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2017-10-04 Book of Revelation in Chronological Order: There's a special blessing for reading the book of revelation & it's a book of prophecy, but is the Book of Revelation in chronological order? [Revelation 1:3]
2017-10-04 Pets Going to Heaven: Do pets going to heaven? Is there any evidence in the Bible that they do?
2017-10-04 James Pilgrimage: Clarification about James pilgrimage.
2017-10-04 Manifestation of the Sons of God: The manifestation of the Sons of God, is this going to happen, be revealed, before Jesus comes back? [Romans 8:22]
2017-10-04 Canon of Scripture: There are apparently more books that should've been added to the canon of scripture. What do you think?
2017-10-04 Peace & Safety: Are we in the era of peace & safety right now? [1 Thessalonians 5:3]
2017-10-04 Soul Sleep: Where do people get the idea that death is nothing but a sleep? [Ecclesiastes 9:5, Psalm 146:4, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52, John 11:11-14]
2017-10-04 Judas Iscariot: Was Judas Iscariot born the purpose of betraying Jesus? Did he repent? [Matthew 27:3]
2017-10-04 Sealed by the Holy Spirit: What does it mean to be sealed by the Holy Spirit? [Ephesians 4:30, Ephesians 1:13]
2017-10-03 Credit for Good Works: Do we get credit for doing good works w/ God?
2017-10-03 Johann Blumhardt: Can you please talk about what you were saying about Johann Blumhardt?
2017-10-03 All Israel Saved: "All Israel will be saved", so won't all Israel be saved? [Romans 11:26]
2017-10-03 Power of Satan: What was the power that Satan had prior to the cross? [Hebres 2:14-15]
2017-10-03 Watch & Pray: We are about to have an all night vigil but I don't think I'll be able to stay up all night, but is that what "watch" means, staying up?
2017-10-03 Temptation of Christ in the Gospels: How come there's no mention of the temptation of Jesus in the gospel of John?
2017-10-03 3rd Temple Being Built: Is Ezekiel predicting a 3rd temple being built?
2017-10-03 10 Commandments Were Written By: Did God write the 10 commandments or did the angels? There seems to be contradiction. [Exodus 24:12, Acts 7:52-53, Galatians 3:19, Hebrews 2]
2017-10-03 Power in the Blood: Did Jesus take some of His blood w/ Him to heaven to show His Father? [Hebrews 9:6-15]
2017-10-03 Satan being Lucifer: You say don't believe Satan was a fallen angel, was originally Lucifer? [Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Revelation 12, 2 Corinthians 11:3]
2017-10-03 Living by a text of Scripture: Is this a word from God that we should also live by since it was being said by somebody who was not a follower of God? [Job 22:28]
2017-9-29 Relics & Artifacts: Relics & artifacts of significance, how do we view them (ark of the covenant, chalice, cross, shroud), magical & superstitious vs supernatural? [Jeremiah 3:16]
2017-9-29 Talking to the Dead: Are there any examples of talking to dead saints & other dead people? [1 Samuel 28]
2017-9-29 Worshipping supernatural or famous things: Bronze serpent, the lady touching the hem of Jesus' garment. People think they can have supernatural experiences by touching or worshipping relics or artifacts, people having wishing thinking.
2017-9-29 Jewish Rituals & Festivals: Christians celebrating Jewish rituals & festivals, are we to adhere to them?
2017-9-29 Adam & Eve's Fall: what was the curse of Adam & Eve & how did it affect mankind? Could they have not sinned?
2017-9-29 Baptism: Is there only one way to do baptism? what about a Buddhist baptism?
2017-9-29 Inherit Salvation in Future: In Hebrews it says that our inheritance of Salvation is future, but there are a few future aspects of it anyway, Justification, sanctification, glorification, transformation. [Hebrews 1:14]
2017-9-28 Sin unto Death: A sin unto death, what does that mean? [1 John 5:16-17, Romans 6:23]
2017-9-28 Lordship Salvation & Free Grace: What is the difference between Lordship Salvation & Free Grace?
2017-9-28 Bound on Earth, Bound in Heaven: What is bound on earth is bound in heaven......can you tell me what this means? [Matthew 18:18]
2017-9-28 Pastor not having Real Gift of Healing: Caller is struggling whether believing pastor's claim about healings is real or not, & wondering what God thinks about him doubting it.
2017-9-28 No Internet: Caller doesn't like not having Internet & is envious of people who do get to listen to all of Steve's archives.
2017-9-28 Wormwood: Caller would like to know about Wormwood & the Trumpet Judgment. [Revelation 8:11]
2017-9-28 Michael the Buddhist Caller: Mike's Buddhist's teacher is attending a Christian church, just letting him know that he & his teacher are both going now.
2017-9-28 Devil doing bad things in Hell: Can the Devil rape women in hell? What about the Chaldeans & Job?
2017-9-28 New Apostolic Reformation: Do you know about the New Apostolic Reformation, & Bill Johnson, the church that is in bethel? What are your thoughts about it?
2017-9-28 Bible Translators getting it so Wrong: How do translators make mistakes that are so glaring sometimes? [Matthew 16:19, Matthew 18:18]
2017-9-27 Interlinear Greek Bible for both Manuscripts: Is there an interlinear Greek for both Alexandrian & Textus Receptus?
2017-9-27 The Devil Understanding the Plan of Redemtion: "things which angels desired to look into", why did Jesus call Peter Satan? Satan not knowing God's plan for redemption, yet he tried to prevent Satan Jesus from going to the cross? [1 Peter 1:12, 2 Corinthians 2:8]
2017-9-27 Law Written in our Hearts The law's written in our hearts, is this written to the Jews or to the Gentiles?
2017-9-27 Strategies for Unity: Visiting living stream church in Temecula & visiting local SDA/Adventist churches, caller thinks Steve should go talk about unity to all of them.
2017-9-27 God Not being able to be Tempted: Why does it say that God can't be tempted, but Jesus was tempted, can you clear up this conflict?
2017-9-27 Correct Revelation Model of Interpretation: Caller doesn't think it needs to be either-or of a certain model of Revelation to believe.
2017-9-27 Exchanging Testimonies with Mormons: Mormon sharing their testimonies or sharing your testimony.
2017-9-27 Similarities in Christianity & Pagan Religions: Caller says that a friend says there are parallels in Christianity & other pagan religions, Egyptian, Zeitgeist, 10 commandments, 49 confessions.
2017-9-27 A literal Hell: Do you believe in a literal hell?
2017-9-27 The Nephilim: Sex w/ women, gen 6, nephilim, sons of God angels?
2017-9-26 Mormons/LDS, council of gods: What is the most effective way to witness to a Mormon?
2017-9-26 Peter's Name Peter's name Cephas, stone, rock. [John 1:42]
2017-9-26 Head Coverings: What about the covering of heads? [1 Corinthians 11:2-16]