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2019-4-24 The First Sin: Was the first sin when Adam and Eve's ate the fruit? What about when the angels rebelled, and Satan fell?
2019-4-24 Prophecy in Zechariah: What is your take on Zechariah 13:7? Clarifying the time-markers in scripture. Jerusalem paralleled to the church and fulfillment in the 1st century. [Zechariah 12-14, 12:10, 13:7, 14:2, John 7:37f, Isaiah 28:16]
2019-4-24 Time in Genesis: Were seasons and months spoken of as if they are years in the ancient Hebrew world?
2019-4-24 Rich Young Ruler: Are these instructions for everyone? Considering individual motivations, and how possessions are viewed. [Luke 6: James, Revelation 3].
2019-4-24 All have sinned: If you love one another, does that cancel out 'all have sinned'? {Romans 3:23]
2019-4-24 Wheat & Tares: The parable seems to suggest that the tares will be taken out first, is that correct? [Matthew 13, 24, Proverbs 2]
2019-4-24 Spirits in Prison: What does this phrase "Jesus preaching to spirits in prison" tll us? [I Peter 3:19, I Peters 1:10-12, 4:6, II Peter 2:5], repentance after death? I Peter 4:7: Does this phrase “end of all time” mean the “end of the world”? [I Peter 4:7, Acts 1:7].
2019-4-24 Communion: What about a church that does not believe in taking communion?
2019-4-24 Easter: Are there pagan roots when celebrating Easter with eggs?
2019-4-24 Nimrod: Did he marry his mother?
2019-4-23 End of the World: Do we watch the destruction of the planet earth while we sit in heaven with Jesus?
2019-4-23 Day of the Lord: What does this mean, 'great & terrible day of the Lord'? Prophetic language for AD70. [Acts 2:20, Joel 2, Malachi 4, Isaiah 13:10, Isaiah 34, I Thessalonians 5:2].
2019-4-23 Healing, Signs & Wonders: It seems like there are many references to Jesus healing intermittently throughout the New Testament, is there any reason for the randomness of this? [Matthew 19:2].
2019-4-23 Murder: Is it 'murder' to not do all that is possible to keep someone alive while they are in the hospital? What about someone with Alzheimer's?
2019-4-23 Prayer in faith (follow-up): What does it mean when the Bible says whatever things we ask for, we will have them? [Mark 11:24]
2019-4-23 Savior: Is God the Father my savior, or is He my Creator, & Jesus my Savior?
2019-4-23 Homosexuals practicing Monogamy: What passages make homosexuality undeniably a sin in scripture? Is it acceptable for two homosexuals to live together and not engage in homosexual activity? Would Jesus go to a homosexual wedding? [Matthew 19:4]
2019-4-23 Rebuilt Temple: How are we to understand the rebuilding of the temple described here [Ezekiel 45:22]? When was it fulfilled, or when will it be? [Ezekiel 43:10-11] Contingencies regarding the rebuilding of the temple.
2019-4-23 Abortion: Is it a sin to abort a child who has been determined to be handicapped?
2019-4-22 Assurance of salvation: Gramma was saved recently, and is in the hospital, what can I do to make sure she is saved?
2019-4-22 Homosexuality: What about a pastor who condemns Homosexuals as reprobate? [I Corinthians 6:9-11, Romans 1:28].
2019-4-22 Temptation: What does it mean when scripture says, 'He will save us from the hour of temptation'? Being kept from the wicked one [Revelation 3:10, John 17:15, Luke 17:1} withering seed, quickly fall away [Matthew 13: 20-21, Psalms 140:4].
2019-4-22 Earth's age: How old is the planet earth?
2019-4-22 Origin of God: How did God come into existence? When did He begin? Who created God? How is God outside of time? The creation relative to the Law of Thermodynamics.
2019-4-22 Usury: What about usury in the Bible? Investing wisely? Parable of the talents [Luke 6:35, Matthew 25:14f]
2019-4-22 Signs of the end times: Are you a survivalist? Caller is concerned about numerous things he thinks points to end times; desertion of the church & so on. [Matthew 24, Ezekiel 39]
2019-4-22 Faith: In the verses that indicate that we will have all that we want and pray for as long as we have enough faith, how does this work? Understanding hyperbole. [Mark 11:22-24]
2019-4-22 Holy Spirit: Where does it say that we have the Holy Spirit if we are a believer, or are 'born again'? Is it acceptable to ask God for the Holy Spirit? [Luke 11:13, John 3:3, Romans 8:9-10, 16],
2019-4-22 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: Who is the one that doesn't forgive when the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit happens? [Matthew 12:32].
2019-4-19 Biblical use of the word "Weight": What is the meaning of the Hebrew word for glory: 'Kabodâ' as in 'weight of glory'? [2 Corinthians 4:17]?
2019-4-19 Abomination of Desolation (audio goes in & out): Which 'abomination of desolation' passage in Daniel do you think Jesus was referring to in Matthew 24? [Matthew 24:15, Daniel 9:27, Daniel 12]
2019-4-19 Splinters of the Cross: Caller makes a comment about how many pieces are claimed to be part of the cross.
2019-4-19 Building the Church: Why would scripture say, 'On this rock, I will build this church', when Moses was already with the church? 'The coming of the Lord', why did they speak of it as coming soon; 'not for you to know' How does this verse fit in Romans 16? [Romans 16:20, Matthew 16:18, Acts 7:38, I Thessalonians 4:5-6, Acts 1:7],
2019-4-19 Being Human & Jesus' Arrogance: What does it mean to be human? Wouldn't Jesus have known that some of the things He said about Himself, would make others see Him as arrogant?
2019-4-19 Curiosity inquiry: Is that you wearing the jean jacket with 'One Way' on it (on Steve Gregg-The Narrow Path Facebook page)?
2019-4-19 Resurrection: What will determine a person's status or rewards in the resurrection and new earth?
2019-4-19 Gift of Prophecy: How does one assess those who declare, 'thus saith the Lord'? How does one assess the gift of prophesy in church? What kinds of scrutiny should be used? [I Corinthians 14:12;10]
2019-4-19 Bethel: Bill Johnson & associated ministries: What do you think about the Bethel ministries and 'The School of Supernatural Ministry'? [I Corinthians 12:10, Acts 1-4]
2019-4-19 Mental Health - Depression: If prayer and the church doesn't work to help with one's depression, and other mental health issues, where does one go next? Does the mind control the brain, or the brain control the mind? Determining whether someone has spiritual or physical issues.
2019-4-18 Miracles: Can people think they have done miracles, and not really have done them? [Matthew 7:23]
2019-4-18 The Flood: Was the flood world-wide, or just local? Was there enough time for people to get away? Was the purpose of the ark meant to be also be a type and shadow of salvation? [Genesis 6-7]
2019-4-18 Arminius, Arminianism: Can man save himself? Did you say that Paul didn't know that he was saved? Doesn't God initiate man's salvation? The use of the word used for “disposed” (“appointed”) Should we consider Arminius a heretic? [I Corinthians 16:15, Act 13:48, Romans 7:14-15].
2019-4-18 Children, Fathers & Young Men: Why did John address them as the children, fathers, and young men separately? [I John 2:12]
2019-4-18 Noah's Ark: Do you think that Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat has been found?
2019-4-18 Abraham & Keturah: How old was Keturah? She was called a concubine. Was the miracle for Abraham & Sarah also about rejuvenation of their bodies? [Genesis 21, I Chronicles 1:32]
2019-4-18 Achan: Why did Achan's entire family have to die? [Joshua 7:1f]
2019-4-18 Captain of the Lord's Hosts: Who was the commander of the Lord's army (Captain of the Lord's Hosts)? Could it have been Michael the archangel? [Joshua 5:13-6:5]
2019-4-18 Death Penalty-Justice: How can one justify putting to a criminal to death, but not be supportive of abortion, with the 'right to life' reasoning?
2019-4-18 God's Anger & Vengefulness: How does one understand and align the anger of God relative to the gentleness of Jesus? [Genesis 9:6, John 18:36]
2019-4-18 The Bible: Are there limits to what you can learn from the Bible?