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2015-1-30 Peter & Vision of Unclean Animals: Caller thought the vision of the unclean animals Peter had was just talking about animals & diet, but it was talking about people. [Acts 10, 11]
2015-1-30 Faith in America: Caller thinks has a theory on why so many people are having trouble with their faith in America & thinks he has the remedy for it.
2015-1-30 The Book of Revelation: I have a friend I debate with, sharing with him partial preterism, but he's suggesting I'm adding or taking from the book of Revelation. [Revelation 22:19]
2015-1-30 Recognizing Relatives in Heaven: Will we know our relatives in Heaven? What age will be appear there? Will we be speaking the same language?
2015-1-30 Rick Warren & Islam: Has Steve heard anything about Rick Warren trying to merge Islam with Christianity?
2015-1-30 Rick Warren: Caller wanted to say that he personally knows Rick Warren, & knows that he is a very reputable man, & isn't trying to merge Islam with Christianity.
2015-1-29 Gospel of the Kingdom vs Grace: Is the gospel of the Kingdom of God the same as the gospel of Grace?
2015-1-29 Kingdom of God & the Millennium: Is the Kingdom of God & the Millennium Related?
2015-1-29 Eternal Security: People could become complacent with eternal security, but caller has been studying the Bible in that prism, & don't you get credit by not believing it?
2015-1-29 Falling Away: Steve & others don't understand how people can fall away, BUT the caller wants to explain how it's possible.
2015-1-29 Great White Throne Judgment: Are Christians going to be in the Great White Throne Judgment also?
2015-1-29 The Soul being Eternal: What does it mean the soul is eternal/immortal?
2015-1-29 The Parousia (Full Preterism): Caller has been reading the book, "Parousia" by J Stuart Russell, & that there was a "dead zone" after 70 AD, & people were resurrected/raptured then.
2015-1-29 Judge not: People at church tell me, who I am to judge, citing a verse in Matthew? What do you say? [Matthew 7:1, John 7:24]
2015-1-28 Jesus' lineage being of David: Joseph lineage was full of sinners, & he wasn't really Jesus' biological father, so Jesus is just the seed of David by faith? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]
2015-1-28 Addicted to Narcotics: How do I break the addiction of prescription drugs? I've tried everything!
2015-1-28 Eternal Security: What about verses in John that seem to endorse eternal security? [John 10:28, 6:37]
2015-1-28 Sanctification & Age of Accountability: How does a person who dies young who gets to go heaven not have to go through the process of sanctification?
2015-1-28 Gifts with Attachments: I gave money as an incentive for grandchildren to read a book, & the parents didn't think I should add attachments to a gift.
2015-1-28 Becoming Sinless: Can we become sinless?
2015-1-28 Jesus as a Child: Was Jesus aware of who He was when He was a kid (younger than 12)?
2015-1-28 Mary's Conception: Was Jesus any part of Mary? Did God just use Mary's womb as an incubator?
2015-1-28 Jesus was conceived with immortality: Jesus was immortal, no death in Him. He wasn't capable of sinning, apparently. A caller has all kinds of ideas about Jesus while a Man.
2015-1-28 World Events: The world seems to be getting worse & worse, & prophecy seems to be fulfilling itself, doesn't Steve agree?
2015-1-27 Continually Repenting: Some say you don't have to repent from sins, but from unbelief & that we don't have to keep repenting once you are saved.
2015-1-27 Same-Sex Marriages: Caller wonders if there is a movement out there about only obeying the red letters of the Bible, that we only have to do what Jesus said, so we don't have to worry about homosexuality since He didn't talk about it?
2015-1-27 Belief You Can Move Mountain: If we have enough belief, we can move mountains?
2015-1-27 Rebaptism: Is it important to be re-baptized if I was baptized as an infant?
2015-1-27 Divorce: There is the exception clause to get divorced (adultery & fornication). What about unlawful marriages? [Matthew 5:31-32]
2015-1-27 Jacob blessing grandchildren: How was Jacob able to leave the birthright blessing/inheritance to Joseph's 2 sons?
2015-1-27 Witchcraft vs Spiritual Gifts: An ex-witchcraft, Occult person who is now a Christian claims she has the spiritual gift to stop the wind. Caller didn't know how to tell her that was crazy.
2015-1-26 Pre-Wrath/Mid-Trib: Is it a strong view that Jesus will come back right before the wrath, or right in the middle of the Tribulation?
2015-1-26 Souls: When does the soul enter & leave the body? Grandfather is near death & just wondering what happens to the soul of aborted babies.
2015-1-26 Irony about the Middle East: Shouldn't the Middle Eastern countries be rejoicing since they won't have to go through the tribulation?
2015-1-26 Age of Accountability: Does the Bible talk about the Age of Accountability anywhere? [Isaiah 7:16]
2015-1-26 Baptism: Caller wants to get re-baptized even though he was baptized as an infant. He wants to ever since he repented. Should he?
2015-1-26 Disagreement Callers: Caller thinks Steve does a good job debating with people who disagree with him, handling it with grace.
2015-1-26 Being baptized privately: Pastor of a church said that 2 kids were going to be baptized, but baptized privately because they were too embarrassed to do it publicly.
2015-1-26 Generational Curses: A believer could be a carrier for the next generation of curses. Caller would like information that helps refute this.
2015-1-23 Eternal Security: Once Saved, Always Saved, went to Calvinism for awhile, but has been learning in Revelation about overcoming, conquering, fighting the good fight.
2015-1-23 Jesus & His Marital Status: Would it have been wrong for Jesus to take a wife & have children, & if it wouldn't have been, why did He chose not to?
2015-1-23 The Book of Psalms: Does the book of Psalms have any rhyme or reason to the way it was put together?
2015-1-23 "The Story": Does Steve know anything about "The Story"?
2015-1-23 Turning away from Righteousness: Caller thinks these verses in Ezekiel seems to be saying that those who were once righteous & turn away, their righteousness will no longer be remembered. [Ezekiel 3:20, Ezekiel 18:24]
2015-1-23 Nutrition & Depression: A handful of Cashews is just as effective as a dose of Prozac.
2015-1-23 Prophecy fulfilled: Is Ezekiel 12:11 talking about something that is going to happen in the future or has already been fulfilled? [Ezekiel 12:11]
2015-1-23 The Two Witnesses: Who are the 2 Witness in Revelation 11?
2015-1-23 Evangelism: Do people have the free will to how they will receive the gospel?
2015-1-23 Jesus Tarrying: Why is Jesus tarrying for so long in coming? Does anything else need to happen?
2015-1-23 God being Cryptic: Why was God so cryptic in the Bible instead of just spelling it out?