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2016-9-09 Kingdom of God Visible & not Visible: Steve says Matt 24 puts Luke 17 & 21 together, So if the Kingdom of God is w/ out observation & yet His Kingdom is supposed to be visible, so how do you put the 2 together? (caller is a full preterist)
2016-9-09 The 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11: The 2 witnesses, 3 1/2 days, Spirit of life entering into them, but especially verse 15, can Steve explain this? [Revelation 11]
2016-9-09 Lack of Calls-Android Announcement: Because there is a lack of calls at the moment, Steve makes important announcements involving the Narrow Path Minsistries, features, etc.
2016-9-09 John Piper's Writings: Has Steve ever been influenced by John Piper's writings?
2016-9-09 Church as an Evangelistic Mission Tool: When did the Church become exclusively all about evangelism instead of church discipleship? Is it exclusively an American phenomenon or around the entire world?
2016-9-09 Churches an Incubator: Some of the Churches in America are just incubators for infant Christians but not really making Disciples of Christ.
2016-9-09 Pre-existence of Jesus: Didn't Jesus exist before His incarnation?
2016-9-08 Carnal Christians: Some use 1 Corinthians 3:15 to prove that carnal sinners will be in Heaven. What does Steve think?
2016-9-08 Two Kinds of Salvation: Caller heard a speaker say there are two variations of salvation, one for getting out of hell & the other for your sins.
2016-9-08 Torah: In the Torah is there a distinction between the Sinaic & Horab?
2016-9-08 "None of These Diseases": None of These Diseases by a S. I. Mcmillen, do you consider that a good book?
2016-9-08 Blasphemy Against the Hoiy Spirit & Univerasalism: How do Universal Reconcilliations/Restorationists deal with Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit & that passage? [Matthew 12:31-32]
2016-9-07 Parallels of Calvinism & Reincarnation: Caller (Michael the Buddhist) thinks Calvinism, God saving some & not saving others, is very similar to reincarnation, better conditions sometimes for the people born again.
2016-9-07 Psalm 44, Suffering even though Righteous: Why is the Psalmist lamenting the suffering of Israel & himself, & why is it happening in the first place since they were being faithful? [Psalm 44]
2016-9-07 Full Preterists Vilified: Why are Full Preterists believers so demonized? Or, having humility in the church even though differing views.
2016-9-07 Jesus Can Call 12 Legions Angels: Caller is converned that preachers misquote the verse about Jesus calling Legions of Angels or having His father doing it. [Matthew 26:53]
2016-9-07 Jesus the Son of God: Jesus had to have been fully human (& not the Son of God) because otherwise how could He fully rely on the Father and expect us to?
2016-9-07 Aaron Budjen & Living God Ministries: Caller wonders if Steve is familiar with "Living God Ministries" with an Aaron Budjen?
2016-9-07 Budjen & the Mosaic Law: Budjen talking about the 2 covenants, the Mosiac Law. It was there to prove it couldn't be kept perfectly. What does Steve think about that?
2016-9-06 10 Missing tribes of Israel: Whatever happened to the other 10 tribes, since Benjamin & Judah came bacck?
2016-9-06 Allocation of Medical Eesources: So what do you think about spending more in the last month than your entire life in medical expense to stay alive? Is there something better i should spend my money on?
2016-9-06 The ESV Translation of the Bible: What do you think about the reliability of the ESV translation of the Bible?
2016-9-06 Being Baptized In the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost: I was baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost & someone told the they needed to be rebaptized in Jesus name only.
2016-9-06 IDMR Movement: Is Steve familiar with the IDMR (Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research) group?
2016-9-06 Mennonites & Anabaptists: What do you know of the Mennonites & Anabaptists?
2016-9-06 gods in the World: Are there really gods w itha lower "g" in the world?
2016-9-02 All of Us Killed Christ: Did we really ultimately kill Christ ourselves because of our sins?
2016-9-02 The Spiritual Armor of God: I was wondering what each armor in the spiritual armor of God in Ephesians rrepresent? [Ephesians 6:10-17]
2016-9-02 Desiring to be an Elder: Caller thinks just having a desire to be an elder is a very important qualification, as well the other qualifications listed in 1 Timothy, that that element has to be there of the desire to be one. [1 Timothy 3]
2016-9-02 Swearing Oaths: Is it a sin to swear oaths?
2016-9-02 Dispensationalism & Amillennialism & the 2 sticks: Amillennianism & Dispensationalism, wondering about the metaphor about the 2 sticks being rubbed together [Isaiah 11:12, John 11:52, Ezekiel 34, Ezekiel 37:15-17]
2016-9-02 Sanctified by the Spouse: What does it mean that an unbeliever is sanctified by their spouse & what does "sanctified" mean anyway? [1 Corinthians 7:14]
2016-9-02 Eli's & Samuel's Evil Sons: Caller called to say that he disagreed to say that it was Eli's sons that were evil, not Samuel's but then conceded he was wrong, shortly thereafter agreeing with Steve.
2016-9-01 7 Years of Tribulation: Where do the Dispensationalists get the idea about a 7-year tribulation?
2016-9-01 Cremation: What are your thoughts on cremation?
2016-9-01 Marriage Supper: Since the marriage supper is in heaven, does that mean that the church is "raptured" up (seretly) first? [Revelation 19]
2016-9-01 Amen-Let It Be: Is the correct translation of "Amen" "let it be"?
2016-9-01 Augustine's gnosticism & total depravity: Have been listening to lectures on Total depravity, wondering if you have ever made a connection of Augustine's gnosticism & total depravity?
2016-9-01 Taking the Lord's Name in Vain: Taking God's name in vain discussion, what does it mean to take God's name in vain?
2016-9-01 Carmichael Lecture on CD: Caller wondering if steve was going to put the lecture he's going to have in Carmichael on CD's.
2016-9-01 Annoyed at Disagreement Calls: Why don't you ever get irritated with people who disagree with you?
2016-8-31 Disciples Being One as Jesus & the Father are one: Being one w/ each other, what did Jesus mean by that? What should church be like?
2016-8-31 The Grass Whithering In Isaiah: Can you talk about how the grass withers & the flowers fading is Isaiah? [Isaiah 40:1-6]
2016-8-31 Holy Spirit & Satan Preventing Trips of Paul: How did Paul know when it was the Holy Spirit & then satan were stopping Paul from making trips? [Acts 16, 1 Thessalonians 2]
2016-8-31 Free from Sin: Can a Christian really live free from sin?
2016-8-31 Once Saved Always Saved: So once you are a Christian you are always saved?
2016-8-31 One too many Sins: How many sins can one commit before they lose their salvation? Discipleship?
2016-8-31 Discipleship Cirriculum: Does Steve recommend a course on Discipleship?
2016-8-31 Lost meaning Dead: Lost vs found, dead vs alive, Prodigal son. [Matthew 15:24, Luke 15:11-32]
2016-8-30 Baptized for the Forgiveness of Sins: What does it mean, "Be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins"? Do we need to be baptized? [Acts 2:37-38]