. [1 Thessalonians 4:3-6]
2015-4-09 Conscience & Witness of God: God & your own conscience would know when we did wrong, so what is the relationship between one's own conscience & that of a Higher Power?
2015-4-09 Ishmael & Isaac: Can Steve explain how the Ishmael & Isaac story panned out? How was the blessing passed down through Isaac? [Genesis 25]
2015-4-09 Duration of Jesus' Death: Where did Jesus go during His 3 days of being dead? Why did He tell Mary not to touch Him after He was resurrected? [John 20:15-17]
2015-4-09 Hinduism - Krishna: Caller believes in Hinduism, especially in Krishna. What does Steve know about him? Did he really exist?
2015-4-09 David: David being a man after a God's own heart.
2015-4-09 Ishmael: God blessed Ishmael, but He said say he would be like a wild ass, being against every nation? What did He mean by that?
2015-4-09 Purgatory: A comment about Purgatory.
2015-4-09 Muslim not believing Jesus is God: Caller has a friend who is a Muslim. They don't believe Jesus is God, but believe that he is the Son of God, & don't believe in the Holy Spirit. He also doesn't believe in 6 literal days because no light for 3 days before the Sun.
2015-4-08 Joseph Prince - Grace Message: Caller wondering about the Radical Grace Message that Joseph Prince teaches, Grace, Faith & Works.
2015-4-08 Losing One's Salvation: Caller would like Steve to talk about the possibility of losing one's salvation."
2015-4-08 Love Not the World: Caller doesn't like what John MacArthur said about Love not the World, [1 John 2:15], and him spiritualizing it. What does Steve know about what it means?
2015-4-08 Soft Libertarianism: What does Steve know about Soft Libertarianism?
2015-4-08 Mythical Unicorn: Were there really Unicorns? Or, does the bible passage mean something different?
2015-4-08 Dominion over the Beasts: Misinterpretation of the word "dominion". Should it be "stewardship" over the beasts?
2015-4-08 Being justified to Kill: Is it ever right to kill in defense of yourself or your family? What about mercy killing? Should Christians participate in war?
2015-4-07 God "tried" to kill Moses: What was happening in Exodus 4:24-25, why did God try to kill him, why was his wife Zipporah angry w/ him? [Exodus 4:24--25]
2015-4-07 God Intervening: Why doesn't God intervene & stop bad things from happening, especially for Christians who were praying when they were killed?
2015-4-07 Genesis Being Taken Literally: What do we make of all naturalistic, scientific opinion, the radio metric, isotopes of long range dating if Genesis is to be taken literally?
2015-4-07 Abomination of Desolation: What is the Abomination of Desolation, when did it occur & how did it occur? Were the Disciples still alive when it happened, & IF they were, how come they didn't say anything about it? [Mark 13:14, Daniel 9, 10, 11]
2015-4-07 Gospel of Mark Date of Writing: When is it believed that the Gospel of Mark was written & distributed?
2015-4-07 Jesus Being Resurrected: Why was it necessary for Jesus be resurrected? Why wasn't just the death on the cross enough? Why not just go to heaven spiritually?
2015-4-07 Creationism & Scientific Textbooks: Caller wants to discuss the call he heard about being able to take Genesis literally.
2015-4-06 Countering Mormon Thought: Jesus & God being 2 men, otherwise what Jesus was saying could not be true. And that the doctrine is not of Jesus but of God. [John 8:16-18, 7:16-17]
2015-4-06 Archived Radio Shows: Where are your archived radio shows? They are not up on your website. [Editor's Note: You can find them on]
2015-4-06 Thoughts & Actions: Can you separate yourself from God by your thoughts….not just your actions?
2015-4-06 John the Baptist: "….As it is written of him." What WAS written of John the Baptist in the Old Testament? [Mark 9:13, Isaiah 40, Malachi 3:1, 4:6]
2015-4-06 Daniel & a Demon Resisting Him: How was it that a demon was able to resist Daniel's taken over 20 days. How could that be possible?