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2020-12-22 Isaiah's Prophecy of the Messiah: Could you help me understand the beginning of Isaiah 9, particularly verse 5? [Isaiah 9:1-9, Zechariah 9:1-9, John 8:31-32].
2020-12-22 Dispensationalism: Is there one resource where you can find all of John Nelson Darby's points in Dispensationalism (rec lecture, When Shall These Things Be)?
2020-12-22 Scriptural Reassurance in Time of Crisis: Can you give me some scriptural reassurance during this terrible time of loss and broken family in my life? [Psalms].
2020-12-22 Virgin Birth Isn't the virgin birth in Isaiah? [Isaiah 7:14].
2020-12-22 Christian Marriage with Confict: If I have found someone who love the Lord, will I still have conflict in my marriage (rec: lectures at Topical Lectures/ under "Individual Topical Lectures"/ "How to Love your wife as Christ Loved the Church")?
2020-12-22 New Administration, the Antichrist: Is the new administration the antichrist?
2020-12-21 Steve Gregg's Cornerstone Passages: Could you share some cornerstone passages for Christology & eschatology? [Psalm 110, Matthew 24:15, Matthew 7:1 John 1:1].
2020-12-21 The Woman in Revelation: Could you clarify the meaning of the woman in Revelation 12? [Revelation 12:1-6, Genesis 37:9, Psalm 2:8-9].
2020-12-21 Trinity and Oneness: Is the trinity doctrine less accurate than the "Oneness" doctrine? [Colossians 2:9, Luke 11:20].
2020-12-21 Not Being Confused or Persuaded Wrongly: How do you not get pulled into alternate views of scripture when there are so many opposing and convincing preachers teaching variations within denominations? [Revelation 13].
2020-12-21 Biblical Writers Use of Words & Language: Do you look at the way the Biblical authors use certain words in your study?
2020-12-21 Jesus the Beginning of Creation: Could you help me understand the meaning of the Greek word for "beginning" in this verse about Jesus being the "beginning of creation" in Revelation? [Revelation 3:14, John 1:1-3, Colossians 1:15-16].
2020-12-21 Prophetic Warning: What do you think about my experience 34 years ago when I had a prompting from God to warn the world about nuclear destruction ?
2020-12-21 Mary & Joseph Married or Not: Could you help me sort out if Mary & Joseph were married or espoused (betrothed)? [Matthew 1, Luke 2].
2020-12-21 Sproul's View of Depravity: Caller corrects Steve about his view of Sproul's concept of total depravity. [Acts 10, Acts 15].
2020-12-18 Laying Up Treasure on Earth: Could you speak on the apparent contradiction between not laying up treasure on earth, and the preparation for the obligation to take care of one's family? [Matthew 6:19-21].
2020-12-18 The Kingdom of God: What is the Kingdom of God (or Heaven)? [Mark 4:30, Revelation 21:2, Revelation 11:17].
2020-12-18 Obligation to Evangelize: Do we have the responsibility to make sure everyone gets saved? [Revelation 3:21, Matthew 7:13-14].
2020-12-18 Christadelphians: Is the Christadelphian group a cult?
2020-12-18 The Conviction of the Holy Spirit: What do you recommend regarding taking care to not squelch the prompting and conviction of the Holy Spirit [I Corinthians 11:30-32]. (The answer is given after the break as Steve was muted.)
2020-12-18 The Good News from Jesus: What did Jesus tell people about His sacrifice, and what the good news was?
2020-12-18 Adam & Eve's Awareness of Death: How did Adam & Eve understand "death" if there had not yet been death?
2020-12-18 Pharmakeia & The Vaccine: Is the vaccine basically what the Bible refers to as "pharmakeia"? [Revelation 9:21].
2020-12-18 Examine a Matter Fully Before Believing it: Are there scriptures in the protestant Bible that talk about being careful what we believe before we fully examine the matter, as there is in the Catholic book, Ben Sirach (Ecclesiasticus)? [Proverbs 18:13-17, John 7:51].
2020-12-18 Today's Messianic Movement: Could you talk about the Messianic movement today? [Galatians 5:3-4, Galatians 4:10].
2020-12-17 Not One Righteous: What is the context of and thoughts surrounding David's quoting Psalm 14 in Romans 3, "There is none righteous, no not one." [Romans 3:10-19, Romans 11, Psalms 14, Psalm 53, I Kings 19:10].
2020-12-17 Jesus' Age: What was Jesus's age? [John 8:57].
2020-12-17 The Age of the Disciples: Were the disciples very young and is that why Jesus called them "little children"?
2020-12-17 One's Desire or One's Calling to Ministry: If scripture indicates that when it is one's desire to be a pastor, it is a good thing, then how is that contrasted to one who is called to it? [I Timothy 3:1, Titus 1].
2020-12-17 Peter's Denial of Christ: Why did Jesus tell Peter to deny him three times?
2020-12-17 Alien Life Forms: If there are intelligent alien life forms that have a spirit, how would it upset the Christian faith?
2020-12-17 Aramaic Translation of a Psalm: Do you think that the Peshitta (Aramaic translation) might have a better translation of it as, "repent, and know God"? [Psalm 46:10].
2020-12-17 Be Still & Know That I Am God: What is your view of the meaning of the Psalm, 'Be still, and know that I am God?' [Psalm 46:10].
2020-12-17 Jews Not Needing to be Saved by Jesus: Do Jews need to become Christians in order to be saved? [Hebrews 8:13, Jeremiah 31, Romans 7:1-4],
2020-12-17 Nephilim in Genesis: Is there room for the Nephilim or giants, to be the mighty men of old? [Genesis 6].
2020-12-16 Ministry to Eldercare: Why is it so hard to get people to care for and visit the elderly as part of their ministry? [I Timothy 5:4, Matthew 25:36, Luke 6:31].
2020-12-16 Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) & A.D.70: Could you help me understand how some of the verses in Matthew 24 fit into the A.D. 70 scenario instead of end times? [Matthew 24:29-34, Matthew 24:3, Isaiah 19:1].
2020-12-16 Kingdom of God: Is it important to understand the Kingdom of God?
2020-12-16 Enormity of God's Forgiveness & Universal Reconciliation: Caller comments on the enormity of some people's ability to forgive, thus, it supports the idea of God's love and Universal Reconciliation.
2020-12-16 From the Devil or the Flesh: How does one tell what is actually of the devil, rather than one's own selfishness or flesh? [John 8:44, I Peter 5:8].
2020-12-16 Joseph's Kingly Line: Was Joseph of the kingly line, and therefore would have been king? [Matthew 1, Matthew 2:2].
2020-12-16 Separation of Church & State: What does the Bible say about the separation of church and state?
2020-12-16 Satan's Purpose: If Satan was a created being, and not a fallen angel, then why was he created? [James 1:12-18].
2020-12-15 God's Emotion: Is God emotional and is He capable of lashing out? [Exodus 33:3].
2020-12-15 Jesus Supporting His Mother, Mary: Was Jesus supporting his mother, Mary? And why him instead of his brothers? [Luke 8].
2020-12-15 Pharisees Wanting to be Baptized by John: Why would Pharisees want to get baptized by John the Baptist?
2020-12-15 COVID Patient: Listener calls to affirm that he, Rueben and his friend, Joe, has recovered from COVID.
2020-12-15 Rich Young Ruler: How does repentance fit into the story of the rich young ruler? [Matthew 19:16-30, Matthew 7:21-23].
2020-12-15 Celebrate Christian Holidays & Celebrate Pentecost: Why don't we celebrate Pentecost?
2020-12-15 Bob Dylan's Christian Influence: Do you know what happened to Bob Dylan and his walk after he made his Christian albums?