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2020-1-17 Christian Charities: Are you familiar with the organization called "Persecuted Church"? What is the one you mentioned with "Martyrs"? (Voice of the Martyrs).
2020-1-17 Thoughts into Obedience: How do you bring your thoughts into obedience to Christ? [2 Corinthians 10:5].
2020-1-17 Women & Circumcision: How to women fit into the circumcision symbolism?
2020-1-17 Tribulation: Would you clarify the timing of the tribulation, the rapture,and the return of Christ? [John 6:40].
2020-1-17 Circumcision for Christians: Is there a significance to circumcision being on the 8th day for Christians today?
2020-1-16 Laying on of Hands for Holy Spirit: Is it required to have had the laying on of hands, in order to receive the Holy Spirit? [Acts 2, 8, 9:17, 10, Hebrews 6:2]
2020-1-16 Daniel: Is the Daniel in Ezekiel, the same Daniel in the book of Daniel? [Ezekiel 14:20].
2020-1-16 Suicide & Salvation: While trying to find comfort having lost family members to suicide, I see that Saul committed suicide so he could be with the Lord? So is it possible that they can be with the Lord?
2020-1-16 First Sin & Evil: What was the first sin? Did God create evil?
2020-1-16 The Day of the Lord: Would you discuss "the Day of the Lord"? [Acts 2, Joel 2, 2 Peter 3].
2020-1-16 Ananias: Is the Ananias that was killed in Acts 5, the same one that ministered to Paul in Acts 9?
2020-1-16 "Q" (Quelle) Source: What do you think of the hypothetical "Q" source?
2020-1-16 Book of Mark: Is the book of Mark, actually recollections of Peter, or was it really written by John Mark?
2020-1-16 Early Church-Pre-Millennial: Why do you think that many of the early church fathers were pre-millennial?
2020-1-16 What We Believe: Why does God not mention in Jeremiah 31, all the things we, as Christians, traditionally believe? [Jeremiah 31, Ezekiel 34, 37, Hebrews 8, 10, 13].
2020-1-15 God or Moses Speaking in Deuteronomy: Is God or Moses speaking in this verse in Deuteronomy? [Deuteronomy 11:13-14].
2020-1-15 Pre-Tribulation Rapture: Does this verse in I Corinthians 15 disprove the pre-trib rapture? [I Cor 15:51f, 1 Thessalonians 4:6, Revelation 8, 9, 11].
2020-1-15 Last Days in Daniel: Daniel, is the "time of the end", the last days of the temple, or at the end of the world? [Daniel 12:1-2,4, Luke 2].
2020-1-15 Old Testament Teaching: How profitable and applicable is it for us today to read the Old Testament?
2020-1-15 Train up a Child: Would you comment on the verse in Proverbs and its application to properly training children and the indication that they will not depart from the Lord? [Proverbs 22:6].
2020-1-15 Fasting: Is it biblical to fast? [Matthew 6:16, 9:14, Acts 13:2, 2 Corinthians, Daniel 10].
2020-1-15 Lot is Cast: Would you comment on Proverbs 16 and the control God has over the lot being cast? [Proverbs 16:33, 21:1, Revelation 17, Psalm 115:3, 135:6, Daniel 4, Hosea 8:4].
2020-1-15 Demonization of Christians: What do you think about the possibility that Christians can be possessed (or oppressed) by demons?
2020-1-15 Marriage & Sex in Heaven: Will we be married and have sex in heaven? [Matthew 22:30].
2020-1-15 Why the Serpent in the Garden: If God is all knowing and all loving, why would he put the serpent in the garden, knowing that Adam & Eve would fail?
2020-1-14 Pilate's Wife: Why do you suppose that the Holy Spirit revealed to Matthew, the background of Pilate's wife's dream? [Matthew 27:19, Luke 13].
2020-1-14 Self-Defense & Non-Resistance: What is your perspective regarding self-defense and total non-resistance?
2020-1-14 Trinity: Does this passage in Hebrews present a problem to doctrine of the trinity? [Hebrews 5:7-9, I Timothy 3:16].
2020-1-14 Synoptic Gospels: What are the "synoptic gospels" and why are they grouped that way?
2020-1-14 Conspiracy Theories: Is there a global conspiracy and what should we do about it? [2 Corinthians 10:5-7].
2020-1-14 Evil Spirit to Saul From God: What is the bad spirit of God in Samuel when He brought it to torment Saul? [I Samuel 16:23, I Kings 22, Luke 4:1].
2020-1-14 Benefits for Obeying Commands of Moses: Is Moses saying he or God will give them rain & other benefits for following the commands God has given? [Deuteronomy 11:13-14] (NOTE: Steve's internet drops out, so he is not able to answer it. It is answered on the next day's show.)
2020-1-14 The Last Trump: What does Steve think about the timing of the last trump? [1 Corinthians 15:52] (NOTE: Steve's internet drops off. It is answered on the next day's show.)
2020-1-13 Praying Before Meals: When was the tradition of praying before meals begin? [Luke 24:30, Acts 27:35].
2020-1-13 Info for a Pre-believer: What literature would you recommend for a pre-believer? [Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, Basic Christianity by John R.W. Stott].
2020-1-13 Jesus Equal to God Proof: What are the best verses for proving the deity of Jesus to a Muslim? [Genesis 18, John 14, 16:12-13, Revelation 1:8, 11, 17-18, Colossians 1:15, John 8:58, Philippians 2:5-11].
2020-1-13 Assurance of Salvation: How can anyone be assured of their own salvation in light of what Jesus said in Matthew 7? [Matthew 7:21-23, 12:50, I John 4:1, Acts 19, Deuteronomy 13, 2 Thessalonians 2, Luke 6:46, Exodus 34:6-7, Psalm 103:10, John 8].
2020-1-13 Apostles View of Hell: Regrading the three views of hell, do you think the first century apostles knew which view of hell was correct?
2020-1-13 Land of Israel: Do you think that the land and government of Israel are primarily the custodian of coming end times events?
2020-1-13 Confession of Sin: Do you think that you need to confess your sin to another person instead of just to God? [I John 1:7, 9, Matthew 5:23].
2020-1-13 Yeshua Rather than Jesus: What do you think of the practice of using the pronunciation of "Jesus" as "Yeshua"?
2020-1-10 Moses, Plague & Livestock: In the story of Moses, how can all the livestock be killed, and yet later more are killed in each of the next two plagues?
2020-1-10 Reliability of the Bible: If language is not always precise in Biblical scripture (as in hyperbole), can we still trust it to be reliable?
2020-1-10 All Things Together for Good: How do trust that "all things work together for good" when so much goes wrong when we are not in obedience? [Romans 8:28].
2020-1-10 Forced to Take Drugs: When scripture indicates "blessed are they that mourn", but a court orders drugs, but one prefers to not take them, so they can mourn? [Matthew 5:4].
2020-1-10 Book of Enoch: Is the book of Enoch historically true?
2020-1-10 Mistake or Bad Choice: Would you comment on the confusion between really bad choices and the softened description calling it a mistake?
2020-1-10 Book of Enoch: Why do you think that the book of Enoch is not authentic when it appears that Jude thought it was?
2020-1-10 Afterlife, Resurrection, Heaven or Hell (Old Testament): Does the Old Testament ever mention heaven, hell, the afterlife, or resurrection? [Isaiah 14:9, 26:19, Daniel 12:2].
2020-1-10 Tongues & Other Gifts: Do not all these signs described in scripture still happen to believers, such as tongues? [Mark 16:17, Matthew 7:11].