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2014-10-28 Steve Gregg's Position on Hell: I just heard a caller say that you've changed your position on hell. What do you believe about hell now?
2014-10-27 Calvinism & God's Sovereignty: What do Calvinists think of people who are saved who are not Calvinists?
2014-10-27 Making Someone Pray: What do you think about me trying to make my son pray even though he says he's not a Christian, & doesn't want to participate, throwing back at me that if I was with a bunch of Buddhists, that I wouldn't pray to Buddha, even to be polite, so why should he, since he isn't a Christian?
2014-10-27 Calvinism & Arminianism: Do you have choice or not? Caller wishes that during the debates the were re-aired the week before that they had debated more the difference between Calvinism & Arminianism & choice.
2014-10-27 Jews, Messianic Jews, Adventists Christians & Christians: A long discussion about how the Messianic Jews or Hebrew Roots twist Scripture to propagate their religion, like when Paul said all meats were clean, but they say that the only thing that can be meat is what's already clean & so THEY are all still clean, but that Paul wasn't even talking about the supposed unclean food. [Romans 14, 1 Timothy 4:1-5]
2014-10-17 Paul Rebuking Peter: What was happening when Paul was rebuking Peter in Galatians? [Galatians 2]
2014-10-17 Root of Sin: What is the main root of sin?
2014-10-17 The Psalms & Trusting God: God loves it when we trust Him, rely on Him. The Psalms are very comforting. But why do bad things happen to Christians, those promises in Psalms not seeming to be in accord with reality? [Psalms 90, 91, Ecclesiastes 8:11-13, Revelation 6:9-11]
2014-10-17 Caiaphas the High Priest Jesus told Caiaphas the High Priest that he'd see Him coming on the clouds of Heaven, & we take that as 70 AD, but didn't Caiaphas die before he had a chance to see that? Mark 14:61-62
2014-10-17 Kenneth Gentry: Have you seen Ken Gentry's YouTube videos on Partial Preterism?
2014-10-17 Fundamentalism: Do you ever find that you have to correct people about their Fundamentalism?
2014-10-17 God & Tough Times: God is not a genie, & that it might be God's will for us going through trials, suffering.
2014-10-17 Marriage: What constitutes a real marriage in God's eyes?
2014-10-17 Obeying & Breaking the Commandments: You typically won't go to jail if you don't break the law, & same goes w/ keeping the commandments, we need to keep them for our longevity, for one thing!
2014-10-16 Charismatic Movement & the Gifts of the Spirit: Are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for us today, & what are their function in the church?
2014-10-16 King Saul's bloodshed: Where is the story about Saul shedding the blood of the Gibeonites before David wanted to avenge them? 2 Samuel 21]
2014-10-16 Sheba the Scribe: Is Sheba the one that recorded a lot of David's exploits?
2014-10-16 Urim and Thummim: What is the Urim & Thummim? There's not much mentioned of them in the Bible.
2014-10-16 Olivet Discourse & Noah's Flood: How does the stuff Jesus described in the Olivet Discourse compare with what happened during the days of Noah? [Matthew 24, Genesis 6-8]
2014-10-16 Dreams-Revelations: Is it a good idea to pray to God to influence people in their dreams, since they are the most vulnerable at that time, to get them to see the light? It's true God can influence someone anyway He wants, but it that a good specific thing to pray for? Is it permissible? [Job 33:14-18]
2014-10-16 Holy Presence at Church: Michael the Buddhist feels a warm, holy presence at the churches he attends.
2014-10-16 Judaism: So was Judaism, before Christ, just nothing but legalism then?
2014-10-16 Mark Driscoll - Mars Hill Church & the EFCA: Has Steve heard anything about Mark Driscoll & know what's happening with him & Mars Hill Church? Caller is concerned that the EFCA has some shenanigans about donations going where people don't want them going.
2014-10-16 Spiritual Death - Dead in Trespasses: We are not really spiritually dead but have a death sentence against us! It seems it was Adam's banishment & knowledge of Good & Evil has affected us. Why the health curse on us? [Ephesians 2, Colossians 2, John 5]
2014-10-15 Dead Sea Scrolls & the KJV Bible: Did the KJV Bible come from the Dead Sea Scrolls?
2014-10-15 Creation or Evolution: Can you be a Christian & be an Evolutionist at the same time?
2014-10-15 RCC & Confession & Worshipping Mary: Caller thinks that Confession or Worshipping Mary in the Roman Catholic Church are wrong or unnecessary to do.
2014-10-15 Christians & Halloween: What do you think about Christians "celebrating" Halloween?
2014-10-15 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: It almost seems like Jesus focuses on the woman more than the male, that she was guilty for doing this or that. What are your thoughts on my wife divorcing me, no infidelity on my part? [Matthew 5:31-32, 19:3-9]
2014-10-14 Kingdom of God: We aren't in the full phase of the Kingdom of God right now, are we? Isn't there way more of it to come?
2014-10-14 Satan defeated at the Cross but a Roaring Lion: How do harmonize that Satan was overcome by the power of the cross, but it also says he's a roaring lion? [1 Peter 5:8]
2014-10-14 Stone Crushing the Feet Of Nebuchadnezzar's Image: Caller thinks that the Stone crushing the image, the feet, is more referring to the Second Coming rather than it being fulfilled when Jesus came the first time. [Daniel 2:45]
2014-10-14 Steve's Long Answers: Steve's shares an interesting story about why he gives long answers & some not liking his long answers, especially the ones that are on hold waiting & some do appreciate it, but whenever a question demands a long answer, he's going to give however long it takes, time permitting!
2014-10-14 Satan Being Loosed: Satan is supposed to be loosed & deceive the nations for a little time after the 1000 years. When is that supposed to take place? [Revelation 20:7-10, 2 Thessalonians 1:8]
2014-10-14 Wealth of the wicked being stored up for the Righteous: What does this mean, that the "wealth of the wicked is being stored up for the Righteous"? [(Proverbs 13:22b]
2014-10-14 Wealth of the wicked being stored up for the Righteous: What does this mean, that the wealth of the wicked is being stored up for the Righteous? [(Proverbs 13:22b]
2014-10-14 Kings bringing their Gifts & living to 120 years is a curse: What does this mean, children living to 100 years old is a curse, & kings bringing gifts? Are we supposed to go straight into the millennial kingdom? [Isaiah 65:20]
2014-10-14 Can't Enter Gate of the City: Where are the wicked? [Revelation 22:14-15]
2014-10-14 Entering only through Jesus' Blood: We can only enter the gate with the blood of Jesus!
2014-10-13 Jehovah's Witnesses: What are some key texts to share w/ Jehovah's Witnesses as I witness to them? [1 Peter 3:15]
2014-10-13 Church Fathers Regard to Revelation: It is the contention of the caller, who is doing a followup from a previous show, that the early church fathers did use & consider the book of Revelation inspired, even though it wasn't in the canon of Scripture.
2014-10-13 Downplaying a Centralized Place to Worship: When Jesus was talking to the Samaritan Woman, He was telling her that there soon wouldn't be a central temple to worship God, so why would Dispensationalists think there needs to be a 3rd temple in the Millennium? [John 4:20-24]
2014-10-13 Bible Scholars: Who are all these Bible Scholars that you keep mentioning?
2014-10-13 Inviting People to Church: What do you think about inviting unbelievers to church? I thought church was just for the believer?
2014-10-10 Angel of the Lord: Who is the Angel of the Lord? A Christophany or Theophany of Christ or an actual angel?
2014-10-10 Historic Premillennialism & Dispensationalism: Can you tell me the difference between Historic Premillennialism & Dispensationalism?
2014-10-10 Remnant Gathering: A lengthy discussion of if Israel gathered back together as prophesied over 2,000 years ago or if it was supposed to happened again, 2,000 years later.
2014-10-10 Book of Revelation: Since the book of Revelation wasn't in the canon of Scripture for a long time after all the other books, what did they consider the book as, just a inspirational, informative book, like the book of Maccabees?
2014-10-10 Church Father, Calvinism & Partial Preterism: I was listening to one of your lectures, you saying none of the Church Fathers believed in Calvinism, so that's a good argument that it's not correct, but, they didn't believe in Partial Preterism either, but the further we are getting away from it more people are believing it, including yourself. So why should we consider one aspect of what the Church Fathers thought, but not another?
2014-10-10 "Not One Stone Left Upon Another": Jesus said that not one stone would be left upon another, but what about the Wailing Wall? Was He just talking in hyperbole, exaggerating, not being literal? Why do people cry in front of it?