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2013-8-22 Blood on our Hands: Was this directed to only the people during Ezekiel's time or for every Christian, warning people to repent? Ezekiel 3:19-21]
2013-8-22 Render all their Evil Back to Babylon: Why would God pay back to Babylon what they did to Jerusalem when God was using them as a judgment against Israel? Jeremiah 51:24, Isaiah 10]
2013-8-22 Afterlife: What happens after we die? [1 Thessalonians 4:14, Luke 23:43, Revelation 5:8]
2013-8-21 Non-Christian Counselor: Could a non-Christian counserlor counsel a Christian with Mental Illness?
2013-8-21 Books of the Bible in the Vatican: Is it possible that there are some books locked up in the Vatican that should've been the Bible?
2013-8-21 Churches not Teaching the Kingdom of God: Why don't churches teach about the Kingdom of God? [Acts 28:31, Matthew 24:14]
2013-8-21 Denominations: Why so many denominations?
2013-8-21 No Nativity Scenes: Caller wants to know why we are so into celebrating Christmas & Easter, but nothing about Jesus, no nativity scenes, etc.
2013-8-21 Uniformitarianism: Uniformitarianists or Evolutionaists think that the passage in Scripture in 2 Peter denies creationism or the World wide Flood. What does Steve say? [vo2 peter 3:3-7]
2013-8-21 Westboro Baptist Church: What does Steve think about the radical Westboro Baptist Church?
2013-8-21 Geneva Bible & the KJV Bible: Can you talk about the Geneva Bible? I read in National Geographic that the King James Bible was made to replace it & make it compatible with the Royalty in England.
2013-8-21 Calvinism & Dispensationalism: Can you talk about Calvinism & Dispensationalism?
2013-8-20 Polyamory: Call thinks polygamy is right around the corner.
2013-8-20 No Boy-Girl Separate Bathrooms: The no separate sex bathrooms has started in the school, so is it about to spill over to society in general?
2013-8-20 Attending a Gay Marriage: Should I attend a gay marriage even though I don't approve of it?
2013-8-20 Stewardship of Money: Is it wrong to for a Christians who are wealthy to maintain a luxury lifestyle when they know of a whole bunch of people are very poor?
2013-8-20 Animals having Souls: Caller thinks animals might have souls.
2013-8-20 Jesus "Coming": The angels told us that Jesus would "come" in the same way He went, so how could He have come back in 70 AD? [Acts 1:11]
2013-8-20 "Faith Cometh by Hearing" & Jesus being a Mediator: Where is the verse that talks about, "Faith cometh by hearing"? ANd where does it talk about Jesus being our Mediator? [Romans 10:17, 1 Timothy 2:5]
2013-8-20 Praying to Mary: Do Catholics actually pray to the Mary, the mother of Jesus?
2013-8-20 Wrong Doctrine & Heresy: What is the difference between Heresy & wrong doctrine, & should we treat wrong doctrine as harshly as we would heresy?
2013-8-20 Polygamy: Why did God allow polygamy in the Old Testament?
2013-8-20 "Methuselah" - When He Dies It Will Come: Where do people get the idea that "Methuselah" means "when he dies, it will come"?
2013-8-20 Jesus the Same Yesterday, Today & Forever: Doesn't this verse in Hebrews Jesus say that Jesus was always the same, even before His incarnation? [Hebrews 13:8]
2013-8-20 Jesus' "Lost Years": What was Jesus doing between the ages of 12 & 30 years old?
2013-8-19 Future Animal Sacrificial System: People similar to the Messianic Jews/Hebrew Roots Movement also think that the animal sacrifical system is going to be restored because of what Ezekiel says. [Ezekiel 40-45]
2013-8-19 Hebrew Roots: Some people similar to Hebrew Roots Movement [Jeremiah]
2013-8-19 Apocalyptic Events in Revelation: Do you think the apocalyptic events in Revelation have been fulfilled? [Revelation]
2013-8-19 Prophecy Fulfilled: Do you think all prophecy has been fulfilled?
2013-8-19 The Anti-Christ: Who do you think the anti-Christ is?
2013-8-19 Word of Faith & being gods: A lot of the caller's family is into the Word of Faith movement, & they seem to elevate man & lower God, & he was wondering why Jesus is pointing out the Scripture from the Old Testament about being gods. [Psalm 82:6, Matthew 12:1-7, John 10:31]
2013-8-19 Christo Pagan Tertullian: Caller was wondering what the term "Christo Pagan" meant because a New Testament Bible she was reading a Bible called, "The Aramaic English New Testament", & they coined that phrase about Tertullian.
2013-8-19 Public School System: What in the world happened to the Public School system? You could read your Bible in your school, pray in your school, say the pledge of allegiance under God!
2013-8-19 Christo-Paganism & the Catholic Church: Why did the caller 2 calls before call the Catholic church Christo-Pagan? Catholics believe in Jesus.
2013-8-16 Holy Spirit before Water Baptism: Do you receive the Holy Spirit the very second you are converted or does it wait until after you are baptized?
2013-8-16 Speaking in Tongues when Holy Spirit Comes on You: Are we supposed to talk in tongues when filled with the Holy Spirit? Is it a language no one knows on earth? [1 Corinthians 14:10]
2013-8-16 People Disappearing at Pre-Trib Rapture: What would you say if millions & millions of people do disappear during the Secret Rapture?
2013-8-16 "The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved": Why did John in the gospel of John refer to himself as, "the Disciple whom Jesus loved"? {John 21:18-25]
2013-8-16 Human Races: Where did all the races come from since the time of Noah?
2013-8-16 People where Cain went: So there were more people where Cain moved to after killing Abel?
2013-8-16 Personal Experience: Caller shared a personal experience where he went to a party & just started crying, & wanted out of there, & it turned out that virtually everyone there died of AIDS.
2013-8-16 The Trinity: How does the Trinity come together in the Bible?
2013-8-16 Vision & Dreams: Does God give you Visions & Dreams? [Acts 2:17]
2013-8-16 Liberty Savard & Binding & Loosing: Caller wanted to talk about the "positive" side of Binding & losing.
2013-8-16 Generational Curses: Caller wants to talk about breaking generational curses, who thinks it's unbliblical.
2013-8-15 Church Discipline: What is the purpose for Church Discipline? Is it for unity of the church or is it to be attune to God's glory? [Matthe 18:15-17, TItus 3, Romans 16, 2 THessalonians 3, 1 Corinthians 5]
2013-8-15 Glorifying God: So is it pretty much not to impugn God's glory?
2013-8-15 Michael the Buddhist: A buddhist visited a monastery, & the Buddhist reads a story about it, talking about it.
2013-8-15 Historic Premillennialism & Amillennialism & Resurrection: Dennis the Millennialist calls to discuss the differences between Historic Premillennialism & Amillennialism involving the Resurrection.
2013-8-15 Celebrating Christmas & Easter: What about celebrating Christmas & Easter?