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2014-6-06 The Restrainer:: Who is the Restrainer of the Man of Sin from arising & really showing his evilness? [2 Thessalonians 2]
2014-6-06 Cock Crowing: Caller calls regarding a previous call about Roosters crowing to remind Steve that there was chickens even in Jesus' day because He mentions about hens protecting her young. [Matthew 23:37]
2014-6-06 Title of Theme Song: What is the title of your Theme Song for your show?
2014-6-06 Anti-Christs already here: Isn't there Scripture that says the anti-Christ is already here? [1 John 4:1-3]
2014-6-06 Man of Lawlessness: Is the Man of Lawlessness one single man? [2 Thessalonians 2:1-7]
2014-6-06 Studying "Logos" & other words: What is the best source to go to do deep word studies?
2014-6-05 Gambling a form of Stealing: Is Gambling a form of stealing?
2014-6-05 Ark of the Covenant: Do we know where the Ark of the Covenant is? Did we know where it was when Jesus was here?
2014-6-05 Giants of the Bible: Would you describe yourself as grasshopper if you were only 2 or 3 feet shorter than these "giants"? So doesn't that mean they were probably much taller, such as 36 feet?
2014-6-05 Conditional Immortality - Annihilationism: Conditional Immortality or annihilationism seems to be related. Doesn't the death penalty cancel out the sin debt? [Romans 6:7]
2014-6-05 Original Sin: So it's not only the sin nature that is transcended from Adam & Eve's sin to us, but the guilt also being transcended down as well, Calvinists believe. What is their need or want to believe that? [Romans 5:12-21]
2014-6-05 Giants & Grasshoppers: People do use those type of expressions, hyperbole, of Grasshoppers, even if someone is only a foot shorter, so you were right in what you told a recent caller about giants.
2014-6-05 Expiation and Propitiation: Was Jesus' death more of a "Propitiation" (appeasing the wrath of God) or was it more of an "Expiation" (removing the guilt from our record)?
2014-6-05 No condemnation: But as long as we are in Christ Jesus, even though we do sin, just like when a child disobeys a parent, God doesn't condemn us, does He? [Romans 8:1]
2014-6-05 Wrath of God: Does God ever get angry at us?
2014-6-05 Learning about Christ - Christianity: Where would you recommend that a newly converted Christian or an unbeliever start reading the Bible to learn about God in the best way?
2014-6-05 Textus Receptus over the Alexandrian Text: Why do you prefer the Textus Receptus over the Alexandrian Text, if you do?
2014-6-04 Nebuchadnezzar's Statue in Daniel 2: What was the significance of the Statue in Daniel 2? What are the 4 Kingdoms? Are any of them still for the future? [Daniel 2]
2014-6-04 Curtain being torn in 2: Could it be that the tradition started between the time when the curtain of the Temple between the Holy Place & the Most Holy Place was rent in twain after Jesus' death & the temple being destroyed in 70 AD?
2014-6-04 Rope tied around a High Priest: Where do we get the idea that a rope had to be tied around a High Priest's ankle when he entered the Most Holy Place in the Temple in case he had sin in his life & was struck dead? Is it anywhere in the Bible?
2014-6-04 Becoming a Victorious Christian: How do we become Victorious Christians? Depending on Jesus? Holding each other accountable?
2014-6-04 Prayer: Is Prayer more for our benefit, our faith, for our therapy, than it is to get God to actually move on something for us?
2014-6-04 Kingdom of God expanding: How does the Kingdom of God, working like a Mustard Seed, getting bigger & bigger, coincide with the idea of one of only a Narrow Path & only a few people finding it? [Matthew 7:12-14]
2014-6-04 Prayer: Even praying for simple things is beneficial, asking God to help you with small matters. [James 4:2]
2014-6-04 Imperfection of God's plan: Have you ever heard that God has an imperfect plan if He changes His plan as a result of people's prayers?
2014-6-03 Sacrificial system reinstated in the Millennium: I've heard that the Bible says that the animal sacrificial system will be reinstated during Jesus' 1000 year reign, sort've to remind us of the sacrifice Christ made on the cross. [Zechariah 14, Ezekiel 40-48, Mark 14:22-25, Luke 22:18-20, 1 Corinthians 11:23-25, Psalm 40, Hebrews 10]
2014-6-03 Dispensationalism (last call): Dispensationalism seems to go against Scripture so much. Isn't there a danger to doing that?
2014-6-03 Steve's Ministry: Your ministry, especially your website, is very informative, has a vast amount of knowledge on it.
2014-6-03 Tithing: Is there ANYWHERE in the NT that says we MUST tithe? [Matthew 23:23]
2014-6-03 1000 reign - Millennium: Why is Satan released? What is his agenda during this time? Does the War of Armageddon happen during this time?
2014-6-03 God Punishing or Disciplining: Is God Punishing or Disciplining sinners? [Hebrews 12, Ephesians 6:1-4, Proverbs 22:6, 13:24]
2014-6-03 Last Days: Aren't all the Christians killed & then the Mark of the Beast comes into play? [Revelation 13]
2014-6-03 Believing in Jesus if born today: Caller rehashing the call that happened the day before about if Jesus was born today, coming up w/ a theory of what the caller meant.
2014-6-02 Jesus being born today: Listener isn't sure if she'd believe in Christianity if Jesus was born in this day & age. Immaculate Conception, Son of God, a Savior, Atonement, Resurrection, it all sounds crazy to her, & if she wouldn't believe that it happened today if it did, why would she believe it happened 2,000 years ago either?
2014-6-02 The New Jerusalem: Why is the New Jerusalem described w/ such detail? What does it all mean? [Revelation 21:1-27, Ezekiel 40-48, Hebrews 8:5]
2014-6-02 Nephilim, Angels, Sons of God, Daughters of Men: What's all this stuff about the Nephilim & angels having sex with women? [Genesis 6:1-4]
2014-6-02 Unpardonable Sin: Why is the Holy Spirit singled out when it comes to the unpardonable sin? Why isn't God the Father or Jesus also included about speaking against? [Matthew 12:32]
2014-6-02 Oneness Pentecostals: So if you don't believe in the correct Trinity like the Oneness Pentecostal people don't, you aren't a Christian?
2014-6-02 Nephilim, Angels, Sons of God, Daughters of Men: If the Nephilim were wiped out after the Flood, how did they show up again in Numbers, after the Flood? [Genesis 6:1-4, Numbers 14]
2014-5-30 Suffering: You said something profound once regarding suffering, that there's more of it than we can possibly know, but it's just that some of it gets sensationalized & some ignored.
2014-5-30 Take My Yoke upon you & Resting in Jesus: What does Jesus mean to take His Yoke & rest in Him? [Matthew 11:29-30]
2014-5-30 Appointed once to die: If we are only supposed to die once, what about cases like Lazarus & other people who were resurrected? [Hebrews 9:27-28]
2014-5-30 3 Different Views of Hell: Caller's friend doesn't believe in an eternal hell forever, so was wondering about Steve's view about hell as well.
2014-5-30 Steve's View of End Time Events: What is Steve's view of what happens in the End Times?
2014-5-30 Size of God: Was God a Giant?
2014-5-30 Worshipping on Sunday: Are SDAs the only ones that get it right regarding worshipping on the Sabbath? [Romans 14:5-6, Colossians 2:14=17, Galatians 4:8-10]
2014-5-28 Elijah House Ministry: Is Steve familiar w/ the Elijah House Ministry?
2014-5-28 Aggressive Driving & glorying in Justice: Is it okay to rejoice when you see someone who had been aggressively driving pulled over by a cop later on up the road?
2014-5-28 Death of an Evil Leader: What about rejoicing over the death of someone who was evil?
2014-5-28 Advancing the Kingdom of God: The church IS growing fast in other parts of the world even though not so much in other places.