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2015-9-16 Roman Catholic Church & the Vatican: Why does the church pray to Mary, among other things?
2015-9-16 Communion: What is Communion for, what are we supposed to do with it, how important is it? Why has it become so ritualistic?
2015-9-16 Steve Gregg makes a comment Re: Question about Communion: Re: the last Q, Steve makes an announcement that a lot of people might disagree w/ him about what he just said about Communion (or might disagree on something for that matter), & wants people to call in & say what their disagreement is on that or ANYTHING & is not saying it w/ any bravado.
2015-9-16 The Modern Nation of Israel: Can Steve please expound on Ezekiel 37 & Romans 11, if Israel is not going to be a major player, have a nation again, in the end time? {Ezekiel 37, Romans 11:22-32]
2015-9-16 The Church as a Moral Authority: What does Steve think about the church as being a moral authority for society today?
2015-9-15 Church Buildings & Organization: Caller has just read, "Pagan Christianity" & was wondering about Church buildings & organizations, & fundraising for it. What does Steve think about that?
2015-9-15 Jewish ancestry: Caller wanted to discuss the religion or culture of the Jewish nation, especially Judah.
2015-9-15 The Dating of the Book of Revelation: What is the ONE thing that makes Steve think the book of Revelation was written before 70 AD?
2015-9-15 Jews being still being God's Chosen People: Is Israel still God's chosen people?
2015-9-15 Sabbath or Sunday: Are we supposed to worship on Sabbath (Saturday) or Sunday?
2015-9-14 Souls & Spirits: What exactly happened during the resurrection of people rising the same time Jesus did? Were there spirits & souls in the them? What does this have to do w/ soul sleep, a conscience existence, etc.? [Matthew 27:52-53]
2015-9-14 End Time Events, Obama, Establishment of Israel: Caller was listening to a lady who had some pretty specific scripture for stuff that has been happening in the last days & wants Steve's thoughts on it.
2015-9-14 Being Aware of the Gospel: Everyone seems to have at least a somewhat knowledge of the gospel, but what are going to happen to the people who had never heard the gospel, people from 3rd world countries?
2015-9-14 Gospel being Preached to all the World: Is Jesus here talking about just the nation of the Israel here or the whole literal world? {Matthew 24:14]
2015-9-14 Calvinism: Did God preordain people to be saved no matter what, sovereignty verses free will?
2015-9-14 Graven Images & wearing a cross on a necklace: Is wearing a cross on a necklace considered worshipping a "graven image"?
2015-9-14 Prepping or Storing Food: Are you a believer in storing/prepping of food, etc. for a time of trouble?
2015-9-14 God "trying" to kill Moses: what was happening w/ God trying to "kill" Moses in [Exodus 4:24]?
2015-9-11 Free Will: Caller shared a story involving Lisa Cook & her grandfather who didn't accept Jesus even on his deathbed.
2015-9-11 Teaching Steve's book on the 4 views of Revelation: Caller is about to teach a class using Steve's book & wants some pointers on how to do it, Revelation, Dispensationalism, Replacement theology, Supersessionism.
2015-9-11 Map to Heaven: The Bible is the only way to Heaven. cute comments by a 9 yr old who had called 2 days prior about God creating us.
2015-9-11 Request for Prayer: Request for prayer for 9/11/01 victim's families.
2015-9-11 Tree of "Wisdom" (Knowledge of Good & Evil): Why did God put the Tree of "Wisdom" (he meant knowledge of good & evil) if He didn't want them to partake of it? For tempting? Testing? Was Adam an atheist?
2015-9-11 Disagreement about Canon of Bible: Little convoluted in what his actual disagreement w/ Steve was on the Canon of Scripture....slavery, & other stuff.
2015-9-11 Wealth & The Ministry: What is wrong w/ ministries getting a lot of money?
2015-9-11 Transgression vs Sin: What is the difference between "Transgression" & "Sin"? [Genesis 6:1-13, Romans 4:15]
2015-9-10 Davidic Covenant How does Israel's rejection of Jesus affect the Davidic Covenant, whether you're a Premillennialist or an Amillennialist? [2 Samuel 7:12]
2015-9-10 Premillennialism vs Amillennialism: Can you please educate me on the difference between Premillennialism & Amillennialism?
2015-9-10 Baptism Should baptism be done in only the name of Jesus or the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit? [Acts 2:38, Matthew 28:19]
2015-9-10 Blood Moons: What do you know about Blood Moons?
2015-9-10 Purgatory: People use a particular Scripture in 1 Corinthians 3 about purgatory, but I had never heard it being used as such. Can you comment on it? [1 Corinthians 3:13]
2015-9-10 Eastern Philosophy infiltrating the church: What is Steve's opinion about incorporating Christianity with Buddhism, Hinduism, Metaphysics, Transcendental meditation and so on?
2015-9-09 Judaism: Judaism believes in reincarnation also, the caller's father believes.
2015-9-09 Past Life Regression: The caller's father SORT'VE believes the Bible, but he's also heard about people in their past lives where they are pretty accurate w/ stuff that happened to them, can describe stuff that really happened in history.
2015-9-09 Reincarnation: Is there a place where the caller can find more Christian resources on the reincarnation?
2015-9-09 Universal Reconciliationism: Does Philippians 2:10-11 give evidence of universal reconciliationism, because if it's coerced, it won't really be a confession & bringing glory to God? [Philippians 2:10-11, Romans 14:11]
2015-9-09 Dating of the Book of Revelation: Have you ever heard that 50% of the Bible scholars of today believe that Revelation was written before 70 AD?
2015-9-09 Revelation Written in 95 AD: What would Steve do/believe if it WAS proven that the Book of Revelation was written in 95 AD?
2015-9-09 God Creating Us: How long was God waiting in Heaven before He created us?
2015-9-09 Old Covenant debt relief laws vs Modern day Redistribution of the wealth: Weren't the old covenant laws for debt relief similar to redistribution of the wealth in modern days?
2015-9-09 Socialism & Slavery: How can Steve be against socialism but be in favor of slavery?
2015-9-09 Partial Preterism: Is there any documentation that the early church fathers actually believed 70 AD WAS indeed the fulfillment of Revelation since you think it was?
2015-9-09 An Israelite marrying a Moabite: I was just reading in the Deuteronomy that if a Jew married an Moabite that they could not enter the temple & were unclean for 10 generations. So how did David get away w/ being able to enter the temple since it hadn't been 10 generations yet....or Solomon for that matter? [Deuteronomy 23:3]
2015-9-08 Knowing the Will of God: How do we know God's will for us? Even micro-managing in day to day decisions can He reveal to us?
2015-9-08 Chronological Order the Books of the NT: What would Steve say about the chronological order of the books of the New Testament?
2015-9-08 Church of God & praying to Mother God: Caller was invited to the Church of God, & was told that they needed to pray to the Mother God because Jerusalem is the mother of us all & it faces the east.
2015-9-08 "Short Time": So if Jesus ascended to heaven 2,000 years ago, the devil/dragon has been doing his thing for that long, & THAT'S not a short time, is it? [Revelation 12:12]
2015-9-08 End Times - Man Child: Who is the "Man-child" in Revelation 12 talking about? [Revelation 12:5, 13]
2015-9-08 Little Horn & Times & Times & Half of Times: Again, how can it be a short time if Satan has been doing his work since Jesus ascended to Heaven? [Daniel 7:8, 8:9, 12:7]
2015-9-08 Voting: Would voting for 3rd party candidate who agrees w/ most of my beliefs, even though it'd be a throw-away vote, should I still vote my conscience & vote for them?